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  1. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Its all over already!! well a big setback! Landed funny in last sundays game and ended up karate chopping the floor (hard to explain) sooo broke my 5th meta and im out for a few months! had an operation on weds to put a pin in and make it straight :( bad times :( a pic from A&E http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/293974_10150451203128219_668198218_11026737_1014075182_n.jpg
  2. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Well haven't been on here for a while as been mega busy with work but i've got an update after my first game of the season and only my second time between the big sticks in 7 years! Played another new team called TAIT at home on an incredibly windy day! 60mph gusts according to the news!!, these winds were blowing across the pitch! So goal kicks were fun, with the ball getting a few feet in the air then the wind took the ball 20 ft to the left! I literally had to aim at the side line to try and get it anywhere near the center spot!! Anyways it wasn't a good game for us and we lost 4-0! 2 of there goals were 1vs1's and i tried my best but to no avail! the other two were wind assisted flukes that even their manager said on any other day wouldn't have gone near the goal! The first goal they had a player cross the ball from the corner of the box...the ball was going to no one but the wind floated it to the top corner...i was gutted to concede my first goal...i didn't even move for it thats how much it curled! The second goal they broke through and it was 1vs1...their player slid the ball to my right and just out of my reach!...2-0 The Third goal was a free kick...the ball flew into the area into the wind...i should have kept my eye on the ball but i was being shoved from my left! the ball actually went past the goal accross the area and was still in play but curled and flew back at goal aided by the strong wind...i was caught off guard and only got a hand to it...but it was inevitable it was going in...i was kicking myself for not getting to it and felt that if i'd have just kept my eye on the ball at all times i'd have seen it happening...but thinking the danger had passed for a few seconds i was trying to see where the next threat would be and didnt see the wind catch the ball... :( and finally the last goal was another 1vs1 and to be fair to the attacker he completely tricked me, he ran up to me and i bolted out to dive at his feet and he passed the ball across the area rather than shooting and it was an open goal for the following attacker! 4-0 :( Our team were shocking though and we were being attacked left right and center! i made a few diving saves and was comfortable with long balls being pumped in so it wasnt an overly bad performance but i feel that if the defence were more solid and weren't running up the pitch so much i may not have been so exposed! but nevermind! Training this week i was really good and i was happy with my performance so hopefully this sunday we'll be a lot better and i can try and claim my first clean sheet!! i'll do a review of my Reusch gloves soon!...not impressed that after two games they are fraying a lot on the fingertips!!
  3. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    quick update, had training last night and it was a sensational practice!! made some epic saves and really impressed the team especially the manager! So hopefully i'll get the text tonite to say i've been picked for sundays game ahead of the reserve keeper!! i'll be nervous but if i played well last night why cant i do it on sunday?? :D Well chuffed with my performance!! mega confidence boost!!
  4. Last Pre Season Friendly

    I feel your pain!! We train in tiny 5 a side goals...or Hockey goals on an astroturf at the moment!! so this weekend when we played in 11 a side goals it was like.....wow..im tiny... I think its just getting used to playing in full size goals that is the only answer! Until you get the opportunity to train in full sized goals..they cant expect you to be performing to your best! Im guessing the strikers are doing better as they can score in smaller goals and big goals are a field day??
  5. Goalkeeper work outs

