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  1. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Game 5 for the season Saturday. Coach is still tweeking the starting lineup for the field players and trying to even out playing time for the reserves prior to the show case coming up this next weekend. Coach split up his primary group of mids and forwards, and mixed/matched up a new lineup holding Wyatt and the main forward/striker in reserve with a couple of the better mids. Seemed to work on the front in as the boys passing and ball movement was significantly improved. Boys were pretty domnant early on and made some nice trys and had a few good looks at goal. First goal came on a PK earned when our attacking mid ran onto a nicely weighted through ball and forced the opposing centerback to take him out with a pretty vicious tackle. They converte the attempt and went on to keep pushing. The reserve keeper had some issues with the opposition though. He still sticks to his line and seldom comes out of the 6 on anything which gave the opposition more chances to try and make something happen on crosses and long balls. He made a few workman like collections and two saves. but was giving up most the aerial stuff to bad timing and got caught chasing a cross over his head more then once. First opposing goal came off a cross he didn't get to and a defender cleared short. Ball was picked up by an opposing player snad slotted into the lower left on the out of position keeper. Second on came off another mischallenged cross that bounced into the box adn pinballed a bit before getting tapped in by the otherside. Wyatt went in at the half to a 1-2 game with the main forward and two wingers and a mid. They got the momentum back and started keeping things pshed into the other attacking third. The mids still struggled at times and Wyatt had to come out and collect a through ball in front of a charging forward. After one of the mids played a nice chip shot over the opposite keeper who had been playing a little to high at times and caught him out enough to make it 2-2. With it at a tie the other team the other team rallied again and took advatange on a bad pass in the mids to chase a through ball back into the box towards Wyatt. One of the backs was coming back with it and for some reason tried to shepard it to Wyatt right at the top of the 18 with a opposing player right on his back. Wyatt kept calling for it to be cleared, but the defender wound up playing it short practiceally right back into Wyatt's feet. Wyatt pushed it out ot the side with a foot, then without anywahere to go cleared it out wide for a throw in. Wyatt's team went up 3-2 after a nice run of play saw the main forward slot a beautiful shot low into the far post at a really flat angle across the face of goal. With the clock winding the the coach told the boys to slow things down and burn the clock. Wyatt tried pretty hard but the opposing team parents and bench did a good job of feeding balls back in whenever they went out for goalkicks or throws. As the clock ran down they managed to win a free kick that let to a cross into the box far post. Wyatt moved with it across the face of the goal and was positioned well when the ball was headed down. It hit right to his right and he dropped flat and caught it right on the line almost to hold the 3-2 lead. The team turtled up even more after that and saw out extra time to secure the win. Practice for the week was pretty much like the week before. Went indoors first night and worked on passing and the short game, followed up by two outdoor sessions at the local community college focusing on large passing drills, conditioning, and running. Club keeper training was canceled again, but he did get in a private season Friday night which focused on low saves and clearances. Sunday he also did a double session with the club skills trainer. First one focused mainly on foot skills and speed, while the second one was all about goalkicks and punts. This week our fields are back open for business so it will be the regular outdoor practices and keeper training starts back up as well, all of which is good as the boys get ready for a 3 game showcase this coming weekend.
