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  1. really annoyed with yesterday, had a game in the morning were i made some superb stops and we won 5-4 but with 5 mins remaining i thought i dislocated a finger but didnt get a lot of pain so carried on playing, after the game it really swelled up so went to a & e who after 3hrs told me id broke it below the knuckle in 3 placesand would have to be admitted overnight for an operation today to put a screw in, wake up this morning for the doc to come round and tell me i now dont need the op and just needed it to be buddy strapped and discharged but im now out again for 6-8 weeks, oh well may aswell play on pitch whilst i wait for it to heal
  2. Shin Pads rubbing

    i hate it aswell so i bought these http://www.sportsdirect.com/puma-v3.11-slip-in-shin-guards-816008
  3. finally played a competetive game sunday night when our new 5 a side team started and didnt start to well, we played last season champions and started really well but couldnt make possesion count and were then hit on the break with some fortune for them their player got 1 on 1 and i managed to tip the ball on to the post, unfortunatlyy the ball was fast so it hit the post then hit my back and went in, 2 min later it was 2-0 as my defender deflected in another own goal, quickly followed by another 1 on 1 and 3-0 on the stroke of half time we pulled 1 back to go in 3-1 down at half time, start of 2nd half and straight away 1 on 1 again saved the ball but straight into path of another attacker but got another hand to the ball and pushed it over the bar, then i got beat again from a stunner of a shot in off the post before we staged a fight back and scored twice ourselfs, they added 2 more before the end so final score was 7 -3 to them but i was happy with my performance and made some good saves. roll on next weeks game, my 11 a side atarts on the 8th
  4. Corner kick and cross judgement help!

    i feel coming for crosses is based on instint, ive always been told that when the ball gets crossed in you should know where its going a second after leaving the boot and shout keepers or away based on wheter you feel you can get to the ball, if your going to come for it dont hesitate because thats where mistake will be made, you have to commit 100% to getting to the ball and then catch or punch depending on how well you think you can deal with the ball and the obstacles in the way.
  5. when i started i was number 2 but midway through my 2nd season the number 1 injured himself (broke his hand) and i stepped up and showed what i could do and was number 1 from then on, the other keeper came back but couldnt hack sitting on the bench so left bout 3 months after coming back from injury
  6. psv v ajax

    was watching the ajax v psv game at the weekend and felt ill when i saw this happen, hope he aint out for too long http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGz0uv4goG8
  7. Goal Kicks

    some good info there andy, will practice that technique in training
  8. Sondico gloves

    the 1s i got were rollfinger and i would recommend them as i think the gloves have vastly improved
  9. Sondico gloves

    are they yellow and white? i bought a pair of these and posted about them somewhere i bought them a month ago and theyve been superb and the grip is fantastic, ive used em bout 12 times now and theres hardly any wear, i went back last week and bought the last 2 pairs in my size for when i do have to retire em
  10. big names company relies on the name of the brand i.e addidas, nike so will produce gloves they know people will buy for a lot of money without putting in the work to make sure the glove is as good as it should be, littler companies like bramic and dh-one have to rely on their product and prices as if you never heard of em you aint gonna pay £50 so their gloves will be a lot better so they can get the customers to come back and good word of mouth to drum up more business, personally i prefer the lesser known brand gloves as i feel you get more quality for a better price
  11. goalkeeper finger tape

    it is reusable a couple of times but you have to take it off carefully or it just goes funny, i tend to roll it back up as im taking it off
  12. goalkeeper finger tape

    what tape you using, ive been using the pst tape and never had a problem with it restricting circulation
  13. pre match rituals

    this might already be a post but i havent seen it. doeas any1 have a pre match ritual, mine is i have to put shorts on 1st socks and shinpads 2nd followed by sock tape then finger tape then gk shirt followed by gloves, then warm up, then unstrap gloves and strap em again, bit wierd i know, and i always wear a vest underneath my top
  14. Goalkeeper finger and wrist tape

    i never used to use it but after dislocating some fingers a couple of years back i started using it and ( touch wood) havent dislocated them since
  15. goalkeeper finger tape

    yes mate, i use it on my fingers but you can use it on your wrists, sports direct sell it for 2.99 in store or 2 online