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  1. top 5 keepers of the decade

    hahaha, yes but rules of the writing are the same ;) for example, like Croatian and Montenegrin etc.
  2. Hello!

  3. Baslke v Man Utd

    that was shocking for me, I mean, I dont like Man.U but lose against Basel and got out of group stage :blink: and did you watched Arsenal, what kind of keeper is that ( Manone I thik)
  4. training at home

    i train every night with this piece of art, and it is great... ;)
  5. Pepe Reina: to leave or stay

    I dont think he should leave, but I had to ask you about it, he is making mistakes and that is obvious, by the way I love Pepe, he was my 1st gk idol ;)
  6. Pepe Reina: to leave or stay

    We are not talking about just this mistake pal, there is a lot of them, I am afraid His career will turned like Almunia s ...
  7. Pepe Reina: to leave or stay

    Liverpool lost today because Reina... what do you think about it now ?
  8. How do to wash gloves

    my way: ;)
  9. Umbro Stealth Pro

  10. the monk

    what kind of movie is that, and can somebody give me a link to watch it :)
  11. training at home

    finally I found it:
  12. PES 2012

    thank you,I didnt know, (heard just for demo) I know the store here in my country where I buy any game for just 1 euro :P
  13. J4K Reaction review

    No, there is no Just4keepers in football shops ...
  14. PES 2012

    for PC?
  15. J4K Reaction review

    I like them so much, but Just4keepers is not popular here in Montenegro, so I think I will not find them :(