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  1. Ok well I've recently started playing Indoor 5 a-side football. I've been playing for about 6 weeks and before that I had very little experience playing football at all not just in front of the goal. My game is improving but I've still got ALOT of work to do and my recent performances are costing my team the game and I'm finding it so frustrating that I'm letting everyone down. I practice on Tuesday for around half an hour or so cause we swap keepers alot cause people are tried lol so I spend more time out of goal and I get around 50 minutes every Wednesday when we play in the Power league so I know I'm not getting enough practice which is already a bad start but there isn't really any other oppurtunities for me to practice. Is there anything at all I can do on my own or perhaps with 1 or 2 people to help me improve? Also I seem to have a hesistation to dive, but not always. Sometimes I'll dive no problem but other times I just seem to throw my leg out at the ball instead an I have no idea why. I also seem to be VERY weak diving to my left, I don't feel confidant with that at all. Also are there any recommendations for gloves/goalie tops ect? At the moment I'm using Addidas Finger Save Ultimate gloves but their not mine an they are very worn out. Other than that I just wear trackies and a jacket when I play so I don't shred my skin to pieces whilst diving.