  2. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Partial highlights from Wyatt's game versus San Antonio FC, apparently their video guy has as much trouble as I do. I have pretty much given up on trying to figure out the editor. U14 DA Game 4
  3. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Game 4 this weekend vs the newest club in the divison, San Antonio FC. This is their first year in the DA and their ownership is trying to get an MLS team so they are setting up a good development program. Game was interesting from the get go, for starters the coach had to give the reserves ther 25% starts per the league rules, so 6 of the starters including Wyatt had to start on the bench. Wyatt wasn't to happy about that, especially playing a team that is currently one of the best in the division. He worked hard with the reserve keeper getting him warmuped for the start, but the reserve keeper definitely felt the pressure. SAFC started off pushing hard and getting several looks on goal and figured out fast the reserve keeper wasn't controling the 6 yard box and had a hard time dealing with high balls. He did okay at first, but as things wore on he started making some errors. They finally capitalized off a high shot in the box that he didn't go for, it bounced off the cross bar and then back into the box were it was tapped in to make it 0-1. He buckled down and kept at it, but still wasn't controlling the box. After the coach got on him about not defending a cross, he tried to punch a ball out, but sent it to one of the opposing forwards who took a slow poke at the corner which got by him after a bad dive to clear it ot make it 0-2. Half time the coached made a wholesale sub and put in the 5 other starters and Wyatt. The other team was preparing subs as well, but waited to see what impact the changes made. First was a positive change with the boys going more offensive and getting a look at goal pretty fast and almost getting a goal. The other team counterfast and Wyatt played agressive and collected the cross into the box pretty quick. Then he handled several high shots to keepr the 0-2 while the team generated more looks, but still wasn't able to put anything into the back of the net. At that point the opposing coach decided not to make and subs and had his starters start playing delay with quick counters which Wyatt continued to hold off with some nice collections and at one point playing chicken with a forward until he lost his cool and put the ball out rather then go toe to toe with Wyatt. Wyatt managed to hold the score line at 0-2 as the game wound down and his team became more dominant, but still couldn't get any goals to end with the 0-2 loss. The other team showed Wyatt a lot of respect with their coach and then the players shaking Wyatt's hand before any one else on his team. Added bonus was there was a national team scout there evaluating the players and Wyatt showed extremely well. He handled everthing well, with a variety of distributions. Rest of the week was a little scattered, the fields are closed for reseeding with winter grass mix, so the boys practice one day indoors and then two days at the local community college. The indoor was mostly scrimmaging and Wyatt did well with the coach allowing the keepers to handle the ball behind the first line and not just the goal arc. Wyatt had fun getting out of the arc and playing with his feet. He commanded the defenses he worked with pretty well and didn't get beat to often. The other two days they worked primarily on conditioning and passing. Wyatt liked those sessions a lot more because his team was training at the same time as the U18/19 boys so he got to warmup and train with those keepers. They focused alot of helping him and the reserve keeper work on their warmup routines as well as crosses and punts. There were no club keeper session but he did get one in today working with the private keeper coach. Focus of the class was low dives, he did pretty well with those, with the coach focusing on his dives to the left which have been a little sketchy lately. Aftewards he did an hour and the half with the club skills coach working on his footwork with the ball and some striking and finishing. This coming week team practice looks to be the same with another out of team game on Saturday. Hopefully the boys who have started playing better as a team will get out of their slump and get a win to help boost them heading into the showcase weekend after. We got the match list and Wyatt's team will be facing two teams from Florida and one from Indiana. Don't know to much about the teams over all, but atleast one is from the club that used to operate the National youth teams residency program so would expect there to be some good competition there for sure.
  4. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Had a bye weekened so no game to report. Wyatt was pretty worked up after the last game for a while and took a lot of that into practice Monday night. He worked his back line pretty hard and had some choice words for them when they wouldn't clear balls correctly in the drills. I was wandering around some of the more "interesting" parts of Chicago Tuessday and Wednesday so his mom took him to practice. Team seemed to be starting to get the idea about playing together and Wyatt came away feeling alot better about things in general. Said he had a good session and made some really nice saves that got some recognition from the coach. Third practice fields were closed so the team practiced at the local junior college and worked on conditioning and then some passing. He had one club keeper session which focused on distributions (throws, rolls, punts, goal kicks, etc.). Coach through a wrench into the works by having them take punts and goal kicks with their off foot. Wyatt does that alot with the club skills trainer so he looked fairly good, the rest of the group spent lots of time chasing balls through other teams practices. Outside of team and club practices, Wyatt did a double keeper session yesterday. First session worked on clearing balls from the corners, high and low and general skills. Second one focused more on goal kicks and back passes. The provate keeper coach likes them to stick to their dominate foot for these things, but he is getting to trust that Wyatt really does play with both feet well. So he left him to his own devices and wyatt played things with whatever foot ws convenient for the ball he received and where he needed to send it. After that he headed over and did a session with the skills trainer, then stuck around for another hour or so of keeper work with a U17 player. Mostly they work on punts and goal kicks, but they ended with PKs and a little diving. The trainer and the keeper coach are working on his dives to his left, where he seems to favor draggin a foot instead of taking a big step. The trainer also went over the game footage with him and they talk about things he could have done better or flaws in his form that he needs to hammer out. This week the fields are closed to get the winter grass seeded in, so they will be training at various locations to get ready for the game Saturday. It will be the first time they meet this team in leage play, so should be pretty exciting.
