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  1. Penalties

    for me... when it comes to penalty..i will take the ball and bring to the taker...give the ball..and wait in front of the taker to place the ball..once he placed..he will look up where he wants to shoot... hehe.. but it all your HEART and SOUL brothers!!!
  2. hye i'm from malaysia

    hello,i'm also from malaysia...which team u play?
  3. Hello guys..

    owh...i will try to e mail them
  4. Hello guys..

    i wanna ask something..i want to purchase a pair of glove in the prosoccer.com ... how i wanna make a payment since i live in malaysia while the company is in europe??can someone help me??
  5. Hello guys..

    thanks all..i hope i can learn many things from all of you from now...
  6. Hello guys..

    Hello guys,i'm Jaemi..from Malaysia..i played as a goalkeeper since my age was 13.before that,i'm a stopper(center back).now,i'm 21 yrs old..currently i'm playing for my university which National defence university malaysia. after playing about 8yrs, i still have many weakness like my timing for crossing ball, penalty , goalkick and less self-confident. So, i found this forum while i'm searching for a glove. after read here..i found many experience Gk.. and i hope ALL OF YOU CAN HELP ME OUT FROM MY WEAKNESS.. YOU ALL ARE GREAT KEEPER FOR ME... sorry for my bad english..hehe... last but not least... let's be friend and be a great goalkeeper like CASILLAS,REINA,VAN DER SAR, and my currently national GK that aspired me, KHAIRUL FAHMI CHE MAT(apex)..hehe extras: MALAYSIA just won a gold medal for south east asia games(SEA games) by beating our big rival, INDONESIA by penalty kicks after draw 1-1...we won 4-3 on penalty and KHAIRUL FAHMI CHE MAT(apex) saves 2 of them...hehe.. that's all... here i add my pic and my team.. can tweet me at nazrin_nadzri