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  1. Hey

    Hi guys, I started a page of facebook called Football Talk, Can you guys help me out and like it. It will have updates on transfer results news match commentary and more thanks.
  2. F50 Boots?

    yeap they good too
  3. Done GK training today, finally beat my mental bloke :)

  4. Done GK training today, finally beat my mental bloke and im able to dive :)

  5. F50 Boots?

    F50 are the best ive ever weared but back then i was outfield player, better you get predators.
  6. Negative Cut Gloves

    not to much but i have the top gloves :)
  7. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    My powercats
  8. Padding?

    Haha im 6ft 4 about 12.5 stone, and yeah i thinking of getting them because landings are a pain and since i started gk recently i didnt get a chance to get used to landings when i was younger
  9. new gloves

    So just rinse with water or add some liquid?
  10. new gloves

    Hi guys, Ok i got my powercat gloves today, they are aqua latex, do i have to wash them to get the factory chemicals of for better grip or not? Thanks..
  11. Padding?

    The pain is nothing at the start but after a day or two damn lol but you know your diving techniques so it shouldnt be a bother
  12. Padding?

    I just started GK and no padded shorts, it damn hurts but we are men.
  13. Anyone out there a whiz when it comes to camcorders?

    You can get them all free over the web, try vegas its very good, youtube vegas pro editor and one of the vids will tell you how to get it
  14. Glove Suggestions?

    look at puma power cats http://www.great-save.com/puma-powercat-2-10-aqua-response-goalkeeper-gloves-tgb-edition.html when wet xtra 40% grip
  15. Glove Suggestions?

    Depends on what type you like? exp: Grip, fingercut, finger protection etc,...