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  1. Baslke v Man Utd

    I think De Gea's a good keeper, some of the saves he has made so far this year have been great, but he didn't play well last night. He looks a bit shaky in the air but his shot stopping is good, he's still young and developing so I think people need to give him time.
  2. whats your match glove? and why

    For matches I wear the DH-One Giga Negs, they're just brilliant really. I'm going to get some more and want to try some Alerts too, everyone seems to love them. I train in Sells Wrap Axis Rolls, I've gotta say though, the grip on them isn't great and the durability's awful!
  3. DH-One Giga Grip NC

    That's top work Dan :) Are you not going to be doing the all white ones in negs?
  4. training at home

    Oh right, I was thinking I'd get a cheapo ball and do that but scrap that plan!
  5. Don't you just hate it when..............

    That's the one, it was great!
  6. training at home

    It's great! Wrecks your balls like but it's worth it. And that's a pretty good idea, I might try that.
  7. 'Another' what gloves thread!!

    Trust me, just because they're cheap doesn't make them bad gloves - they're as good as the top end ones, but as unrecognised companies have to keep costs low to make the attractive to people. They can't afford to push prices exceedingly high like household names because they're not known yet, even though they're as good as them. DH-One gloves are fantastic.
  8. DH-One Giga Grip NC

    Felt like I had to do them justice ;) They are cracking gloves
  9. Don't you just hate it when..............

    Was that Paul Gerrard? I'm quite young so I didn't see his first spell at Oldham, but it was brilliant seeing him come on and save that penalty! Don't you just hate it when you arrange your wall, only for the defenders to either shuffle even further one way or to stand apart from one another so that there's no point having a wall anyway!
  10. training at home

    I have a sort of dry stone wall in my garden where the stones jut out at random angles, so when I throw a ball against it it can fly off anywhere! I'll go out and do this a few times a week after doing some footwork exercises, it's good practice and great fun.
  11. DH-One Giga Grip NC

    Thanks :) And it wasn't the look which I was criticising, I love it, it was the way the logo was fading which I said was a con.
  12. DH-One Giga Grip NC

    Cut: Negative Fit: I thought the fit was great, it was quite slim fitting and as such made it feel like I almost wasn't wearing gloves. If you like baggy gloves then I'd go a half size up but for me it was perfect. Latex: 4mm Giga Grip Features: Rolled thumb, latex backhand, elastic wrist, meshing on backhand to allow hands to breathe. Availabitlity: Use the contact us tab on the website (www.dh-one.co.uk) or you can speak to Dan through hear or on Facebook. Price: £20 + postage. Review: The gloves took a few pre-washes to get all the chemical crap out but Dan told me to give them two or three pre-washes and after I'd done this (I did two with plain water and the final one with Pro-Direct glove wash) the grip came out and the gloves were nice and tacky. I was so confident in them that I put them straight into use in my next match, which took place in torrential rain. The gloves held up great and the grip was incredible in such wet conditions for a supposed 'dry' glove. I do play on quite hard surfaces and obviously this takes its toll on the gloves but after five or six uses the only wear on the gloves is on the fingertips, and it's not much. I find that the majority of things stick when wearing the gloves and it does give you a confidence boost to know that you have tacky gloves at hand. Dan's been great with any queries I had and this makes the glove all the better. Durability: As I said before, they have lasted me 5 or 6 games so far and I think they should last me at least 10 more games. The grip gets better with age and the palms have no wear, only a small amount on the tips. One small qualm I have is that some of the stitching on the wrist strap has come away but the gloves are still in one piece and functioning well. I find that the graphics on the back also fade slightly as you go on, but for a glove which is very cheap and of great quality this does not concern me - it doesn't affect their performance, after all! Summary: They were definitely worth the price - I'd go as far as saying that they're one of the best gloves I've ever owned and this is some feat for a small company with a great price. Pros: Grip, fit, durability, customer service Cons: Cosmetics Durability - 4 Fit - 5 Cosmetics - 3 Value - 5 Overall - 4.7
  13. Favourite big & favourite small brand?

    I like HO and Uhlsport gloves as a big brand, I personally don't like Sells either. The Uhlsports I have have worn a hole in them but the grip is top notch still, and the HO's are quality too. I currently have a pair of DH-Ones and I love them, they're my first pair of negs and I prefer negs to rolls now. I want to try a pair of Reacts or Alerts but not got the money at the moment.
  14. Perfect Goalkeeper Pre-match warm up

    I do this as well, except start on the post and have my coach on the corner of the box.
  15. Need New Gloves...

    Thanks for the responses, I wasn't certain but having read the review and your comments I know what I'll be choosing!