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  1. Reusch Resistor

    dun wanna look like a douche or anything .. but if you are going after grip then Nike Vapor Grip 3 is the glove for you ... sticky as fuck !
  2. Best save


    Email Address – (for database) de.gea.1@hotmail.com Favourite Goalkeeper – david de gea - victor valdes Current gloves worn – nike gk confidence blue Date of birth – (so I know age range to gloves ratio) 15-12-1995
  4. not gonna lie .. sometimes in the field i wish earth would just swallow me .. ... sometimes i really make big time mistakes .. and i say to myself .. next time im gonna fix it .. another ball comes and another mistakes comes along .. sometimes i feel like im living a nightmare .. . but believe me .. when my time calls me and tells me there is a match my heart almost explodes out of happiness .. i try to get myself to the state where i know im gonna rock it ... man the ecstasy you get when everybody claps for ya .. mate its amazing :) even though i suffer. . i will never quit it !
  6. Left Thigh Pain

    probably a torn muscle .. give it a week ... if you still feel that awkward pain .. go to a doctor
  7. Your favorite GK kit

    de gea's jersey .. ROCKS the livin shit outta coolness
  8. What is better Puma, Reusch or Adidas?

    nike vapor grip 3 .. durable as hell !
  9. F50 Leather

  10. Trainings for better hands?

    throw a ball against the wall and catch .. in all positions .. if you do like 200 times a day .. in a months you will be superior to anybody else
  11. psv v ajax

    saw it .. but i dont think he hit him with the studs ..
  12. Baggy 3/4 Goalkeeper shorts?

    no dont use that type of shorts. . as they will hurt you more than it will protect you .. if you dont believe me .. buy them and try them for yourself .. you will see they make no difference over playing naked
  13. Problem

    ok look ... take a VERY DEEP breath with me ... now concentrate .. if the ball just slips in between your hands then you need to work on your handling technique .. get some one to fire you some high balls for you to jump and catch .. do it like 50 times each day for a couple of weeks and you'll see how improved you will be .. if you're handling technique is good enough .. but you still fail to command and conquer high balls .. then its because of your mind .. you just believe you're not gonna make .. change that .. believe in yourself .. you ARE THE ONE who's gonna catch that high one
  14. any tips

    search in youtube * how to become mentally strong as a goalkeeper *
  15. Skipping for goalkeepers

    skipping is one of the most important keeper training .. specially for those who need to work on speed and agility