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  1. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Another week without a game and winter finally showed up, atleast for a few days. Thanks to the weather and club rules on how cold is too cold to train, Wyatt only had two team practices and one club keeper training session this week. Team practice focused more on position and ball movement from front to back with the coach having the boys playing starters versus reserves for most the drills. There was a lot more focus on building out of the back and Wyatt was playing more with his feet as a sweeper then typical so far this season. He liked it alot and the coach also told him he needed to be a bit firmer with the back line and mids about using him as an option for back passes, resetting, switching sides, and releaving pressure to open the field up. Wyatt took to it with a vengeance and I think some progress was made between him in the main centerback and mid on what Wyatt should be handling. Keeper training with the club focused on back passing and switching the ball to the opposite side, as well as dose of goalkicks mixed in. Due to below freezing temps at night the second practice was moved to Saturday morning since they didn't have a game and afterwards Wyatt went over and worked with the U13s for a while. Special treat for him there was playing as an attacking mid so he could keep his foot skills up. He really enjoyed that, but when the coach messed with him about giving up the gloves for a field spot Wyatt didn't want to have any of that. Private keeper training turned into a intense session since the weather kept all but one new keeper and another regular from attending. So the trainer spent alot of time working on individual skill tweeks and fixes. He aslo worked in a big dose of 1v1 challenging techniques for closing the gap and attacking the ball on break aways. Ended with some point blank saves that Wyatt went all out for including almost taking out the trainer when he would charge in hard to collect the ball. He also did his usual foot skills and conditioning training Sunday, but with a bigger group then usual, including one of the u13 keepers and a U17 keeper. So after the usual drills and conditioning him and the other two keepers went out and worked on kicks, punts, and such. Wyatt madea lot of progress with his drop kick which the timing on had been killing him lately. He was excited that his goalkicks were almost as far as the U17 keepers, and impressed his mom and the other keepers dad by getting his off-side side punt (he calls it a sidewinder punt) down really well and much better then the other keepers prefferred foot side punts. His accuracy was pretty good and he did well at hitting his target with well placed balls. This week is the run-up for the final pre-Holiday League game. This is a team they lost 3-2 already this season and is also the former club their coach was at before moving to the Texans. This is also the team that last time we met saw 7 yellows and 3 reds being issued, with two of the red carded players still being out for the game this Saturday. So it is going to be a real exciting game and the coach is getting the boys all keyed up to play well and win it. Wyatt doesn't know it yet, but there will also be a scout there specifically to evaluate him. The club skills trainer his mom and I know that it was coming up, but doesn't want to let Wyatt know so he doesn't loose his focus come game time. The scout is suppoed to talk with Wyatt after the game though and give him a mini-evaulation so be intersting to see how that goes.
  2. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well Wyatt decided that he isn't quite ready to slow down for the Holidays yet this week. No games but he has been throwing himself into practice and training with a vengeance. He has been getting some feedback from the club that the scouts that have seen him like what they are seeing, but have noticed that the team this year isn't back passing and playing him as much as a sweeper as last season, so he is pushing himself harder at his footskills work in addition to trying to step his keeper game up. This week the team continued with regular practices getting ready for the last game of before Christmas. Coach is focuing more on passing nad moving the ball in the final third of the field and the transition from the mids to the forwards. The coach also seems to be gearing up for the second half of the season and having met the minimum play requirements looks like he is prepping his starting line to work better together. For Wyatt's part was lots of working to keep his box clear and dealing with low and high crosses into the box, and unlike in games lots of sweeping and backpasses. He got a little pat on the back twice this week, once when he stopped in to say hi to his old caoch and the U13 team. The coach talked about his work ethic and had him talk with the keepers on that team for a bit about training. Then the coach asked the team who thought they had what it took to work as hard and be the next Wyatt. That gave him a little pick-up in his week for sure. His coach added to it by pointing him and two other boys out as being the ones with the most chances of playing beyond school, and then singled Wyatt out because of his work ethic/ That seemed to get him pretty fired up for the weekend. He had one club keeper session which at the direction of the club director focused on back passing and sweeping work. Then he had his regular private keeper session on Friday where they focused on backpassing and coming off their lines to challenge 1v1s. Since he didn't have a game Saturday, he called the club trainer and had a personnel session with him working on nothing but keeping skills and conditioning for about 2 hours. They worked everything from basic catching, recovering from saves, to goal kicks and punts. Spent alot of time working on his off foot and showed off a little for the club director by taking side punts with his off foot and dropping them on the trainer consistantly from about 50 yards out. Sunday was another private keeper session focusing on reaction saves from in your face shots and some regular training drills, followed by 2 hours with the club trainers foot skills group with a little extra time afterwards solo working on goal kicks. By the end of the session practically had to drag him off the fields because he wanted to get in "just a few more kicks". The club trainer talekd with him alot about the feedback from the scouts and they were figuring out how to address it with his coach. The coach seems to be getting comfortable with Wyatt as more then a shot stopper, but the club is expecting him to start using Wyatt more in the back so hopefully that discussion goes well. For this week it looks, weather permitting, to be more of the same as they continue to get ready for their last pre-Chirstmas game in two weeks.
