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  1. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    So no games this last weekend, and a modified practice schedule for the team with some tweeks for Wyatt to make sure he didn't do to much to fast. Monday they got a rest day, and Tuesday weather forced them to the community college for conditioning. Rained the eniter time, and they worked on agility and footskills for about half the season. Coach spent the first half lecturing the boys about some team building issues as well as the behavior and attitude of several of the boys during the trip and since the season began. Wyatt didn't catch anything in the talks and turned in a pretty good session otherwise. Wednesday was agility, strength and conditioning with the club trainer. The coach came out to watch and hand Wyatt sit out the distance running. He landed a little funny in some jumping drills, so just spent the majority of the practice stretchign and talking with the trainer and the coach. The coach was again not to happy with the effort of the team and had another talk with them as a whole and individually as needed. Not sure where it's going but the trainer said the coach is talking with the director about benching some boys to get them back on track with what they should be doing. The reserve keeper came up lame during the training, saying his he had hurt his hip in Colorado, and that it felt like two bones rubbing together which didn't sound like a very good thing. He was supposed to get it looked at Thursday afternoon. Thursday was regular team practice, the reserve keeper wasn't there and no-one, even the coach knew where he was at. Wyatt was feeling good again and a call to the ortho cleared him for full practice. Since the other keeper wasn't there he got to work with the field players on passing and movement until he had to glove up for striking and finishing and then scrimmage. He didn't seem to have any issues and put on a pretty good show running through his range of saves and movement. He did catch one spot of trouble in the scrimmage when he held a ball at his feet and dribbled it into spave, megging the attacking mid in the process. Coach wasn't upset with the skills, but said he didn't want to see that on the field come game day. Friday and Sunday he did private keeper training. Friday night after a brief lightening delay, they trained in a monson like downpour. Coach worked on securing balls in muddy conditions as well as taking advantage of the sloppy fields to throw in some skipping balls. Sunday was closign the angle and clearing the corners, with some 1v1 thrown in. At one point Wyatt freaked everyone out when he caught a cleat and twisted his knee and went down hard. He said it popped, but felt really good afterwards. We kept an eye on him for the rest of the day and didn't have anything else happen. Sunday he also went for skills with the club trainer. This time there were some older boys therer as well so Wyatt was pushing himself to work harder. One of them was a U18 keeper who comes sporadically. Wyatt was pleasantly surprised to be able to out work and perform him in the drills. The trainer also looked him over again before starting to make sure nothing seemed out of place. Afterwards the trainer talked with Wyatt for a bit about how things were going and let him know that the director has been keeping tabs on his development. Talked about some changes they want to see from Wyatt (things he is already working on) and some changes they are going to discuss with his coach. For Wyatt it's mostly about getting more of his sweeper on, and continuing to push with his foot skills. For the coach it is more about working on the buildign from the back and workign to get Wyatt more involved with the overall flow of the game. So we will see how that goes. This week looks to be back to the regular schedule with a game this weekend versus Lonestar who they defeated the last time them met in a 5-1 beat down, bothe teams have picked up a few players, but the cores are still pretty much the same, so expecting it to be a rather energetic game.
  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Took him to the ortho today. Everythign checked out well and he is good to get back at it. Dr said that their is a ligament across the patella and because he is growing so fast it doesn't always adjust properly and sometimes will make very rapid "pop" adjustments. Dr thought that combining the growth with the enforced sitting for almost a day for travel and lack of stretching that conditions just aligned for it to decide to make an adjustment during his warm-up. He said the trainers did the right thing benching him and assigning some strengthing stretches that helped it settle back into place. He has to wear a compression sleeve for a week or so, but otherwise no restrictions. The coach was extremly happy to here he was cleared to get back to training and games. Dr did tell he was lucky that it wasn't worse and re-enforced the need to maintain his flexiability through streching and proper warm-ups no matter what. He's heard that thousands of times from his mom, trainers and coaches, but I don't think it sinks in like when a guy is waving an X-Ray of your knee and then showing you pcitures of worse cases.