    Of course it will!! Fitness isn't just about how in shape your body is and how long you can run for but the fitter you are the longer you can concentrate!! If your quite unfit do you feel that towards the end of the game you start to go into your own world and concentration dips?...increasing fitness by running and general exercise will help this a lot!!
  6. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Well an update after my first 11 a side training match this weekend!! Turned up to the home ground with what can only be described as a bundle of nerves,excitement and cheerios!..om nom nom..pre game chow! Its only spitting when we get there and the wind isn't to strong so im thinking this could be a good game!!..The pitch isn't that huge so im confident that my kicking will look a bit better than it is haha! Also my new Reusch gloves turned up which are bright orange! gave them a good pre wash and they feel great!...although im given a bright yellow goalie top and look a bit like a marshmellow/air traffic controller! The other keeper is our new reserve keeper, hes a big lad and very down on fitness but used to be in goal for deeping rangers who are a pretty good team in the area!...so no pressure! Im told that as we are down a couple of players, the manager is putting a strongest 11 against the rest...and im in goal for the rest to see how i do..nice! So my back 4 is actually a back 3..which includes a midfielder who loves to go forward!! so i would say more of a back 2!! So anyways the game kicks off after a short warm up and the heavens....OPEN...and when i say open i mean as in Monsoon season open... My nice box which wasnt too soft has turned into a full swimming pool with 2" of sitting water...and the rain is so thick i can only see silhouettes running about on the halfway line!!...so i cant even tell how the other keeper is getting on! The other training team start pumping up long balls..and if you can imagine an orange blob appearing mid air out of no where and not even bouncing..just landing outside the area every 2 mins...you'll get an idea of the conditions!! My gloves having to be "Squeezed" to get rid of half a bucket of water ever couple of mins and im sure i weigh an extra 20 pounds from water soaked up! Im not very busy for the first half with a lot of shots going up and wide...but to make sure im ready i dive anyways to prepare my body....and to keep warm! haha But just 2 mins before the break it happens!!.. a corner is conceded and is swung into the box and is cleared right to our star striker! He smashes the ball hard and low and im about to get to it when it take a nasty deflection and flys off back to the right! 1-0 to them!...im a bit annoyed but take it on the chin anyways...how could i help that? The next half is more of the same...i cant tell if there keeper is doing well or not...although im told after the game he had one easy save to make and let a simple shot fly into the net so we're 1-1 With no let up in the rain and the other half being more of a marsh than pitch...we're thinking it may be time to call off the game!..the players could barely run due to quickmud conditions but we kept trooping on! Exhaustion sets in too my defensive 2 after a stunning performance it has to be said...and after the midfielder helping out gets stranded up the pitch its now a 4 on 2 attack and they are easily by passed....the star striker again bombs through and i manage to get my hand to a low shot and keep hold of it...Mega confidence boost!! but when the ball is cleared my team have just had it...and they are straight back on the attack again... A shot from my left is parrayed to the right which is latched onto by Lee and he sticks it in the net ...2-1... Kick off...and the ball is given away straight away....i do two 1v1 saves but the 3rd follow up is in the back of the net...3-1 Lets just say that the last 20 mins my team were no where...3 had gone off the pitch "injured" and the remaining 6 had no chance!! it was a free for all and it ended up 7-1.... :( I played my heart out but to no avail...the manager did say that because of the conditions and the lack of support from my team even the best of keepers would have no chance so to not take it to heart... but just thinking that the reserve keeper looks so much better for doing less!!!.... After the game all the lads are really supportive which is a good sign of the team...rather than the usual..keeper gets the blame!! and the gaffer says that he's picking me for the first league game this sunday as i played well...even though i didn't feel i did...and that the conditions will be so much better and everything will be different with 11 men in front of me!! At the time i was quite low and felt i'd played bad for letting in 7 but writing this makes you realise...i didn't stand a hope in hell even if i was playing my best!!! Pros from the performance - Distribution is sooo much better!!..my goal kicks were really good and my 1v1s couldn't have been better! Cons...Fitness... Working in that rain with those muddy conditions really tired me out and by the end of the game i was shattered!!...extreme as they were i felt i could be fitter! Confidence...letting my head drop! after 3-4 goals i was ok..but when further ones went in i was quite low!! Long update...but im bored at work haha Heres a pic of my new bright orange reusch gloves!! Cant review them yet after one use...but even in the monsoon conditions i was able to keep hold of everything i could get my hands on!
  7. Leaving

    good luck chap!! hope it all goes well for you!
  8. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Yeah i guess your right! Loads of times people have said...Oh why didn't you do this or that...but its just a simple comeback of...if you'd have done your defensive job in the first place it wouldn't have even happened haha! Anyways small update!! Got training tonite but i've been informed we have a training match on sunday at our home ground! so everyone is fully up for it to try and impress the gaffer!! so better be on my toes for this one!! Doesnt help with being on the lash the night before!! but 1pm kick off...not so bad :D well up for it!!
  9. Left for dead!