  3. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    No game this week, and a few days off for the Holiday, but Waytt kept pretty busy. Team practiced MOnday and Tuesday with some club keeper training thrown in Monday. Team practiced focused on passing drills and then the short game inside the box. They played a few games with the goals about 20 yards apart with either speed balls being played against one keeper or the other. They also worked on corners and crosses in the into the box. The club director had mentioned to Wyatt's coach the team seemed to have trouble playing crosses in correctly so they focused on that for both sessions and the keeper coach focused on defending crosses and chips in the keeper session so lots of crosses for Wyatt. Tuesday before practice Wyatt also did a session with the club trainer with two 05 players focusing on speed and conditioning. Coach came out to set up for practice and saw him over there training and called the reserved keeper over and pointed out that Wyatt was working extra and that the reserve keeper needed to look into it himself if he wanted a spot on the team next year. Wednesday Wyatt did the last day of a camp with his private keeper coach. It focused a lot on cutting the angle and playing 1v1s. He went from that to a extra long session with the club trainer working solo on a mix of conditioning and keeper skills, with a few foot skills thrown in. On the way out he stopped and hung out with his old coach from last year and wound helping coach the 05 keepers in some shooting drills and then a scrimmage for a couple hours. Was pretty worn out by time we finally got home, but he had 3 days offto recover and eat his weight in Thanksgiving food and leftovers. Today Wrapped up the week with a private keeper session focusing on coming off his line to clear various types of balls and then over to the club to do a group session with the club trainer and a mess of field players. Next couple weeks will be the same general schedule as we wind down for the winter break and his last game of the season it will be team practices and training until right before Christmas and then he gets a couple weeks off before starting to ramp up for the spring.
  4. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    A little lighter week last week for Wyatt even with a game on Saturday. Week started off with two team practices and one club keeper session, the third and second practices respectively were cancled thansk to some contractors killing the power to the lights right before practices started. Team practice focused on passing and ball movement in the 18, which meant lots of strking and finishing drills for the keepers. Keeper training was all about crosses into the box and clearing corner kicks. The club director wanted Wyatt to get more work on those so he pretty much had the keeper coach juggle up the schedule to make it happen. Other training outside of team/club was missed because we made a short holday out of the trip to San Antonio for the game, but he is making up for it this week as he has school out. They played game 10 of there regular season (13th for the season including the showcase) against San Antonio F.C. in their second away game of the 4 games they play. The coach had a game the same time with his older team in Ft Worth versus a team from Colorado that counted for the standings and playoffs at the end of the year, so the coach from last year and Director of the club was in charge on game day. Not wanting to complicate the temp coach's job to much, the coach set the starters as the line up with a few resereves if needed. The other coach to his credit didn't tinker with things and let the boys play the formation and system that their coach has had them working on, or atleast they were supposed to. Game time featured winds gusting up to 30 mph at ground level, but a steady strong breeze was always there. Wyatt's team lost the toss and got the wind in their face for the first half and Wyatt got the start. HIs team decided to play their formation, but took the defensive posture to seriously and basically gave up half the field to the other team for alot of the half. At several points the opposing back line was 5 yards or more into Wyatt's half of the field and their keeper was playing really high. They used their keeper alot of back passing and moving the ball which helped them exploit the lack of pressure from Wyatt's squad. Took a little while for something to really develop and Wyatt made his first save, a dive to his left to get things started for him. He went to punt it, but got it high and the wind caught it, stalling it out and dropping it like a stone in his half. The team