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  1. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    I may try a nike pair in pre season, still put off by them tbh. I just find sells ticks all the boxes apart from price...gonna try the dh 1 gloves, hopefully the older pro gk gloves and maybe some of the others if I can. See what I think to them.
  2. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    bit of an update, i decided to buy thge adidas response that i saw on great save and i was impressed, untill about 35 minutes into the game, when i made a save down to the right, looked at my gloves to clean them and the latex had nearly dissapeared on the side.......all of it was looking like the glove had been dragged along the ground for a afew weeks. think ill stick to sells untill pre season, as i cant find anything to rival them atm :(
  3. at this moment in time this is the only pic i have, gonna try and persuade the missus to come to a few games and get a few more. Cheers. Dan P.s can someone move this to the 'show us you in action' i posted in the wrong bit :ph34r:
  4. just wondering if there are any clubs where keepers train with just other keepers (basicaly being coached i guess?!) this season we're training on silly small five a side pitches and i cannot train properly. ive had a real dip in confidence and its realy affecting my game, everything is becoming an issue, kicking, catching, decision making. im getting to the point where i know i need to do something about it. i would train during the week but just dont have anyone to train with :( any help/advice etc would be great. thanks a lot. Dan
  5. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    Thanks again for the replys well pick a pair up and see how I get on with them I think. I play both saturday and sunday so will be able to sort something I think. Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it a lot. Will post back and let ya know what I think. :D
  6. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    Im just a bit fazed by them being 'cheap' of that makes sense? not knocking them at all, just used to paying stupid prices ha-ha. im thinking of trying three pairs, the adidas response, as theyre on sale at great-save. the pro gk gloves, not sure what the difference is between the aqua latex and normal though? if anyone can enlighten me? and ive seen a few pairs of old sells aquas on pro direct, i used those before the exospheres so i know they're reliable aswell. what everyone's opinion?
  7. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    Ahh right, still think id be pushed to try them mate, just bad experiances lol. Ive been looking at the old pro gk and they seem to have raving reviews....you heard anything about them? might just wait untill pre season and try a few pairs.
  8. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    thanks for the replys fellas, can all those gloves be used damp/wet? I prefer to wear them that way, hence optiong for the sells latex!? Gonna have a look tonight at somepoint. Unfortunatly cant be nike, I had two pairs of the confidence gloves, and they werent for me. Just didnt feel good to grip the ball etc.
  9. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    ahh right will look at a few others. heard that uhlsport are good....i might just end up staying with sells, i get annoyed how they constantly change the backhand design though. picky i know!
  10. hey all, im looking at buying a new pair of gloves, for the past 2 years ive had sells wrap axis exsospheres, exspensive, but i found the grip second to none, (of all my previous gloves) i play at semi pro level, im thinking about trying the new Schmeichology gloves as ive read good reviews. just wondering if theres any guys on here that use them? and any other glove reccomendations? thanks a lot, i appreciate you get the question on here more often than not. Dan
  11. hey all!

    hi sam, yeah we've been accepted, its just a waiting game now to see if i can get into our first team. we've started pre season already and im fitter, and personally feel better already than last year so fingers crossed ill get in!! who do you play for?
  12. Glove Suggestions?

    cant reccomend sells wrap axis exoshpere enough! used them for the past 3 years now with no faults at all. quite exspensive (80#) but theyre on sale at pro direct at the min, so bargaiin!!
  13. hey all!

    Thanks mate. only just seen this haha!!
  14. will try and find somewhere that sells them mate. yeah the sells aren't cheap but they do the job unbelievebly well. hoping to be paid a little bit next season aswell so that will help with costs. will try and find the warbys now. thanks. Dan