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    Jaffa cakes are great!
  2. My KIt

    Yeah I love adipures
  3. My KIt

    Haha shorts man! All the time
  4. My KIt

    Hey guys i just thought i would put up a few pics of my kit etc, thanks for looking :)
  5. Athleticism

    Petr cech isn't that athletic I would say and he is/was a top class keeper
  6. Igoal

    Lol that's fair enough
  7. DH-ONE New Products/Stock

    Recieved my white roll fingers today well impressed with them, one of the nicest fitting size 8 I have ever worn
  8. DH-ONE Goalkeeper Gloves for sale

    i Just recieved a pair today, look forward to giving them a go
  9. Igoal

    How long have you had it? As I think they come with a years no questions guarantee, mine stayed up fine for about 3 hours today
  10. Igoal

    Hahaha yeah 10 is a far greater number!!
  11. Igoal

    So I expect you will be buying 6 of these goals? Haha
  12. Igoal

    Hahaha almost!!
  13. Igoal

    It fits in a bag that you can put in your car boot and take anywhere, the 21 x 7 goal that I have retails at £320 but I got mine for £235 but still quite expensive
  14. Igoal

    That's ok, no probs would definately recomend these though, however they are expensive which is the only negative
  15. Igoal

    They do all sizes from kids goals to full size nets the one I have is 21'x 7' nice size for a kick about with friends etc