managed to clear it, but after that Wyatt went with passess out to his backs to restart his goalkicks. His team had a hard time getting momentum going so Wyatt got busy after that, pushing a shot out wide then collecting the resulting corner kick high in the box. He went for throws and rolls on his distribution when he collected the ball for the rest of the half after the punt. He cleared 3 more corner kicks, 2 by boxing them out and a 3rd with a weird deflection after he got pressed in the air and decided he wasn't going to be able to collect it. He collected a few more loose balls in between to see the half out 0-0. Second half the coach didn't change up things at all leaving Wyatt in for the whole game, and making some subs later in on the field side of things. With the wind to his back Wyatt and the power forward tried to get some connections going on punts deep into the other half. The mids though continued to struggle and let a shot get taken high at Wyatt early on. He went up to collect it and had it roll off his fingers. After the game he said he was half on it when he decided he should have pushed it over and didn't transition correctly on the save to let it in and make it 0-1. He didn't let it get into his too much and kept at it, punching a ball clear and getting fouled in the process. Kid reached up and tried to pull his hand out of the way and wound up tearing the strap off his glove. Wyatt re-wrapped it good enough to not think he needed to change them out and played on. Without the wind he didn't have to do to much work in the air but the other team kept making runs into the box forcing him to make a several saves in the box up close, at one point he came off his line and got beat, but recovered and made the save, then scrambled to make the followup save and then his defense cleared the ball out. The coach was sure it was going to be a goal, but was pleasantly surprised when he managed to scramble to make the second one. The other keeper still continued to play high, and got himself in a lot of trouble for it. Wyatt's forwards managed to catch him way out more them a few times and chipped him about 30 yards out of the box to make it 1-1. The other side countered though and caught his mid and main centerback playing around passing the ball and stole it to make a really nice shot far post upper 90 on Wyatt to make it 1-2. Wyatt's team countered within 2 minute with a bocycle kick on a loose ball after the keeper came out past the play and the defenders had a hard time clearing it to even it up 2-2 with 4 minutes left. The ref added an extra 4 at the end and we almost won when the opposing keeper got caught way out again and got dribbled and then out run, but the cheeky victory touch went into the post and the game ended 2-2. At the end of the game the coach had a go at the mid and defender who set up the second opposing goal. Thanked the forward for working to tie it up and then told the team that they needed to buy Wyatt a big steak dinner that night because without him their wouldn't have been a game. The coach was still talking about him to the other coaches last night before practice. That was good for Wyatt as that coach had been real hard on him last year and it felt good to get some recognition from him that it was worth all the pain last year and work in general. An added bonus was that their was a national team scout there, primarily to look at the other team for a regional training camp, but also to scout out Wyatt's team. He was really impressed with Wyatt and talked with him afterwards alone for a bit. His feedback included some good feedback for Wyatt and some harsh criticim for the coach on fixing some issues with the primary mid and centerback on backpasses that he said cause some issues. He noted that Wyatt was very competent with his feet and handling balls on backpassing, but the those two other players routinely were moving out of position to "pick-off" balls that were clearly the keepers despite the keeper calling them and being ready as an option for them. Said that the team needed to address that if they wanted to get the most out of Wyatt. So now we are into the pseudo winter break with one game left the weekend before Christmas. Coach plans on training until then and then giving them a couple weeks off before starting up again in January. Club keeper training should run up until December, and Wyatt's private work should run except for holidays, so he will still be keeping busy.
  5. Bucks Returns

    That one worked.
  6. Bucks Returns

    I get a error sayign it can't be found or shown. Maybe a share permission or something conflict with facebook. They have lots of weirdness going on with links.
