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  1. Wrist Strength

    when i tried to push a rocket shot or a volley.....i always end up with my wrist snapped...and i will hav to rest for 3-4days for my wrist to recover
  2. Reading penalties.

    how do you know the elevation...wether it goes to the top middle or low corner?
  3. One on One's

    wil this help...i see goalkeepers like oliver kahn and manuel neuer do this...they spread their legs apart..........like opening the legs when charging the striker......will it help or just worsen the situation...
  4. Dropkicks

    why is that my punt go a million miles high....and i simply cant hit the bal properly when i do the dropkick...anybody hep me?
  5. hye i'm from malaysia

    i'm from malaysia and i would love a warm welcome.... ;)
  6. Penalties

    how do you all know thee elevation of the ball....i mean if u know that the ball is going to your right for instance.....how do you know the elevation....how do you all figure out if the ball is going to the top, middle or bottom corner?