  5. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Third game of the season, and as always sort of choppy thanks to the editor.. U14DA Game 3
  6. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Wyatt had Game 3 in his U14 DA season today with the team playing Lonestar FC, a club that usually gives them a tight game. As usually it was pretty chippy with Lonestar's bigger lineup starting off by keeping Wyatt's team pinned in their half for a bit at the start. Wyatt started off by coming out on a chip over the back lines and forcing the shot wide, then seeing off the short corner that resulted. He then collected a through ball right under the nose of the charging forward. He then rolled the save out to his rightback, switching up his distributions between short and long stuff. He saved a low shot a little later, then had some punts and goalkicks before saving an own goal from his centerback whose attempt to clear a ball out with his head went up and back towards the goal (seems his team really likes to try and score on him). More distributions and another collection of a long ball followed by a save on a low hard shot from outside the 18. Then a foul out to his left got a freekick that came into the box and was headed into the upper 90 to his left. Wyatt made a truelly impressive dive and cleared it out for a corner. Some more distributions and then the defense let a player slip in around the right and put a low shot at the far post. Wyatt saw it late and tried to clear it but missed it to go down 0-1 right before the half. Second half he started off with a couple saves and a collection of several low shots. His team tied it up with a header off a corner to make it 1-1. The moment shifted there way for a bit then back the other way. He saved a second own goal when his right back stepped in the way and tried to play a low cross through the box and wound up cutting off Wyatt and then trying to deflect the ball into the goal. Wyatt managed to save it and prevented his team from adding to the opposing score for a third game in a row. He called keeper on a high ball and the mid came back and didn't clear out, slamming into Wyatt at the same time as an attacker as Wyatt grabbed the ball. Ball popped out to his left, but was cleared out though by his defenders. Soon after that his centerback got a second yellow and gave up a freekick at the top of the 18. Wyatt set a 5 man wall and was lining up well, then the coach pulled on of his players and told him to center up in the goal. The shot came in low around the now shortened wall and he missed his dive to clear it. if the wall had been wider or he had started where he wanted he would have cleared it, but wound up going down 1-2. After that his team started pushing harder even with the man down, and Wyatt spent the rest of the game taking freekicks and goal kicks long to try and get a counter started. Game ended though without anyone finding the net again. Post game speech featured a lot of issues being pointed out by the coach, including some blame on Wyatt for the two goals, and for not positioning his defense to stop the upper 90 that he cleared out. Wyatt wasn't to cool with that, but he worked through it afterwards over chicken wings and ribs. We will see what practice holds for the next two weeks (we have a bye next weekend) before we head down to San Antonio to play the new team in the division. Outside of the game, Wyatt practice three times with his team, then followed it up with the older team (U15) subbing in for the injured starting keeper. He really enjoyed that alot and got some good feedback from the coach and the assistant. Best part for him was the last U15 practice where the assitant coach made the reserve U15 keeper watch wyatt play and try and learn how to cut angles and get big. Some of it seemed to take for their game today, but judging by the coaches comments to the older reserve keeper during the game, not enough. The older started is back on Monday, so Wyatt will be back to just his team practices. He also had 2 club keeper training sessions. Wyatt likes them, but says they are some what remedial skills stuff, but doesn't mind because it helps him focus on his form. They did do some keeper wars, where he did fairly well. No private training this week do to schedule conflicts and tomorrow he is working with the club skills trainer. The trainer saw the game today and has a few items he wants to go over with Wyatt in addition to there usual skills and conditioning work. So looks like it may be a rough season until the coach figures out the player mix and the boys start jelling as a team.