  7. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Typically he doesn't play it out wide when the defender is marked to close, but its pretty common for them to do it when they are allowed to by the coach. I cut off the clip, but what typically happens is when he plays it out like that the outside mid will move up and the outside back as well if he is not the reciever. The receiving player will then quickly move the ball up the outside or into the center mids depending on how the lanes open up. IF the recevier gets too much pressure then they are supposed to push it back to Wyatt who is supposed to move into the pocket and then switch it out the other side. Doesn't always work that well though since our starters are not consistantly the same players, plus they get caught ball watching every once and awhile. There are always times though when in the rush to get a restart moving to keep momentum though it doesn't click that well also. As for diving on the turf in shorts, he came home with a nice scrape below his knee from this game. Usually the turf is in good conditions and all he collectes is lots of those little black pellets in his socks. He will were pants when his keeper training is indoors, but his OCD causes issues with pants when he wears them at games so he just bites the bullet and deals with it.
  8. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Highlights from the second game vs. Houston Dynamo Youth U14 DA Game 12
  9. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Another rollercoaster game for Wyatts team this weekend, this time agaisnt Houston Dynamo Youth. This is the second meeting between them for the season (2 more to go) and since Wyatt's team had broken their winning streak earlier they were looking for some payback. THanks to the weather we moved to an alternate turf field in the next City over at a high school that had seen better days. Wyatt spent a lot of his warmup working on goalkicks to try and get his turf phobia out of the way early. The turf fear was offset by getting to where his alterate kits (blue long sleeve nike jersey) for the first time. The coach also had gotten caught up and a little ahead on the required starts for the reserves so he started a stronger line-up then the last game. Wyatt got the start with a good back line and decent midfield and the main striker back. Having the main starters back for Wyatt means things are lots of comanding and movement in the back punctuated by short periods of having things to do. He started off collecting a rolling through ball and rolled it back out. Coach has been giving them more leeway on distributions which wyatt likes, so he can very stuff up. A little later he collected another through ball with his feet and then held it there until pressured to give his team time to reset before rolling it out again to restart the attack. Boys netted a goal before Wyatt had to face a shot, which came in on a defensive mistake that caugt Wyatt out of position to make it 1-1. He had to a make a save on a low slow shot right after that which he punted out. Team scored two more times and then the other side started pushing a little harder and gave Wyatt some more to do. He had to come off his line and dive on a through ball, taking a boot step on his arm. He lost control of the ball in the collison, but scrambled to collect it for a punt. Boys scored again and then Wyatt had to come out and get big and collide with the forward again to clear another through ball 1 on 1. Half ended with the oter team scoring again off a poorly cleared ball that was popped in past a diving Wyatt. Coach kept him in a the half making 3 field player subs. The subs brought fresh legs, but some of the speed and control from the first half was lost. More long balls made it through the mids and defense so Wyatt had some goalkicks to make as well as a diving save to his side on a slow shot from inside the box. Afer another goal from his team and a few more goal kicks the reserve keeper and the rest of the bench subbed in for the last 20 minutes. Reserve keeper started off with a nice deflection on a crossing shot at the far post, but then was weak on his goalkicks, forcing the centerback to take them for him. The subs also pretty much saw the loss of cohesion in the mids and some confusion in the derfense. The other side pretty much took control of the game in te last 15 - 10 minutes, netting two goals. First was on a high shot from outside the 18 that cleared the keepers head and the second off a bouncing pinball that wasn't cleared from the box and tapped in nearpost right at te surprised keepers feet by a kid who may have been off-sides. Last 5 minute or so the other team really turned up the pressure and the game turned into a kcikball game for the derfense as the whole field collapsed into the defensive third and flailed at everythign to hold on barely to the 5-4 win. A couple more minutes prbably would have seen it end in a draw, but the ref only gave 4 minutes of extra time which was almost, but not enough to make it happen. For the week Wyatt had his usual team practices with the last one being indoor on a 5v5 field. Wyatt pretty much hates that because of the wall rebounds and just the general lack of space to work, that and the fact the players seem to think that its okay to slam into and kick at him while he is making saves or on the floor. Club keeper training