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  1. goalkeeper finger tape

    I don't use finger tape. Erm i'm used to my fingers hurting by now so to hell with strapping them up.
  2. Last Saturday was friendly number two for me, it was First Team v Reserves. We (the reserves) were looking forward to this game so much and it had been all we had manage to talk about all week at work. The first team are in division one and we are in division four but we not so quietly fancied our chances. I'm told i'm playing in goal for the full 90mins - providing it doesn't go horribly. Excellent news and after we kit up and have a team talk there's about ten mins to warm up before the game. Some wise ass suggests the usual everyone blast the ball at the keeper warm up. I tell them where to go and get one of the guys who used to be a keeper to help me warm up. I'm equal parts nervous and excited. I know that if I can play well in this game I can cement my place in between the sticks. I know I'm the best keeper there but I haven't really shown it to the manager yet. The first half we are kicking into a very strong wind and every long ball they play end up in my box. They have a man mountain of a striker and he's going to love this. My centre back does an amazing job on him all game taking away his ariel threat and between us we usually end up claiming the ball. We are obviously frustrating them and by half way through the first half they've changed tactics to 25+ yard shots. Happy days. They get two on target, both from the right of centre and I save them both with diving catches. The only goal of the first half unfortunately comes from them. They load the box for yet another long throw and although I come out and catch it the ref gives a penalty for an off the ball push by one of my guys! Soft isn't the word. I have seen there striker take pens before so I'm feeling like I might be able to bring some justice to proceedings. He doesn't even take it! One of the wingers places the ball down - I stare at him - he glances to my right and my mind is made up - I give the old fake left dive right and get a hand onto the shot - not a strong enough one though, the guys blasted it from twelve yards and I didn't really have much chance. 0-1 :( I feel like I should have saved it and although my team are behind me I'm getting pissed off. I hate conceding!! One down at the half. The boss says keep doing what we're doing and makes a change up front. In the second half it's more of the same. High balls from them and more sweeping up and catching from me. Then we score two from the guy brought on at the half and we are going mental!! We are up with like ten mins to go against the first team who are three divisions above us!! More heroics from my back four who have been awesome. Credit where credit is due. We sub the right and left back and it all goes a bit wrong. Our perfect line is now more of a zig zag and people are wondering into the box unmarked!! There first real chance to equalise comes when there Grant Holt type gets a shot in from about eight yards after some good build up. I can feel all of that hard work from my team resting on me and it helps me to get down quickly to my right to turn the ball away and out for a corner. Chance two comes when half the team are playing an offside trap and the other half are asleep. One on One from the left hand side. I think he's going to go for the far side and I go down early. He lifts it in to the near post and I some how manage to get me left foot over to block the shot and our lines are cleared. They miss a wide open header from six yards out and the game finished 2-1. Again we go mad as hell!!! Bragging rights belong to us :) Good Points - High balls agin. One on one saves. Kicking was marginally better. Catching saves instead of just blocking them. Bad Points - Should have saved the pen. Kicking still needs work. On another note the gloves I bought are amazing. I know much has been said about the Puma PowerCat 2.10 but mine are easily the best glove I've ever had. I'll post some pics of them soon.
  3. Broken Toe

    Just to check in you OP you say the nurse said there was no need for an x-ray but they did give you one didn't they? I tore my ankle ligaments a few years back and when I went in I heard the exact same line, "i'm 100% sure that you've broken your ankle" after the x-ray they saw I had no break at all. So I guess what I'm saying is it's always best to make sure. And briefly before I go to work it's always better to walk as naturally as you can when you have an injury. Limping or over compensating for the pain is no good for your body, it only serves to create weakness in other areas as they are getting used too much and in the wrong way.
  4. TheGhost's Season 2011 / 12

    Nice write up and I'll stay tuned for the rest of the season. seems like you had a good first game and things will only get better once you start training and playing more. I wouldn't beat yourself up about the goal - with what you said about claiming high balls earlier and the cross going deep it's very difficult to be in 100% the best position. And no man on the post to help out?
  5. One on One's

