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  1. What's different about 'Astro' Gloves?

    Just buy cheap gloves. Dont bother with the Astro style as they're unbelievably over-priced when you consider that they give rubbish grip. I'm the same as you Junior, my problem is that when a shots taken a deflection and i havent completed my dive, i use a hand to stop me and that's what ruins them in the end.
  2. Sun and wind

    Honestly? There's nothing you can do when it's at that angle where wearing a cap doesnt work. I just make it known to all my players how shit it is and if any ball happens to be up in the air i make no attempt to catch it and instead play it safe getting as much distance as i can on any punches or pushes away. It annoys people but when i explain the reason and ask them to look into the sun too they usually understand.
  3. Glove Sponsorship

    Ohhhh but i just bought a pair! Cant i sneak into the comp considering ive just bought some?
  4. Hi guys ...

    Hey great to hear a Dad taking such an involvement. Just make sure you're not too pushy! ;) I joke of course, but to re-iterate what's been said on here already. At that young an age football should not be a serious thing for him, it should be purely about the love of playing. He shouldnt have any idea what a league table is, because it just doesnt matter yet. What matters is that he leaps around enjoying himself as much as he can, building up confidence and builds up an association with the position. When people ask him if he plays football he should say "Im a goalkeeper" and be happy about it. Any chance you get, go into the back garden with him and let him make big leaping one handed saves. If nothing else it's a great pastime between father and son.
  5. ***Glove News***

    Got a pair of Negs ordered myself. Hopefully they should arrive tomorrow!
  6. Key aspects of goalkeeping

    Few screws loose if you ask me...
  7. Who's got a game today?

    Had a game against a team from our club who're in the same league. 3-0 win :D
  8. Nike gloves - Yes or No?

    I used to wear them, but admittedly i could only ever afford to spend about £20 on a pair of gloves. No offense to the Nike gloves because they did me well for years but i now see that if you spend £20 on a smaller brand you get better quality for your money. That being said, if i was rich i'd probably splash out on the £80 SGTs because they do seem popular amongst the worlds best. If im being honest, id say £10 maybe £15 is probably what their lower 'replique' gloves are worth in comparison to the likes of Alert, FH-1 and SKKits really. Not the £20-£25 quid they are.
  9. Is it Bad luck or not ?

    I had the same problem mate. Problem is mine used to be on the home pitch of my school side so i was a bit worse off! Basically the pitch was horrible turf and the dimensions and size of the goal were just horrible. Inside one of the goal mouths was what i can only describe as a massive ditch, im not the tallest of keepers so it was a choice of standing on my line and having the ball go over my head....or stand really far off it and watch the ball go over my head........ So glad i dont play there anymore
  10. No basically what happened was that i was only 16 but had started to get into the reserve side at a local Semi Pro team. The thing is that i had been carrying an injury that had been holding me back from physically reaching my peak (My meniscus in my knee had torn off and was floating around getting caught inbetween my joints and making a lovely cracking noise. I could play but kicking the ball from the ground was agony and would swell up everytime i did so). No one 'believed' how injured i was because there wasnt a physical injury that you could actually look at and see. Anyway eventually i had to have an operation on it to remove my meniscus and then build up strength very slowly to account for the lack of shock absorbtion i now have in my knee but that took me out for a good 8 months of playing. Anyway as the new season started and i went to get back into it, management changed and the new guys had no idea who i was (the old manager would have welcomed me back with open arms) and then my dad died just before i turned 18 and trying to balance semi pro training 2 times a week plus games at the weekend and school work as well as the emotional trauma was just too much for me. Anyway, im now at university studying so i dont really have time to think about 2 nights of training and giving up a whole day to travelling around on a saturday for football. Im playing for my local team again and im enjoying it more now with a decent bunch of lads than i ever did playing injured in a semi pro team. TL: DR Version: I hate being guilt tripped into playing injured just cause there's no other keeper around
  11. Dont you hate it when despite having an injury the coach tries to say "Well cant you just stay in and save it" NO! I AM INJURED! If it was any other player on the pitch they'd be expected to go off...with us we're expected to stay on. THEN! I get phonecalls saying "See you in goal on saturday" and "What do you mean you're injured? You dont move about much" Hate those with a passion, just because im the only keeper around doesnt mean i should have to play with an injury and then get ribbed when i dont play well. Im injured....grrrr Sorry, it's just how i ended up having to give up semi professional football :(
  12. Help playing with a new team!!??

    Best advice would be to lay off any critism, even if it happens to be constructive. Instead go for nothing but encouragement. For Example: "Keep your head up mate" as opposed to "WHAT THE *&$@ ARE YOU DOING YOU "*&£%"% !£&"" As is the norm i assume...
  13. Scoring, with gloves on!

    What's more interesting is that we were only about 13/14 at the time and yet he was still willing to do that!
  14. Scoring, with gloves on!

    Scored when ive come outfield before but as a keeper ive only ever scored once. Ive got a decent kick on me and i was playing on a small pitch with the wind behind me (still 11-a-side mind you) and managed to catch it sweetly. It bounced over the keepers head and my striker, realising id be the one that would score decided to shield the ball rather than nick a tap in for himself!
  15. Academies

    I think you're going to find that to be a very very hard thing to find. Only the top teams in England offer board for their players and to go to one of them it's difficult just to get a trial let alone get a place. I really dont know if anyone on here's going to be able to help you....