  7. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Got the video for the second game of the season. Still having issues with the editor. U14 DA Game 2
  8. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Got the video for Wyatt's first game. It's a little disjointed and jumps around out of seque 've thanks to the new editor software. U14 DA Game 1
  9. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Second game played and went better then the first game. This week they squared off against their sister club Texans SC Houston. Despite his cocerns over the game last week, Wyatt remained first keeper and starter for the game this week. Other team started off strong with a fast blitz up the field putting immediate pressure on the mids and defense of Wyatt's team. Wyatt had a early goalkick to make after the shot went wide from the starting run. The coach switched from long ball to build from the back this week, so Wyatt sent the ball out to his left corner. They moved it up the field, making a run for the goal, before the forwards lost possession and the qucik counter came back. The opposing forward made a strong run and Wyatt called keeper and came off his line, cutting the angle and getting big. His right back however tried to run the kid down and clear the ball with a good solid strike that turned it into a bullet past Wyatt to score an own goal to go 0-1. Wyatt made a good try to block it, but the definitely wasn't expecting that. After some choice words with the right back, they got on with things. He continued on with goalkicks out to his backs , then had to clear a backpass under pressure up the field which started a counter that petered out with a shot off the crossbar at the other end of the field. The main center back was still out and the reserve still having trouble slotting in which resulted in Wyatt coming out on a cross calling keeper and the center back slamming into him right as he reached the ball. The pileup though cut off the runner and the other centerback cleared it out. Team finally scored to tie it up 1-1 on a nice header from a corner kick. Wyatt then got to take a free kick outside the box from a hard foul on his right back. They got the go ahead goal off a PK when the opposing defender foot ball tackled our player from behind in the box to go 2-1. Shortly after though Wyatt's other centerback made a beautiful header off a ball Wyatt had called away on from a freekick into the box, boucning it off the ground and into the goal to Wyatt's right. Once again he made a try for it, but definitely wasn't expecting a second own goal to tie it up 2-2. That goal got the other team fired up and they made some more nice runs. Wyatt had to come out on a 1v1, doing a good job of stalking the player as he came in, forcing the shot early and then getting a peice of it to send it out for a corner. His team scored 1 more time before the half to make in 3-2, with Wyatt collecting a ball chipped over the back line to see the end of the half out. Second half Wyatt continued in the net. Mostly this half he was aggressively collecting through balls of various types. He did make a really nice touch and jump to push a ball over the bar and a somewhat violent collison/save on a 50/50 ball in the box that was played through the backline. He kept the goal for the whole game and did a good job of keeping his communication and command of the back line going for the whole game. The coach rotated through the bench as the half wore down trying to minimize injuries and heat stress. Unfortunately the second keeper was the only boy not to go in, which I think was a big shock to him and his parents. The coach however had been pretty honest with them that he probably wouldn't see much time and that he doesn't like subbing the keeper in games where they are close on the score line, which with the team still coming together may take a little while to not be the case. We got to the fields earlier and caught part of the 03 teams game. They were playing the same club, but the game was really tight, barely ending in a 2-1 win, but that win saw a player on the other team get a broken arm, and then the starting keeper for Wyatt's club go out with a bad concussion after making a diving save on a 1v1. He made the save, but his form wasn't good and he rolled after getting the ball putting his back to the striker who was trying to hack the ball and instead got him really good in the back of the head. Initial word is he will probably be out at least 4 weeks if not longer. That means Wyatt may get called up to the older team to help out at practices and games. Will be a tough call for the coach, as that would leave our reserve keeper in the net and Wyatt playing back up to the older reserve keeper. Other then game, Wyatt had the full training schedule this week. Team practice 3 nights where they went over alot of defensive positioning and tactics and working on clearing crosses into the box as a team then transitioning into a counter attack. The two club keeper session focused on clearning corners and crosses as well, but also worked on distributions and goalkicks. Wyatt did 2 sessions with the private keeper coach focusing on general skills, but also a big dose of backpasses and distributions in the double on Friday. Today its another private keeper session and skills/conditioning with the club trainer. With the potential for helping out with the the 03s Wyatt is excited about what this coming week is going to hold.
  10. Bucks Returns

    Good to hear you are back playing.