  3. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well not the weekend of soccer that Wyatt wanted with his first out of state road games. Things started off bad with the team's flight being delayed almost hours so they didn't get into their hotel until around 2ish game day morning. They got about 4 hours of sleep becuase the opponents for the first day didn't want to push the game back to let them get some more sleep. They get to fields and Wyatt decided to change his warmup routine and start with some side-punts since he hasn't been able to get them in before the previous game because the coach pulls them into some shooting warmups before their warmup is done. So as he was warming up he took a few side volly punts and somehow twisted his knee. The trainer took a look at it and said he had maybe strained a tendon. He didn't think it was too bad, but recommended not playing for the game, but said he felt he would be good to go for the Sunday game. The trainer at the next game looked him over since he was still a little stiff, sore, and had some limitation to his lateral movement. The traienr didn't think it was anything serious. He cleared him to train, but said he shouldn't play since he wouldn't be at 100% and risk doing it some real harm. So the reserve keeper got two full games in the goal to test his metal. First game they faced Colorado Rapids, an MLS team academy. Lack of sleep had the boys not playing up to snuff, but they gave a good game. Both team had trouble getting into the finishing 3rd, but Wyatt's squad owned the possession game. First goal though went to the Rapids, a bad distribution from the keeper saw possession lost adn then the defense giving up a free kick in the scramble to contain it. Ball came in with everyone bum rushing the box, the keeper rooted to the spot trying to follow the ball and didn't react to clear it which let a Rapids player pop it across the keeper to his left. The boys evened it up as the half wound down with a nice ball from a centerback who pretty much went for broke on a boot. Second half it settled into a back and forth game with each side getting some looks. Finally a hand ball in the box got the Rapids a PK, which had to be taken twice. First time a Rapids player encroached and the ref had them retake it. Both times the guy went to the same sport, but the reserve keeper didn't take a step to get to it, just dove to his side. Game ended 1-2 and the boys apparently very worn out from lack or sleep and a 5500 foot elevation differnce from home, where ready to have a break. Sunday they faced off versus Real Colorado. They were better rested, but day two at altitude took its toll. Boys were sluggish, and not mentally awake. Real was not as good of a squad as the Rapids, so the boys should have been able to handle them easiely. Things didn't work out that way. Wyatt got benched again and the reserve keeper wasn't happy. He started off the morning complaining about being tired and not wanting to play. Game started off with both teams getting a feel for each other. Keeper seemed to have trouble connecting with any of his distributions, with about a 90% turnover rate. He also made a lot of mental mistakes with his positioning, several times creating a chance for a goal through bad choices. Finally bit him when he slapped a ball back into traffic and had it get brought back into the box and then going to his right low. He made a dive for it, but weak handed it into the net. The team leveled it up in a mad bum rush of shots on the opposing keeper to go into the half 1-1. Not soon after the half the keeper distributed a ball right to an opposing forward who charged into the box with it and set up a nice pass for make it 1-2. Wyatt's team tried to rally, but the play was really frantic and chaotic. They generated several chances but either got over excited and skied the shot, or in the case of the best attempt the keeper made a really nice jump to push the ball over the bar and seal the 1-2 loss for the boys. Post game review saw the coach pretty happy with the overall play in the first days game, but not too happy with game two. The reserve keeper caught a lot of grief for his speed of play. despite the coach's opinion that he was better with passing then Wyatt, the coach was not to happy that he took so long to pass the ball and that when he was told to go long when they went down 0-1, he started turnign the ball over all the time. Coach talked to Wyatt a bit about his knee and how he needed him to get back into game form as soon as possible. He was a little curious why Wyatt didn't want to go in, and Wyatt said he did, but the the coach agreed with the physio that he should sit out. Outside of the games, Wyatt had 2 team practices in the last week. The travel weekend meant no private keeper training or skills training. Team practices were canceled on Monday to give them a rest day after the Sunday game for the Memorial Day holiday and Thursday thunderstorms rained them out. Tuesday Wyatt got about 30 minutes with the team before having to go to club keeper training where they worked on crosses and defending set pieces, with some distribution under pressure work as well. Wednesday was team conditioning training which was lots of speed running mixed in with some agility drills. This week will probably be a mixed bag. Wyatt has today off and then sees an ortho Wedensday to get his matching orders concerning his knee. Otherwise he will be doing the stretching and strength work the physios from the weekend assigned him.
  4. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Looks like they may be a little more prompt about posting the game film. He are the highlights from Wyatt's first game of the season. Not a lot of action, and his team assissted with a few of the goals against, but it's not unusual with this group it seems. U15 DA Game 1 vs. Solar SC Almost forgot, Wyatt had to play with the Addidas Predator Pros when had in bought since his new Elites haven't shown up yet. He'll probably be wearing them for two games this weekend. He did appreciate the mesh backing on the top of the glove and said they were nice and sticy for the catches, but still misses his Elites.
