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  1. Supporting a club outside your country

    Its just totally pointless. People who support teams based on their league position or history are scum... as far as I'm concerned. They are absolute footballing idiots who know nothing about the game. If I could forefront some form of war on these people I would. Your local team is far more than a football team, its your identity, "Mes que un club." Their loss though, They'll never feel the pride of clapping your players off after travelling the length of the country to see them get beat 2-0. Or 4-2 as it was this weekend for me down Norwich.
  2. Sun and wind

    Yeah I do that, always get the impression outfield players are like "Yeahhh... typical goalkeepers ." Visibility was at an all time low yesterday, never experienced anything like it before. Judging through balls and crosses was a case of trial and error, it was a minor miracle I only conceded 1 during the first half. Second half was awesome I must say, a clearance from a back pass was the assist for our equaliser. God bless this gale force wind.
  3. Sun and wind

    Its making the national news how bad the wind is up here! And combined with a blinding late afternoon setting sun (eye level for the first half) it destoyed our match yesterday. A very dull 1-1. I hate to have a match cancelled but yesterday was a joke. Was just wondering if anyone has a way of dealing with the sun? Please resist the urge to say sun cream. In all honesty, I find a cap never works.. and holding your hand up to block out the sun is never an option atleast when the opposition are on the attack.
  4. Baslke v Man Utd

    I remember watching his first few games at Atletico and thinking he'd end up being the worlds best at some point and I still think he will be. He's already a Europa League winner and a Euro Under 21's winner. He's had a nervous start.. but come on, he's just a kid and playing for Man United with the pressure of the world on his shoulders. He's kept Man United in games at times this season, its just as it goes that a goalkeeping error is blown out of all proportion in the media. Over the moon he was on the losing side last night though! Basel
  5. training at home

    Thats fantastic, I doubt the concrete in my back yard will be too accommodating though.
  6. Pepe Reina: to leave or stay

    Reina is a goalkeeper I love to watch, he's so energetic and his passion for the game and Liverpool is a joy to see. There aren't too many goalkeepers out there better than Reina and the ones that are (A) too expensive.. (B ) would they wanna go to Liverpool? Liverpool's defence is so poor! without Reina they'd be languishing mid table. He's rightly the captain while Gerrard is injured.
  7. Englands group Euro 2012

    I'm more concerned about the world ending in 2012 then I am about England. The FA are the worst people in football and the whole media circus that follows the national team just annoys and bores the life out of me. Germany have it in the bag..
  8. At the moment it has to be Tim Krul, yes i'm a Newcastle fan but theres no bias in it. Ever since his debut in the Uefa Cup away to Palermo he's improved game after game.. and credit has to go the club. There was immense pressure from the fans up here to put him in the first team as soon as possible but they kept him in the reserves playing the odd League Cup game and he's turned into an amazing goalkeeper. He commands the air (anyone see him at Stoke this year?!), he's a fantastic shot stopper and our defence has never looked more solid, it was an absolute shambles with Shay Given in goal. I'll honestly be amazed if Krul is here at the end of next season, he's destined for the top.
  9. help me :(

    Yeah just keep doing what works for you and you'll find consistency.
  10. help me :(

    I'd agree with that, theres nothing worse than chipping the ball and watching it loop into the air half way between the 18 yard box and half way line. To be honest, kicking has never been a personal strong point but I never have trouble with it. I sometimes end up kicking the ball too far and it lands straight in the hands of the opposing goalkeeper, absolute nightmare. My technique is simple, but it works for me... just smack it. Put your laces straight through the ball and continue with a good solid follow through. If you've got no options on and its down to you simply smashing it up field then find a nice patch of grass, not too elevated though because you'll end up looping it, and just put your foot straight through it. Your standing leg is incredibly important so make sure there is somewhere beside the ball that is pretty level and solid that wont force you to lose balance. Practice makes perfect! Make sure you've exhausted all possible leg muscle stretches before the game so your legs can go that bit further. (and to avoid injury obvcorse!) I would recommend that until you're personally comfortable with your kicking you dont try and pick out that right winger who has pulled off his marker and looks in miles of space.. Accidents can happen! You'll be fine though that I'm sure, all goalkeepers go through a frustrating period of kicking difficulty but if you stick to a technique that works for you you shouldn't have any problems in the long run.
  11. What do you do?

    A low life student. But surely the fact I'm a goalkeeper puts me several social ranks above your average student... or am I just clutching at straws?
  12. That Team You Hate For No Apparent Reason

    x2 ;) Although I have a pretty good reason for hating them... Its Sunderland for gods sake.
  13. Best save

    The save is world class, but what makes this the best in my view is how quick he reacts to it coming back off the bar.
  14. top 5 keepers of the decade

    Just trying to think outside the box really. Rustu used to always put a good performance in from what I remember, and I'm sure he was still playing last season. As for Coupet, well he was part of that amazing Lyon team that walked the French league every year so he must of been doing something right.
  15. top 5 keepers of the decade

    1) Kahn 2) Casillas 3) Van Der Sar 4) Rustu 5) Coupet