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  1. Is this still an open opportunity?
  2. If you go to http://dh-one.co.uk/ you can see what gloves he has to offer and you just need to email him at dan@dh-one.co.uk to make an order. Good choice by the way. I love my dh-ones!!!
  3. Bit late I know but just need to say Ali alhabsi is a don!!! Did you see him against wolves?! Unbelievable!! To the point instead of helping him out his defenders just stood and watched, amazed!!
  4. Big brand would have to be HO although I bout a cheap ish pair of sells for training recently and they've really impressed me. Small brand DH-one. Quality glove, unbelievable price. My new 1st choice of glove now.
  5. Any problems with REACT delivery

    I recently purchased Dh-one gloves and would say they are they best fitting and most comfortable glove I've worn. The latex palm is a high quality and I've been very impressed by the grip. I ordered late on a Wednesday night and they were with me Saturday morning. Great service and great price. Can't praise them enough.
  6. Neville southall is the man. End of!!
  7. Best bit of advice I was given was I mark out my posts on my 6 and 18 yard line. Have done it ever since.
  8. Pleasure to meet you all

    How's yours going?
  9. Pleasure to meet you all

    Not too bad around mid table which is what we were looking at realisticly. I've recently returned from injury and have lost a lot of weight and feel the best I've felt physically and form wise for years. Just trying my best to stay in this good places mentally really.
  10. Pleasure to meet you all

    No cant say I've played that far north. Wick fc is a club in the Bristol combination prem division in Bristol. Birmingham is the farthest north that I've played.
  11. Gloves Sale

    Ian if I were to purchase a pair of these gloves in November would they still be £20?
  12. Hey my names dan. I play in goal for old Georgians football club in the suburban prem in Bristol. I have formerly played for wick fc and mangotsfield united. I've only turned to goalkeeping at the age of 19 due to injury and turned out I loved it and was pretty good at it and I've been there ever since. Any tips or advice welcome. Glad to be amongst fellow keepers.