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  1. confidence

    in games i never seem to come off my line that often i think its a lack of experience because this is the first team ive played for in 6 years because ive only just got back into it. im a great shot stopper from playing games like knockout and stuff with friends but im not so good at coming out to the edge of the box to collect the ball idk why. any tips
  2. joe hart, paul robinson and robert green, fielding or ruddy
  3. confidence

    im new to goalkeeping for a team and whenever i play im allways nervouse and not as confident i dont know why and tips?
  4. any tips

    i cant seem to get confident before the game/training any tips
  5. Good Morning Genlemen

    cba reading but hi
  6. sounds like you embarrassed your opponents a bit
  7. egerton u16's vs middlewich u16's score= 3-1 to egerton the position i played-right wing number-18 key bits- i got an assist im starting to get fond of playing outfield its more fun than i thought its just a case of getting better because i will be playing half of the games outfield because we have 2 goalkeepers allthough i think im the better choice because the other one makes a lot of mistakes
  8. my manager wants me and my other friend keeper to play half the season matches in net each but i cant playoutfield at all :/ so idk any tips on how to play outfield ive got a game tomoz i think im playing Right back or striker
  9. One on One's

    i go the at the same pace there coming to me at and keep a cushion only dive for the ball when they make a mistake or when they shoot try to stay on your feet at all times
  10. can anyone

    can anyone send me some size 8.5 or 9 or 9.5 size gloves because i dont have any gloves apart from my adidas fingersaves but there nearly worn out and i need a pair of gloves for the season and my mum wont buy me any gloves till christmas i tryed asking other ppl but no one said yes to givng me 20quid :( if u can ill take anything, - used, ripped ect as long asthey work . thanks jez
  11. should i get more gloves

    size 9 but i can go down to 8.5
  12. ive got 3 old pairs of gloves and 1 new pair which is adidas fingersave which i use for matches,training,messing around but my mum wont buy me anymore im trying to convince her to let me but what should i do if she says no

    i dont think so
  14. annoyed

    i think i heard about your team my manager was talking about it with another guy