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  1. Funniest pitch memories?

    Had quite a few funny pitch moments but one of the most amusing for me was when I was playing for St. Johnstone youths. We were playing away against Ross County. In the first half their striker broke through the defence and I was one on one with him he took a bad touch but I had dived to late grabbed his feet and conceded a penalty. The ref gave me a yellow card for it. In the second half they had a corner but there was a bit of a scuffle in the box due to one of their players insulting one of our players so I got a wee bit hot headed, the referee stepped in and gave me another yellow, but failed to show me a red card! haha. I also remember quite a bit of funny changing room banter and pranks but that was probably my most memorable funny moment on the pitch.
  2. What age group is adviseable

    It's a big jump going from playing U17's to playing U21's, I would play at U19's next as that will help bridge the gap so to speak.
  3. Top 6 SPL Keepers

    In no particular order. Fraser Forster Darren Randolph Peter Enckleman Paul Gallacher Graham Stack Craig Samson I'm really not a great fan of McGregor to be honest. There are a few Keepers in the SPL at the moment I would rate higher than him.
  4. Rank Amatuer

    Welcome aboard mate! :)
  5. how often do you change gloves?

    When I played 11 a side in the amateur leagues I went through about 2-3 match gloves per season and probably the same for training gloves too. Since I started coaching I haven't been through nearly as many gloves. Just recently bought a pair of GK Union gloves that I have been using during my coaching sessions and they have been great gloves! I started getting back into playing again recently, just indoor 5 a side Futsal. I can see me maybe going through 1-2 pairs in a season playing Futsal.
  6. Goalkeeper Magazine

    Has anybody on here subscribed to Goalkeeper Magazine? I subscribed not too long ago and I think you get a great deal with it! The magazine is fantastic, it has in depth interviews with the likes of Neville Southall, Al-Habsi, Matt Gilks etc, latest news on Goalie equipment, wall of fame and even a 'sign me up' page. If you pay for a years subscription just now they are doing a deal where you get a free pair of gloves! I got the free pair of Just 4 Keepers gloves which retail at £44.99. I would recommend any Goalkeeper to check it out. http://goalkeepermagazine.com/
  7. SPL - Fraser Forster or Darren Randolph EPL - Shay Given Championship - Matt Gilks La Liga - Victor Valdes Serie A - Gianluigi Buffon
  8. Keepers for Euro 2012

    I'm curious, as a Scot, to what others think of the current Celtic Goalkeeper on loan from Newcastle, Fraser Forster. I think he has been terrific over the past few seasons, he played for Norwich a couple of seasons ago as well. I think Forster would be a decent shout for an England call up.
  9. Help diving to my left...

    I had the same problem. I was fine diving to my right but found it a lot more difficult diving to my left. Practice is the key, I would take a football down the park and practice over and over, also at training I would ask my coach if I could work more on diving and shot stopping from the left and it helped me a lot. Still to this day though I feel a lot more confident diving to my right but at the same time I'm more comfortable diving to my left too.
  10. Goalkeeping heroes?

    My inspiration when I played amateur football was guys like Rene Higuita, Neville Southall, David Seaman etc. The Goalkeepers who inspire me today are Artur Boruc, Shay Given, Victor Valdes. Over the past year and a half since I've started coaching my inspiration has come from the two Scottish ex-pro Goalkeepers that I have learned the most from, that being John Ritchie and Alan Main.
  11. which is your favorite team?

    I'm a Celtic man as well. I agree that nothing can describe the feeling of being at Celtic Park on a big European night. I was there when we beat Manchester United and also AC Milan. I've got tickets for the Athletico Madrid game next month too so hopefully we can gain a victory over another big European club.
  12. Hi From Scotland

    Welcome to the site! :) When I was in High School I started training with St. Johnstone youths but was released for the same reason as you at Hearts, for being too small!
  13. Allan Macgregor

    I've never been a big fan of Allan McGregor. To say he's a world class Keeper is a bit of an overstatement. He is a good Goalkeeper but not world class. He has had quite a few howlers this season though. Scotland v Denmark, Rangers v Celtic and Spain v Scotland. I know Goalkeepers make mistakes, but almost the same mistake 3 times early on in the season?
  14. How long have you been a goalkeeper?

    I've been playing as a Goalkeeper for about 7-8 years. I've been coaching for about a year and a half.
  15. Kit advise

    I personally would go with the black shorts and socks with a lime green jersey. Or maybe I would consider black shorts with lime green socks, that could look quite good.