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  1. Hello!

    Hi, just taking up this role at the age of 25. I was always told as a kid that i should be a goalkeeper and filled in for my primary school team on a few occassions but always prefered to be scoring the goals upfront rather than saving them so refused to be regular keeper. As my 5 a side team were struggling for a keeper a few months ago and i didnt seem to able able to put a ball in the back of the net anymore i decided to give it a go. I got 3 concecutive man of the matches, and was asked to go and play for an 11 a side team off these performances. I made a rather horrific mistake by picking up a back pass (allowed to do that in 5 a side) which they scored off the indirect freekick. apart from that i had an ok game and made a few decent saves but we lost 3-2. I was asked to go back and register for the team as first choice keeper. It will cost me £40 to register for the season (bit skint at the minute). The team dont train and just play the matches so the only training i get is everyone lining up and firing shots at me before the match, not the most confidence/technique building excercise in the world, also with the games being on saturdays i wont be able to watch much football so due to all that i refused to play for them. Have i made a mistake? or should i just stick to 5 a side with my mates, in the little nets where it is safe and everyone is my friend :)