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  1. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Whoever is doign the videos now is a little behind and very randome on when they come out. U14 DA Game 26 vs San Antonio FC
  2. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Wyatt expected two games this weekend and only got one thanks to the weather today. Yesterday they played against San Antonio FC for the 4th and final league game, but the fifth time they have faced each other this season. The series has gone 0-2, 2-2, 1=0, and 0-0 so this game was looking to be very interesting. Wyatt got the start and things were pretty calm at first. His team started off playing very organized and pressing to disrupt the San Antonio from getting to organized. A couple quick counters formed, but he managed to see them off with little complication. His team scored first early in the half or a nice series of passes and movement that was not as typical as his team has been playing recently. After that they seemed to loose a little cohesion and Wyatt had to get busy making some saves. He had a lot of corners and balls into the box to collect, he also parried and deflected several close balls. At one point he parried a ball out to the side, just mananging to disrupt a solid attempt to get a header on frame. The other side finally managed to get one in after his center backs and mids left two players onmarked at the top of the 18 and fed a pass in, leaving Wyatt facing a 2 vs him to make it 1-1. A little later Wyatt made a slight error that cost him on a free kick. After making several nice collections, he had the kick come into the box and called away as it looked to him that the ball was headed out. He didn't clear over his shoulder and missed a forward coming in past his left back who was ball watching. The forward got a head on the ball and put it back across the face of the goal to rebound off the opposite post in to make it 1-2. At that point his team faltered a bit and left him open for another 1v1 at close range with an unmarked forward in the penalty area to go up 1-3, but as the first half wound down they managed to rally and get one back to go 2-3 at the half. Second half coach kept the coach only made a couple of changes, beefing up the defense and leaving the offense intact. Wyatt continued in the net, working to keep the team from floundering and loosing their momentum. He made a couple more collections, including a really nice one beating the opposing big forward in the air to muscle him off the ball and collecting it before he could get his head to it. San Antonio faltered again with pressure applied by the mids netted another goal to tie things up 3-3. His team continued to pressure, but lost focus for a bit and let another plat develop beating Wyatt to make it 3-4, but followed up with another goal to tie it up 4-4. At that point the coach played in his last subs and put in some fresh legs to keep up the pressure and saw the game end in a hard won draw for both sides. Overall Wyatt played a fairly decent game, he wwasn't happy with letting in 4 goals,despite his team being able to hold it together and actually fight back to the draw which is something they have struggled with all season. On the plus side while he was frustated with his performance his distribution were extremely good, varying things up between throws, punts and rolls. He did a extremely good job of judging the wind and bending balls against it to drop them where he wanted to out to the wingers. He did realize he needs to work more with commanding his back line better as they seem to want to drift off on their own when left unattended. Beside the game, Open practice/tryouts continued with 2 sessions. First session saw 3 keepers turn up, one that Wyatt trains with at his private keeper coaches classed, the third keeper from his team last year, and a new keeper from a small independent club that was about Wyatt'z size. Wyatt led the keepers in warmups, then they split them up with Wyatt and his reserve keeper going with the boys they were lookign at for the DA, while the other three worked with the boys who were being considered for the ECNL, or second divison team. They scrimmaged for about an hour, with Wyatt only giving up a single goal during the practice. Thursday they had the second open session for the week, but the only keepers were Wyatt and the third keeper from last year. Since they aren't considering the third keeper at this point for the DA, they had him and Wyatt worked with the ECNL candidates while they focused on the DA boys without keepers. Wyatt enjoyed the session, playing with and against some differeient boys for a little change in pace. He gave up 2 goals in that session, both through miscommunications with his defenders on handling through balls that should have been back passes. The club keeper coach was there and went over them with Wyatt as well as chatting with him some about setting up his walls for set pieces. Team hand a regular practice on Wednesday that had 3 potential new players show up at invitation from the coach. They mostly worked on ball movement and building from the back, to keep up pressure on the opposing defense. No club keeper training it looks like for the rest of the season thanks to the tryout schedule, but Wyatt was able to make two private keeper sessions. Friday night session focused alot on aerial balls and crosses, while todays session went right into dives and double saves. Wyatt is getting much better at those, where he has to make a deflection or punch on a dive, then recover to collect a second ball that is served out wide on the ground or at a bounce out wide. Wyatt used to be a little slow at the recovery save part, but seems to have been working on his recovery moves. The defirrence was pretty amazing, with him being one of the fastes in the class this time around. Wyatt also managed to make another session with the skills group on Monday. They focused on food speed and agility, then transitioned into movement and skiils at speed with the ball at their feet, then striking and finishing and then 4v4 scrimmaging. Was fun watching him work with the highschool players in the class as he led them to a long string of wins before finally getting beat and having to surrender the court. This week looks to be pretty similar with open tryouts continuing. The fields will probably be closed tomorrow due to the rain, so he will hit the skills class. Then we head into the weekend with two more games to wrap up the 4 game series versus FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo Youth. The game from today is being rescheduled and may fall on a weekday which would be a first for his team in the DA, but better then dragging the season out another weekend into June.