  11. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well first game for the season is in the books and Wyatt wasn't too happy with how it went. They squared off against their in-town rivals, FC Dallas, and as always it was a pretty intense match. Wyatt started the match with a little surprise in that the coach had the reserve keeper not really warm-up but focus on helping Wyatt get warmed-up. One of the other coaches came over as well and helped out, but Wyatt thinks it did more harm then good because it disrupted his usual warm-up routine which showed later in the game with his goalkicks and punts. Game started off as expected, with both teams probing each other and looking for weak spots and favorable match-ups. FCD figured out their big fast forward was dominating our left back and focused there at first. Kid would speed down the right and cut in and cross to their attacking mid who would go far post. So early on Wyatt's first save was a nice midheight diving catch to his left (weak side) to snag the crossed shot out of the air. He went with a punt as the coach decided that they would have a hard time playing out the back. Ball moved around a bit and then was lost in the offensive third and the same attack came barreling in down the left side, this time the kid dumped it to the holding mid who took a high arcing shot at the right upper 90 from about 25 yards out. Wyatt got up with a nice jump moving sideways to clear it out for a corner. He took the goalkick, but the lack of warm-up didn't see him take it to well. Didn't give it away, but the receiving player was in traffic and lost possession quickly so it came back at him pretty quick. He got big and the shot went wide for another corner. Second goalkick was better, but came back pretty quick as the right wing (former attacking mid) lost it trying to be tricky. Ball came back into the box and was headed out by one of the two centerbacks who on the way down took a bad foul from the FCD attacking mid and landed poorly on his ankle. Ref didn's see it and Wyatt made the save on the follow up shot, then the ref whitsled the game for the injury. Wyatt got the ball back after the centerback wasa taken off the field and went with his first punt. Was long, but spinning weird and hit half way down the field and then spun out of bounds. Throwin went long and got passed to the fast kid who came in hard , crossed to the holding mid who popped it over the back line with the forward running onto it. Wyatt came out and caught high on the bounce and then took a hit from the forward. They were both about the same height, but Wyatt had him by about 20 or more pounds of muscle, so didn't fair well for the forward. Punted it out and then followed it up playing a high line. Dropped back as the fast break started again and made a nice catch on a cross that the mid tried to head into the corner, then punted it out again. Collected another attempt to chip the back line and swtiched to a roll out to his right back. Coach didn't like that, but it did help switch the momentum and got us a look at the goal. He collect a long through ball off the ground and punted that out. Then play switched back and a bad clearance set up a corner. Ball dropped into the box which was crowded and pin balled around before the replacement centerback cleared it low and short to the attacking mid who tee'd it up and let fly. Wyatt saw the shot come off and set for it, but had several players in the way. His defenders jumped out of the way with the replacement centerback turning and ducking from the shot, which deflected off his back and went high and left for a goal. Wyatt was rather heated up after that and let out a few choice words to his back line and that player in particular. He kept his head in the game though and defended his box well, picking of a low cross through the box with a nice forward dive, and then dived forward again to get a bouncing ball that came over the back line. After that another corner came in and the other centerback headed the ball away short and towards the PK spot, where an opposing players was waiting and he vollied it before it hit the ground and past Wyatt to go 0-2. Wyatt finished out the half drivign the defense hard and collecting a few more through balls. Second half the coach made some subs, changing the mid and front line a little. Seemed to work for most parts defenseively keepign the ball in the mid field alot more. However the fast kid made to good runs again, both times beating the back line and putting Wyatt into a bad spot. First one started as a 2v2 but the defender over commented and turned it into a 2v2 that Wyatt wasn't ready for and caught him a little slow to react to the change (he had set up for the 2v2) he went in, but missed the touch across and got beat. Second one the fast kid basically dribble-sprinted the whole team and bore in on Wyatt. Wyatt came out and got big, but couldn't get contact and got beat again. About half-way through the second half the coach figured that being down 0-4 he didn't want to risk more injuries from tired players and used up the last of his subs and rotated in most the rest of the reserve players from the bench including the second keeper. The second keeper faced the same situation as Wyatt had early. Had to come out twice of breakaways, getting beat both times, but saved by the centerback who cut in and cleared the shot off the line twice. He made a double save after takign a shot a low slow shot and deflecting it back to the shooter who shot it right back at him for the second deflection save for a third shot that the center back cleared back into him and out of bounds. He got beat by a later shot that was to his right and close that came off a goalkick he sent right to the other team and came back at him pretty fast. The boys did finally managed to score a goal to end it 1-5, but didn't help the sting of the loss much. They had generated some oppuritunities in the game in both halves that would maybe have made the game closer, but failed to really take advantage of the oppuritunities. Coach wasn't too thrilled at the end, so expecting lots of work this week to get ready for the game versus our sister club from Houston nect weekend if it still happens. That part of the state took a beating a few weekends back from a hurricane so not all the clubs are back up and running yet. If it doesn't happen, I'm sure the boys will get a scrimmage in and probably a heavy dose of PT. Game was taped, but not sure when we will get the footage. The coach talked about reviewing it with the boys as well, which will be a big change from last year. Other then the game Wyatt had his usual practices, the last one though featured a lot of set piece play work which was nice, but not enough and a little to late for the weekend. He also had his first club keeper session. The goalie coach changed from last year to a forner New Castle keeper. He guest coached a few times last year, so Wyatt already knew him and like his style and teaching subjects. Wyatt although not the olders keeper, was the lead student for the session which made Wyatt really happy. He also had his standard Friday night keeper training and put in a session with the skills trainer Sunday. He talked with the skills training abit and they threw in alot of dead ball and punting practice as well as some PK save work on top of the usual conditioning, agility, and foot skills work. By the end of the session I think Wyatt had burned off some of his anger about the game and was back to his usual form on his kicks and punts.