    Some good advice so far. What I would say is that if they're sprinting and have their head down then they're more likely to go for a blast so watch them pull back and get into your ready position. If they're jogging or running with their head up then they have the option to place it or go for the lob so stay on your feet for as long as you can. Don't do anything that makes it easy for them - make them make the decision don't make it for them.
  6. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Just started to read this thread, congrats on the come back. As for the defence, most of my experience is that it takes a gk to know when a goal wasn't the gks fault. You'll know they were bypassed too easy and they'll think you should have saved it. But life goes on :)
  7. Thanks for all of the positivity lads. I know what i'll be working on next training session and hopefully I can go from there.
  8. Ok so I'm 25 and I'm just returning to playing the full sized game after a near ten year absence. I'm playing for FC Mills (fcmills.co.uk) in the Whitney and District FA Division Four in Oxford. I'm a goalkeeper and I'm one of three that are trying to play for the reserve team - that might sound a little weird that I'm trying to play for the reserves but I have my reasons for this. So I've had a couple of training sessions and I play regular five and seven sided games. The first friendly I am available to play in was saturday 27th Aug. We were playing some team from Eynsham away. The first team were going to play the first half and then the reserves the second. Eleven or twelve of us reserves are all very good friends and we drive in convoy to the game, spirits are high and in some cases peoples spirit levels are high. When we arrive it's raining and there is about ten mins to kick off but nearly an hour to our kick off. When I eventually make my way to the changing room the gaffa tells me I'm keeping goal for the first team and I better get a shift on to make kick off. I have never been one to back away from anything so I glove up and get my way out there with no warm up in time for kick off. I'm told to give the ball to the wing backs and not kick it long - sound like we're here to play football :) I feel good with the number one on my back and I'm just moving around and sweeping things up for about ten mins when they break through one and one for the first time. He's cutting in from my left and I hope that I've got my angles right. He shoots right footed to my right hand side and I turn it round the post with my left hand for a little hollywood save. The corner will be the first cross I've faced and I attack it, putting my name on it only to see the man on the front post somehow flick the ball onto the crossbar and out for another corner. If this was my team I'd be screaming at this guy now. Another corner and this time I take it cleanly and start the counter attack. The combination of the linesman and my centre backs let the other team run through us like we weren't there but this time we manage to haul the guy down from behind and concede a free kick 20 yards out to the right of goal. We escape the mandatory red card as it's only a friendly - very sporting off the ref. I line up the wall and take stance in the other side of the goal - as the player runs up I take a step right towards my wall and the guy bends it around the wall. I dive and it takes a bad bounce in front of me but I manage to keep it out. Although I don't get it out of the danger area and the rebound is gratefully eaten up. 1 - 0 Down :( The second goal comes as they channel their inner Barca and work the ball into the box and shoot from about eight yards out. I get a hand on it but it's only strong enough to turn the ball onto the inside of the post and into the net. 2-0 Down :( Another one on one and the guy rounds me to make it 3 - 0. This is s**t. I can't even manage to bring him down! The half ends 3 - 1 (we missed a pen) At half time I head over to the reserves. The boss says one of the other keepers is going to play these 45 mins. As I take off my gloves he throws me the number 11 shirt? What's going on here? Flashes of playing up front cross my mind but they're soon dashed as I'm told I'm playing centre back based on the fact that I'm one of only two players we have over six foot. The game finished 6 - 1. Can't say it was that much fun like. Good Points - I was excellent under the high ball. Bad Points - Goal Kicks and spilling the free kick save. Ah well there will be another friendly in a weeks time.
  9. I have two pairs. Puma PowerCat 2.10 for matches and some s**t Umbro gloves for everything else, sometimes even the dishes.
  10. how tall are you guys?

    I'm 25 and 6'4"
  11. Am I the only one?

    I'm a geordie.
  12. Fantasy Premier League

    I've joined.
  13. Which is your favourite soccer Player?

    Not really sure I have a current favourite player, past fav is locked down. I guess i like Fabricio Coloccini.
  14. Ok I'm not high and I didn't mean to cause any offence. From what I saw last season Arsenal played all three of the above mentioned Gks, now this may have been due to injuries which I wasn't aware of and if this is the case then I'm sorry. It's true that Hart has a better back line in front of him but he's also a better keeper. I know Szczesny has potential and I hope he fills it.
  15. Thank you :) I'm going to be playing for FC MIlls Reserves in Whitney - if anyone looks I wasn't the keeper last year!. I am not an Oxford fan I'm a Newcastle United fan. I moved to Oxford a couple of years ago.