  3. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Whew, long weekend on the soccer rollercoaster for Wyatt. Team played their first of 4 double header weekends that are the final stretch for the season. Saturday they faced off agaisnt Solar, minus their winger who got a 4 game suspension for violent conduct and sanctioned by the DA with the statement that another red card for violent conduct or abusive langauge and he would banned from the program. Says a lot when the nation youth soccer organization hits you with a threat like that. Anyways, on to the game, they have played Solar 2 times already with a loss and then a tie. This time Solar came in with 1 reserve and missing their best keeper, also they had lost two key players that had a knack for getting under the skin of our boys, so looked to be an interesting game in the making. The reserve keeper got the start and the coach set the team up to play high pressure. Reserve keeper didn't have to much to do (about which he complained mightly at the end of the game). He rounded up a few loose balls, couple back passes, and one or two workman like saves that were almost practice like in service. The opposing keeper for his part had a very differient experience. He seemed to have trouble holding onto the ball and made some bad life path decisions on a couple of saves that almost cost his team dearly, but the boys only managed to bag one on him going into the half up 1-0. Wyatt came in at the start of the second while the coach left the basic lines intact. For starters it was pretty much the same as the first half for Wyatt, collecting loose balls, back passes and general just being there for the team. The boys having figured out the Solar defense went on and netted 2 more goals to make it 3-0 fairly quickly. About 20 minutes in though the heat from the turf started to take it toll and the team got a little sloppy. Solar made their one sub, putting in a big fast winger and got some new life at the same time. Wyatt got a busy for a bit after that. He picked off a cross nicely in the air as the winger was charging in, then pawed a ball out the air and away on a corner. Then got a hand to onto a shot from a scrum in the box on a 1v1 in the area as the winger got around the right back. Then had a foot save on almost the exact play coming in from him left a few minutes later. Picked off another corner with a nice jump, and did the same with a shot over his head a little later. He ended things out by smothering a ball in the box and get a boot for his trouble as the opposing player tried a quick run to beat one of his centerbacks. The other team final lost steam and then pretty much folded up after it went 4-0 on a quick counter, and Wyatt saw it out to the 4-0 shutout. Sunday they played their second game of the weekend at home versus the Houston Dynamo, for the final game of that 4 game series which the Texans had lost 0-1, 1-4, and 2-6. Coach organized the team for more of a layered defense desgned to play high and try and keep things in the mid-field. Dynamo came into the game stinging from a 4-1 loss the day before to MLS rival club FC Dallas's U14 academy, so figured it was goign to be another hard game like last weekends. Wyatt got the start and spent alot of time moving around and commanding the back, but with nothing more then a backpass and some corners to deal with which all were away and didn't require anything from him. The Dynamo seemed to have trouble with the defense change and unlike their well controlled passing game of the weekend before, were trying to getting running long balls in which the defense easiely dealt with. Wyatt's first real work was coming out and getting bid while cutting the angle on one of those, forcing the shot wide. Then he had to collect a ball in the air from a cross into the box under pressure. Not soon after the Dynamo tried it again with out such a long run in and scored. Wyatt was set and moved to be ready to collect the header, but the kid slipped and the ball went just over the forward and got picked up by a rushing winger who got around the left back. The left back started to yell at Wyatt but the coach got onto the left back for not marking his man and getting caught ball watching. Things went back to just sort of sweeping in the back, doing some back passes and collecting loose balls. He did save a shot to his left with a nice diving catch and got big to force another one wide to go into halftime down 0-1. Second half he continued on with a nice collection in the air on a ball from a free kick. The boys scored pretty quick after that to make it 1-1. After that he didn't have much to do unti they got around the right back again. He came out and got big and forced the forward to pass the ball towards the center of the box where one of Wyatt's defenders was set up. The defender though was slow getting the yard or two to the ball before the attacking mid for the Dyanmo got to it, megging the defender and making 1-2. The coach made some subs a few minutes later, including putting in the reserve keeper. The reserve wasn't in that long before he had to deal with a shot across the face of goal. He dove and deflected it straight to the side, but right onto the head of a forward to make it 1-3. The boys kept up the pressure though and got one back to go 2-3 and started turning the tables back in their favor with some good pressure coming off a strong midfield defense. The Dynamo resorted to quick counters right up the center, one of which enventually got through to make it 2-4 and then 2-5. At that point, same as last game the team lost their fight and the Dynamo started in with all the dirty play that seemed unnecassry at that point. Luckily at that point the boys managed to keep their calm better and we were able to see the game out without any more suspensions. So pretty hard weekend of highs and lows for Wyatt. He was really mad at the end of the game Sunday because he felt like he could have been an impact in closing out the game and maybe getting a tie or even a win once the boys started to rally. Rest of the week was team practices and a foot skills session with a training group near his clubs home fields. Team practice wise they had one just team session that was mostly conditioning with some passing work. Then two open practices, first one only saw 8 new players trying out for the squad and the B team that will play in the ECNL league. Thursday was clsoure to 30 players, but most were there for the ECNL team. No new keepers trying out yet, but this week starts the time when players can freely move around for tryouts without club permission so expecting more to turn up. The two open practices were mainly scrimmages with Wyatt and the reserve keeper minding the nets. Second one, wyatt had the team of DA potentials and was impressed with how the mixed group moved the ball, managing to beat the starters from his team 2-0 with some effort on his part. Friday he did a couple hours of foots skills with the high school (u15+) group at the local training/indoor place. He enjoyed that, especially the 3v3 at the end where the team he picked was king of the court for a while before getting unseated. This week its more of the same, open practices, some footskills and keeper training before another double header. This time last games versus San Antonio FC who they have lost to twice and tied once, and a rematch against Solar to see who will walk away with the better record in that 4 game series.
  4. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Youth soccer is like the weather in Texas, can change in a heart beat. This weekend Wyatt's team drove down to Houston for game 3 of 4 vs. the MLS Houston Dynamo U14 academy. Previous meeting for 0-1 and 1-4 (first game after coaching switch) losses. The Dynamo are currently the top team in the Divison and will continue to be so even if they lose the rest of their games this season. Things started off with a field change from a okay grass pitch, to artifical turf that had way to much rubber pellets and was probably close to 100 F in the sun. Wyatt got the start which surprised him (more on that later), and things got under way. The Dynamo possessed and moved the ball well, while Wyatt's team seemed to have forgotten how to play as a unit. He had a one and only one back pass near the start to releive presure on the mids, but then they turned it over on a foul pretty quickly for the first shot on goal. Free kick went over, but not soon after they had another shot that went over, then he had go in hard on two plays where the Dynamo came through his mids and back line like they weren't there. First one he went came out and charged into, deflecting it out off his knees when the shot was taken, second one he slid into and trapped. His defense for their part continued to give up free kicks around 20 yards or so out. Most went over or away, but one went far post and punched it out . All together he made 11 saves, including a few decent dives to hold the score to 0-3 at the half. First goal came off a low save that went off of wyatt then rolled across the face of goal and was touched in right under the nose of his defenders as 3 dynamo players rushed through the line while the defenders were ball watching. Second was a nice drive shot