  12. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Less then a week to the season kickoff and changes are a foot. The team continues to get ready as does Wyatt for the first game vesus their big rival, Fc Dallas. The boys had another scrimmage Thursday versus a sister team from the club that is a year old and in the top divison of the local league. Wyatt came away from that one feeling a little stressed. The other team had a size (and speed advantage), plus has been pretty solid for the last couple years as a group. The coach tried a few new combinations up front and we had to key defenders out so the back line was shakey at the start. Wyatt was pretty busy with sweeping in general, with the substiture center back giving him fits by constantly dropping passes back to him when Wyatt was covered. Wyatt cleared them out well, typically up to the strikers who would drop back as the line dropped to create some space to receive. Two shots got in on him though, first was a really high arcing cross that was served up by the susbtiture left back to the other teams winger who popped it up really high towards the far post. Wyatt tracked back under it, but it came in almost straight down and pinged off the post right behind him as he hit the post, and took a bounce for the other side into the goal. Coachlaid into the left back about causing the play, but Wyatt still wasn't happy about it. Second goal was of the substitute center back, he dropped back into Wyatt's pocket and intercepted a pass to Wyatt from the left back, then served it up to the pK spot and a striker who saw it coming and one touched it into the upper 90 to wyatt's right. Wyatt got air borne and almost got a piece of it, but didn't quite get a good enough jump at the start to reach it. Second half the coach switched the lines and out in the reserves. The reserve keeper had a few shots taken right at him which he handled with some trouble, then a couple crosses which he bobbled again, but was saved by his defense. Coach was on him most the hald about needing to come off his line and collect balls, but it didn't help much. The defense stiffened up and with a few subs the forwards and mids started to click and move the pressure to the other end of the field. End of the game was a 5-2 win and the coach was pretty pleased with the starting performance. He spoke with Wyatt some and explained he didn't really give much credit to the two goals against Wyatt as he was dealing with the results of the team trying to come todether and play well, and that the second keeper usually benefited from the boys being calmer and a certain level of fear of letting the keeper get near the ball. Other then the scrimmage Wyatt had his private keeper training, doing a double Friday night and a single session Sunday. The coach is focusing on his dives and trying to polish his mechanics some to take advantage of his reach to get more coverage on the goal. Because of all his growing lately, he has gotten a little akward and the coach wants to nip it in the bud before it gets to out of hand. The skills training worked with him Sunday for a couple hours. He threw in a big dose of conditioning and agility, on top of the usual touch drills. The trainer likes his new coach, but thinks he is a little lax on the conditioning training so he has Wyatt doing some running and stretching at home most nights when he has light practice schedules. In the run up for the game this weekend the coach has called an extra practice since we had Monday off. Also the club keeper program starts up with a change in the coach running it. The old keeper coach has turned things over to a gentlemen who guested a few time last season. Wyatt is very excited about that, as the new keeper coach works alot more of game play skills and tactics. He session typically offer a good bridge for taking the work he does outside of the club with the work he does at team practices. Wyatt like that and typically walked away from those sessions with things he can immediately port over into his games.