was only one night thanks to the weather, and he only got to so about half of that because of a time change it overlapped his team practice to much and the coach needed him and the reserve keeper back for drills. His private keeper coach was with the club he works for in Arizona for a tournament, so the only other work that Wyatt had was with the Club trainer. The club trainer has decided to start adding in atleast 30 minutes of keeper training to the skills work they already do. So for last night they worked on inside outside foot fakes, controlling and striking aerial balls, and for Wyatt coming out and collecting corners and crosses. He made a few tweeks on Wyatt's form and pushed him to collect at the highest point he could so he could take advantage of his height to pull the ball in before anyone could get a head to it. At 5'10" there aren't a lot of taller players in his group, but he did a good job against his mom (5'9") and me (6'6"). Other intersting tidbits for the week are persistant rumors that one of the other teams who is heading to Europe for tournaments in Sweden and Finland this summer seem to be lobbying for him to go as their keeper. It's a u13 ,s othey can take a couple older players, but not sure that it's worth it for him development wise. Other interseting thing was a national program scout was at the game sunday and it seemed his major purpose was to look at Wyatt and his defenders and mids. He foclused a lot on what Wyatt was doing, but left after Wyatt was rotated out so didn't really get a chance to find out what was up with that. This week is run up to the rematch versus San Antonio FC, after the 0-2 loss last time they met the team wants to bring home the win. The mandatory starts rule is still in affect, but the percentages indicate that he won't be forced to make any reserve starts unless he just wants to get them out of the way before the spring half of the season starts. We are still down two starting wingers, the one of the 5 gaem suspension and the the other one broke his hand and two fingers at practice last week. Luckily we have a few good options to fill those slots so hoepfully the game will be a lot less one sided offesively then last time.
  10. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    I think I have the editor figured out again so things are in chronological order and not sort of scattered about. U14 DA Game 11
  11. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Back to one game per the weekend and an out of town trip to face the Houston Dynamo, currently the top team in the divison. Going into the weekend the coach had already let the boys know that he would probably be starting the reserve players since he is trying to get their league mandated starts out of the way before the spring half of the season. So Wyatt wasn't too surprised when the reserve keeper got the start. The other coach also wanted to start his reserves so it was a pretty even match up on paper, on the pitch was a differient story. The Dynamo pretty much dominated possession and keep alot of pressure on Wyatt's team, keeping them pinned back in their half and defensive third for most if not all of the first half. The back line did an okay job of keeping things from getting to out of hand, but the reserve keeper had to make a few saves. He was very hesitant to come off his line though and almost cost himself a few goals by delaying or mistiming crosses. Since nothing managed to find the back of the net when the Dyanmo got shots off the coach left him in to fight through the half to turn it over 0-0 at the half. At halftiem the Dyanmo coach was frustrated and put in his starters. There was some gamesmanship between the two coaches and it took a little extra time at the half before everyone who was to play put on their jerseys and turned in their sub cards. Both coached dressed out a few decoys and left a few starters in warmups until the last minute trying to get a leg up on the other team. For Wyatt it was pretty straightforward and he got about the business of warming up and getting used to the turf field as muc has he could. Things started off about the same as the first half, the starters had more luck pushing things back into the midfiled with the occassional foray into the the other teams defense third. First the first part of the half, Wyatt didn't have to do much other then make lots of goalkicks as the Dynamo kept playing the long ball into the corners and his defense kept them from connecting up with it. Eventually they got a corner and Wyatt went up to clear it, pushing it out and taking a hard hit at the same time. The ref stopped the game, let him recover, but didn't issue a foul because it was a good 50/50 challenge. Things got busy after thant starting with him picking a free kick into the box off at the feet of a box crashing forward. Then made a really strong long reach to pull in an another corner. A short while later he got a hand to a far post shot/cross to send it out, then saved the header off the subsequent corner kick. He picked off another ball into the box, then collected a long through ball with his feet to play out to his left back. As the game wound down the Dynamo made a last big push and got a player around the left back and unmarked who got a low arcing shot on frame at the near post lower corner. Wyatt went down to collect it, but made amistake with his form and