  5. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Finally Wyatt's season got off to its official start as his teamed played their in town rivals Solar SC. These games are always very lively with the players and parents getting worked up, which makes for some high drama, and this one didn't fail to produce. As if the regular drama wasn't enough, a little extra fuel was thrown on the fire because the opponents picked up a player from Wyatt's team at the end of last season, who made it known part of their reason for leaving was becuase of some difference with the core cliche of players on our team. So they were looking to make him eat his words and he was looking to show them what they lost. Despite his concerns, Wyatt got the start for the game. His team came out fast and put on the pressure, getting several looks at goal in the first 5 minutes or so. Then Solar revcovered and countered with some good pressure of their own. Wyatt had a few early touches, one side dive to his right to deflect a shot from his left across the face of goal and then collecting a chip into the box under pressure. The coach made a bad choice on defenders, chosing to place a slower and somewhat unmotivated player in the centerback slot which cost the team 3 goals with in the span of about 10 minutes. First one was a corner, Wyatt had his players mark up, but the coach pulled one off expecting the centerback to cover him, which he didn't. That set up a really nice header from the on-marked man. Not soon after the centerback misplayed a clearance, and tried to clear it, but wiffed it and then heel flicked it over the other defender right to a forward in front of Wyatt who vollyed it in to make it 0-2. About 3 minutes later he got caught ball watching and let a crossed ball right past himself to the mid he should have marked who lofted a nice shot in on one touch to make it 0-3. Wyatt expected to get pulled at that point but he stayed in for the rest of the half and almost half way through the second half. He collected a few more balls out of the air and handle some back passes, but about 10 minutes after it went 0-3, his team got fired up and found the next 4 times before the half to make it 4-3. The opposing keeper hadn't had much to do until that point, but didn't handle the sudden up tick in pressure that well, getting caught in bad spots for 2 of the goals, and then losing the other two due to loosing control of the ball after a save. Second half saw a couple changes, but everyone seemed to up it a notch and things started to get chippy. Hard tackles were being made constantly. wresting and shirt pulling abounded, and hard tackles flew. Soon players started bouncing up from tackles and getting in each others faces, several times resulting in some shoving and teammates jumping into break it up before things got out of hand. It hit a high point when the opposing keeper got beat out of the box trying to handle a poor back pass, and tacked american football style our forward as he started to go towards the open goal. He got a red for denial of goal scoring. From that point the ref pretty much lost control of the match and even the parents on the sidelines were getting rowdy. Finally the game closed out with Wyatts team winning 6-3. The reserve keeper got a bout 20 minutes, but by that time with Solar being a man down, most the action had moved up the field from him. He made a couple collections on weak crosses, and some backpassing though so he did see a little action. After the game, the coach said he was pretty happy with how Wyatt played except he said the second goal was Wyatt's fault for some reason. Wyatt didn't like that, but once we have the game film he wants to look it over and see if there was something he should have done differiently. The win put them at the top of the table for the divison in the top 10 nationally at the moment. But it's super early in the season, but still a nice pat on the back for the team. Practice wise the team transitioned into their season schedule of 3 practices and one conditioing session a week. All the team practices focused primarily on builing out of the back and for the keepers playing a very high line. Wyatt did that really well at the game, spending most his time high up the field and didn't punt or send a goalkick long all game. They also worked some of setting walls and taking set piece kicks. Wyatt liked that a bit at first because the coach started identfying players whose job was to go into the wall as soon as Wyatt called for a wall. And then stressing that Wyatt is the final say on where they need to be. Were two differient styles there. Wyatt would get on his near post and set the wall from their, while the other keeper would do it from the center of the goal so he wasn't getting caught in a bad spot by a quick restart, but then meant he didn't always have the wall set correctly and wound up defneding two posts and not one. Had one club keeper session which focused on cutting angles, which Wyatt has trained a bunch in, so the keeper coach had him focus on catching the ball and not parrying it as much to push him. He did his usual private keeper session Friday evening, focusing on following through with distributions from collections and collecting ball from parrys and deflections. They worked a bit on punting, with a focus on targeting your delivery for differient players at varying distances. Wyatt's has improved significantly in the last year and he only lost out by one punt to the coach in the game at the end of the session. Finally after the game Sunday morning he did his usual evening skills training with the Club trainer. The trainer has added in some stretching to his routine both their and daily to up his flexibilty as he grows this year. So things didn't turn out so bad for Wyatt, he was not happy about the 3 goals, and definitely had some words with his centerback. This week will focus on getting ready for the double header game series in Colorado. Wyatt expects to start atleast one of the two games, but seems like he is following the same pattern as last year, so Wyatt will get atleast 50% in goal if he doesn't start if it holds the same.
  6. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wyatt says thanks. He has been in the same spot before when we changed clubs a few years back, joined a team that really needed a keeper, then the old one came back. Family was good friends with the coach and the rest of the team, so rally cut into Wyatt's playing time significantly for a year or so. He buclked down and kept working and got through it. Taking the same attitude this time, talked with his mentor last night and got his head screwed back on right, then marched into practice and did his job. He may not like it, but he does admit that he tends to rise to the challenge and push himself more in situations like this. Last year the reserve keeper wasn't a threat and he says he thinks he let himself get a little relaxed and enjoyed the feeling a little to much. We will see how things start shaking out with the first game this Sunday.
  7. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another week of pre-season down, and one more to go. This week featured 4 team practices, a "scrimmage" of sorts, keeper training, and skills. No days off for the boy, but the "scrimamage" was pretty much an off day almost. For twam training they continued the patten from last week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday team practice with conditioing on Wednesday. The reserve keeper got busted for cutting corners on the run, easy to get spotted when you are about 50 yards or more behind the pack, and got the team another 4 laps, and a bonus 6 just for himself. Team practices followed the guidelines they laid out at the parents meeting last week. Monday focused on review of the previous week (and once the seasons starts, lessons from the game that weekend). Tuesday was about speed of play and maintaining possession. Thursday was building out of the back. That one was interesting because Wyatt started off each run of the drill, which surprised him since he feels like the coach favors the reserve keeper at the moment and is worried his spot as starter may be in jeaorpardy. His mom and mentor/trainer told him to not worry about it and continue to focus on his work. After last year, not having a strong reserve keeper, I think he has forgotten what it is like to feel pushed by someone wanting your spot. Although the reserve keeper still seems to be not to interested in training or practice unless it involves game time in the scrimmages at regular practice. There was regular keeper training sessions this week as well at the club, but he only attended one. Coach wanted them both there for practice during the second one, so one session. The keeper training session focused on dealing with shots and passes down the touch line with two keepers acting as targets in front of the goal. Wyatt did really well at it, but there was a litle conflict between what the club trainer and his private trainer want him to do in the same situation. Basically the shot is coming in from the inersection of the 18 and the touchline with two players in the 6, one center and one back post. Player with the ball is allowed one touch to set up a pass/cross/shot. Club trainer wants the keeper to come out a yard or two off the near post down the touch line facing the player with the ball square. Private trainer wants the keeper on the near post angeled to react to the shot or cross and ready to come out and colelct a pass should that happen. Wyatt played it the way intially the private trainer likes it and went with out getting scored on. When the club coach had him do it his way, Wyatt started going about 2 saves for 3 trys. So he wasn't too sold on the idea quite yet. Friday and Sunday he did priavte keeper training. The private trainer is still focsuing on saves and collections that transition into distributions quickly. He varied up the drills some with mixes of saves required with some backpasses thrown in, then also had 4 target groups to receive the dsitribution with based on which one called out for the ball and was open. So added in a little pressure element to get them learning to keep their heads up and look instead of just dumping it out someplace. He also worked with the private skills trainer at the club Sunday, usual diet of striking and touches, ball control, and agility work. Highlight there was us dad's rooting a 5 foot snake out of the equipment shed. It was rather unhappy with us and several times had 3 grown men running every which way like a flock of frightened chickens. Last thing for the week was a team "scrimmage" on a game field we use during the regular season. The coach isn't big on arranging opponents, so he had some of ours boys bulk up the 05 squad so they could scrimmage, and then a couple of them stayed to round out our squad into two teams for us to scrimmage. The 05s rain over a bit, so we were about an hour late starting. Then the captains of the teams got to chose their keepers, with the reserve getting first pick and taking Wyatt which meant he had the ball in his half the field most of the game. The reserve keeper didn't have too much to do, but what he did have didn't look to good. He got pulled out of position trying to chase a forward, right out of the box towards the corner leaving 3 opposing playes onsides in the box. He also was to quick on booting the ball clear when not under pressure. Wyatt's team couldn't capitalize on the errors though. For his teams part they did okay with some of the newer players really showing quite well. Wyatt got scored on 3 times, once off a really nice pass combo to a shot through traffic past his captain who was playing center back. Other two were own goals from the same player who would turn running back into gaol to try and clear balls through the box that wyatt called and then tap them in right out of Wyatt's hands. Wyatt wasn't too happy about that. So one more week of pre-season, then Sunday is the first game. Wyatt is pretty anxious about it, figuring that the reserve may get the start. We will see how things shake out as the week goes by and game day arrives.
  8. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another week of pre-season training and Wyatt's coach is taking full advantage of most of the not having started school for the year yet. Wyatt's team had 6 practices this week, his only non-team day being Friday. Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday were conditioning days with them being up at the local community college. Coach worked in some agility training as well, plus some passing and making/finding space work. Both the U14 and Wyatt's teams practices overlapped on those days ans as frist keeper Wyatt would lead keeper skills while the field players focsused on stuff. Then they would get mixed back in for games. Wednesday and Thursday were standard team practices. The coach is really focusing on speed of play and finding/making space. Also working out where everyone will fit this year, the team picked up 6 new field players, 2 older boys playing down and 4 new field players plus the new reserve keeper. Thursday night they worked on building out of the back with the theme of making/taking space. I had to attend a team parents meeting Thursday night, so I missed most the field session where Wyatt had a really good evening both in the foot skills and the goal during drills and scrimmage. He did well Wednesday night too, but their was little in the way of saves to be made, but lots of back passes and acting as a sweeper/center back to be done. Parents meeting was interesting because the club is rolling out some new policies and such, biggest impacts are in that there will be unified training patterns and topics across all the teams to establish internal consistancy for development as the players progress up the ages, and moving to a 4 day a week training schedule with the addition of a permanent weekly conditioning session with the clud trainer. Now club keeper training this week due to him having some scheduling conflicts with the two teams he coaches, but Wyatt did get in a session with his private keeper coach. He has started working more on drills that focus on what to do after making the first save. Friday featured recovering from deflecting and parrying balls to recover it and then distribute it through rolls, punts, and throws. Also some work with pass backs and goal kick distributions under various situation. He ended the session with them having to apply various techniques based on how the "friendly" and "opposing" players (played by the other keepers not in the drill) were positioned so the keepers had to learn to be looking at the field before and after the save. Part of that included having opposing players in the box area so the keeper could just clear the ball, but had to think more about where they were going to clear it. Wyatt got into it really well both in the net and as an opposing player, lurking around the far post to try and pick off deflections where the keeper just pushed it into him. Last bit of training for the week was skills and agility with conditioing with the club trainer. They worked a whole lot on building core strength for the first half, then moved into first touch to control bad passes or loose balls (high to low). Wyatt was pretty tired since he had conditioning with the team earlier in the day, but he put in a solid session and felt pretty good about his first touches by the end. This week is more of the same with possibly a friendly on the weekend. The coach is still trying to see where all the new pieces fit in the team and which current ones need to be moved. With them having a big out of town double header the second weekend of the season and him having to set the roster by the end of the month, its making it very tough on some of the kids at practice. Wyatt already has his spot, so no worries, but it looks like the reserve keeper is still has been given a slot yet. On one hand Wyatt would be happy if he didn't go and Wyatt got all the minutes, but he also worries about what will happen if he goes out for some reason. Odds are both keepers will go unless the other keeper's family can't afford the trip (the joys of pay to play soccer in the US). Only other bit of news is the german travel team group that offered Wyatt a spot for a summer trip to Germany in June reached out to him last week wanting to take him to Munich at Thanksgiving. He has two games that conflict at the moment, but if they get moved (somewhat likely) he may get to do to Germany for 10 days, play some games and attend a couple Budesliga games.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Week 2 and pre-season training continues. The club seems to be wanting to spend more time gearing up in pre-season then last year, so Wyatt had a pretty busy week. Team had 5 practices this week. First two were run by the Academy Director since the coach was still in England on Family business. They focused a lot on passing drills and working on the concept of taking space and not passign into to pressure. They also include a good sized dose of how to support the player on the ball when you aren't him. Was the first time about a quarter of the team had trained with the AD, but the rest have had him as a coach for one to two yeares before last season. For the new players it was a little intense, with the new keeper finding out that he expects the keepers to play with their feet as good as the field players, and that they have to do al lthe drills fast and accurate. The reserve keeper wasn't quite ready for that and got himself in the doghouse a lot. Once the keepers got their gloves on, it didn't change much with the coach riding the new keeper for not looking ahead or thinking about what would happen after the save. Wyatt remembers his time in the doghouse from sevearal years back and talked with the reserve after practice, but the reserve basically said it wouldn't matter in a game, since keepers never really play with their feet and alls that matters is blocking shots. Took Wyatt a little bit to get a straight face again after that one. Second practice was very similar to the first one, except the reserve keeper saw the keeper coach working with the younger keepers and decided he would go over there instead of team practice. The coach didn't even notice he was gone until they got to some striking and finishing drills and needed a second keeper so Wyatt wouldn't get worn out before they scrimmaged at the end of the practice. Coach sent someone over to grab another keeper and wound up bringing back the reserve. Coach didn't say much, but after practice told Wyatt to tell his reserve if he was going to skip practice, he should consider training with the younger teams who are doing mostly first touch and dribbling, rather then beginner keeper practice. Wyatt for his part had a very good two practices with the AD. The AD recognized him for his improvement in his footskills since last season, and used him as part of the drill demos, and also to goad on the field players who were being lazy/sloppy by pointing out the keeper was the best field player out there. AD asked Wyatt to skip keeper training to work on some transition drills so no club keeper training for Wyatt Tuesday. Third practice was conditioning training. Boys spent the better part of 90 minutes running, jumping, sprinting, and just plain working harder. Wyatt having kept busy over the summer was in better shape then most, but still was soaked by the end. Fourth practice was back with the coach. He focused a lot on passing drills dealing with keeping shape and finding space. He ran some invovling starts from the keepers, before sending Wyatt and the reserve over to keeper training. There they worked on punching balls out. Wyatt rather enjoyed that and only had one akward moment where there was a mix up in the order the balls came in from. The drill featured to goals sent about 10 yards apart and they had to clear the ball to the sides of the opposite goal, anything over it or into was consider a failure. The servers had switched and one of the them served a ball to Wyatt when he was facing the opposite way where the service should have come from. The coach warned him and Wyatt turned and punched it out into the opposing keepers face. No harm was done, but the keeper coach did use it has a lesson in why everyone needed to be paying attention all the time. They finished up with goal kicks and punts. Final practice was a sunday session indoors. Unlike the typical indoor session which basically turned into speed ball, the coach focused on using the tight spaces to really work on passing fast and under lots of pressure. He intriduced a game/drill where the keepers didn't wear gloves, but the teams scored by instead of shooting passing the ball to the opposing keeper who would then restart the game with a pass as if he had received a back pass. Wyatt relly liked that one a lot and didn't mind so much when they went to scrimmage 6v6 since the coach made it a foul to deliberately use the wall as part of a pass or to rebound a shot to set up a shot on goal. Other the team practice Wyatt did 4 days of pre-season camp with his private goalkeeper coach. The coach set-up the camps so they were invite only and grouped players together by skill level and play level. He started off working on tuning up the basics, then as the week went by moved into more invovled drills that include backpassing and distributions as part of the drill. Wyatt liked that and was one of the two senior students for camp so he worked a lot on his leadership skills as well. It did make it a little harder getting up to speed in the evenings for practice, but after the first day he figured out that it was a good idea to go home, cleanup, eat and rest to get ready for the team practice in the evenings. Finally he spent part of his brithday sunday after tem practice working with his skills trainer. The skills trainer started off with a big dose of strength and a gility, then moved onto first touch, skills moves, and then striking and finishing. They ended with a little 4v4 game, which looked funny as Wyatt was paired up with the shorterst other player in a small with tall death match versus a pair of very aggressive girls who weren't afraid to take a hard hit to win the ball. This week school starts back up so he will be back to his regular training schedule as they get ready for their first game in three weeks. He did find out he was one of the small group who has already been picked to play the second weekend of the season in their double header in Colorado. He is pretty excited about that, even more so since neither I, nor his mom are going to go. So far sounds like not to many parents are going to travel with the team for those games, so good chance for some team building.
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    I sent him the links to look at. He seems dead set on going back to his Elites. His OCD drives his decision making sometimes when it comes to trying new stuff, which was why it was so surprising he hopped on the Addidas train for even a short ride. Thanks
  11. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    He tried Westcoast a few years back, but didn't like the way the cut and shape of the fingers were. There quality was really good and he did like the ones with the palm latex that went over the wrist strap, but his OCD kept him fidgeting with them the whole time so we had to change. Several of the keepers we know and that he trains with have started to use them now though, so someone local must have "rediscovered" them. Currently he wants to go back to his Elites, he likes them alot, they are pretty durable and he likes the cut and fit. His mom has been working with him on understanding that its better to stick with things you know work and avoid flitting back and forth between all the cool new stuff the other boys are getting. Especially with his OCD, since anything new or differient in his kit can become a distraction under stress.