far post that they got when the left wing decided to play in the center and right forward spot leaving a big ole gap. Wyatt made an impressive leap to the side to get it, but couldn't get a glove to it. Last one Dynamo player came through 3 dfenders to shoot it in near post corner. Second half, the coach made some subs in the mids and defense, putting in his best back line and then two defensive mids. Things shaped up some at that point with the boys starting to play better and netting a point to go 1-3. Wyatt had one save to make, a forward dive off yet another free kick at the edge of the penalty area. He followed up with a nice punt to open space behind the other line, but no one opted to run onto it or even move towards it. Coach got mad because he didn't send it over to the stud forward who had been spending all games trying to foot skill/trick his way into turning over the ball alot. Also two time earlier when Wyatt had gone deep to him and had just stood and watched the ball go by. But wasn't what the coach wanted so he subbed in the reserve keeper for Wyatt. Reserve keeper was in for just over a minute before he got caught way out of position to make it 1-4. He colelcted a loose ball and punted it out to have it come back and get dribbled to make in 1-5. Then got caught bll watching on a corner kick header right past his face to go 1-6. He did make one save when he dove and pushed a low ball out from the corner. It was headed out anyways, but he made sure it went a little wider. The boys did get one more goal when they woke up and strung a good run of play together to make it 2-6. But by that point they had pretty much given up and the Dynamo really did care much a bout scoring more and just worked on running the clock out. Last minute of the game though, the boys had a really good start of a counter, but the winger with the ball didn't like something the other player did when he beat him and got into the open. So he lept backwards into him and started throwing punches to get a red. So overall definitely not the best game of soccer that his team has played. His mom and keeper trainer talked to him some on Sunday about the game, trying to look at it from outside of your personnel play, what could you have done better to help out the team in terms of things like communication, leadership, etc. so he has some stuff to mull over and think about working into his routine. Rest of the week was somewhat differient as well. Monday they had a regular team practice, worked on re-enforcing the good playing behaviors from the win over Lonestar. Lots of passing and moving the around, trying to focus on not going solo at the goal, but setting up two or three options and splitting the defense and pulling the keeper out. Wyatt liked that alot, because it forced him to have to rely on his foot speed and movement more then just regular striking and finishing drills. Tuesday the club started the process of tryouts for next years teams. They are forming two top teams in Wyatt's age group next year, the DA and another program called ECNL which for a long time has been the top league on the girl's side. Since the association rules limit who all can come out to tryout until next week, it was only boys from within the club and a couple of un-attached players from outside the club. # of them seem like they would be good fits for the team, with two being defenders that Wyatt says he worked well with during the practice. Thursday was wet, so we went indoors to train. Lot of focus on passing and the short game, some striking and finishing and then scrimmaging. The club keeper training is tied into the tryouts now so he floats around between the differient groups trying to work with them as he can. Wyatt did finally get back his private keeper sessions Sunday. They worked alot of coming out and closing the angles, also double saves. HE also was pretty excited about a couple of other things. Got his summer plans in order. He is going to the FC BArcelona Escola in Arizonia for 3 weeks of residency camp in July which has him really excited. We started workign with the folks in Brazil about getting him down their for a month or two next summer. And he got some new gloves. With all the rain we picked him up some Elite Aquas. He did the pre-wash and prep work Friday and ws playing around with them. Once he got them prepped he was amazed with how well they gripped. At one point he was holding a ball with oone hand, sort of like palming it, without gripping it and it would stick hanging on the glove for about 5 seconds. He is now itching for a wet game to try them out, although he is also considering playing with them really wet during a regular game.
  5. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Rather successful return for Wyatt's team to the regular season games. They squared off for the fourth and final game versus Lonestar SC. In the first match up Wyatt's team lost 2-3, then had the 1-5 loss that resulted in the coaching change, and won game 3 1-0. This last game, the team reversed the favor and won 5-1 to end the series on a very upbeat. The reserve goalie got the start due to the need to keep his start average up at atlest 25%, so Wyatt worked with him to get warm-upped and ready to go. Both teams were still missing the players from the last meeting, us a not so crititical defender/mid and them their stud forward. They found a decent replacement on their bench for the forward - fast, big, really good touch, but kept outrunning the line and getting caught offsides a lot. The reserve keeper probably had his best game all season, making a couple decent saves, playing off his line well, and handling back passes confidently. The front half the team struggled a bit at first but mananged to bag a goal off a nice run of possession ending with our forward making a run up the side and pulling the defense that way just to send a short pass across the face of goal to a mid who made a nice touch to go 1-0 before the half. Second half Wyatt went in but didn't start so good overall for the team. The coach talked to the boys for most of the half, finally switching the keepers with about half the break left. The reserve keeper was pretty miffed that he wasn't staying in and pretty much drug his feet and refused to help Wyatt warmup while the coach was still talking tactics with the field players. So Wyatt went in with a little warmup from the reserves and no real time to get his hands or distributions ready. About 5 minutes in, a ball was played into the box. Wyatt setup to block the attempted bicycle/volley from the unmarked guy on the PK spot, but the kid missed the ball completely leaving the ball to bounce to the replacement forward who broke free from two defenders and put the ball back across the box far port to make it 1-1. Wyatt let his defneders know he wasn't happy and talked with them about playing as a unit and keeping their heads in the game. He was rady the next time it happened and made a nice dive to right to collect a shot from the opposite spot, same kid. After that he was back in his groove and collected several more balls and made a few nice saves while sheparding the back line to play together. He opted to throw alot more then punt or roll the ball out this game since he has been working on that a bit at training and practices. He was easiely hitting his man out to the center line with throws and it was causing the opposition some issues because they couldn't react fast enough or would drop back deep thinking he was going to punt. By about the 60 minutes mark, his team got their stride thanks to him and the defense keeping the ball out of the net and started to click. Other keeper got the game rolling again when he missed a ball low to the far post that came back and he kicked it with his heel after he dove to make it 2-1. After that the boys stepped up the pressure and kept pulling him out like on the first goal and then putting two or three runners into the box to receive a pass to end it 5-1. For practices last week team worked on striking and finishing which meant lots of time in the net for the keepers. They also focused a lot of trying to get the team to work with the keeper more on back passign to open up the game and unclog the attacking lanes. The coach had the reserve keeper get a big dose of that since he was getting the start and wanted him and the team to be comfortable with him in the goal. Club keeper training focused a lot of corner kicks and set piece play defense, with the ones not in net working on their dead ball strikes. No private keeper training again for Wyatt as we took the chance for the out of town game to have a long weekend hiking and hitting some of the local dining spots. This week open practices start for all the teams to start identifying new players adn selectign the once that will continue on from the current group. Wyatt will get a break from some of that since keeper trainign at the club will run at the same time as two of the practices. Probably still have to be their for scrimmages, but unless some new keepers show up should be pretty normal for him. Also he should be able to get back on track with the private keeper coach as the out of town game on saturday is a day trip to face the current 1st place team in the divison.
