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  1. I've been thinking about trying a pair of these gloves and was just wondering if anybody has any experience with them, good or bad? I've heard that the grip is amazing but that the size is a bit big and that you should get a size smaller than usual. Is this true? Thanks.
  2. Joe Lewis

    To be honest i prefer both Westwood and Mignolet before Gordon. Gordon is a good shot stopper and thats about it. He flaps at crosses and doesn't command his area well. The defence in front of him never seem very confident when he is in goal and when he is, we always seem to sit very deep. He never looks confident. That in comparison with Westwood who is very commanding and who comes and collects confidently very regularly. I would have Westwood as my first choice every time. Mignolet is also a very good keeper and has a lot of potential. I would cash in on Gordon while we can. We have Trevor Carson as well who is a very good young keeper so with those 3 there really is no need to have Gordon.
  3. Joe Lewis

    Yeah that is one department we are really blessed in. Craig Gordon is injured and has just started training after 10 months out with knee ligament damage so he won't be playing. It will most likely be Keiren Westwood. If not then it will be Trevor Carson who is a northern irish U21 international and has been in the full squad aswell, was on loan at Bury earlier this year. Simon Mignolet is out with a broken nose at the minute so he won't be playing unless he recovers quickly. If he plays then look out for a young lad called Ryan Noble. He's a striker who has been scoring boat loads. 11 goals in his last 5 reserve games including 3 hat-tricks in his last 4 games. He has been pushing really hard for a first team place.
  4. I would have to agree with you on Joe Hart. He is a very good keeper but not world class. Behind him we have very little top quality to put in between the sticks. In the current squad behind Hart there is Scott Carson and David Stockdale. Carson i really don't rate, he seems unsure of himself all the time. As for Stockdale he looks promising but definitely not someone you would want to bring on in say a Euro Semi-Final for his first cap. Apart from those three there is Paul Robinson who would be in my squad but who has retired from international football (i think). Ruddy at Norwich is looking good this season so maybe he might sneak into the squad but who else do England have that has really any experience or the ability to play at that level? For the future i would tip Jack Butland at Birmingham to possibly make the grade. I do think your right about either Spain or Germany to win though. I prefer Valdes for the spanish personally. I also think the Dutch have a good shout aswell. As much as it pains me to say it being a Sunderland fan Krul has been performing fantastic at Newcastle and has won them points by himself on some occasions.
  5. Best ground you've ever played at?

    Played at Burys ground Gigg Lane for Northumberland when i represented my county. Played at Gatesheads international stadium while studying at the college there and playing for the college team who were national champions at the time. Also played three times at Croft Park, Blyth Spartans. Also scored a penalty there in a shoot-out which we won 5-3.
  6. Joe Lewis

    I'm travelling down to London Road for the cup game on the 8th of Jan as i'm a Sunderland fan. From what i had heard Lewis was a top keeper in the making but i had wondered why no one had come in for him. Will be interesting to see him up close if he plays.
  7. Your first pair of gloves?

    Mine were a pair of Sondico gloves. Back in the day they were pretty decent aswell. How times have changed. And yeah i never knew you had to wash them either. They used to go back in the bag, never to see the light of day until the next sunday rolled around.
  8. Shoes!

    I have 2 pairs. Umbro Speciali Pros for soft ground in black/white. And for hard ground i have a pair of Adidas Copa Mundials. Not a fan of flash boots with weird colours.

    3 or 4 Hours before you play it is great to have some pasta. That releases energy slowly. For half time, jaffa cakes, jelly babies or a cup of tea with 2 sugars are all good ideas.
  10. Finger Protection

    I would stay clear also. Not worth the extra money they charge tbh. Restricts your hands movement. I have a pair of Puma Powercats once. Used them once in training then sold them, handling just felt very clumsy in them. Thats my opinion anyway. Some people swear by them.
  11. the monk

    I love this film. Love it when the Monk sprints about 40 yards off his line to fly into the injured guard on the ground. I've felt like doing that myself a few times.
  12. Scrum Caps ... please back me up ! ....

    I would never advise wearing one. Cech only wears one because he feels safer because of what happened to him at Reading. But with him being a top keeper it won't effect him. With young players it will stop them learning the correct technique and will also give them a false sense of security. You have to be just a little mad to be a goalkeeper anyway. Every goalkeeper takes bumps and bruises, its just part of playing the position. You kind of have to get used to it and i'm glad your son has taken to it and not moaned. It teaches young goalkeepers to be strong and confident. Go in thinking you are invincible or that you can get hurt and you most likely will because you won't be fully committed. The parents who are making their children wear scrum caps are just being way over protective.
  13. Puma PowerCat 3.10

    Never had an experience with them but where is this offer mate? Would be good enough for training at least and at that price you can't really complain.
  14. Looking for gloves

    Hi there. I'm on the lookout for new gloves (as always) and was just wondering if anyone has any to sell at bargain prices??? I usually wear size 8 but 8.5 and 9 are also fine. Not fussed about cut as long as its not flat palm. Thanks.
  15. Glove Survey

    I've filled it out and sent it to a few friends. Good luck with it mate