dropped on it after collecting it only to lose it on the slick turf from under him and out behind him into the goal. That was with 37 seconds left to go. His team suddenly put on some real pressure a little to late on the kick off and almost got an equalizer, but ended up taking a really hard for Wyatt 0-1 loss. After the game the coach and the club director talked with the boys. Most of them didn't blame Wyatt and the club director and a bunch of the parents re-enforced to the field players that they really didn't play well and deserved the loss and only Wyatt's hard work almost got them a tie, which was more then they derserved. Wyatt listened but still beat himself up some on the ride home. So Sunday he went and worked with the private keeper training asking for him to focus on Wyatt making similar saves. Then he went and worked with his club skills trainer where he got him to give him a really hard work out on low ball saves to his feet. By time he was done and ate dinner he felt not so bad about it and thought he would be better next game. Outside of the game and Sunday training he had his usual three team practices which focused alot on the short game. The coach is trying to get the players to not hold the ball and dribble themselves into trouble, so lots of 2 and 3 touch passing drills, followed up with 1 and 2 touch passing and shooting drills in close. Wyatt also had to club keeper training sessions, both focusing on the short game inside the six. His other private keeper session the night before the game focused on high balls into the box and on frame, which he seemed to have remembered well on game day. This coming weekend Wyatt team is hosting the Houston Dynamo Youth in their second meeting, the first being an upset for Wyatt's team as they broke the Dynamo Youth's unbeaten season start. The main forward should be back having served his red card suspension from weekend before last, while the right winger will be out for 4 more games since he got a 5 game suspension for abusive langauge that apparently included a racial slur.
  12. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Game from double header weekened: FC Dallas (no kicks or punts) U13 DA Game 9 Solar (none of the cards) U14 DA Game 10
  13. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Highlights for the three games from the show case: South Florida Surf U14 DA Game 6 IMG Academy U14 DA Game 7 and his single scene from Indiana Fire U14 DA Game 8
  14. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Another multiple game weekend, two games and twice the drama. Game 1 versus FC Dallas. Second of four times they play, first outing was the frist game of the season and a 1-5 loss. FCD seemed to not pay attention to the results of recent games and started some of their reserves for what they thought would be an easy game. Wyatt got an early start smothering a pass into the box with a forward dive then throwing the ball out to his mids to get a counter started. His team took the iniative and got an early goal to go 1-0 and set FCD stumbling back a bit. He spent a lot of the half collecting and clearing balls out of the box as FCD's prefered style of play was hold it in the back, play a long ball over the mid and defense, run onto it and cross it into the box. At one point he did snag a ball going out of bounds and almost went with it. He thought FCD would think it was a goal kick and not fall back as quick and he could punt it to get another counter going. He did have some physical play as well with FCD trying to press him on saves. In the first half that resulted in him having a hard collision while punching a ball out with the forward. The forward got the worst of it and Wyatt seemed unphased. They finished out the first half up 2-0 with FCD brining in all their starters earlier then they planned before the half. Second started off quick again with the wind in his face. He had a high shot come in and he touched it up into the bar then made the save as the forward tried to tap in the rebound from the bar. He continued collecting balls crossed into the 6, colliding with the forward at one point a couple of times. He also stopped two deflected shots from off his defense to keep the clean shit and see the game through to the end at 2-0 win. Game 2 was versus Solar, the other DA club in Dallas and former club for Wyatt's coach. Typical the games are very animated and get chippy really fast and this one was no exception. Solar hasn't been doing well and came into the match wanting to get things turned around. Wyatt's team came in wanting to win, but maybe a little over confident from the victory the day before. Things started off with Wyatt having the wind in his face and facing down a breakaway in close to the box. He came out and got a paw on the shot as it went by to clear it. He had lots of distributions from goalkicks, building from the back throughout the game. The other team had a knack for weaving in through the outside and puttign shots on frame that kept him busy, but what really hurt was when they came in the middle and his defense almost always would give away a foul at the top of the box. First goal in came of a free kick. Wyatt dove to clear it, but got robbed by someone in the scrum, and then as he was recovering the defense didn't clear it out adn it was tapped in for the 0-1 lead. Hist team countered soon after to go 1-1 while wyatt