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  1. Training with a machine

    And another video:
  2. Training with a machine

    More videos of drills with a machine.
  3. Training with a machine

    I think these subtitled interviews with Italian GK coaches using the ball shooting machine are relevant professional opinions. Interview with .Interview with .Interview with .
  4. Training with a machine

    I tend to agree with you. Obviously the machine is not a substitute for traditional training. However, it is a good complement to it: it can be used to the advantage of the teams that can afford it.
  5. Training with a machine

    I think that while there have been machines around for a few years, the new generation that can shoot shots on par with major league professional players came out about one year ago. The diffusion of these machines will take a while, I suspect.
  6. Training with a machine

    Your reason number 2 would not explain why major league teams use them. For instance in this video, the goalkeeper coach says the following (sequences from second 20 to 55): "In particular I’ve been utilizing it (the machine) for one year, for past year’s championship in which I had the possibility to utilize it. The machine is a noteworthy support to the specific preparation of the goalkeeper … As in this period we have evaluated that it allows to execute certain types of work that if done only with a human coach or kicking it would become less qualitative and more difficult to execute". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgN-5oli4wU
  7. Training with a machine

    I think I originally posted this in the wrong Goalkeeping Topic.
  8. Soccer Shooting Machines

    What you are saying applies to toy-like machines. However, it's not easy to catch shots from the more professional machines. You can see it for yourself in the video. The first point is that you can consistently reach shooting speeds at the limit of the reaction time of the goalkeeper. Therefore, you will be able to stretch your reaction time capability and improve it. Another point is that if you need to train for knuckleball (float type shots) which are unpredictable, you cannot consistently get them from a human player. The human player will not be able to kick them every time, whereas the machine will predictably shoot knucleball after knuckleball, each ending in a different direction. It's difficult to obtain many good shots in a short time form a human. Instead a good professional machine can do that, and as a result your goalkeeping training will get more in a shorter time. Those I believe are the reasons why major league soccer teams have started using them.
  9. Soccer Shooting Machines

    I was referring to: Jugs Eurogoal Protrainer Sports Tutor The Mule
  10. Soccer Shooting Machines

    Anybody using or having any experience with soccer shooting machines?