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  1. One on One's

    There are so many variables, but ideally you'll make the forward shoot when you want him to, not when he wants to. Come out of your goal approx half way to the situation, then pause. In the forward's mind, you've stopped, so he'll plan to get a bit nearer to the goal. But, by the time he's seen you pause, you've already set off again. The result is that he knocks the ball forward just as you move again to close him down. This should change the situation from 40-60 to 50-50 in your favour and you can dive at his feet and smother the ball. But in practise, it will vary so much, and so many approaches will be valid. Overall, be very confident; the goal belongs to you and you're not gonna let a forward put the ball in it!
  2. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    Only used once, last wknd, and the pitch was claggy-muddy, the kind of mud that sticks to the ball, which meant that there wasn't much palm to ball contact, so i can't review them thoroughly. I get the impression they'll benefit from some use and a couple of washes (the palms were brown after the match; i've given them a superb wash in warm water and very cheap hand soap. Photo was after wash). They'd be absolutely spot-on from new after a pre-wash and if used on a good, clean, slightly wet grassy pitch.
  3. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    SportsDirect £5.00. I know, i know, but i have my good reasons. Anyway, it's all about having a latex foam palm. In the 80s (please try not to yawn) most keepers would've been happy or happy-ish with these.
  4. Dropkicks

    Technique before power. Practise drop-kicking it small distances (20 yards or so) and think about your technique. Feel your technique, feel the impact, develop your technique. I've always had best results by hitting the ball when it's pretty low; just before it hits the ground.
  5. Pardon me, i see what ya mean. Seems odd that they've not reproduced the waffle. Maybe the blue (or was it black) bit on the back won't be felt either. It looks very good anyway. Takes me back. I had a pair of UHL 083. They were the height of luxury to me (and doubtless others) in 1988-ish. Also a pair of UHL 089 whose embossed mesh-type palms were not very soft but were impressively durable and gripped well in the wet. Good times!
  6. I reckon you've got muddled there. The 034 was a smooth red palm (described as "paper-thin" on the Goalkeepers' Union blog) and distinctive elastic and velcro wrist. Aside from that, your F-Line photo prompted me to look at their website. I like their philosophy. All you need is latex foam. Reminds me of Coffer gloves (a long-gone Reusch fighting brand, i believe). Re new releases, how would i find out if Uhlsport are gonna re-produce an old classic? Their website seems to simply concentrate on the crazy modern space-age gloves :P
  7. DYJHIW you dive at a forward's feet in a 50-50 one-on-one and the forward goes in with his studs up? I've had some unpleasant knee injuries as a result of this particularly cowardly act.
  8. I've had cheaper and more expensive gloves than the UHL 034, but they are still my favourite. However, the UHL 083 was a beauty as well. Latex foam rubber. It's been available to us all for decades now. I'm not convinced that gloves have moved on much since the early 1980s. Internal stitching, external stitching, flat palm, negative cut, rollfinger, fingersave spines, elasticated wrists, velcro-fastened wrists, wrist protection. It's all flim-flam. The one important thing thing is latex foam rubber palms. Somehow, i have in my possession some early to late 1980s magazine adverts from Sukan Sports, UhlSport, Reusch etc. I don't have a scanner but will get around to uploading something eventually.... if anybody is interested. Until then, the true classic, the UHL 034.
  9. I'm new. Hello.

    Thanks fellas. Indeed i will start the pre 1990 (ish) retro/classic thread. Wow, goalkeeping gloves of the past! I must be a sad git.
  10. I'm new. Hello.

    Hello. Offer me a dream life choice of either 15yrs as a top pop/rock star or 5yrs as a top goalkeeper, and i'd take the goalkeeping 9 times out of ten. Back to real life now; i'm here mainly to complain about how things in football and goalkeeping were better in the 1980s :P . Also, is there not a thread for retro/classic gloves and kit?