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  1. wrote a blog about top 5 goalkeepers.. I know some will disagree, so please comment if you think I am wrong. Top 5 Premier League And if anyone wants to write another top 5 for a different league, please do so and I will post it to the blog for you and give you credit!
  2. I don't consider him in the top 5 in Europe, just in the Premier league. In the world you have GK's Like Neuer, Casillas, Buffon, Hart... etc. Howard's not in it, but as far as Premier league I think he is top 5. He has the record for most career clean sheets with Everton, his first year at ManU won best goalkeeper award, only American to ever do that. I don't know how you can't put him top 5 in Premier league.
  3. New to the Boards

    That's the thing, the goalkeeper position is some what respected here, mostly because I use my hands and have to willingly jump on a hard ground... But soccer/football itself is not
  4. My Glove history

    Well each of the those gloves I have numerous pairs... so yes I had a ton of gloves.
  5. Professional's Using Better Palms.

    I have talked to a few pros here in the states... all wore Nike, all wore the same as retail. Then again the pro level Nikes last a hell of a while, had the new glove grip for 4 games. They just said gloves usually last 4-5 games, and whether they are still usable or not the company gets them new ones. They don't want the gloves to look bad when fans see them!
  6. My Glove history

    Have loved every Gunn Cutt I have ever had, I loved the rolled fingers... Definitely try and use them if you ever get a chance!
  7. I thought everyone was crazy leaving Howard out of the top 5, at least you got it! Love both your top 5 lists!!! Although, Chech has been playing worse and worse, could be out of the top 5 soon! Joe hart is amazing though
  8. Shaky De Gea?

    I seem to recall the same story for another ManU goalkeeper who moved from where he was born, was pretty young, and took the reins and played pretty well from the get go... but then fell out of graces and left the team. Now he is shinning for his new club and hasn't looked back... anyone care to take a guess? Maybe ManU wishes they hadn't given up on him?
  9. New to the Boards

    Thanks!! It's god to find a forum like this were I can actually talk Footy... it's tough living in the states around no one that appreciates it
  10. My Glove history

    I have been playing for 15 years or so and I have gone through so many gloves and brands... Thought I would chime in with what I wore and how each glove was for me. Feel fre to chime in with your own history, favorite gloves, and mini reviews of each brand. First pair ever was a low level Nike Kraken glove several years back, they were the mid level ones and were green. Good for the level I played at, but of course didn't last long. So after thos I went with the pro level Kraken gloves Loved them, but they didn't last long either... one season :( Next pair I went to a different brand: Reusch. The older version of the glove listed Still having durability issues, and they were huge on my hands, didn't like them at all. So I went back to Nike with the original Nike Vapor Grip3 gray pair Loved these gloves and they lasted 2 seasons! Only real negative was how Nike started packing gloves and still do to this day! Stitch the plastic into the palm! Who thought of this?!! Then my senior year of high school I got one of my favorite gloves... Nike Gun Cut originals! Once I got to college, I was given my gloves and the first year we had Addidas fingersave gloves.... TERRIBLE!!! Deteriorated very quickly and I just didn't like them at all!! The next year I decided to try something a little new thanks to a great buy one get one free from England. I purchased some Puma V-Konstruckt gloves. Not bad, didn't last very long, and I couldn't get used to them... Next it was back to Vapor Grip 3's But they were different, the wrist tore on both of my pairs... :( Then I got my favorite gloves, that to this day are still my favorite! The Nike Gunn Cuts again!!! :) Best glove yet, grip was amazing, and they lasted the longest I had any glove last. Plus they weren't readily available in the US, as we had to order from overseas... No one in our league had them! Last year, we went back to the Vapor Grip 3 and I still wear them to this day. Love them, have lasted a long time, and great grip!!! So what do your glove stories look like?
  11. New to the Boards

    Hello my name is Russell Of course I play goalkeeper and coach as well. Just finished my college soccer career and now I am coaching high school soccer. I absolutely love being a goalkeeper and everything that I get to do as a result. Also recently I have started up a goalkeeping blog that went live today and I need the help of fellow goalkeepers to make it successful. I want any suggestions, comments, anything. Feel free to subscribe to the blog and comment. I want to start discussions and get everyones opinions. Also if you would like to post an article I would love to post other people's opinions in their writing. Insane and Alone This is not spam, just trying to spread something that I want to grow and become successful. I can't wait to be able to discuss these things here and be apart of this community! :)