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  1. Krul vs Vorm

    Wasn't John Ruddy at 'well a few years ago as well?
  2. Precision GK Schmeichel Negative

    Same as Shuyin - heard they are well overpriced. I also heard tom pro are basically the same gloves at half the price. Here's a link http://www.tomsports.co.uk/tompro-goalkeeper-gloves-38-c.asp
  3. Just back from my knee injury, and have my return game tomorrow, but I've been phoned up by my work and offered double time, typical!

  4. If Money Was No Object Which Gloves Would You Buy?

    Yeah seen that, currently have the pumas I linked, they were all at full price when I posted them, the reusch are now cheaper as well but not on sale :)
  5. any tips on knee protection?

    Cheers, currently have a pair and would defo recommend them.
  6. Krul vs Vorm

    Was just speaking to my mate today on who we think will take the number 1 spot. We both thought it would either be Vorm or Krul over Stekelenburg . However we couldn't decide between Krul and Vorm, I'm going to take a gamble and say Vorm :)
  7. Enjoy Goalkeeping

    Welcome to the forum! I was released from a pro youth team (Hearts) when we first moved to 11 aside for being too short, so I feel your pain! I'm now 6ft 1 though!
  8. any tips on knee protection?

    http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/Sells-Goalkeeper-Clothing-Sells-Supreme-GK-Pant-Goalkeepers-Trousers-Black-20677.aspx?spr=1 - Trousers may be a bit too hot for indoor though! http://www.alertgk.co.uk/alert-clothing.php 3/4 lengths a bit more expensive here, but more suited to indoor!
  9. hello

    Welcome to the forum! And it doesn't half smack the knees up something awful, without the pain though I don't think I'd love goalkeeping as much though!
  10. Gecko Roll Finger Gloves ( Any Good?)

    DH-One seem to be held in very high regard on this thread as well as Alert, also welcome to the forum!
  11. Your first pair of gloves?

    This is a thread for goalkeeping, not gardening ;)
  12. Supporting a club outside your country

    Whilst I can understand your logic in the top half of your post, the bit in bold is wrong imo. Every fan is important to the club, but these people who travel miles and miles, spending tonnes of money to see their team are supporters, they're the hardcore fan base and the loyalty they show is admirable. I've supported hibs ever since I can remember, I've saw us lift one cup, I don't really think I'll have a better moment in my life than singing Sunshine on Leith whilst Steven Fletcher, Scott Brown, Steven Whittaker and co. paraded around the pitch. These big clubs win a domestic competition and it means nothing to them, they might give a subtle 'yasss' or get pished that night but I can't imagine they'll remember the moment for ever. In fact big teams just disappoint, because people have vast expectations of them. When you come to expect little of your team, you really can appreciate the great moments. Had a season ticket for hibs since I was 6, watched some pretty dreadful sunday league standard football at times, and also seen some slick fluent football, bossed through snow, wind, rain to get their, went to games knowing we'll get pumped, sing all the songs start a few as well, even been on the pitch twice! So of course I'd consider myself a more loyal and better supporter than the arm chair brigade :)
  13. That John Ruddy defo looks a talent, however I doubt he will put Hart under any serious pressure for his England position considering their reputation. I prefer Valdes also, Casillas is certainly a better shot stopper than him. I also think Valdes makes less mistakes (the timing of this post is awful considering the last el classico) but the main point is, Valdes is hands down the best in the world for distribution which is Spains main priority rather than a good stopper, because imo Casillas' distribution is pretty poor.
  14. I was thinking them as well, will be an interesting tournament. I think Szczesny will defo be a stand out performer, and with Poland being at home they look to be in a good position for Euro.
  15. Your first pair of gloves?

    Yeah how things have changed, I'm very picky about my gloves now. I used to put my replica gloves on the radiator when it had been raining, oh to be young and naive again! I always remember mine smelling like vinegar :huh: