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  1. Hi all my fellow GK's, Just want to let all my fellow GK's in Ireland that i have the latest range of KA Goalkeeping readily available in Ireland, these gloves are of the highest standard and worn by many pro keepers and at the maximum price of €40 unbelievably priced, can post country wide or can be collected from my base in Dublin. P&P will be minimal as i find people in Ireland are charged excessively for gloves to be sent from the UK to Ireland, so why pay all that P&P and wait days for gloves when you have KA Goalkeeping on your doorstep, so if you want to know more and see the products you can contact us at kagoalkeepingire@gmail.com or add us on Facebook at KA Goalkeeping Ireland, Cheers, Your's in clean sheets, KA Goalkeeping Ireland