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  1. Nike gloves - Yes or No?

    I still think the pros who are endorsed by nike are not using the ones that consumers used, perhaps a rebadged Sells : P
  2. Finger Protection

    I always like them , well because of evds is using them. But I always struggle to use them because its restricting. I always opted for the customizable one so it helps a bit. Nowadays I just use it if I pick up an injury. Normal gloves are way better, using finger supports is the best way imo
  3. I use Adidas adipowers. Its light and gives good protection. Also its useful for occasional playing outfield.
  4. Hello fellow keepers!

    Hi all my name is Hanif Che Din. I'm from Malaysia and I play regularly in a local Sunday League in both Football and Futsal. I play both upfield and in goal as well. Also I'm a goalkeeper gloves and football boots enthusiast :) . Other than that I'm also a racing driver and a chef. I'm a fan of Fulham and Arsenal. Last but not least, I'm looking forward to share our knowledge, tips or anything relative to what we love to do : D Cheers! Hanif