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  1. EPL 1. Shay Given 2. Joe Hart 3. Pepe Reina 4. Brad Friedel 5. Tim Howard/Ben Foster De gea is one to watch after his recent performances, most saves in the EPL so far and some of them have been incredible; he's stepping up his game in my opinion.
  2. Corner kick and cross judgement help!

    Only you know whether you can make it to an incoming ball from a corner/cross, if you believe you can make it to a ball then go for it and don't hesitate because then you will make errors. Since you're so short don't focus on having to catch every incoming ball, instead focus on punching the ball away from danger because at least you can't make any errors such as dropping the ball which an opponent may follow up and score from it. The main point though is to have faith in every ball you attempt to catch/punch and put 110% into making sure you accompliish that. Furthermore, you could practice this area by having a coach, friend or team mate knock balls into different areas of the box for you to come and collect. Do this from all sorts of angles (corners, 30 yrds out etc.)
  3. Just arrived at my university Myerscough College/UCLAN, and the facilities here are absolutely amazing! I'll post some pictures of the pitches etc asap!
  4. Finally Arrived!

    I bought mine off TrebleGK for £16, i've used them in both dry and wet; grip is fantastic in dry and wet. They've only just started wearing slightly on the wrist and a little on the fingers so I think they're fantastic. I would post the URL but they are out of them at the moment I think, anyways I gave the price! p.s. not the signatures
  5. any ideas howto play outfield

    Don't try anything fancy, just pass and move into space and if you're playing in a fullback position, use your wings and do 1 2s with your wingers to help your team offensively.
  6. Can Arsenal turn it around?

    I said fantastic at getting forward! I haven't seen him enough to say whether he's got the full package but hes particularly good at getting forward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m5TbBk12u0 Does little 1 2's with his CM occasionally which suits Arteta and Wilshere. Just offers more threat offensively for Arsenal down that left side with Gervinho as well they could create something good between the two of them. But as you say, we shall not know if he's capable in the EPL until he's playing!
  7. Finally Arrived!

    The heavens sang when i removed them out of the packet haha, yeah can't wait to try them, they feel really good.
  8. Fantasy Premier League

    Most of your points came from rooney! I take it Giroday isn't playing since I am almost ahead of him after 1 gameweek? :lol:
  9. Hi all

    Welcome mate, another English keeper great to see; enjoy your stay!
  10. Can Arsenal turn it around?

    If not better, Santos is absolutely fantastic at getting forward he's a better kind of leighton baines; fast dribbling, tricky and very skilful. Personally, vermalaen for me isn't the right player to be paired with mertesacker, i think his positioning isn't great and that could be costly if any balls come over mertesacker because they won't be picked up which could be costly in some situations. I think they should be giving koscielny a chance, hes quick, can provide that sweeper cover and he has proven himself in some important ties last season; at home to barcelona i can remember him being specifically good. I'm a United fan, but in the past couple of years i've loved watching Arsenal at their best, when on form they play amazing football. After that thrashing last week I thought Wenger was an idiot for what he was doing but after the transfer deadline he's opened his eyes and brought in some players to fill the likes of Fabregas and Nasri AND MORE- the defence is a lot stronger now! They'll definately be in the top 5 without a doubt..
  11. Confused...

    Yeah I think what he is saying is right; if the ball is too low and you put your hands out to try and catch it as soon as it reaches your hands you may not grapple it right resulting in dropping the ball or possibly hurting your fingers because the angle the ball is coming at you is wrong for the 'W' catch or something similar. If its coming to your chest, its got a bigger area to hit and then wrapping your arms and hands around the ball is making it a much safer option for you.
  12. I'm another who is both right footed/handed and my better side being the left
  13. Finally Arrived!

    My bramics and puma powercats arrived today, will give my personal views and ratings of them below as soon as they're dry and i've managed to test them out!
  14. sondico

    They're producing some good looking gloves, really impressed actually.
  15. I remember my first game of the season (we had just moved up from the smaller nets into the full size 11-a-side pitches), I seen the two players at the centre spot looking at me and I knew EXACTLY what was coming. Whistle blew, of course they hoofed it towards my box and I completely misjudged it; bounced over me and they did it after every time we conceded a goal (bad team). Word got around to other teams, had players trying it all season long; was a terrible season for that but also one of my best, performance wise.