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  1. Shoes!

    Adidas Copa Mundial for HG Adidas World Cup for SG
  2. Got Alerts Today !!

    Have said this to the alert owner in this past, so much better than React... React really should take note!
  3. the monk

    The keeper from Mike Bassets Manager series is much better!
  4. Scrum Caps ... please back me up ! ....

    I got a very nasty blow to the head at the end of last season, was out cold for almost half an hour and would not respond to adrenaline etc, was feared I might have something quite seriously wrong. Fortunately I'm okay now, but I dont feel the need to wear a scrum cap, I dont think it would of stopped me getting the blow anyway so I think you're right with not getting him one.
  5. Broken fingers

    I got airlifted to hospital at the end of last season after being knocked out cold for half an hour, dont remember any of it. People have said I took an elbow square between the eyes and hit the ground hard, not a nice experience to wake up strapped down to a table in recuss!
  6. Alright lads

    Alright lads, checked the forum out for a while but only just got round to registering. Play for Oxford City Under 16s, Brackley Jaffas Under 16s and play for the Oxfordshire Under 16 representative team. Gloves Im using at the moment are Alert...