  12. The new season is underway and Wyatt started back to training last week. Started off with a conditioning and agility session at the local community college. Wyatt was pretty excited to see his team mates again. Unfortunately his coach had to head back to England for a emergency so they are training with various coaches until he returns. Second session of the week they trained with the U16-19 coach. Started with some passing drills, then scrimaged for the rest of the session. Finally practice was conditioning with the club trainer. Became very evident which boys stayed on top of their summer training schedules and which didn't as they drug themselves off the field. Club keeper training started Thursday as well, so Wyatt went from conditioning to keeper training. The keeper training focused on cutting angles, protecting the near post, and dealing with sight line interference from opposing players. Despite soming right from conidtiioing, Wyatt did really well at the keeper training, with the coach commenting on the fact that he showed improvement since the end of the last season, which he liked. Wyatt enjoyed it as well since this year he has moved to the oldest group for keeper training. Wyatt's club trainer returned as well for the beginning of the season, so Wyatt did foot skills and agility training. He also did two private keeper sessions focusing on saving long shots, high shots, and distributions and punting. Wyatt commented that with getting back to his training schedule, he was extremely happy and looking for to the season starting next month. Wyatt tried some new gloves as well while he was at camp and into the start of this season. We picked him up a pair of Addidas Predator Pros for him to take to camp, and then sent him a second pair when he tore the frist pair out at camp. He started a pre-season warmup keeper camp yesterday and called it quites for them. He likes the light weight backs in the heat and said the foam was relly nice and sticky for the first few uses, but after about 3 sessions they lost their grip, and then after about 6 or 7 sessions on steady work they have several areas where the latex is gone done to the base mesh layer on the main contact surfaces and he had trouble before that with keeping the ball even when he made a good catch. Came to a head yesterday at keeper camp, when he sent me home at their lunch brak to get his pair of gk-pros to wear and then last night asked him mom to order him some more of the Elites he has been using for the lat couple of years. He likes the gk-pros, but says the straps are too short so he can't keep them tight on his wrists and constantly is fidgeting with them between saves or runs in training. Wyatt also has gotten a better look at the teams new second keeper, His comments so far are that he is pretty good with making sliding saves with his feet, but seems really reluctant to use his hands. He also said the kid has a attitude problem. Apparenlty doesn't like to practice or do training. Starts every team practice showing up late or as close to start time as possible, complaining that he doesn't want to be there. He aslo skipped the first keeper training session, which are mandatory for all club keepers. The keeper coach wasn't to happy and asked Wyatt to remind the new keeper that attendance is required and absences affect playing time. It's really funny in an odd way, because during tryouts Wyatt asked him why he wanted to change clubs and play in the DA and the kid told Wyatt because he wanted to try playing at a higher level to push himself. So we will see if his attitude changes as the season moves along.
  13. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Last post for the 2017-2018 season. Wyatt finished up his three weeks of Camp out at the Barca Acadaemy in Arizona. First week was all keeper all the time and he really loved it. They focused a lot on teachign the boys their style of play for keepers which focused more on the keeper as a option for passing and pressure let up with lots of building out of the back. They assumed that all the boys had some training already so didn't focus much on basics, but went right into more advanced uses of skills and technical sessions on tactics and such. Wyatt continued with the older advanced group the whole week and ended up scrimmaging at the end as the keeper for the U17 players that were trying out for their club spots this coming season. Second two weeks we he as a field player mostly, once again a lot of focus on their style of play, passing, posssession, making and taking space. He did glove-up for the scrimmages and striking/finishing stuff alot the second week, but the third week they had a keeper there trying out for the U15 program (same age as Wyatt) so he was in the goal a lot so they could get a good look at him. Wyatt surprised the coaches quite a bit the second and third weeks with his level of footskill. Second week coach thought he was a centerback who had just switched to keeping, but quickly figured out that wasn't thecase when he got his gloves on he realized Wyatt was really a goalie. Third week, the coach was impressed again with his footskills knowing he was a keeper. Wyatt asked to train only as field player that week and only went into the net for scrimages the last evening and then final games the last morning. When we picked him up the coach from spain was gone and the keeper coach for the Academy was in a meeting so we only got to talk to some of the field coaches. They gave some pretty good feedback. For Wyatt's part he was a little bummed out, after doing a stellar job the first week in the keeper program and getting lots of kudos, the