  6. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well no league games, but Wyatt did get selected to participate is a US soccer research/test project where they had 4 clubs from out region create a boys team and a girls team using the bio-banding methodology that the FA and some other countries and teams have been using for years. What's club took a team that was built around players who were in the range of 91 to 96% of their potential attainable height (based off the parents' heights and some funky math), which they define as the "puberty growth spurt range". Wyatt actually is just a hair below the window, but was selected because he is a younger taller player, but as a keeper gets overlooked at times because he isn't urn in the beginning of the year. His team consisted of 16 players = 1x05, 5x04s, and 10x03s. The academy staff from US Soccer was there in force and they video taped the games (which hopefully we will get), had the players where tracking sensors, and logged all the player touches and stats (supposed to share with us). Wyatt was one of two keepers that went from his club, the other keeper was the starting keeper from the 03 team. First game they played a team from Lonestar. This team was ver similar in mix to Wyatt's time in terms of the age distribution. The older keeper got the start and had a pretty decent half in goal after a little sketchy start when he bobbled a couple saves, but he settled down and was very business like. He turned the game over to Wyatt up 2-0 with the team holding possession and moving the ball well. At the half the coach also subbed in most of the younger players, but kept a core of the older players on to keep things consistant. Wyatt got busy fairly quickly as the changes in the mids and right cornerback took some time to gel. A winger got around the right side, and came in one Wyatt. He came off his line and stalked the guy pretty well, forcing him to try a cheeky little side pass to cut around Wyatt, but as Wyatt came out one of the center backs was able to catch up and cut behind him and collect the pass before anyone could get on it to take advantage of it. After that he collected some odd and ends and worked more as a sweeper taking care of back passes and loose balls in the area. Had three balls on target that he had to deal with. First was a low hard shot that he closed the angle on and handled easiely, catching it as he charged forwarded and then rolled it out uquick to his right. Second one was a free kick. He got his wall set and the kicker did something that we don't see much, which is pass the ball to the right of the wall, which caught his defenders off guard. The shot then came from center of the goal to his right. He saw it and tried to cut in after tracking it, but lost his footing on the turf (his stance to start was probably a little to wide), and got beat low to his right. Third save, player got free on the left and came charging in pretty harder into a 1v1 with Wyatt. He came out pretty quick and went down hands first and got the ball right as the forward wound up to strike it. Other then that his sweeping was really good, at one point he came out on a ball where the forward had touched it long and gotten around the centerback. Wyatt sprinted out and got to it just a second before and made a nice clearing pass with his left foot to the left corner back who had moved up along to the midfield. Wyatt's team in general though continued to dominate possession and wrapped up the game with a 4-1 victory. The second game was the next day and they played the team from Solar. For some reason, Solar's team was somewhat older and had 6x04s, 7x03s, and 3x02s. The 03s were the forwards, the 03s were the mids adn keepers, and the 04s were the defenders. Wyatt got the start along with his teams younger lineup, so right from the start even though biologically within a reasonable norm, the 02s had a big impact because they were pretty much physically dominant. Wyatt's team still did a good job controlling play and alot of the game was fought in the midfield, but the counters when they lost possession where fast and usually ended in lopsided physical matchups with lots of shots (mostly wide) coming in at the keepers. About 6 or 7 minutes in, one of the 02s played a chip to himself over the back line and ran through into a 1v1 setting right at the top of the 6 with Wyatt. Wyatt was late coming off his line as he was waiting on the back line to do something. So he came out late and went into the challenge late, catching the forward in the gut with his knee after the forwarded in his rush to beat Wyatt headed the ball wide of the goal. Wyatt dropped the forward in a heap, and then the kid vomitted in the box from the knee to the gut. Wyatt got a yellow and faced the pk which ws converted to take the other team up 0-1. Wyatt was pretty freaked out about hurting the kid, and the coach looked to maybe sub him out, but Wyatt got himself refocused and got back to work. Solar tried take advantage of the fact he maybe wouldn't be as agressive in the air, but he did well on the following crosses and corners. Getting up well and fighting through the crowds to collect a corner kick and some crosses. The team also contnued to show confidence in him using him for backpasses when they got under to much pressure moving forward to spread the field and try and open the game up. He managed to get out of the half 1-2, with the second goal coming off a cross to the PK spot. The receiving player was marked by two of Wyatt's defenders, both of whom though the other was handling the guy. He vollied the ball out of the air into the lower left corner. Wyatt saw the shot, but didn't get down to it fast enough to keep it out of the net. Second half the older keeper went in and the team kept pushing, but about 20 minutes in when the dfense and mids broke down and 3 goals against went in to end things down 1-5. Wyatt was pretty gutted and the coach told him that the early PK sort of hurt the team because it put them in a mentally bad spot early on. One of the US Soccer scouts who heard that told Wyatt that was crap because his team still had 70+ minutes to get back on track and did within in minutes, they just got outplayed and then paniced near the end. It did help that the player that Wyatt had taken out for the foul came up afterwards and told him that he though the pk was bogus because they both were going for the ball and that is what happends when you go all in on a ball. They also interviewed the players afterward about the experience. Overall Wyatt said he thought it was good and he enjoyed what he felt like was more challenging play and that he felt he realied more on his skills and less his size in some situations then he did with his team. Also the fact the team used him more as a sweeper and 11th field player he liked alot since they couldn't rely on a physically dominate stud forward to keep things going downfield. Outside of the bio-banding event Wyatt had just club training last week, 3 team practices and 2 club keeper rtaining sessions. For team practices, they overlap with the keeper training so he would get back in time to work a goal for striking and finishing, then scrimmage. Both those nights the coach had the 04s and 03s combined, so he got to work against/with the older boys a bit. For the other practice the coach worked alot on ball movement between the lines and also setting up for and against set pieces. This week it should be the same for club practice and training, then we are taking a long weekend in the town we play his game this weekend. They will be playing against Lonestars 04 team. This should be a good game, and the last of the 4 games they play. So far they are two loses and one win versus them, so this game should be pretty good. We both will still be missing the players who got red cards the last time we played. For us it shouldn't be as critical, but they will be missing they best forward who is responsible for more then 75% of their goals.
