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  1. New Gloves arrived today -

  2. New Gloves arrived today -

  3. New Gloves arrived today -

  4. Flat palm, Roll Finger, Negative?

    Just bought a pair of negative cuts today, ill see how i get on with them at the weekend, im usually a Roll finger person
  5. Hi Guys, My Company S3Soccer are giving all youth teams the chance to win a matchday analysis package, For information go to http://youthfootballscotland.co.uk/interactive/weekly-competition Cheers Mark
  6. Bigger Brands, Smaller Prices?

    Josh im sure you old man would be getting you gloves from MP - how is Utd going?
  7. Hello Everyone

    Im based in Luncarty which is about 10 miles north of perth, for the past 2 seasons i was working with East Stirlingshire U19 and Reserves
  8. Rana Sports

    they should arrive next week so ill post some pics and let you know how they feel.
  9. Rana Sports

    Ive got myself 2 pairs of gloves i use a pair of Uhlsport Flat Palm for training and have a pair of sells roll finger for playing sixes and if i get called of the bench for the semi-pro side that i coach/play at. Ive been approached through my company to start selling Rana sports gloves to the UK market, Ive got some samples coming over so ill see what like they are. Does anyone know a cheap but good pair of Negative Cut gloves size 9(sells) / 9.5 (Uhlsport) Cheers Mark
  10. Hello Everyone

    Just been looking about the web for a goalkeepers union and looks like i have found one. I am a SFA Youth B License holder, and Level 2 GK Coach, I have managed at Semi-Pro & Professional Youth/Reserve level. I have also played at Pro Youth and Reserve in goals and outfield