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  1. Hello Guys!!!!!!!!

    he is great, one of the best players in the Greek Superleague...He has done many good games lately! :D
  2. wet weather

    when it rains i have an extra towel just for the gloves!
  3. which is your favorite team?

    Olympiacos B) !!
  4. EPL : Joe Hart La Liga : Iker Casillas Serie A : Julio Cesar Ligue 1 : Vincent Lloris Bundesliga : Manuel Neuer Retired League: Edwin Van Der Sar
  5. Don't you hate it when you can't wait for the next time you are gonna play?
  6. Hello Guys!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the welcome...Im so glad being here!!! :D Yeah!!and sometimes 7-a-side!!
  7. Hello guys im Jim and im from Greece...I'm playing as a goalkeeper since i was 12(i'm now 17).Im not currently play for a team because of studies although i play with my friends every weekend! Im in love with goalkeeping :P i love everything about goalkeeping...My favourite team is Olympiacos and from England is Man Utd.Favourite goalkeeper:Iker Casillas.