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  1. trials

    I've heard nothing but good things from these guys http://www.just4keepers.co.uk/ Its a goalkeeper academy run by former professional goalkeepers with some ifluence with pro teams and they've helped make over 200 kids go pro. It may be worth contacting them and asking them whatever you need to know
  2. Training with a machine

    Well thats the thing, if they can afford it why not! But if they're gonna struggle to pay for it then i dont think its necessary
  3. Help with my touch under pressure????

    I had the same issue a while ago! I started playing futsal and because its so much smaller and faster your forced to think quickly and get rid of the ball. You get used to the pressure and after a while it isnt a problem. Im not saying go and play futsal but even when having practice matches at training. Ask your defenders to give you the ball more so you can get used to it, thats what training is for!
  4. Contact lenses or not ?

    I hated contacts but thats just me. I had laser eye correction and its awesome. I had poor eye sight before and now i have better than 20/20 vision
  5. Training with a machine

    Just to work on technique wise it isnt bad but nothing beats seeing a player line up for a ball and getting set and reacting after the ball is kicked. I play cricket and i hate using the machine for that as well because you need to see the bowler running up and getting ready to bowl so you can set properly.
  6. Soccer Shooting Machines

    I've used them but i dont like it mainly for one reason You'll know which side its going because you can see which way it's facing and by seeing how fast its spinning you'll know how fast it'll be coming as well. And when you know what side its going and how fast you cant really improve your reactions. It's fantastic for technique based things and crosses etc but when doing real shooting practice nothing beats getting a real person to do it Just my two cents
  7. Reusch Keon Pro M1 Special Review

    Will be uploading a couple more pictures tonight regarding this gloves durability. Very dissapointed with the durability! It's a shame because this is a glorious glove and is amazing to play with.
  8. Hurry up with the review and pictures already :P
  9. goalkeeper finger tape

    ELectrical tape is good but i love the pst goalkeeper finger tape. It doesnt restrict movement as much as gives you a confident feel. I used to wear fingersaves which helped but now that i use no finger protection in the gloves tape is the next best thing
  10. goalkeeper finger tape

    Yeah i use them, it sucks for me because no one in australia sell em and the delivery costs more than 5 rolls of tape!
  11. Bramic

    I've preordered a pair, when they come i'll give a very detailed review
  12. Goalkeeping Academy?

    Same, training with an ex pro, the tips and advice he gives are priceless. Not to mention if you have what it takes he has connecitons to set you up somewhere!
  13. Best Site for Goalkeeping Equipment?

    great-save is great but i love thegoalkeeperco because of there express international shipping
  14. should i get more gloves

    Get a job! Buy some yourself Or tell your mum about the J4K offer where its buy one get one free, she might like the value in that