  13. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Just over a week and a half until kickoff for the U14 DA season for Wyatt. The team continues to practice and things appear to be shaking out as to who will be starters and reserves. Wyatt is getting lots of time in with the backline and the coach is working with them and Wyatt and the center mid to develop a good feel for how they show play. He is stressing to Wyatt communication and leadership skills, which is a big change for Wyatt from last year. The coach is doing a good job though of helping them build confidence with each other through pairing them up in drills and skills work, so they are comfortable with each other and learning to talk more on the filed. They have two more scrimmages, one versus the U15 DA team and then one last night versus a U15 team from the top local competative league. For the first one, the fields were a mess so he merged them together and then made 4 9v9 teams and they scrimaged sort of make it take with first team to score staying on the field and the other team rotating off, if they took more then 10 minutes to score then both teams went off. The keepers from both teams rotated through the goals as well, switching out whenever the team on their end rotated out, so they got to work at one point or another with all the various squad combinations. Wyatt started off a little slow, and took a little time to really get into it. During his coming up to speed he played very workmanlike but seemed cautious. His mom wandered by while he was out and talked with him some and it seemed he was worried about screwing up now that he was the first keeper. So they talked for a second and she got him straigtened out mentally and when he rotated in he was back to his usual self. He had several nice diving saves and a good three save series that start with a tip of the ball off a striker's head on a corner, then diving to deflect the follow-up shot, and a big stretching dive to clear the rebound. Coach was pretty happy with after the the session, but talked to him abit about coming in at 100% and not warmng up so to speak through the first part of a game. Second scrimmage was a full field 11v11 with 40 minute halves, which is what they will be playing this season. Wyatt went in at the start and had lots of backpasses and goalkicks out to the corner backs at the start. The game went back and forth alot with Wyatt's team building nicely from the back but then getting muscled off the ball by the larger and more physical play of the opposing team (a little switch for some of the of the more physical boys on his team). Finally they started figuring out the back line and got a few shots and finally a goal. Wyatt for his part came out and collected two corners very nicely, made a couple routine collections, a nice dive to cover the corner on a hard low shot across the goal, and came out and beat the striker on a 1v1 breakaway. He did have one get by. The substitute center back turned a ball over in the 18 and the kid passed it back to a winger outside the 18 who fired a hard shot at the far upper 90. Wyatt got up and got a had to it, but was to far off his line so instead of going up, over ant out, it dropped right below the bar of the line and in. Coach talked to him a bit about that one, told him to stop showboating, but from what I saw he did everything like he has trained too, just was a little to far out when he reacted to the shot. Second half the coach subbed in the 7 reserve players and the team spent a lot of time struggingly to get out of their defense third. The reserves each had a few nice moments, but as a whole played really disconnected and seemingly with out a purpose. The reserve keeper had the net for the half and was luckily the main centerback was back in and kept the keeper from letting some positioning errors turn into goals. He did have two decent routine saves, but they were offset by two really horrible attempts to collect crosses that result in him turning over the ball in the box. In one case the striker got over excited and headed the ball to high and on the other the center back wound up steam rollering the keeper to clear the shot that he set up. At the end though he manaded to hold it together enough until the boys finally (with a few key subs) managed to get the moment back and take things into the mid and other end of the field. Finally gettign a last minute goal off a really hard foul right outside the 18. Wyatt also has been keeping up with his extra keeper training and skills training. The skills trainer is pushing him more on his conditioning and has Wyatt trying to run a couple miles every day, timing himself and pushing to beat his time every day. The keeper coach is working with him on more stretching and pre-practice/game warmup since he is going through a growth spurt so he doesn't loose flexibilty or hurt himself. The club keeper training hasn't started up yet and we are waiting to find out if they have brought in a new coach or if the prevous one is returning.
