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  1. Not a bad pair of gloves

    Well, it would have been more a 4.5/5. But I didn't feel like using a decimal. These are well worth the price, and the grip is still there in wet conditions, but just not as good as in dry conditions. I also like my gloves a little roomy, if they are snug or too tight then my hands feel restricted and I don't really do well with them. I guess 5/5 was just a personal opinion. (;
  2. Not a bad pair of gloves

    I bought these gloves earlier this month. I must say that I was looking to just use them for training, but after playing a game in them, I think I will use these for matches! The product name is ACACIA Extreme Soccer Goalie Gloves, I bought them from this website and they will not set you back too much. Cut: Flat Fit: Roomy, but not too bad. Grip: Great in dry conditions, 50% in wet. Latex: Super soft latex foam Features: Gusseted fingers, double velcro wrist enclosure, padded backhand and wrist, no finger protection Availability: Have only seen them at this website. Price: $20.29 (14.17 eur) I practiced in them for a few weeks and have not noticed any tearing whatsoever. Grip is still as good as out of the bag. I played my first match in them during wet conditions and on astro-turf and they held up very well! Like always, I never do pre-washing. I would definitely recommend these to a mate, as they are exceptional gloves and I feel that they will last me a good while in goal. They are well worth the price and very reliable gloves. Pros: Amazing grip, good padding on backhand and wrist, comfortable enclosure. Cons: A little too tight to get on quickly. Durability: they seem like they will be 5/5 Fit: 4/5 Cosmetics: 5/5 Value: 5/5 Overall: 5/5 Final statement: If you are looking for a reliable pair of gloves for an affordable price, go get these gloves!
  3. Joe Hart - GKIcon Consultant.jpg

    Love the gloves. Would totally own a pair if funding wasn't an issue...
  4. Edwin Van Der Sar - Manchester United

    Second best keeper that Man U has ever seen.
  5. 10-2 W tonight.

    1. GoalTender


      Nice job! Spectator most of the game?

  6. To kickoff the '11 pre-season for the Tillamook Cheesemakers (or Mooks--to sound better), we played a friendly against a squad who came out from Banks (1.5 hour drive to the east of us). Half of our 1st squad players were out of town, some are touring Europe over the summer, so we had to bring up some 2nd squad members. Now, there isn't much to be said about Banks--the final score will tell all, so to save them the embarrassment. It seemed that the whole first half was all up in their end of the pitch, with just a few loose balls going back towards goal. By halftime, we were up 5-nil. The second half was a decent one, as our team had more shots on goal so did Banks. By the 60' mark we were up 7-nil. 70'-80' they scored 2 goals to match our final 3. Final score resulted in 10-2. I made some spectacular saves and feel very accomplished with myself. My team was pretty much solid, except for the loose balls for me to gather and the two conceded goals. Overall team rating:9/10 Overall self raiting: 8/10 Next match is looking to be a friendly against a better team sometime in July.
  7. First game on 1st-squad is only 17 hrs away!

  8. Anyone out there a whiz when it comes to camcorders?

    Hm, I shall try that.
  9. Really frustrated....

    These all seem like such good tactics. I am going to try them and see which works best. Thanks guys!
  10. Starting 1st squad on Saturday. Stoked!

  11. Really frustrated....

    What did you do to your ankle?
  12. Anyone out there a whiz when it comes to camcorders?

    Will do when/if I can get my other computer running--unless I can get my parents to allow me to download such program onto one of their own computers. Thanks for the info, however!
  13. Anyone out there a whiz when it comes to camcorders?

    Thanks mate. Is power director some sort of editing program?
  14. Hi, For a while now, I have been trying to upload some footage of me in the box with my Sony Handycam 200x Digital Zoom camcorder. My computer is a Dell XPS T600r and it has received no modifications. My software of choice is Movie Maker. Since funding is an issue for me, I have only been able to try an av-usb cord. In using such connection, Movie Maker will not recognise my camcorder in the least. I have ensured that the camcorder is hooked up and set to the player mode. I am really at a loss here, guys. What do you recommend?
  15. Really frustrated....

    I have tried a shorter run up. It does seem to work better than my 6-yard approach. I think I may also combine a shorter run with algis123's idea. I have great leg strength so I am sure that once I can get the technique down then I will be able to bomb it to at least halfway. Thanks for the advice, guys!