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  1. Any problems with REACT delivery

    Mike O'Doherty (React Goalkeeping)
  2. Any problems with REACT delivery

    I've been waiting for a pair of gloves since the 2nd of sept but in Mikes defence he is looking into it as it,it looks like there has been a problem with Royal Mail!but i do agree this has put me off using them in the future!But if the gloves are as good as people say they are then i'll probably use them again.
  3. New to this place

    just playing local footy at the minute as i had a big knee operation in april,i was playing Central Midlands and Lincolnshire League last season,its my first game of the season on sat so buzzing
  4. New to this place

    Names steve im new to the Forum and im a 29 year old keeper from Lincolnshire,looking forward to chatting to other keepers who are in love with the game.