tried to get his defense sorted out. Several times one of the centerbacks would tried and sheparded a ball back into the 18 for wyatt with someone hanging off his back. Wyatt had to clear one off the centerback and almost back into the goal. Another freekick at the top of the box saw it go 1-2 when the wall ducked and the shot went into the upper 90 to Wyatt's left. Not soon after they scored again off a corner that one of the mids headed to the top of the box to clear right onto the foot of a opposing player who settled it and shot. Two of his players were in the line of fire, Wyatt was ready for the shot, but one turned and ducked letting the ball graze him and the one bhind stuck a foot in and chipped it up and over wyatt to make it 1-3. Second half, coach made some key subs and momentum shifted to Wyatt's team and they went 2-3 off a picked off distribution from the opposing keeper. Not soon after that the other keeper got a second yellow for offensive langauge and sportmanship as he tried to ditch the ball after a near goal experience. In the process our forward got a yellow for pushing and then a winger got a straight red for retalition when he got scratched in the face and called a racial slur. The ref missed the first part but got the second. The resulting indirect kick went wide and from the game got out of control. Solar to their credit didn't turtle up and park the bus, but both sides got really physical and more yellow cards were shown and the forwrd got another yellow and Wyatt's team was down 9 to 10 on players. They kept at it though and Wyatt was on in the back keeping the net clear and putting some good punts and goalkicks in to try and start things. As the game wound down though it was just gettign to hectic and then some parents on the sideline started arguing with each other and it pretty much a good thing that the game just ended despite taking teh 2-3 loss. Wyatt played extremely well, althoug the coach told him he needs to continue trying to work harder at getting the defense straightened out. Rest of the week was the usual team training with a focus on passing lanes and give and goes. So for the keepers lots of hangning in the box and trying to disrupt things. Watt did a good job at running the defense and the coach supported him by discplining and correcting the left back who was consitantly ignoring him and playing out of position. Wyatt also had two club keeper sessions, mostly focusing on the short game inside the 6 yard box and learning to deal with the ball in scrumms. Since Wyatt is usually not afraid to throw himself into it to smother a ball he enjoyed it. No private keeper training, but he did do a session with the club trainer a couple hours after his game Sunday. They focused on footskills, and the trainer really worked on his foot speed in getting around in the bos and to balls. Have to see how the coach deals with all the drama from Sunday tonight at practice and getting them ready for the game next week versus the top team in the divison. We will be missing our power forward and one of the better wingers, so things may be a little interesting Saturday at the game.
  15. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Interesting weekend of showcase games. The DA folks grouped team based off of (1) affilaitations with MLS or second divison clubs then (2) performance through the first few games of the season. Since Wyatt's team had a less then stellar start they got paired up agaisnt 3 teams that didn't appear to strong on paper. The coach's plan was to use the games to give his bench players some of their required starts for the season so he could have stronger starts in a upcoming run of tough games. The reserve keeper however missed both Saturday games, so threw a wrench into that plan, but did mean Wyatt got the lionshare of the game time this weekend. Game 1 versus South Florida Surf - of the teams they were facing this one, while not having any wins most of their games were really close. The club keeper coach made it to theis game and warmed Wyatt up and watched him play giveing him feedback and tips at halftime and an evaluation at the end. A few interesting things happened in this game. With the potentially weaker opposition the coach allowed the boys to play from the back alot, which meant for Wyatt he got to backpass, sweep, and dsitribute balls out to the sides on saves and goalkicks. Game wise it was his busiest of the weekend. He had to make a few saves, one on a high plunging chip into the box. He went up to collect it and got shoved and missed the initial catch, but sort of shoved back and made the second bounce save. Had another chip shot he saved to see the first half out 0-0. Second half the starters came in and got things rolling to end it 2-0 with Wyatt's only have a few deadball kicks and a nice save that got the attention of the scout who was there. The players was called offsides, but Wyatt played it to the whistle and that seemed to make the scout happy as well. Score probably could have been higher, but the boys sepent alot of time moving and possessing the ball at the coaches direction. Game 2 versus IMG Academy. IMG used to be the home of the US youth national team residency program, but with the success of the DA they disbanded it, and IMG became just another DA club. Coming into the match they hadn't scored a goal all season and typically were losing by