second two weeks he felt he just did okay. He said he got some good feedback and praise, but not like the first week. He talked with his mom a bit about it and she made him really look at it, and said while you weren't getting tons of praise the second two weeks, you were being a field player with field player coaches/trainers. So just hanging with the groups and doing well was a pretty good commentary on your field skills. We talked some with the folks there about their program and selection process. They program is an 11 month residency deal and the boys have to be in highschool due to the charter school they use. Wyatt is going into the 8th grade this year, so while old enough, grade wise he has a year to go. So we discussed staying in touch and them wanting to keep tabs on him this year and get another look at him over the holidays and end of the season to consider him for his U16. Oddly enough, about 3 days after we had left we got an email exteding him an invitation to join the program for the upcoming U15 year. Apparently he had made a really good impression and they were willing to work with us on the admission requirements to see about getting him signed up. Unfortunately since we hadn't intended on him trying out or being able to attend their program he had already signed his contracts with his current club and pre-paid for his school here at home. WE have been discussing it with them though, and as before they want to keep an eye on him and have us bring him out again for consideration for his U16 year. That seems to have really lit a fire under him and the whole vacation he was working out every evening to improve/maintain his conditioning and doing some skills work with the ball. He also started focusing on getting ready for the upcoming season and school year. His mom made it clear that there was no way she would let him go there if his grades weren't top notch this year, and he figures that turning in a grood season couldn't hurt as well. So that wraps up the season and we move onto his U15 2018-2019 season this week with the start of practices and a scrimmage possibly Sunday.
  14. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well, finally everything is wrapped up for the season and Wyatt is off to his 3 weeks of residency camp in AZ at the FC Barcelona DA academy there. He got a week off, then had two last open tryouts for his team. The coach has already signed Wyatt and the new reserve keeper, so they were there just to practice and help with the scrimmages and shooting drills as the coach sorted out the last few open spots on the roster. First night was mostly just scrimmaging. The keeper coach was there and spent some time working with the 4 age groups of keepers that were there, before turning them loose to their respective teams for scrimmaging. Second night Wyatt and the new guy wasrmed up and then did some passing drills with the team. As they were setting up to scrimmage a last minute tryout keeper showed up. He came from one of the local clubs where he had gotten cut. He had already tried out and been turned away from the other DA club in town, so called our director and arranged for a last minute tryout hopeing to push Wyatt or the other keeper out of a spot. Didn't work out so well for him, for starters he was about the same level as the new reserve. Second strike was that he was the keeper who got a 5 game suspsense for racial language against our team, so that really didn't endear him much to the boys and they went after him with lots of pressure forcing turnovers, goals, and got under his skin pretty quick. Coach called him over after about an hour and told him that he didn't have a spot for him and offered up our a spot on the next lowest team, but the kid copped an attitude, tore off his gloves, and stomped off the field complaining about things. Other then that he had a couple private keeper sessions, including one the Friday before he left for camp. He was wanting to make sure he was ready to go, so he spent his down time as well doing some conditioning and speed work. For the keeper session the coach ran them through refresher on the basics and worked a lot of double saves and aerial balls. Wyatt got into that a lot and was feeling pretty good, but nervous Sunday when him and his mom headed off to camp. He checked in yesterday afternoon and got his schedule and met his room mate, another u14 GK. From there after orientation they did assessment/evaluation to figure out how to break them into groups. Wyatt said he started off nervous and bobbled a few balls here and there, but the coach talked a second with him. Told him it was okay to be nervous and that is why they did the warmups and that nothing there was considered relevant to placement. With that he said he was calmer and went to work. At one point he came out on a ball, saw the striker slow up trying to set up a chip shot, and Wyatt dropped a yard which let him make a good leap and touch the ball over the bar for the save. The coach loved it, stopped practice for a second to discuss it, then turned Wyatt loose to keep showing his stuff. By the end he felt he had made a good showing for himself and was surprised to find himself placed in the top group with the U19s and some U17-U18 keepers. He was pretty stoked about it when he called and really looking forward to the sessions starting today. From there he wil have a week of the keeper program, then move into two weeks of regular camp. He will follow the field player schedule except for shooting and games, where he will glove up and play keeper.
  15. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Last game of the season U14 DA Game 31 vs Solar