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  1. Best ground you've ever played at?

    How did he get on? :D
  2. any tips on knee protection?

    Good call on the volleyball pads. I wear the same sort of pads but are designed for break dancers or something. Them alert 3/4 length clouts look ace tho!
  3. What's different about 'Astro' Gloves?

    This. Don't bother with astro gloves. The grip is poor and you don't need any special gloves for 3G. The astro gloves last a bit longer on the old style sandy pitches, but if you're anything like me it's probably your technique when getting up off the floor that causes the most wear. I worked on getting up and down without using my hand(s) to push on the floor and it helped a lot, particularly being ready for follow up shots and gloves durability wise.
  4. Best ground you've ever played at?

    Craven Cottage, 6-a-side tournament. Got battered but the pitch was lovely and springy.
  5. Any problems with REACT delivery

    I can't keep up. Are React still evil, or are they the new £12 glove offer saviours of the world?
  6. Englands group Euro 2012

    Aye, just not by inger-land :D
  7. Best save

    Got to say, that is some beautiful goalkeeping.
  8. Best save

    Some cracking saves already posted. I do like this one though :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRbJG5gtr_w&feature=related
  9. Finger Protection

    Only my opinion but... 5 or 6a side where you are getting constant hard shots from 10 yards out and it's just about keeping the ball out of the net - YES. 11a side where you need good finger movement to catch crosses and deal with long range shots - NO.
  10. Nike gloves - Yes or No?

    Wearing Nike goalkeeper gloves?? That'd be like going to the toilet with your trousers on. NO.
  11. Twice in the past 2 month my first touch has been picking the ball out of the net or getting a finger to it as it sails past me after the defence has let their striker in for a 1on1 after about 3 minutes. @**$%£"&*(@! I'm dreaming of a wayward back pass and a sloppy kick into touch! :D
  12. Match Day Prep

    Thing is, how much better would they be if they didn't fill their bodies full of sh*t? We had one lad in our team, really skillful and always played brilliant but also always turned up half cut. Turned out that he was on Scunthorpe's books as a youth but pissed it away. Shouldn't have really ended up at our level.
  13. General Zod

    Bring back Zod! Bring back the random beating and burning on sight of people wearing N*ke goalkeeper gloves! * * Ok, we'll start with the General's return first and then move onto the stuff...
  14. You get to kick the outfield player who now thinks he's a fully fledged goalkeeper, square in the balls :D
  15. Monday morning aches and pains

    Streeeeeetch. Before, during and after games.