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  1. How can we make GT better for you?

    I feel there aren't enough members. Certainly when asking a question as a thread the answers dont come as quick as from other forums I've been to.
  2. Footwork on a Free Kick

    I feel like I know this actually. I imagine if the ball was hit to the left then I would want to start my run with my left foot. And face the ball while my hips face the other way.
  3. Your League Website?

    I feel that in the U.S., southern California is probably one of the best places for soccer. Year-round practice, lots of Hispanic skill, and probably where the most of American soccer fans are. http://www.presidiosoccer.com/ Lots of fun, but I'm playing at a low level. And I don't want to leave the team because the coach is also my high school head coach and I want to start varsity...
  4. W or Diamond?

    I know that this is something not all goalkeepers agree with, but how do you catch the ball? Personally I prefer the diamond over the W. A lot less shots have gone through my hands since I started using it and I find it's better because rather than hitting the ball up, it's pushed back down for a very easy grab. Please discuss which you prefer.
  5. Thanks for the post. Being a sophomore in high school, I think this list will help me during try outs and showcases to play in college hopefully!
  6. Strengths- reactions, jumping, diving, making sure every man is marked on defense, calmness, handling Weaknesses- 1v1, goal kicks, distribution by hand, diving backwards (when getting chipped), footwork, low shots
  7. Footwork on a Free Kick

    I was hoping to learn something specific. Any basics about footwork? I'm next to clueless.
  8. lost my reactions?

    I felt once I started playing games like Fifa instead of the shooters my reactions suffered also. Video games are certainly a stimuli to enhance and maintain reactions. If you aren't playing video games, make sure you throw some tennis, golf, and baseballs against a wall once in a while, the different sizes and shapes keeps one from staying on their heels for too long.
  9. If there's is a free kick to the left side of the center of the box, and it's shot upper V over the wall, how should i get there if i'm blocking the other half of the goal? My friend said that you're supposed to start with a certain foot, but I have very poor footwork and I don't feel it's best to shuffle the whole way there.