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  1. AMC Goalkeeping Academy are looking for new casual goalkeeping coaches! If you have a passion and enthusiasm for coaching and are interested in becoming part of the coaching team, please email me your CV including relevant coaching and/or playing experience. You must have your own transport and be willing to travel to various locations locally (1 of Fife, Dundee or Perth and Kinross). Coaches would need to hold a minimum of Level 1 goalkeeping coaching qualification, ideally level 2 or above. I would also be looking to assist in a coaches progression through their badges. Please email: Andycolluk@yahoo.co.uk Or Phone - 07450 827189 for more information.
  2. GKU Adhesion Roll Finger (Purchased)

    Good review mate. Never been a fan of their new design but if it works then who cares
  3. Alert GK & Shot Stoppers UK

    All the best willie
  4. dh-one Thomas Taylor fp

    Great review Petros. I have had a pair of DH-One gloves since August and there is no sign of wear on them despite wearing them so much. The grip is as good as ever as well.
  5. negative cut gloves

    DH-One do some very nice negative cut gloves
  6. Simon Mignolet

    Yes, I agree, they look cheap and nasty, but if the goalkeeper of my favourite team wears them, they must be good haha.
  7. Simon Mignolet

    Just looked at Sunderlands weekend pics. Still in Real. By all means a good brand.
  8. Goal Kicks

    How old are you and what level do you play?
  9. Indoor Training

    Or you could work a lot on shape and handling. Perhaps you could go right back to basics and start doing diving off your knees, ensuring that your shape is correct etc. Putting mats down is also a good idea haha as you can still work on shape etc. Just make sure they dont end up having gaps in because of the mats moving.
  10. how often do you change gloves?

    I have to say, I go through loads of pairs a season. Already this season I am on my 7th pair of gloves. Generally I change them after one or two games and then use them for training. However, I was sent quite a lot of pairs in preseason so I have probably used about 12 pairs this season if you include preseason haha.
  11. Goal Kicks

    Just like in golf though, keeping your head down is a misused phrase. If you keep your head down, posture can become distorted and technique is not as fluid. This is the same as goal kicks. Trust me, I almost turned pro golfer in January as I wasn't enjoying football but that all changed ha.
  12. Need New Gloves...

    Jake I would go with the DH-One gloves. I have many of his gloves and each one is fantastic. I put a review up about them a few days ago. Have a wee read. They are great gloves and I'm sure Wilm will back me up.
  13. DH-One Wet Grip Roll Finger

    I never wear my gloves dry anyway. It helps with durability if they are wet and that is when they work best. Especially with wet grip for me. It works because I always have the gloves wet and our stadium pitch gets watered before our game.. Most of the premiership gk's actually get their gloves made with aqua latex on their gloves. I'm glad you got your pair of DH-One gloves. I was reading that you wanted a pair. Sales are going well now. Hope you'll buy another pair or two soon.
  14. Corner kick and cross judgement help!

    Woops... My bad !!
  15. DH-One Wet Grip Roll Finger

    Hi Guys I am bringing you a review of a DH-One glove in white and pink which were made up for me. Cut - Roll Finger with Negative Thumb Fit - The fit of the glove was superb, it was exceptionally comfortable and sat on my fingers perfectly Latex - It is wet grip latex at 4mm Special Features - Dublatex backhand, negative thumb Price - Around £25 I have used these many times and it is safe to say that these gloves are exceptionally high quality. The grip in the gloves are superb in both the wet and dry. The gloves took a few pre washes to get all the rubbish out of the glove but since then it has been so good. The durability of the gloves are fantastic. I have used the gloves about 10 times and there isn't even any signs of wear. This is one thing I am very surprised with this. This is very impressive. The stitching is well put together and has no sign of wear. Over all, this is without doubt the best glove I have ever used. This is no exaggeration. Please, if you have never tried a pair of DH-One gloves, I urge you to go and try them. I have used many of their gloves (Supersoft NC, Wetgrip nc) and of them have been as good as each other. I have also attached pictures of me wearing DH-one gloves