  7. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Highlights from the last game, still waiting on the game film from the match before this one. U14 DA Game 21 vs San Antonio FC
  8. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well as expected the Wyatt's game this weekend was a real grudge match. San Antonio FC came in playing for the win, Wyatt's coach for his part brought a pretty good roster with only a couple reserves starting. For Wyatt's part it was one of his busiest games of the season yet. Things started off as typical for Texas in the spring, Thunderstorms the night before made the field soft and slick, then the temperature dropped into the 40s for game time with a light breeze of 20-25 mph gusting up to 40mph at time through out the game that came east to west across the field. Wyatt got the start as the coach left the reserve keeper off the roster at gametime. Things started pretty early with Wyatt having to collect a chip shot, then face a free kick from just outside the 18. Unlike the last few weeks of games, Wyatt had his wall and backline better in control on the free kicks, and did a much better job with handling them. He made a few really nice dives and jumps to push balls out, as well as collecting several through balls. Even did a little sweeping in the first half to clean up some loose stuff. Near the end of the half though he slipped on a goal kick and his bruise from last week started acting up so he had the right back start taking his goal kicks for a bit. Second half fhe loosened up a bit and started takign his own kicks again. Made a coupled really nice saves, including a few dives at full reach to push one shot wide and catch another one. The other team dominated pocession and as the game went on pushed his team further back into their half, keeping him pretty busy. At several points his back line was in the 18 and 1v1's would pop up in his face. He came out, getting big and cutting angles a few times. BLocked a couples shots, but also had his center back drop in behind him to clear balls off the line that got past him in the rush. By the end of the game the other team was getting pretty frustrated and Wyatt's defense was giving up lots of fools and free kicks around the box, but Wyatt mananged to hold on to the shutowt to earn his team a 0-0 draw as the clock ran out. After the game was over, Wyatt's coach gave credit for them not loosing to Wyatt and his centerback. Saying that they were the best two players on the field along with the forward for the other team. Other keeper came up to him after the game and gave him a big hand shake and told him he did a great job, and the opposing coaches gave him a big hand shake and job well done. Was also a scout present who told him he had played a great game and definitely had carried his team on his shoulders. He was still riding high from the game when he found out he had been selecting as one of 4 U14s who would be playing with the U15 team as part of a USSF bio-banding study this weekend down in Austin. So next weekend he will get to play to games agaisnt atleast two teams built around U15 players designed to collect information on the value of playing younger, bigger players up with older players to help push them to develop. Not sure how much they will really learn from a couple of games, but for him its a chance to play aginat some older boys while being coached and observed by staff from the US Soccer program. Outside of the game Wyatt had a couple of team practices, he missed one at the start of the week thanks to come home from school with a sore throat. Tuesday night the coach had the U14 and and U15 train together, mixed up and against each other at various points. They worked through some defensive drills as well as some striking and finishing. Thursday Wyatt spent the whole practice doing footskills with the field players since the reserve keeper was absent. Afterwards he got to work with the older Da keeper class. Was an intersting experience. The coach spent part of the session working individually with the starting U15 keeper because he apparently had never been taught propert hand shape for catching balls, and the the U15 reserve keeper because he would defelct every shot because he didn't want to hustle to the ball to make a save. The keeper coach was pretty happy with Wyatt though, worked a couple of small things with him, but in general said him and the U16 keeper had the best session of the evening. Was really happy with Wyatt's hustle and movement, plus his technical skills. Wyatt had one private keeper session Friday night before the game Saturday. Started with the usual technical skills drills, then moved onto clearning corners, covering and dealign with shots across the face of goal at the far post, and making 1v1s then quick distributions. For the this week it looks like the regular slate of club training and practices. More then likely no private sessions due to the DA event this weekend, but we will see.
  9. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Tournaments are over and our friends from Gremio have returned home. We went to their quaterfinal game and watched them loose thanks to three very bad ref calls, two that took back two good goals and a third that awarded a winning goal to the other side. We hung out with them for the rest of the day, treating them to some Texas BBQ, and then on Monday since Wyatt was off from practice, hung out with them some more while they scrimmaged with Wyatt acting as the center ref. Wyatt enjoyed himself and has an invite to go down and train with them when he gets time. Practice started back up on Tuesday and then again on Thursday, no club keeper session. Team practice focused on set pieces, the back line and mids working together on defense and offensive transitions, and gettign them famalier with the starting line up for this weekend. With it being against the last place team in the dvision, the coach was giving the reserves starts to meet their requirements. So Wyatt knew going in that he would be getting the second half, but didn't let it phase him any at practice. He was focused alot on his foot skills and held his own against the field palyes in the drills. They did finish up both sessions with some striking and finishing where he stepped it up a little and had to have the coach tell him to not be so agressive so the players could get their form down with out him messing with them to much. Friday night, despsite some storms he was able to get a private keeper sessions in. They started with the usual technical drills and warmup, but the coach had seen Wyatt's games from the Dallas Cup, so he focused most the class on drills that dealt with closing the angle and clearing shots from the sides, as well as freekicks and setting walls. He worked with wyatt alot on setting his walls, being in charge with a keeper voice, and getting the back line to push up even with the wall to open up space between them and the goal for him to operate in. Wyatt really enjoyed the session and learned alot since he was still fresh from those situations in the Dallas Cup. Saturday was Game day versus the Houston Dynamo Youth DA at their fields down near Houston. WE got their early enough so that we could watch the U13s play before us and get a feel for the field and ref conditions. The storms the night before and the grass not being cut made the field conditions interesting, slippery footing, but the ball didn't roll as well on a nicely cut field. Refs were letting things get physical, which is never good with Wyatt's team, so expected it to be a rough game. As expected the reserve keeper got the start, so Wyatt worked hard to get him ready to go. Wyatt was able to get the reserve keeper calmed down some and focused, but he wasn't really wanting to play. At first he did pretty well, made a couple easy touches and colelctions, was talking well, but as the first half really got going and the play got faster, the other teamed took control and pressed high, and the reserve keeper got sketchy. He came up short more then a few times and was not confident coming off his line and getting dribbled around or chipped over. The defenders made up for it though, cutting in behind and making some really hard challenges to clear things out at the lat minute, but there were more then a few close ones with the posts making a couple saves, and several just going wide. He did come up big on one save