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  1. Your first pair of gloves?

    Posted this before a while ago, but something similar to this would have been my first glove (watches as the younger generation all go WTF!! lol) http://i56.tinypic.com/i1i82e.jpg
  2. i dont think im good enough

    Hi GK, as said, think positive. A goalkeeper needs both confidence and belief in themselves. I presume you are in the pre-season stage and you need that and games under you belt - the more you play the more you will get to know that you deserve to play. If you are upping a level or two in terms of league of the team age group then it is always difficult moving up, but thats how you test yourself.
  3. best gloves £20-50

    Together we will turn him from the dark side....... :D
  4. best gloves £20-50

    Accept that maybe I got the size is wrong but when I mentioned 'negatives' it was referring to the bad points of the glove as opposed to the cut - I did say it was rollfinger earlier
  5. best gloves £20-50

    I wore the GK Union rollfingers at a training session last night - pre-washed and a little dampening before the session. Size 9.5 and a good tight fit - I've only recently started trying rollfingers as I've always been a flat palm man. They certainly give a good snug fit - the grip was pretty good I have to say. Had a good few balls pinged at me at the start both at a short distance (pinged right at me) and slightly longer (floated balls towards me to catch high). The shorter pinged balls stuck to the gloves and the cushioning and protection was as good as you would want - no danger of sprained wrists or fingers. The longer balls again stuck to the gloves when taking the catches high in the air. Certainly wouldn't think twice about wearing them for a game and got that confidence you get from knowing that you have a good pair of gloves. We have a friendly game on Saturday which is unfortunately on astro turf - probably give them another outing then and try the React ones that I got next week (incidentally, got a pair of Bramic ordered today as well - can people stop recommending gloves please! lol) The negatives on the GK Union so far was simply in a slight wear to one of the fingers latex when I got it out of the bag. Its nothing I would throw the rattle out of the pram about though - it didn't seem to worsen after the training session so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt so far. Still early doors but impressions for me is that this is a very good glove at a decent price (just under 30 quid I think). Definitely a cheaper option to my Uhlsport Fingerbett, so may just keep them for my Wembley Cup Final appearances ;) As said earlier, the React and GK Union look pretty similar so my hope is that the React one will be of a similar quality at a cheaper price. Additionally, if I remember correctly the GK Union had an elasticated cuff which I prefer as they are easier to get on and off - especially if you wear any strapping or support on your hands and fingers.
  6. best gloves £20-50

    Well I've now got delivery of a pair of GK Union and React gloves so will let you know my thoughts on them after I've had a few training sessions or games with them. First impressions are good - nice fits, looks like good quality. Both look very similar in terms of materials and make up although the designs on the back hand are different - without the logos they could definitely be gloves from the same range/company, but the proof is in the pudding. I'm hoping that the React are the best - simply because I would love to be in a position of buying 4-5 pairs of them in place of 1-2 high priced gloves. Saying that, I've played a couple of games in my new Uhlsport Fingerbett gloves and they have been as good as I had imagined - not particularly much to do in terms of high balls but the grip is fantastic, the protection is great - there's nothing better than meeting a powerfully blasted shot and taking it into your hands with ease.
  7. best gloves £20-50

    Black palms - enough said - taxi for Nike!
  8. Good post Jack, I totally agree with your choices as well - great keepers all of them. I think a lot more people will have heard of Dale Roberts than you think, especially because of the tragic circumstances around his death but I also know of a few people who had come into contact with the man and had nothing but good things to say. I like that fact that like me, your biggest inspiration is not necessarily one of the greats - its all about what you get from these people and probably because there was a more intimate bond between us and these 'lesser' known keepers they will have touched us more.
  9. My goalkeeping, and general football hero, is one that probably no-one outside of Scotland will have heard of and probably even the younger Scots among you will only know of his son. This is none other than Jim Gallacher who used to play in nets for Clydebank FC (now no longer a professional top tier team). My local team as a boy was Clydebank and I would go to their games as often as I could. Slim Jim played on into his forties and was an exceptional all round goal keeper - in fact, I am sure watching him has helped me to develop my love of goalkeeping. The late Jock Stein is quoted as saying that he was the best uncapped goalkeeper in Scotland and I would agree with that. In more modern times, Andy Goram for me was the best there has been. Not being the tallest in the world he was an unbelievable shot stopper. I was also a big fan of Angelo Peruzzi in Italy - I liked everything about his game. Although, outside Goram, probably Buffon and Casillas are probably two of the greats that no-one can fail to be in awe of. This is especially the case for them considering in what leagues and teams that they are playing as well as the tender ages that they broke into their teams and cemented their positions. If I had to pick out of the two I'd go for Buffon. Who have been your heroes and influences?
  10. Should we rename the Forum?

    You missed the fourth option: "its_only_a_game" and "Jack Coley" get a room!! ;)
  11. Thanks Jack, I already have - its Ulhsport ;) But no harm in trying other brands (other than Nike of course :P - sorry, have to join in with the Nike bashing!)
  12. Well there you go, its amazing what a couple of recommendations can do ;) Firstly, went to order a pair of the React gloves but after contacting them after it was apparent I couldn't order online, apparently they only take email orders when they will supply their bank details for transferring the money - I guess I'll be waiting for a pair of Reacts then. Secondly, have just got a pair of the GK Union gloves from their website - if I get them for the weekend I'll try them out in our second Summer Cup game. I have to say I do like the fact that the smaller known brands don't necessarily try and supply all these different types and levels of glove - makes selection a great deal easier. Andy
  13. I think my idea of trying the Ho brand (I did buy a cheap pair last year and wasn't impressed with that) is that I like the look of them - probably remind me of Uhlsport (can you guess I'm a fan!). I would love to try the others you mention but again, I don't want to spend £20 on a pair of them and find out that you only get the real quality ones at £40 upwards - then I don't want to start off spending £40 for them only to find that they don't give me what I want. Catch 22.
  14. Cheers lads, the issue isn't really about where to buy - I would always buy online now. The problem is spending a good amount of money on untried gloves - reviews are great but you really need to try on a glove yourself to see if it works for you - size, fit, padding, wrist, quality of the latex - all these things are what I want to be able to tangibly check out. If I liked those gloves, then I would go online to any of those sites you have mentioned and get them there. I guess I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to gloves in that I have been burned in the past with cheap gloves (unless they have been good gloves at a reduced price), therefore I don't mind paying £80 for a pair of gloves that I know I am going to be comfortable wearing. Likewise, I will go back to the same tried and tested glove (such as the Uhlsport FangMaschine gloves that I had last year) rather than risking a different make of glove. I suppose my hope is that I can find gloves of similar quality but at a lower price - that way refreshing gloves throughout the season isn't as painful a job to the bank balance as it may be. Maybe someone knows an online site that may be based in the Leeds area where they could also have a walk in counter service? Thanks again lads.... Andy
  15. Hi all, is anyone aware of any sports shops in the West Yorkshire area where they do a good range of gloves? The problem I have is that I like to stay with gloves I know and trust in terms of brands - for example, I'm a huge Uhlsport fan and always have been. For me, you are pretty much guaranteed an excellent level of glove once you pay past a certain price for any of their gloves. I usually get mine from great-save.com but the problem is that I wouldn't mind trying some other brands such as Rinat, Ho and others, but I don't want to spend £40 upwards on a glove that I have never tried before - hence, if anyone knows any good stores that stock a good range of different brands, then I would at least be able to try them on first. Andy