    So this is something i just thought of really when updating my training/match thread! When training we were doing defence vs attack drills and towards the end the defence were shattered and just left me to clean up EVERYTHING This was all down to fatigue so im just worried about when we start our season how they will fair towards the end of the game! Has anyone else had this issue of just being left for dead by the defence and is there anything they were able to do about it? or is it a case of just....do your best...salvage what you can ... Cheers
  10. how tall are you guys?

    6ft 3"....benefits....looking down ladies tops... Disadvantages....low screamers!!
  11. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Alright lads and ladettes!!! Been well busy at work so haven't had a chance to update this!...plus as a blackburn fan anything football related Pi**es me right off!! damn venkys! Anyways! Last weds found out our official date for the first friendly is at home to Tate on Sep 11th! so big day not only for me but the team too!! In the last training session i was put up against a constant attack as we did defence vs attack drills and also corner kicks! I played pretty well and the manager was very happy with my performance as i only had 4 go by me all night!! 2 were just stupid unlucky!! we were doing corner drills and i punched a ball clear but it hit a jumping defender on the back of his head some how and flew back in! ...its funny now that i look back! and the second one was an own goal when the same defender stuck his foot out to block a shot after i screamed "mine" and it deflected over to the other side of the net! ...Idiot!! As you can guess...he will be on the bench for that game! The other two goals were one on ones at the end of the night when the defence were knackered and i'd been left for dead..... makes me worry about how we'll be in a game situation towards the final minutes...will i be left for dead again?? My kicking has vastly improved!! just need to work on the dropkicks and i'll be happy! Training again tomorow! i think i'll need to speak to the gaffer about the defence situation! Anyone else had experience with being left for dead by the defence?
  12. My return to the 11 a side game.

    sounds like to me you had a better game than your making out!! considering you didn't have a warm up at all and were just chucked in last minute on your first game i'd have been nervous as hell!! Take all the positives from the game and work on the areas you think you need to improve on! once you get back into playing regular you'll find form and im sure you'll impress!! Good write up chap and good luck!
  13. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    I'm well chuffed!!!! Not chugged! I'm not drunk! Haha damn iPhone!
  14. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Well chugged!! Woke up this morning And my finger is not swollen and feels perfect :-) hasn't felt this good in a long while! So really looking forward to training on weds! Cheers for the comments again guys! I've read all the other goalies threads! And I hope this is inspiring as they are! Really helps confidence as before you just think..."crap! It's just me that's nervous as hell!"
  15. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Cheers Guys! I'll try and keep a detailed review on everything for this so i can then look back and think...damn i've come far! haha Big news today is that ive been named as number one keeper for the team!! so i must have done alright indeed! and also i've been asked to play for the works 11 a side team too!! so busy busy busy for me!! So my hope of easing back in to the game have gone out the window! i just hope that i can stay injury free and get on with it! Its sink or swim time methinks!! My finger is a little swollen after a knock on weds when i saved a 1vs1 and collided with the player but im sure it'll be ok! its just getting my finger used to being knocked and used after months in a splint! S1rus - Ha we do sound very similar indeed! how have you tried to improve your distribution? practice practice practice im guessing? Shuyin - I'll be keeping regular updates on this! i think i've got a lot of room for improvement! as my dad always said...confident..but not cocky! Shefellover93 - Cheers mate! i hope it does! i think its just confidence building and pre match nerves to sort out! Got a friendly vs a new team called Tate coming up...game from sunday has been moved so not playing this weekend! nice relaxing break...but i'll see if i can get onto the east of england showground...(live next to it) with a ball and start blasting it! Cheers for the comments guys! i'll try and keep it interesting!