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  1. Your Opinion on these?

    You could probably get better gloves for cheaper or the same price :)
  2. Wilm - Season 11/12

    Terrible Result for us at the weekend, we drew 3-3 at Home. We started the game strong going 2-0 in the first 20mins then we do what we always do and let off, just before the stroke of half time they managed to pull one back, a free header from a corner. It changed the team talk for us, we came out strong in the 2nd half and dominated play. They got a lucky break, their forward handling the ball in the area before squaring it to an unmarked player in the box, I was inches away from stopping it but he managed to squeeze it in. So with the score at 3-2 they gained confidence and started pushing back, they got a free kick right on the edge of my area, it was a wrongly called decision from the ref. I had 4 in the wall and the wall was covering the right hand side of my goal, the free kick taker hit a perfect shot to my top right, I got a hand to it but he put too much power and accuracy on the free kick. With the scores level they were more confident. Then stupidly our CM elbowed atheir center back and received another yellow card, we were down to 10 men, and when that happened we controlled the game, forcing the keeper to make some good saves, and also hitting the wood work twice, the game ended 3-3, a disappointing result for us. Next week we are at home again against Bradwell Res, hoping to do a demolition job on them.
  3. DH-1 prices

    I think they are all £20 mate.
  4. I'm gunna start doing this now :D No idea why but just gunna give it a go :) This is my first season back on 11 a side for about 6 or 7 years, the team I have joined is basically a team of mates and its a decent team, I don't really get that much to do in games but when I do I have make sure I don't make a mistake. OK since we have already played 8 games I'm just gunna write down results. Results 03 Sep 2011 A Winster Wasps - W 7-0 05 Sep 2011 A Railway FC - W 5-0 10 Sep 2011 A Eyam - W 7-1 (First goal conceded, and it was an own goal) 17 Sep 2011 A Baslow - W 3-0 24 Sep 2011 A Bakewell Town Res - W 3-1 08 Oct 2011 A Edale - W 5-2 15 Oct 2011 H Furness Vale Res - W 3-2 22 Oct 2011 H Railway FC - W 7-2 29 Oct 2011 H Tideswell Blue Star - 3-3 The first 6 fixtures were all away games, now we are at home until late December. We are walking away with the league quite early, which everyone predicted anyway. We could very well go on to win every game this season, we have only struggled to win 1 game and that was because of our own performance. Next Fixtures 29 Oct 2011 H Tideswell Blue Star 05 Nov 2011 H Bradwell Res 26 Nov 2011 H Bakewell Town Res I was gunna do a quick match report on todays game because I had to make the most saves I have made in a game today haha
  5. Mind helping me out?

    Alright mate, you should look at a few smaller brands before you go buying more high profile gloves. Fingersave is completely personal preference, I used to wear them now I don't. Glove cuts dont really matter to me tbh, I pefer Rolls but I dont mind wearing Neg Cut :D
  6. F-LINE - Ultima Negative

    Ahhh I put my hands on my cheeks to feel if they are damp :D
  7. 3 pairs of gloves...

    I cant remember the brand, someone will know it on here, but they have the exact same glove as Precision its just a different brand and a fair bit cheaper... I cant think of the brand name though. Jack will know if he looks at this!
  8. F-LINE - Ultima Negative

    OK... Not weird at all :D haha
  9. New Keeper! Hi! :D

    Welcome dude, need any help just ask and somebody will help out :)
  10. DH-One Wet Grip Roll Finger

    Jack, I would seriously give a decent pair of Nike gloves a try, but I am not a fan of spending £40+ on a glove!
  11. Note...

    If you take a 3 year break to play Rugby then you will learn this in your first game :D haha
  12. Just chill and enjoy playing mate, things will only start to go wrong if you start worry about what might happen if you do this or what might happen if you do that :D Just take your opportunity and keep some clean sheets ;)
  13. DH-One Wet Grip Roll Finger

    Ruthless, im backing Jack up here, they are quality mate, I have played 3 games in mine and there are only tiny minor chips in the latex. They are so much better when made wet though!
  14. Back for good

    Welcome back Jack :D
  15. Girodays Return

    Sup Matt, We lost a few, Jack has disappeared :( Hope all is going well mate.