atleast 5 goals. Never play someone easy though would be the lesson here for the boys. First half Wyatt was pretty much a cheerleader and very loud coach trying to help the boys stay focused. He had a realyl strong wind in his face, but he managed the backline well and didn't have much to do. His team scored two goals fairly quickly and then got sloppy, assuming that a short round kid up front was a threat, then a through ball got called by the wind and turned out the little guy could sprint for a few seconds and chased it into the 18. Wyatt got ready and called keep but the right back tried to run the kid down and get the ball. The kid pretty much slowed down and got slammed from behind to get a PK to make it 2-1. Wyatt assumed based on how the kid set up he was going to try and play it close to him and straight so his first move was forward, but the kid toe-poked it into the upper left (their only goal for the year so far). Afterwards he returned the favor, fouling our right back in their box for a PK to make it 3-1 at the half. The boysd did do a good job again passing and possessing the ball so more positives. Second half the starters came in again and it took a few minutes for them to settle in since the coach made a wholesale 7 man sub. They scored a quick goal to go 4-1 then while they were settling in IMG got a few good attacks started. On one the boys got flat footed and out of position forcing wyatt to get big and deflected a shot as the kid and him effectively went 1v1 in the crowded box. Then Wyatt recovered and collected the cross as IMG tried to put the ball back into the box to take advantage of the confusion. He also collected two through balls, one under pressure, to shut down some similar tries. HE opted in the second half to throw all the saved balls instead or punting, and connected up a few times wells as the team went on to end it 7-1. Game 3 versus Indiana Fire. This game was Sunday morning follwing a bunch of bad storms that came through overnigh. The fields were really sloppy wet and muddy, so added an extra dimension to the game. Again another team that hadn't won a ame coming into the showcase but had beaten the other two teams in group 1-0 each game, so they had some good energy and their U13s on the sideline cheering to build them up. The reserve keeper was there and got the start with Wyatt warming him up. Wyatt tried to focus on drills that would help with the wet conditions which were really new to the reserve keeper. First half started off with the reserves again, and lots of pressure from the other team. Not sure what was going on, but Wyatt said the boys played very tired (early game and a long day before) and several bad decisions were made that put the keeper in a bad way more then once. He came out to collect one ball and got pulled way out of the box and then beat by a short pass and shot, luckily the center back had dropped and cleared it. Several times he didn't catch or collect a ball that came at him, and his distributions went all over the place including a punt he dropped inside his 18 and only got it back because the kid slipped up on the chip and he was able to turn in place and clear it out. The other side finally capitalized though on a shot that he didn't catch, but put back into play and got fired right back at him to make it 0-1. The boys rallied though and made it 2-1 by the half. At half the other team was feeling realy confident and Wyatt went in expecting to have some work to do. The starters came in over 3 substitutions and slowly started grinding away at possession. After about 10 minutes they started scoring and didn't stop until the final whistle and a 10-1 final score. Wyatt had one save to make, diving to his right to collect a shot from inside the 18, but a fould was whitsled or offsides, and his team got a free kick. The coach though liked him still making the save and playing it until the whistle just to be safe. So overall, not exactly a tough showcase for them, but a much needed moral builading run of good games. They also are starting to pass and possess the ball well which is relly important as we got into our last 6 games before the holiday break. They have 6 games, of which 5 will be agaisnt the toughest teams in the region. So hoepfully they carry the lessons over into those. Other then the games, Wyatt had the standard team practices during the week with the coach focusing alot on passing and give and goes. For the keepers that meant lots of coming off their lines and gettign big work durign those sessions. Durign club keeper training they worked on deadballs and punts with their off-hand side, as well as clearing corner kicks. The first session they were training behind the goal wyatt was working during team scrimmage and the keeper coach spent alot of time commenting with him on things while he worked with the girl keepers. After practice that night, one of them came over and chatted Wyatt up for a bit which was pretty funny from the dad view point. He also had one private keeper session Friday night which focused on ground balls to the corners and bouncing balls into the box. THis week its back to the usual schedule and a double fixture weekend with them squaring off against the first team they play for the season and hopes of a better game, and then on Sunday playing the other local DA club in town, which is always a pretty emotional game for everyone.