  14. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Two weeks and getting closure to the kick-off for the season. Wyatt continued on his his two a day schedule right up to school starting. Working with the skills coach in the mornings and then team practice or keeper training in the evenings. Only slow day he had was his 13 birthday, spent the Saturday morning doing running, speed, and endurance training as a group with the academy boys from his age (U14/04) up to the olderst group (U19/99). All his work paid off in that he was able to keep up with the older boys and then he went onto celebrate officially becoming a teenager by doing the most teenager of things, sleeping and trying to see how much was really "all he could it" at the neighborhood brazillian steak house. Team practices have focused a lot of re-enforcing the style of play the coach wants to use this season, basically everything on the ground with punts and goalkicks being a last case or their is a good chance for it to start a counter against the flow of play. Otherwise everything is rolled, thrown, or passed out of the back and play moves up from there. They also work on resetting when stalled and passing back to Wyatt to open the field of play up and spreading things out when the other side gets to packed up in their defensive third. So far he is liking it and the coach includes him in most of the field player drills. He does have to do some time with just the other keeper as the coach is trying to have Wyatt help him learn some things that have been missing from the other keepers training. They had their first full scrimmage last week agaisnt a U17 girls team from the top non-academy divison of the club. We've played agaisnt girls before, but usually not with such a large age gap between them in the boys. Most the girls were easiely much bigger and faster then Wyatt's team, with him, the attacking mid and central striker having any sort of size advantage. They they played the scrimmage in 4 20 minute quarters because of the heat, with Wyatt starting getting the 1st and 3rd quarters. Coach worked through a couple differient lineups, mostly trying to figure out the combinations for his mids and forwards. The starting defense seems pretty set and very solid, and all are boys Wyatt has played with for the last year or three. First two quarters the boys were still sorting themselves out and figuring out how to deal with the girls. The girls kept them pushed back in Wyatt's half for most of those the first two quarters giving Wyatt lots to do with back passes and goalkick dristributions. He had a few workman like saves to make, most agressive being going up to collect a high cross into the box and making contact with the receiving player. Thing he said was the hardest about the first half was trying to figure out how to push the girls away when they crowded him on corner kicks trying to mask the shot from him. At one point he shoved a girl away with a hand to her chest and a very akward social situation developed for a couple of seconds. Luckily him punching the ball away gave him a chance to get out of it with out to much heckling from his teammates. Second half the boys started to click and reversed the pressure. Typical run of play started with Wyatt receiving a ball either from a shot or pass back and then going wide to his corner backs or wingers, then advancing up the field providing support as they moved it up the sides, through the center and then into the box for shots on goal. They got it figured out and started finding the back of the net, but the girls keeper was pretty good and made them have to work to get the goal. Final score wound up 4-0 with three of the goals happening in about 5 minutes all starting from the back. Fourth goal was a weird fluke, where a turnover at the top of the opposing box when the girl tripped turning on the ball. Our right winger was right there and pounced on it before the goalie really had a chance to react. The coach was fairly happy with how Wyatt played, wants him to work on his keeper voice. He is pretty loud, but isn't yelling from his gut, so he tends to get horse after awhile as the game went on. Other keeper didn't fair so well, he made a few nice saves, but his touch on backpasses and decision making time for distributions were really not up to expectations. The field players picked up on that quick and went out of their ways to cut him out of plays as much as possible. The coach talked with them all about that, so hopefully everyone will work to make that go smoother. This week supposedly sees the start of the club keeper training for Wyatt as well as another scrimmage. The coaches older boys played the top team from the local top leage first divison. So hopefully we get matched up with something similar.
  15. With the end of his European summer adventures, Wyatt is off and running with his U14 year of soccer. He made the Developmental Academy again, only of the three keepers to advance with the group. The old first keeper quite after the coach explained to his parents that he would be moving to the reserve spot and the old third keeper got swapped out with the local top league divison 1 keeper. Not sure if that was actually a trade up or not for the team. The new second keeper is a mix between the old first and third keeper, so hopefully he will grow into the position as the season moves on. The squad got paired down from 26 to 20 with the move to 11v11 playing format with 13 of the other boys advancing with the team. Besides the new keeper we picked up two forwards from one of the other DA programs in town, and three mids (two from outside the club and one from a differeint divison of the club in the south part of the DFW metroplex). First game is a month away from today, but the team started training last week. The weather didn't help much so they had one practice last weekend, which was mostly scrimmaging and fun little games to get everyone getting to know each other. Wyatt got back from Europe and went right back to his private keeper lessons and skills/conditioning training when the club trainer got back. With the keeper trainer he has been doing double sessions 3 times a week, warming up and helping with the younger class, then putting it all together for the older class. The skills coach got back and instantly got him back onto the 2 hours a morning weekday schedule. Wyatt has also been working on his running and conditioning as well as feet and hands at home on his off or slow days. We've already gotten his schedule and his first game will be agaisnt the top club in the divison and their biggest rival FC Dallas. The coach has been focusing on passing and ball movement and less on the striking and finishing drills like the previous coach. Wyatt is enjoying that aspect a lot since the new coach also doesn't believe and pulling the keepers aside for those drills, which means Wyatt gets to hold his own (and quite well apparently according to the coach) with the field players. He is a little akward at the moment as the next growth spurt seems to have set in, but the trainer is working with his on a routine to help him adapt qucikly to the changes and make sure he isn't doing any harm to himself in the process. He has also been doing some conditioning training with some other older teams as he can to keep himself entertained. Overall it looks like it should be a good year for him with an big increase and playing time, and a switch to a less punty/kicky style of play.