and made a nice distribution that got a quick counter going early on that saw the team go up 1-0. But after that alot of the game was played out in the mids and our defensive third. Wyatt came in the second half along with a couple subs, including one for our left mid who went out with a nice set of what we learned later were bruised ribs from a really hard late hit that the ref called fair on. The other team was feeling good about their play in the first half so they kept pressing and Wyatt was pretty busy collecting through balls and crosses, as well as making a couple forward dives to save low shots from just around the 18 from several directions. He had the wind in his face, so he played closer to his box then usual when his team had the ball. The other team got the tieing goal off a free kick. Play came up the center and Wyatt saved the shot, but the ref called a hand ball on one of the mids and gave a free kick a little off center at the top of the 18. Wyatt set his wall and they listened, but the other team stuck a man to the end near post and the shot went over that side and it to the upper 90 with some help from the wind. Wyatt made a try for it but was to far over to really get a good hand to it. About half way through his defnese got pulled into the center and left him facing a 1v1 from his left. He came out and went done getting long to block the shot. Him, the ball, and the kick all came together at once, with him smothering the shot hard into his chest and then getting stepped on just below his knee pretty good and hard as the striker went over him. He got the wind knocked out of him pretty good and took a minute or so for him to recover and the game to get started again. His coach had made his last sub just minutes before when his center back to a knee to the head, so their was no one who could come in for Wyatt, so he walked it off and stayed in. While you could tell he was favoring his left leg from the hit he still was in it. He made a really nice dive to his left to deflect a shot out to the left and scrambled up to get big and force the follow up out of bounds. He did let one of the centerbacks take a goal kick for him after the hit, and his punts were a little off, but he held in there. He kept on with the routine stuff and got a good distribution in that started a counter in the last few minutes that got another goal for his team to see the game out 2-1. The physio gave him the once over after the game and said he looked okay, he had a nice boot mark just below his Knee on the upper calf, but nothing looked really injured in the knee area. So treated him to a steak, some ibuprofon and ice for the ride home. By time we got back, other then being tender and stiff from the 4 hour drive he said he felt good. Sunday he went to keeper training with the coach and his mom watching and checking on him. Except for being a little protective of where the cleats had rubbed the skin raw, he didn't have any trouble. So it would seem that it was more just the shock and the getting stepped on more then anything else. We will see how it goes this week at practice and once the club physi olooks at him this evening before practice. The weather seems to be returning to the normal late spring around here so hopefully it will be a good solid week of training before they square off this Saturday versus San Antonio FC. SA FC was the team they knocked out in the quarterfinals at the Dallas Cup, beating them for the first time all season. SA FC also lost this weekend to the second worst team the divison, so I am expecting they will come looking for some redemption on Saturday. NO word on the status of the other injured players, but one of the starting centerbacks will be out serving a 3-game suspension, so should make it intereting none the less.
  10. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well Dallas CUp finally is winding down and as is the IberCup so finally have a little more time to sit and type. The weather finally cleared up and they got group play started back up Thursday, with Wyatt's team playing their last group game versus Richmond Strikers from Virgina. The reserve keeper got the start again as did all the reserve players on the roster as the coach figured out that short of getting blown out 0-8, the team would clinche first in group and advance. Richamond came in at the opposite end of the bracket, nothing to lose and looking for a moral victory to end their tournament. The game was rough from the start, with both teams playing each other on all balls really hard, and usually playing the player and not the ball. The reserve keeper made a save early on, but then followed it up with a horrible punt that came back in his face and resulted in a free kick. He benefitted from the coach lecturing the players who go into the wall so they actually set up and listened correctly allowing him to easiely collect the shot over the wall. He flubbed the roll out from the save and had it come back in his face to be deflected out by the center back for a cornerkick. Things calmed down after that for a bit until another foul set up a long kick into the box. The keeper came out, but then stoped in no-mans land and set unsure what to do. The striker took advantage of it and headed the ball right past him to make it 0-1. After that the boys turtled up and defended the rest of the half. Second half wyatt subbed in and got busy with routine sweeping and colelcting through balls and bouncing balls in the box. His distribution were really good, and his punts have settled down and not the big high arching american football punts. HIs team didn't seem to want to rally, and he kept having to push them up to get them moving out of the trenches and into attacking. He got the mids to finally start pressing and the forwards eventually started getting some looks, but nothing that gnerated a point. His best save came right near the end when the attack died and the quick counter came back and a long shot was taken through the open center. HE saw it coming and moved to it well, making a nice dive to collect it from going into the lower right corner. He got the ball back in play fast, but the counter died as the clock ran out and the 0-1 result stood. They still finished 1st in group to advance to the quarter finals. In the quarter finals they wound up facing San Antonio FC, a team from their divison that they had played twice already this season, losing and tieing one time each. The coach announced that now that they were in the knock out rounds, he was going to play his best roster and not give out minutes to the reserve unless he needed them to go in. The boys started out on the right foot and kept up the pressure for the whole game, Wyatt had lots of goalkicks to make in the first half as SAFC tried long range shots with the wind that never found the goal. One goal kick he took went to the center and started a series of touches that ended in a goal to take them up 1-0. Wyatt had a single last minute save in the first half to make a nice jump to collect a high long range shot to see the half out 1-0. Second half things got busier in the save department with him having to make 6 saves. Best two came off of corner kicks. First one he called away and one of the mids headed it back into the box setting off a mad kick fest that ended with wyat somehow making a catch when one of the SAFC plays turned adn fired the ball from the top of the 6. Wyatt got a nice throw off it to start a counter that ended with a hard shot going off the opposing cross bar. Second save SAFC tried clocking him out on the kick and Wyatt managed to fight through the players and get an arm extended out as he jumped to literally scoop the ball right off the head of the striker as he was sending it towards the goal. He then recovered and made a nice forward dive to collect the follow up shot from the deflection. Last play of the game the field conditions almost took him out as he slipped on a goalkick and tried to turn his ankle. Luckily the ball played out well and didn't come back before the ref stopped play for him to get looked at. After that, wasn't much time left to do as the clock wound down and the game closed out with a 1-0 shutout and them advancing to the semi-finals. Semi-finals they matched up against Angeles Elite Soccer out of Mexico. This team came in undefeated with few goals allowed. The lineup was much larger then ours as well so looked to be a physical