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  1. Goalkeeper training

    Haha I'd buy that :D
  2. What drills can i do myself

    While it is always better to train with your team/coach/friends etc... Here are some drills that you can do by yourself. Individual Drills Cheers! Danny.
  3. Umbro Gloves

    My first Umbro gloves were the Neo Cup, bought them just to try out the brand, great grip and durability for the price, looking forward the get either the Neo Trophy or Pro.
  4. Umbro Gloves

    Currently I am using a pair of Umbro gloves, and when I first got them I thought the grip was great. Thinking about getting another pair, what are your guys thought on Umbro gloves? Cheers! Danny.
  5. Match Review

    So my team is a u16 playing in a men's league. We fair well and win often but last nights game was not to good. First off all the other goalie told me he was playing today so I went to the game not prepared to play in net. After a while he didn't show up so right before the game I went in, no warm up or nothing. So the game starts and they score a earlier one. I knew I should of stopped. Tried to shake it off. We score one. Then near half, there is a through ball and one of their best players gets a breakaway. I came out and challenged him but did not get the ball. 2-1. After half we score one. Then quite a while later there was a corner. I yelled keeper but my defense man didn't move. He got the ball but lost it, they knock in another one. The game is tied up at 3 all. Not long after that there is a semi-breakaway. Again I came out and challenged him, he tried to chip it over me so I jumped up got both hands on it. Tipped it and it hit the crossbar and out. After that there is a scramble, I dove and got hold of the ball, in the process I got kicked in the throat. Stayed down for a bit but stayed in the game. Now with the game still tied I made sure that they won't get another goal. Our team scores one right before the game ends and we win. But the whole game my teammates kept getting mad and pissed off at me. Doesn't make it easier... Thanks for reading! Danny.
  6. Most goals conceded?

    For me, 11 aside- 8 5 aside- 10
  7. F50 Boots?

    Ok i'm looking at the Adinovas and AdiCore, is there much difference? Or not really. Danny.
  8. Training Sessions

    Hello, I was wondering how many times you guys practice a week and what you practice. Cheers! Danny.
  9. F50 Boots?

    Hello, I am thinking about buying a new pair of boots and I have been looking at the Adidas F50s. Does anyone know if they are any good? Currently I am using Predators but they are coming apart at the seams. Thanks a lot. Danny.
  10. Please help!

    Ok thanks alot! I will try all these suggestions.
  11. Please help!

    Lately I have had some really low confidence playing in net and I have a big tryout next week. I need to get back into the mentality. Can anyone tell me some good tips and/or drills that will help boost my confidence? Thanks. Danny.