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  1. top 5 keepers of the decade

    dude Kahn MUST be the 1st one not buffon, remember him from 2000 till 2008...his performance was great and i think that Cech shouldnt be in the list, but cassillas should, i dont like him but he's a hell of a good keeper
  2. Song for my upcoming video

    you'll understand when you will watch the video, you'll understand why i chose this song check the video, the link is below :
  3. Song for my upcoming video

    I chosed can't be touched-roy jones, check it in my video below ;)
  4. top 5 keepers of the decade

    Oliver Kahn Gianluigi Buffon Edwin Van Der Sar Iker Cassillas Rustu *(turquish goalkeeper) i'm not sure of any of them, but what i know is that KAHN is in the list for 100% i saw it in the fifa fever dvd, they named him as the best GK
  5. training at home

    if you have a small yard outside your home you can put 2 balls one left and one right, you dive on the right one then you switch to the 2nd. it's good for agility for the gym, if your training while your season is on, the best training you can do is 3x15 series of every muscle : 1x(3x15) Biceps 1x(3x15)Triceps, 1x(3x15)back, 1x(3x15)..... and between each set 25abs and don't forget push ups, medecine ball ect...
  6. Let's see you in action

    Very nice pictures Fin GK ;) u should post a video of your training. here's my training for this summer check it out and tell me what you think about it :
  7. Norwegian Goalkeeper

    surely it's one of his strenght point ;)
  8. Norwegian Goalkeeper

    nice kicks mate ! ;) but you should train harder. Norway is very cold dude, i played with my team lassummer in the norway cup and i was freezing...don't know how u people train in winter check out my training and tell me what u think abt it :
  9. thanks man, hope so ;)
  10. Hey guys, This is me in action, a short video about my training this summer in France, hope u'll enjoy it ;) Tell me how u'll find it. Here's the link :
  11. Video of my training this summer :

  12. Hello guys I'm making a video of my training this summer, i will post it later when i'll finish it. I need your help because i really dont know what kind of song fit with this type of video... any idea ?
  13. tips on keeping fit please

    skipping rope mate, its very good to stay fit and you can do it anywhere