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  1. 2x Sells Wrap Axis 360 Size 9

    Still plenty of life in them. The standard ones have more life than the supersoft ones I think. Already had a bit of interest on eBay for them.
  2. Any pictures? Are they brand new? Quite interested in them at the right price.
  3. I have two pairs of Sells Wrap Axis 360 gloves (One pair are the Supersoft versions). They are both in a size 9 and are currently up on eBay. Supersoft - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260908810417?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_2101wt_968 Standard - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260908814282?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_2113wt_968 If you are interested then please let me know and I will sell them outside of eBay.
  4. Umbro 'England' Goalkeeper Gloves Cut: Negative, Contoured Palm With Air Venting System Fit: I usually go for a size 9. Recently got a pair of Alert Negs and thought I would try a similar style. These however seem to fit a bit tighter, and if possible I would go for a half a size larger. Features: I've never experienced the type of wrist strapping as on these. I previously had sells and they have a standard wrap wrist. These have a small velcro fastening as well as a large velcro fastening over the wrist. This is what Umbro say: High quality latex palm for highest performance grip properties Neoprene backhand for lighter more flexible glove allowing embossing and increased articulation Mesh gussets for breathability Tumb dart construction for improved articulation Semi roll finger construction with negative stitching for a tighter fit and improved hand to ball contact Backhand embossed on articulation points of thumb/ wrist & fingers Extended Palm Embossed articulation lines with comfort vent perforations Elasticated wristband for support and improved fit Availabitlity: http://www.sportsdirect.com/umbro-england-goalkeeper-gloves-831020 Very limited, keep checking back as sometimes they update their stock. Price: I'm always looking to have a better feel on the ball, and had spotted these a while back, but at £50 they were just too expensive for me. Luckily I keep my eye on Sports Direct a few times a week, and noticed that they are being sold fr £20! A steal in my eyes! Summary: Only just received them, so will have a better idea after Saturday, but on first impressions I'm very happy. I think to get hold of these for £20 is a right steal, and even if I only get a few games out of them I'll be a happy man! Pros: Flexibility & Neoprene Backing Cons: Tight Fit Ratings (out of 5) Durability - We will soon see! Fit - 3 Cosmetics - 4 Value - 5 Overall - 4 The actual glove that I ordered was the one pictured above. I love simple styling and plain white, just like the Alert & React gloves I had previously. I received the yellow ones which I wasn't overly happy about, but for the price I can't complain! Delivery took 1 day! Just in time for my football game! Anyway here they are:
  5. Any problems with REACT delivery

    I find the fact that they are threatening people with legal action rather than improving their service speaks volumes. To threaten legal action to a goalkeeper enthusiast forum probably isn't the best for sales either.
  6. Any problems with REACT delivery

    Very disappointed with them to be honest. The gloves looked decent quality and as I go through about 10 pairs a season I would have bought them all off REACT due to the price. I have set up a small cricketing brand and so know the importance of customer service, I supply to pros but understand that supplying the public is where it counts. I do hope that they see this and I get a response. I thought that they would have just sent out 2 different gloves therefore giving me 2 pairs for the price of one in a small attempt to regain my faith in their tainted brand.
  7. Any problems with REACT delivery

    After becoming a member of this forum and searching on the Internet for gloves I came across REACT. The gloves looked fantastic And the price was half of what I usually paid so I went ahead and ordered a pair of negative gloves. Ordered on a Tuesday so I could use them on the Saturday. They arrived on the Friday and I was happy. That was until I opened the packet. They had sent me a left handed negative glove and a right handed roll finger glove. Ok ok mistakes happen and I was ready to forgive and forget! I emailed REACT on the Friday and after a week I still hadn't had a response. I emailed them a further 4 times and still I wasn't provided with a response. I eventually found them on twitter and after tweeting them twice they eventually responded. Only for them to say that the twitter account wasn't for customer service add that I would have to email them again. Eventually I had a response via email saying that I would have to send the gloves back for a refund and at they didn't have any other gloves in stock. They also said that they were not at fault and that it was a problem from the factory. I literally can't believe the lack of customer service from this company. Surely a small company has nothing but it's reputation and quality of goods to rely on against the bigger firms. I can honestly say that I will never use this company again.
  8. TheGhost's Season 2011 / 12