game in the making. The coach stuck to most the starters with two changes, one that resulted in a lot of turnovers in the mid because he was holding the ball to long and getting muscled off constantly. Was a busy game ofr Wyatt with him having to make two saves within minutes of the start. Turnover in the mid came back as a hard shot to Wyatt's left, as went for it he slipped and had to lunge from the ground to get a hand to it to deflect it out to the left and then scramble to collect the follow up shot. A little later he had a similar shot and he got some series air diving to his side to push it out and then nicely challenged in the air to collect a flick from subsequent short corner. His team eventually pushed forward and he winger drew a foul to set up a goal from the free kick. The kick off came in long and out for a last minute corner that Wyatt got up and over the forwards to push out to the top of the 18 where it was cleared out to see the half end 1-0. Second half started like the first with Wyatt making another dive to his left to push a shot wide. Little while later he made a really nice foot save as a shot came in through the traffic in the box from a disrupted attack. Wyatt then made a nice goalkick up the left side that led to a counter that netted a second goal to make it 2-0. At this point the other team seemed to wake up and decide to take us seriously, or more serious then they had. Wyatt's team on the other hand started to relax and got sloppy. The mids and centerbacks kept collapsing end to defend, sucking the corner backs in and leaving the wings open to counters. One came in and beat the left back, and then put a nice shot low across the face of the goal from behind a screening run to make it 2-1. A little while later, same thing happened on the right, but turned into a 1v1 which saw Wyatt getting called for a foul as he came in to make the save. Player jumped Wyatt but made a good show of being swept off his feet to get a PK, which made it 2-2. After that Wyatt's team started just booting everything long to clear it in panic mode. Wyatt worked overtime making 5 more saves off shots from the sides to try ang help his team rally. Three for nice dives to the side to deflect or collect shots, while a fourth was a really jump to collect a hard shot from the corner of the 18 trying to get over him towards the back post. Depsite the work, the play down the left side got him again. PLayer made the run and had two defenders on him, so Wyatt just kept correcting for angle and waiting for the shot. A nice fake lost one and then the last defender tried to make a slide tackle which totally missed leaving Wyatt with a 1v1 inside the 18 all the sudden. He started to move to close and the forward put the ball across the goal to make it 2-3. After that Wyatt's forwards got back in the game, but by then with 3 minutes left they couldn't get anything finshed and saw the game end in a 2-3 loss. Wyatt was pretty gutted and really didn't want to hang out for the post game talk. The coach kept it short and sweet, talked about the team needing to keep their cool and not panic when things take a turn. Also he made a point out of the fact that the team was carried on the shoulders of the keepers through most of the tournament, with Wyatt in particular making several key saves in each game that either kept them from loosing momemtum or kept giving them changes to get back in the game. DIdn't lessen the lose any, but it did take a little sting out of it. The team that beat them went on to the finals to win, oddly enough after blowing a 2-0 lead to come back and tie 3-3 in extra time and then win on PKs. Wyatt spent today hanging out and watching Gremio play. The boys gifted Wyatt a first team play jersey and made him assistant manager for the rest of their tournament. We watched them get 4 wins and 1 draw to top group and move onto the quarter finals. We will be spending most of Easter watching them play through, cheering them on to the championship.
  11. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Forgot to add to the update that Wyatt apparently made a really good impression on the coaches at the germany travel team event we attended a few weeks back. They invited him to go in late June/early July for two weeks with the 03/02 team. Unfortunately we had to decline because he has the last gaem with his team right in the middle of that. They understood though and extended him an open invite to two other upcoming trips when they get them scheduled. Also, bit of rain delay so Wyatt has to wait until tomorrow night to see if his team will top the group and advance in the Dallas Cup. He did get to spend the evening hanging out with some youth team from Gremio (Brazil), Atletico Madrid, Mancherster City, Dynamo Zagreb, Arsenal, and Benefica at the opening ceremonies and hotel for the IberCup USA. We are the liasons for Gremio, and although they are 08s he really enjoys hanging out with them and talking with manager and coaches.
  12. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    A little, but been a busy few days of soccer for Wyatt and they are two games into group play at the moment in the Dallas Cup. Last week was not really idle practice schedule for run-up to one of the largest youth tournaments in the U.S. Monday's practice was canceled because the boys were being measured as part of a bio-band/growth velocity study. Idea is to maybe sort boys based on their stage of physical and skill development to prevent slow bloomers from falling out and early ones from not developing correctly because they rely on their size and speed to win. They are supposed make two team from the U13 - U17 players centered on the u14 and U15 age groups for a mini tournament of 3 games near the end of next month. Tuesday the fields were closed for tournament prep, so the boys practiced at the local community college doing passing, conditioning, and speed & agility. Thursday was indoor and saw the return from injury of both the injured centerback and the reserve keeper. They mostly worked on passing and striking & finishing, with a little scrimmaging thrown in. No club keeper training, but did do private keeper training Firday. With the tournament coming up this week, the keeper coach focused on a general workout touching on all the basic skills and some extra work on 1v1s and dealing with crosses. So Sunday group play started for the Dallas Cup with Wyatt's team playing Kishawa Club Dragons from just out side Tokyo, Japan. Wyatt got the start and the whole game in the net. Game was pretty back and forth. Wyatt's team played a lot of high pressure and kept the Dragons pinned back during the first half. Dragons scored first when they got a quick turnover and countered, drawing a foul outside the box. Wyatt's wall didn't listen to him and the two shortest players on the team got in the center of a 4 man wall and the kick was taken before Wyatt could get them straightened out. Ball came in right over the shorts guys and Wyatt couldn't get to it in the near post upper 90. His team rallied though and got back one on a nice run of play that saw a final touch in assiting a nice low shot into the goal. They followed up really quick with some nice passing and a good cross to make it 2-1. Wyatt got busy after that, deflecintg a shot out wide, was going to catch it but slipped on the pitch (very slick) when he went to dive, but still got his hands to it. Had another high shot come in and rebound off the crossbar onto the head of a opposing forward in the 6 right in front of Wyatt. The striker put it to Wyatt's left and Wyatt managed to get a hand to it to clear it out to the side. Ball hit the wind and dropped like a brick right over the cross bar to make it 2-2 going into the half. He collected a few through balls and beat a 1v1 at the top of the 18 before getting beat by a long high plunging kick when his mids let up pressure about 30 yards out to hold it at that. Second half Wyatt was busy again and working to keep his back line and mids pressing the Dragons. First portion of the second half the Dragons were countering well and got several looks giving Wyatt some work to do. He came up big two times, once after a ball was cleared short and came back into the boc by the defense he made a really nice reaction save to clear it out. Second one, they tried the long chip shot again trying to catch Wyatt out at the top of the 18 to the right. He