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  1. any tips on knee protection?

    Can't say fairer than that. I know they'll take the mick whatever I wear, but those look spot on. My knees were so bad tonight I actually came out of goal (only for 5 min's). Ta
  2. any tips on knee protection?

    Hello. Please forgive me if this has been covered a 100 times before but.... I recently started playing in goal again once per week in a friendly 5 a side game. I love it, but the wooden floor leaves my knees in a state. Do any of you have tips for padded trousers? I'm thinking 3/4 length. Don't really want to spend more than £15 Ta
  3. hello

    Hello I'm a 37 year old in the west midlands (uk). I started playing in goal again the past few months after a short (20 year) hiatus of sitting on my arse. I forgot how much I love it! Indoor 5 a side gives the knees a bit of a pounding. If you see me in the street say hello!