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    For my 2000th post, I will be talking about--- nah, screw the essay ;) Coloured palms, because they have extra chemicals in them to make them a much stronger colour. This often means that the grip will suffer, but in my opinion they don't suffer that badly and I've still been very happy using colourful gloves. It's like a smartie with the old e-numbers, they look and feel awesome, yet they're not as good for you. People moan about these e-numbers being damaging to the healthiness (or grip), but actually it's not a huge issue. I find it doesn't make a huge difference, but 3G's rubbercrumb does stain gloves which may kill the impact of having colourful gloves, but these are all willy nilly issues. Hope my 2000th ever post helped you ;)

    I'm not being funny mate, but I would go as far as to say get another pair of DH-Ones, fantastic gloves at a great price and I don't imagine they'll be this cheap for long if other retailers start selling their gloves. They do last very well on Astro, mine did. One post to go ;)
  3. Precision GK Schmeichel Negative

    Not sure on the sizing or any of that, but I have heard they're ridiculously overpriced
  4. Best ground you've ever played at?

    Haha, yeah, he was alright, he is progressing and one day he may be good enough to be a pro ;) Seriously though, it was an awesome experience and he's a great person to learn from, technically sound although sometimes prone to the odd mistake
  5. Joe Lewis

    Good luck to him, try scoring against us ;)

    Never heard of them before, but I expect you can do better.
  7. Agree with everyone else, Gecko are good but they don't match up to DH-One in every aspect
  8. Best ground you've ever played at?

    Done some training with Kieren Westwood at the Ricoh Stadium before
  9. Supporting a club outside your country

    Have to agree with you there mate.
  10. Pro GK Dale Roberts Memorial Gloves.

    Scrub the last post - my pair is ordered :)
  11. Pro GK Dale Roberts Memorial Gloves.

    Are they still available? Dale was an absolute gem to my life, if there is one thing I could save it would be him.
  12. Joe Lewis

    I'm interested in seeing whoever plays in goal for Sunderland, hope it's one of the top three as all are wonderful keepers. Look forward to the match too, no McCann which will not be easy!
  13. I'd put Poland in the over achievers too mate, with the mighty Szczesny behind them!
  14. Your first pair of gloves?

    Haha, agreed, I threw them in the washing machine once when they said if I didn't wash them they'd never let me play football with them again as they absolutely stunk ;) That's the only time I put them in the washing machine, I wouldn't say they lost grip as I don't think there is any in them at all!
  15. What were the very first pair of gloves you ever bought? My first pair were the cheap and not at all tacky pair below, the Uhlsport Starter Soft Fangmaschine gloves. Never cleaned once in their life! What about you?