backpedaled/shuffled like all get out and them made a huge leap up and back to get a hand to it and push it over the bar. That kept the Dragons from rallying as his team went on to put in two more, one off a roll out from Wyatt that the player took and went all the way up the field to score. FInal wound up being 4-2. Game 2 was Monday versus Chula Vista out of southern California, a hot bed of good soccer. Team, althoug bigger was a good match up skill wise with out boys. The game was also played at a second complex that is on top a high area and windy as all get out. So one team for each half had winds gusting up to 30mph to their backs. We watched the game before hand on the same field and saw it go from 3-0 to 4-4 when the teams switched and the opposite got the wind advantage. The reserve got the start and had little to do as the team did a good job with playing high and not letting much back for him to deal with. He had a few touchs, almost having a roller go through his legs and collecting a through ball, before bobbling a back pass and distrbuting it out to an oncoming attacker. After that the team cut him out of the game almost completely. Wind help our boys find the net to make it 3-0 going into the half. Wyatt came in the second half, but had little to do at first. He spent a lot of time wasting the clock chasing long balls out of bounds onto the next field over for goal kicks, even getting a verbal warning from the ref to stop letting things go out and waiting to chase them. He finally got in to the game scooping up a bouncing through ball right in front of a striker about to head it towards the goal. A little while later he came out into a scrum in the box and cleared a ball with his feet as it was struck. Then he made another nice jump to push a ball over as the Chula Vista tried to float in one from range with the wind. His team picked up another goal to go 4-0, with Wyatt stopping a quick attempt right afterwards to rally when him and the forward hit going up for a high bouncing ball. Other team was screaming for a PK, but the ref decided it was 50/50 and let it go as a goal kick since it had gone out. Other side did manage to net one in the last few minutes to end it 4-1 off a free kick when the mids fouled them at the top of the 18. Ball was dead center to the goal so Wyatt set his wall to his left, but they shifted over some despite his instructions and he wound up having more goal to cover then he should have. Coach got on him about that goal and the last one with the wall. So took a little out of the win for Waytt. They have an off day today, but face off tomorrow (weather permitting) against the last team in group, Richmond Strikers from Virginia. So far his team looks solid and good to advance, but with the weather and playing a team that has not chacen to advance, things aren't a given. If they do advance then its quarterfinals against a wild card on Thursday.
  13. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Cliub seems to be on the ball about gettign the game footage out fast lately: http://www.hudl.com/v/29ea3V
  14. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Extremely busy week for Wyatt despite be on spring break from school. Game wise his team faced off for the 3rd time versus the U14 DA team from Lonestar. First game they lost 3-2 and second game was the 5-1 loss that sparked the coaching change for Wyatt's team. The team was still riding high from the 2-1 win over the their in town rivals FC Dallas last weekend, so they came in with a lot of energy and high spirits. The reserve keeper was still out so Wyatt again was minding the net solo. The centerback was still out injured so the team played a modified lineup again with some more changes. The coach opted with the heat and the fast pace of the last two games to start with half the reserves on to wear down the opposition and then bring in fresh legs in waves to keep up the pressure. Tactically sound, but it did place our weakest reserve center back in a starting slot, so Wyatt had a little more to do then normal. Unlike last game he didn't have too many crosses to deal with, but spent lots of time collecting and distributing short balls, chips, and crosses. He went with throws alot, much more accurate then his punts for distributions and made it easier to transition to attack for his squad and keep the pressure on the other team. He came up big a few times to prevent go ahead goals for Lonestar as well. He made a really nice point blank save on the line to deny a goal. He also came out in a very alkward looking move and jump about 5 yards out of the box to stop a break away from developing, then later got a hand to a 1v1 to deflect it before taking a hit from the charging player for his trouble. Overall a very good game for him as he held the shut to help his team to the 1-0 win. Added bonus was being able to do so in front of the national team scout. After the game during the post game talk the coach made little speech to the team while they were busy congragulating the goal scorer that they all needed to think about Wyatt. He said as a keeper no one would remember the two big saves he made to keep them in the game so the forward could score the goal. That folks would only remember the goal, but despite not getting any glory and tons of grief when goals are allowed, that Wyatt still works hard, shows up all the time, does extra work, and still plays keeper for them. He told them that is what a real soccer player does. Wyatt really appreciated it and it seemed to hit a note with some of the boys. With it being spring break Wyatt spent Monday thru Thursday for 3 hours a day doing keeper camp with his private goal keeping coach. They worked throug a variety of drills and skills, starting off with a tune up style process and then on to refining some of the more technical skills like punt types, dead balls, and dealing with set pieces. They also got to play some fun keeper games to make all not work. Team had three good outdoor practices, focusing alot of movement on and off the ball as a unit and working to contain and pressure opponents trying to build from the back. Last session they worked alot on set piece defense and then while the field players were working on passing games/drills Wyatt worked with the striker on learning to take kicks with his left foot (which by the way was off he scored in the game). Wyatt also had two club keeper sessions, first one was technical work on dives and making followup saves after deflecting or parrying high balls. Second session was all about defending corners and crosses into the box. And as always he had a Friday night pre-game session with the private keeper coach where they just worked through the standard technical drills that they do. Final treat for the weekend for Wyatt was going to a talent ID camp to try out for a travel team going to Germany to train and play for a few weeks over the summer. The group does several clinics across the US so when this one was close (3 hours away) we decided to give it a shot. Wyatt really enjoyed it. They didn't have to many keepers, but they had enough to provide one to each group. Wyatt got picked to work with the U17/18 players. He did well with them, getting a much better save percentage then any of the other keepers working with age groups closer to their own. The other U14 who was there was placed with the U13/14 group and didn't show to well. Wyatt went on to keep for a combo team of U17, U15/14 boys versus the U18, U15, and U13 players. He ended the evening with a 3-0 shut out, spending most the time playing sweeper and commanding the defense and mids really well. Afterwards, we stopped for dinner and ran into the coaches/evaluators and Wyatt got some really good feedback, including the fact that he made a really good impression and they expected to offer him a slot on one of the teams for the summer. So now we are into the last week before the Dallas Cup, a big interntion youth tournament here in town that has been running for over 30 years. Wyatt's team will face off against teams from Japan, southern California and North Carolina in group play. IF they make it out there are teams from england, mexico, germany, and around the US waiting to face them in knock out stages.
  15. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Video came out quick again and I think I finally got the hang of the updated editor. U14 DA Game 18 vs FC Dallas