    I can't really complain about the goals that I have let in really to be honest so I'm not worried! Another game at the weekend gives me another chance for a clean sheet! We should hopefully win, but we are playing against a top 5 team on their pitch. I'm pretty sure we will win 90% of our home games! Will update you all on Monday (if anyone bar Wilm is reading!)
  9. Indoor Training

    Right, We have started indoor training now due to the light, and we are currently training in a medium sized sports hall, which is very hard ground. What ideas can anyone come up with for training with goalkeepers indoor? Thanks...
  10. TheGhost's Season 2011 / 12

    3-1 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1 Another home game, and another win! Missed out last weeks result, so thought I would update you. This weeks game was cancelled due to the horrendous weather. We again won 3-1 for the second time in as many matches. Still searching for the clean sheet, but I can't complain as we notched up our fifth straight league win. We started well but at half time the game was still a stalemate, we wasted a couple of decent opportunities and they defended well. We eventually took the lead straight after half-time. A free kick was struck under the wall as we jumped and the opposition keeper made a howler letting the ball squirm under his body. Soon after though the game was level when our winger attempted to tackle the opposition from behind and in the box. PENALTY! I went the right way but it was a decent penalty and found the corner. We pressed well for the remainder of the game, and in reality it could of been 5+ as we eventually ran out 3-1 winners. On a personal note I was disappointed about conceding again, and my kicking was really bad. I felt very jaded after a long pre-match warm-up and hadn't had anything to eat for breakfast or lunch! A mistake I won't be making again! Current statistics are: P5 W5 D0 L0 F18 A6 GD12 P15 Only one other team has conceded less (5) although they have only played 4 games. Another tough challenge this Saturday as we play only our second away game of the season. It could be a struggle as they are a fighting side and play on a boggy pitch which really doesn't suit our passing game. If championships are going to be won you have to play well away, I think this is where we may come unstuck.
  11. TheGhost's Season 2011 / 12

    Thanks mate. I'm still searching for my first clean sheet! To be fair I've let in 4 goals in 3 games and I don't think I could have done anything about any of them, so I guess that's just the way it goes! Got a feeling it might come this weekend! ;)
  12. TheGhost's Season 2011 / 12

    3-1 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1 The next instalment sees us keep our 100% start. Played 4 won 4. Although we had to come from behind again to win (3 out of 4 games we have had to do this!) We played against a previously unbeaten side who are notorious for bending the rules and well being a little rough! The first half an hour was a bit of a stalemate, both teams finding it hard to retain possession in fairly bad conditions. The first real chance of the game went to the visitors as their winger found some space on the left hand side and attempted to square it to their unmarked striker in the centre. Thankfully I was able to meet the ball at the point of contact and smother the ball out for a corner. Soon after their striker broke free from the right-hand side and struck a shot towards the far post but close enough for me to tip the ball wide. On the stroke of half-time we attempted to play their striker off-side only for him to beat the trap and find himself one on one. I managed to save the effort as he shot relatively close to my body, unfortunately our defence had failed to wake up and their midfielder followed the ball up and shot into an empty net. 1-0. Half-time came and went and we looked a lot better after the break. About 5 minutes in we managed to score directly from a corner after they had failed to clear their lines. 1-1 GAME ON! A long range effort made it 2-1 and when we brought our fresh substitutes on we made it 3-1 with a tap in inside the 6 yard box. In the second half I collected a few high balls under the pressure of their forwards and made another one on one save from an acute angle after our left back had given the ball away. I was pleased with my performance, becoming a lot more assertive with my back 4, and organising them a lot better. I used to be fairly quiet with this as I had not had much experience doing it. My kicking however wasn't great, the wind wasn't helping but I could hardly use that as an excuse. When I take my time and concentrate on kicking through the ball I kick well, but when I rush I mess up. Will be looking to improve this aspect of my game as time goes on, hopefully spending a lot of time in training (when it starts). Next game is on Saturday and we are playing the only other unbeaten team in the league. They have played two and drawn two, but have played two of the top 4 teams in the league so far. It will be a stiff challenge but we are hopefully of making it 5 out of 5 as we have the home advantage. I believe we wil go unbeaten at home this year! (You heard it here first!)
  13. How did you get into goalkeeping

