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  1. palm cuts

    cheer lads
  2. palm cuts

    hmmm cheers i have 3mm . i think i might go up to 4 tbh
  3. palm cuts

    Whats better a 4mm palm or a 3mm palm on gloves
  4. played the team how I have trouble against playing with today . I thought I tried my best never conceded from a corner or a free kick through out the game . but the only thing that let me down again was my midfield who left the back four under pressure so then i concide 6 . I am really p***ed off with it . So if anybody has a team in birmingham who need a keeper or who want some compertion for there spot drop me a message

  5. PENALTY gloves

    does anybody know how to get a pair of penalty gloves who are worn by valdes ?
  6. training at home

    this actually looks good to be honest (y) B)

    adi nova's i find its easier to get underneath the ball and light . i have 3 pairs off boots and i find there the best pair
  8. Ben Foster - Birmingham

    what a keeper just a shame he doesnt like it at the baggies lol come home foster lol . amazing shot stopper
  9. DH-ONE New Products/Stock

    loving the new range wouldnt mind a pair but how do u order i need to know for future terms lol
  10. Any good ?

    yhyh will do im using them on Saturday
  11. Any good ?

    lmao they do ship world wide dont they ?
  12. Any good ?

    there not the real pair though lol http://www.onlysportsgear.com
  13. Any good ?

    just ordered a pair now for training only 11 qid iclu postage
  14. Advice

    right ive just contacted a new club am I in the wrong now or have i just made a huge mistake /:
  15. Any good ?

    cheers mate