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  1. "Being a good goalkeeper means everything to me"- Mark Bosnich

  2. Sun and wind

    I just tend to face the most testing effects of the weather first half, play into the wind, face the sun,uphill or whatever. During the first half I find most teams like to play football early doors with the ball on the floor, failing to take advantage of the negative effect wind or sun can have on a keeper. It's usually the last ten fifteen minutes of the game that a losing team may get a bit desperate and pump high balls into your box, This is the type of delivery which can be almost impossible to deal with dependant upon the serverity of wind or sun. Everyone has their own methods of dealing with these conditions,this is mine
  3. What are you wearing...?

    Yeah I hate that feeling when you've put on too much clothes and you feel weighed down or restricted. Don't think I could ever get used to wearing short sleeved shirts tho, you guys must be hard!
  4. Hey whats up dudes? I was out of the game a few years and when I returned to keepin I bought a load of new gear of which I had never worn before. I'm talking gk overals,bodysuits,padded undershorts,3/4 length trousers etc. I used to be a simple shorts or trousers kind of guy depending on weather but now I've got a full wardrobe devoted to keeping. So obviously much of these items are designed to best cope with the differing environments and temperatures we deal with. What I would like to know is how do you chaps differ in what you like to wear during the course of a season? I found the gk overal exellent in training, no need to pay a second thought to protecting your hips after continuous diving as they are already covered up. I find the padded undershorts restrictive, too tight.Especially when worn with padded shorts on top. I'm yet to play in arctic conditions this season. but I'm sure it's not too far away.I'll try out my trousers at this point To be honest I've felt most comfortable playing in just shirt, pants and outfield shorts during matches. Am I strange?
  5. Hey y'all, I'm gonna do my best here and try to provide a helpful review of these gloves. Its my first ever review so take into consideration. So after 3 years out injured,I began my search for some new gloves... Decided on Uhlsport Ergonomic Supersoft because I got them at a reduced price of £30 and I was unsure of the many new brands of glove that have appeared on the market in my 3 years off injured. Purchased them in a lovely little shop called Wilkinsons Keepers Direct in West Bromwich(I advise anyone to visit)where the selection of gloves , clothing and training gear was plentyful. ...so, anyway... CUT:Roll finger FIT:Snug as a bug.Got them in a nine and a half and they fit perfectly, they felt tight on my fingers but in no way restrictive.These gloves do have a protective spine on the fingers but is less rigid as previous designs on adidas fingersave for example. SOFT LATEX FOAM PALM.Sponge underneath is fairly thick aswell, helping to take the sting out of those powerful shots. FEATURES:Fingerprotection AVAILABILTY:I think this glove is last seasons model so stocks may be on the wane.However they can be found on the usual internet sites and at a reduced cost. PRICE:Around 30squid I don't prewash gloves. During the summer I did my first training session wearing these gloves and I was astounded by the quality of the grip.Basically, if a ball could possibly be caught, I was catching it. It was a nice sunny day, and the ball had little or no grease on it, but after my this training session, I felt super confident in my glove heading into the following days friendly. However, The following morning I suffered an accident at work, cutting the tendons in my little finger,and my friendly never happened. Fast forward 12 weeks and I was back in goal and my Uhlsport were not to blame for my first few dodgy performances, the grip was superb during the late summer . As I'm entering winter, I'm finding out this glove is not for the wet conditions. The ball hasn't felt as secure on greasy pitches, and the grip, after about 5 games is starting to show patches of wear. I would recommend these gloves.If your looking for a summer glove around the £30 mark then you can't go wrong with these, combining the added stability of finger protection with all the flexion of a standard glove. PROS:Top quality grip in dry con,finger protection,reasonable price CONS:Poor in wet con,grip appears to have limited durability DURABILITY:3/5 FIT:5/5 COSMETICS?:3/5 VALUE:4/5 OVERALL:4/5 thanks...
  6. Hello Guys!!!!!!!!

    hey jim hows olof mellberg gettin on? he was a total legend for villa
  7. I can honestly say that at the age of 29 I am only just aquiring the mental state required to deal with the many aspects of keeping. ...however if say after 80 mins of a match have elapsed and I feel that I have given a good peerformance or I've kept a clean sheet, I find myself willing on the referee to hurry up and blow the full time whistle. I get edgy as I know I'm within touching distance of a desirable perfomance and that I've survived the game with my rep intact. ...Maybe at the age of 29 I haven't quite conquered the mentality required for keeping!
  8. Your favorite GK kit

    I loved that shirt so much i bought it twice! Nowadays keeper shirts are so bland and boring. Although joe harts england shirts got a bit of a retro feel to it
  9. Your favorite GK kit

    shaka hislop shirt with the tyne bridge silhouette - about 1997? untitled.bmp
  10. Your favorite GK kit

    Gotta give a biggup to these beauties also untitled.bmp
  11. Your favorite GK kit

    This has got to be the most legendary gk shirt of all time. No doubt...
  12. Goalkeeper-Specific Psychology

    I found the article your refering to. Lots of helpful hints and points to take on board Especially liked the article on responding to mistakes
  13. Meditation and football

    I tend to start my mental preparation about half hour before i leave for my match. I have an exercise book in which I have scribbled down various quotes, phrases and advice I have picked up off the internet, regarding goalkeeping. It mainly refers to the mental side of keeping-responding to mistakes, being the best you can be etc. I got a yoga DVD for my birthday about a month ago but due to a recent injury haven't used it yet. I think it can only help my performance tho. Both for Mental focus and agility/flexability
  14. training at home

    wow! I was well impressed with that video posted. I generally work away from home so training with a team during the week is difficult. It would be possible to do some of these exercises tho. I usually find a secluded area of a park, set out some cones and do various footwork and jumping exercises.
  15. yeah I've been trackin al habsi for a while now and have been very impressed. watched him at villa park earlier in the season and he looked a little clumsy at times, but capable of making world class saves. bit suprised bolton let him go really