    I used to play as a CF until I was about 17. I used to hold my own, and played all the age groups at Lancaster City FC. When I left to go to University in Leeds I became lazy and had already fallen out of love with the game a couple of seasons before. I played in net for a couple of games for my halls of residence and loved it ever since! I still sometimes get a bit frustrated when I see our outfield players messing up and think that I could be converting those chances but wouldn't give goalkeeping up for the world!
  14. TheGhost's Season 2011 / 12

    Played on Saturday and we managed to win 3-2 despite being 2-0 down. It was against a team that were promoted last year and so we had never played them before. When we arrived we were shocking to find out how small the pitch was! Calling it a stamp was an understatement! I knew that it would be hard to keep a clean sheet as realistically you could have shot from anywhere! I started to warm up having a few shots and instantly realised that my gloves were unsuitable in the wet weather. Even though they are not that old it felt as though I was trying to catch a bar of soap! Think I will be investing in a pair of Aqua gloves, seems a wise choice as I will be playing my football in the UK! 5 minutes into the warm up and disaster struck! The new cheap balls we had for training were swerving everywhere and when I went to collect a strongly hit shot it dipped at the last minute and struck me directly on the end of my fingers! After 5 minutes of profanity the whistle went! The heavy rain fall which started to fall did anything but help, as the pitch soon became heavy underfoot and my choice of wearing my moulded studs seemed a poor one! A long throw came into the box and was cleared only for an opposition player to be completely unmarked on the edge of the box. His chest and volley found the bottom corner through a crowd of players leaving me with no chance, unfortunately I was left watching as the ball nestled in the back of the net. 1-0. The second goal again left me with no chance. The ball was cleared by an opposition defender and our back four attempted to play their striker offside only for him to latch on the through ball and slot the ball home. Two nil down after 20 minutes and things were looking bad! Fortunately we started to take control of the game, playing our usual attractive passing game and with only 2 minutes before half-time we managed to pull one back as they struggled to clear the ball from a corner. The first 15 minutes of the second half was non-stop pressure on our behalf. We completely took control of the game as firstly our winger lobbed their keeper with a cross come shot, and then secondly we went ahead after our striker was allowed a free header from a corner. I was employed as a sweeper keeper for the majority of the second half as they continued to look to lump the ball up at any opportunity. One save of note was when they had 3 on 2 from a wide position, their winger crossing in and I managed to touch the ball off the forehead of their oncoming striker who would have easily scored. We managed to soak up everything they threw at us in the last 10 minutes as they threw men forward looking for an equaliser. They had another golden chance as a cross came in and the unmarked striker had a header, luckily he struck it straight at me as the final whistle sounded. 3-2 in the end to with our 4-1 and 5-1 victories so far. Encouraging signs for the rest of the reason as a team, as I believe we have an excellent chance of winning the league. On a personal note I had a quiet game when it came to saves, having no chance with the 2 goals and only making 2 saves of note. I was pleased with my footwork which was crucial on a poor pitch and being employed as a sweeper keeper. Next game is against a very strong team on Wednesday who have also made a great start to the season. Hopefully we can continue our 100% start to the campaign, stay tuned for the next update! Any questions or comments will be gratefully received!
  15. Introduction

    You say your glove of choice is HRS. Is this not a rubber manufacturer in India? Welcome to the forum by the way!!!