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  1. Keeping fit over the winter

    Cheers I generally play football at school for all of lunch and break come home do my homework (during the summer I'll do the same thing but play football after school but because there's no floodlit Astros around me where you can just go and play I normally am limited to my plaing time no more matches no more training ugh torture) I'm to young to go to my local gym next year I'll be Able to I was thinking of trying to go swimming (I'm quite wary over my match fitness because last year I was limited to the Amount of sport I did because I strained my achillis tendon) cheers your avice has been very helpful P.S. building on what you were saying about lounging around I find that difficult todo because I get bored quickly of being stuck indoors
  2. Hi just wandering dose anyone have any tips over keeping fit over the winter as I'm still at school no more trains for my club until after new year and still at school that its to dark to do anything after school any helps appreciated
  3. Supporting a club outside your country

    No offence but why dose religion have to be a issue in football I know why celtic traditionally catholic and rangers Protestant but in modern day football honestley what dose religion have to do with it I mean look at the old firm how many parents will take their kids to that and it's even things like getting the tube to the match and I'm appalled by what i hear coming out e mouth of rangers fans ( there was a little boy and his grandma getting the tube surrounded by these fans who have a serious case of verble diahea ( sorry for spelling)
  4. Supporting a club outside your country

    Simple glory hunters speaking of Wayne Rooney some man u fans were like f*** off rooney we don't need you scum when there's was all that gaff aout his intractable and now there like " oh Rooney you legend come on" it amazes me how quickly a person can change their opinion about someone just because they think they might leave Quick question Do you ever consider players traitors ie tevez going for man u to man city? I personally don't because if the clubs let the go then that's fine and at the end of the day it's a career and like in all career's you want to get the most out of it nd if that means moving to rivals moving down leagues to get more playing time and potentially more silver were and while ya some fans might get angry that a players left but that's life do you see arsenal fans hating Thierry Henry because he went to Barcelona no because they appreciate what he did for them saying that though I'm not pointing the finger at man u because they don't hate beckham for leaving no point is some players are victimised while some player make problems for themselfs
  5. Supporting a club outside your country

    Going to have to agree with you on that even though I support Chelsea (and yes I've been to games live near Stanford bridge) but saying that I support rangers because I'm Scottish and do my best to go to games in the summer when I can follow them and I'm only 1 hour away from ibrox whenever I o up to Scotland here's something you should ask them ask them who would they play in their starting 11 and subs and why lol I once asked a man u fan (this season) and he said I'd have VDS in goal he didn't even relisea that VDS had retired lol

    Haribos are great
  7. If you feel that serious about it then I think maybe you should invest in a pair of Nike field player gloves the reason I say the Nike ones are is there skin tight good at keeping your hands warm so overall maybe you should look into them you can buy them at places like sports direct Or If your needing a new pair of gloves maybe look at the precision goalkeeping range because I've noticed that some of them have thermal fleecing on the inside to keep your hand warm

    I personally like the addidas predators because their light protective comfortable and I quite like the predator technology in them
  9. New Year's challenge ideas

    What aout a goal tally at the end of the season you count all the goals you've conceded and aim to let in less for next season just an idea
  10. New Year's challenge ideas

    What aout a goal tally at the end of the season you count all the goals you've conceded and aim to let in less for next season just an idea
  11. Scrum Caps ... please back me up ! ....

    To be honest i itching your correct in saying he should wear a scrum cap for a number of reasons - it will give him a false sense of protection and means when he dosnt have it on hell proberly be afraid/ hesitant when going for a 1v1 or something similar - it might mean that he might not be as strong as other keepers purely because he hasn't let his bones develop to the ground ( like he hasn't been ale to learn how to cope with injuries) Theres more reason to support the argument against it but at the endof the day petr cech wears his helmet because he took a seriouse knock a few years back and if you wantto wear a helmet go play hockey or something because generally in football you don't wear helmets unless you need to for medicle reasons I suppose it's like finger protection it makes you think your not going to get any injuries ( trust me you can still get finger injuries with FS I have) I generally wouldn't wearor tell anybody els to wear a scrum cap unless for medicle reason or you were playing rugby against tanks
  12. F-Line (FL-1) Review

    Yh I personally couldn't recommend them enough great grip good durability all round fantastic glove I was a little bit worried at first because I though the glove looked a bit flimsy I'd you get what I mean but I order them still and well I would personally say that they are built really well properly either as good or just aout as good as my rinat centourains which by the way are awesome but you know what maybe it's time to retire the old match gloves. Great costumer service ordered them hassle free and recur ed them the next day fantastic
  13. Pepe Reina: to leave or stay

    Wll I didn't watch much of Liverpool last season but if there's a younger keeper needing a chance to show himself and reins form isn't there right now I'd let the younger have a chance without completely dropping reina
  14. Key aspects of goalkeeping

    I don't think bnq sell lose screws oh well ill loosen them myself So basically be as mental as you can as long as the ball dosnt go in the back of the net
  15. Key aspects of goalkeeping

    yh good point very true