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  1. MY Youtube Channel

    youre going places. do keep it up man! hopefully a big club notices you and in the future i could print your name on the back, haha!
  2. 2 gloves. adidas response replique and mitre anza.
  3. Goalkeeper Height

    youre 14!! if aldershot release you, and at 15 you grew to 1.8 and incredible between the post, theyll regret it :D
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhrkPjT6SV8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pj32JyApy4
  5. this dude made a great compilation. do enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDU-7oxTuE8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzEpvNHH3zA
  6. Given The Villain

    ive been a villa fan all my life despite only visiting the stadium and area once. disappointed that friedel left but am glad we signed given! hope he and dunne can concede lesser goals than last season
  7. Most goals conceded?

    11 a side, lost 13 - 1. relatively young and inexperience team playing against a good team. started with 10 men, as one player was late. saved lots too
  8. give mitre another shot guys. theyre really not bad
  9. Cheap negative cut gloves

    mitre anza by schwarzer. ownd 1, its not bad
  10. no problem marshall. i used to play for school when i was 13. standing at 1.58m and weighing 85kg, you would probably be imagining a very sloppily fat kid in between the post. however i beat 2 other gks towering over me at 6ft for the number 1 shirt (actually it was 21, haha) i wasnt tall, but i had good handling, command of box, and my reflexes was there. goalkeeping has always been my passion. i hate playing 5/6/7 asides, street, futsal etc etc. the field has always been my fav platform. stopped playing when i busted my knee in 04 and never played again....till december of last year. im starting to get serious playing gk as the team im playing for is quite good. on the mitre glove question, its the current glove im using. ive read good reviews regarding the mitre Anza (negative cut) and decided to try it out. will use my credit card one day to try the other brands like react and zapkam
  11. schmeichel(snr) kahn casillas and recently, just discovered (stupid me) 1.71m oscar perez rojas.
  12. thanks for the kind motivating comments zod and jack. will work hard, im abit on the heavy side. im good on the ground, but confidence lacking when high balls come in. havent played football for years. love being in between the sticks.
  13. are there any guys standing at 5"5 and playing goalie? how are u doing? i am at that height and have recently restarted playing in goal. having a downer every game...getting demoralized..