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  1. Pepe Reina: to leave or stay

    Haha no worries, he won't do a "Almunia". He's one of the best keepers in the world, and the committment he has shown 'Pool is now visible to the bear as he's wearing the captain's armband as StevieG and Carra are injured. It would be one of the most stupid decisions Liverpool has made in recent years if they decide to sell Reina, as he's still got many years in him. Unarguably the best distributor of the ball in the world.
  2. Joe Hart put in quite a performance today against Liverpool..
  3. Umbro England Goalkeeper Glove

    I love the tight fit they've got!
  4. No. I don't want to see him in the England squad. It's not even a matter of mine but still it would hurt my sensitive eye as it would be so disgracefully shocking to see him in the squad again! (Drama queen, anyone? ;) )
  5. Dropkicks

    I'm using (read: trying to use) the side-way volley, because if you're able to hit it with the right technique its trajectory won't be too high and the length can be adjusted also, so it's a kinda more complete technique. Which I don't master...
  6. Aah, totally forgot about those extra £25! My mistake! ;)
  7. I am very sorry to prove you wrong, my friend. You've gone over your budget! Your shoppings add up to £167.88 :) ps. I don't wanna be an asshole by any means, just had to check how the hell all those expensive things could have been under £150 ;)
  8. BOOTS SG: Umbro Pro Neon SG £14.99 FG/HG/Astro: Puma v5.10 ll i FG Boots £14.99 GLOVES Match Gloves: Precision Goalkeeping Supersoft Roll Finger £19.95 Training Gloves: Precision Goalkeeping Vortex Roll Finger £10.99 SHIN PADS adidas +F50 Lite Shin Pad £3.99 TRAINING SUIT Joma Football Tracksuit Danubio £20.00 MATCH SUIT Shorts: adidas Football Kit Toque Team Short £5.99 Shirt: Sells Wrap Jersey £14.95 SOCKS Training: Puma V5.08 GK Sock Green £0.99 Match: Puma V5.08 GK Sock White £0.99 All together around £107!
  9. Favourite big & favourite small brand?

    The price thing is true! Absolutely hate the PDS exclusivity! Yet there are still some smaller companies that sell Sells a bit cheaper than PDS. (If I remember correctly.) Also agree to the love quality, hate durability part.
  10. Sondico Comeback?

    It's not that weird to be able to use a pair of gloves on astro 19 times to be honest. I train every time on astro, and it doesn't see, to rip your gloves any worse than normal grass..
  11. Ne gloves on their way!

    That's exactly the same thought that hit me! 80£ is a hell of a lot of money for a pair of GK gloves. But they're Nike, I'm sure they're worth every penny. ;)
  12. high/extension dives.

    I don't think about how I land, I just go with it..! :D (maybe that's ewhy I have to wear padded undershorts.. ;) ) Seriously speaking, try to make it as natural as possible. The landing is going to be different every time, because the shot and your jump are both going to be different every time. As long as you don't land straight on your head you'll be fine. :)
  13. Corner starting position

    A very interesting topic! It will be nice to hear opinions from all of you. I start maybe 3-4 metres out if a right footed taker is kicking it from my left, and maybe a yard or so closer to the goal if the taker is left footed.
  14. Ne gloves on their way!

    Seems like I forgot the link to the umbro one's! :D Here it is: http://www.just-keepers.com/20029UH88.html