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  1. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Back to training with his team. The three weeks away combined with some goood feedback from other sources and Wyatt seems recharged and ready to finish out the season on a good foot. Team training wise he had two regular practices and a scrimmage. The coach has made some changes in how he is working with the players and the keepers in particular. Since Wyatt does enough keeper work outside of the club, the coach has decided to keep him more involved with the team during footskills and passing work, only sending them off to the side to warm-up a little before scrimmaging or striking and finishing drills. At both practices he commented that Wyatt seemed much more like his old self and was fairly happy with how he was handling the ball with his feet. In the net, Wyatt has carried back in his energy and skills from the camps and last year. He has been very active and aggressive in the goal, back to making more dynamic and technical saves then the previous few months. Coach definitely took note of that and has been trying to be more positive. He did start in on him about what looked like a foot save that he got beat on, but Wyatt told him that he had called keep and was going to collect it, when the reserve center back decided to head it in as an own-goal on Wyatt. He made a stretch to get it, but couldn't switch direction fast enough with his hands. On Saturday they scrimmaged in mixed team at first with some of the U14 players, then slowly just the U15s in two squads full field. Wyatt definitely was ready to be back and playing. He did a really good job of sweeping and his team used him well as an option for backpasses to releave pressure. He was fery confident with the ball at his feet and did a good job of finding and hitting his targets. On the saving side he was all over the place in the air and ground. He had a mix of starters and reservs for his defense, but faced the starters on attack. Did a good job of making them work hard. He got beat twice in about 120 minutes of scrimmaging. Once off a header from a ball he cleared that got popped back up and in to the box to an unmarked forward, and then on a free kick where he made a nice touch to push it into the bar, then made the rebound save, a second rebound save that hit him in the groin and knocked the wind out of him and left him unable to make the final save. So he was in a pretty good mood when we met with the coach afterwards for his evaluation. Turned out it really wasn't an evaluation, Coach handed a couple things to take and read about keeper development and the club keeper development goals. Then they chatted a bit about how he was doing much better and the coach tried to get to why the lackluster performance in the first half of the season and suddenly back in the game after the break. He did ask what he could do to help Wyatt as a coach. Wyatt and his mom had a few suggestion, but the coach seemed to not really listen to them so we will see how that pans out as the year finished out. Outside of team practices and the scrimmage, no keeper training this week either with the club or the private coach due to them having other club commitmants. He did get in a couple hours with the skills trainer. They worked on settling high balls, some conditioning, lots of work at moving at speed with the ball into various passing and shooting drills as well as recieving and passing at game speeds. Then they worked on free kicks with Wyatt eventually setting up a dummy wall and dealing with free kicks from the other players and the coach. No training related we talked with the scout that looked at him before christmas and started working out some details. At present he looks to be going to germany for a week in the spring to train with a couple clubs and get some benchmarks and development goals laid out. That has him pretty excited, so hopefully he will stay pretty upbeat for awhile. This coming weekend they have their first game of the second half of the season versus Lonestar SC. Last tiem they played last season Wyatt's team had reversed the beating they received midway through the season. Typically they are fairly evenly matched, with mistakes being taken advantage of that usually determine the winner. Wyatt is hopeing that his renewed energy gets rid of any issues with teh coach and solidifies his starting spot again, so we will see.
  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wyatt spent the first week of the new year out in Arizona at the Barca Academy winter camp. His mom decided to let him go solo so he flew out and back on his own as a test to see how he would handle it for future events. Camp was fairly good, it differred up some from the summer one, they didn't have a keeper specific camp, but they did more break out sessions for the keepers during the regular sessions. Wyatt really enjoiyed working with the other two older keepers who were there as well as the DA keeper coach. They would also get mixed back in for the rest of the sessions to work with the field players on the skill or tactic they were going over for the particular time slot. Wyatt was pretty happy with how he did at camp, and from what limited talking we got out of him the few times we called he seemed to be getting his confidence and excitement recharged more. He said in his evaluations the feedback focused on several items that were being driven by his current coaching situation. Two big ones were being able to make mistakes with out being worried about getting beatdown by the coach for them during the game and also trying to not be so quick on getting up and distributing the ball to the point where it wasn't beneficial to the team. So additional confirmation of issues his other trainers have commented on as well. Overall though he got really good reviews and feedback. He felt it was very positive and that they sounded like they were considering asking him back to play for them next year. So overall good start to the year. This week its back to reality and team practices starting back up to get ready for their first spring game in two weeks. Wyatt is hopeful that the recent palyer/parent face to face evaluations will help get some of the players back focused on the game. He hasn't had his yet, but I know his mom is really interested in speaking with his coach.
  3. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Last week of training for 2018 and Wyatt was determined to be ready for his week in AZat the Barca Camp. Monday and Tuesday would packed full of Christmas family time, but Wednesday through Friday he did a keeper camp with his private keeper coach. He worked them through the general routine some everyday, but then focused on a general area of keeping for the rest of each day. Wednesaday I had to take a business trip, so his mom dropped him off. Wyatt said they worked a lot on diving and low balls. Thursday was all about high balls, jump catches and flying saves. Friday was backpassing and distributions of various sort, and then ended with a fun little game. Had enough keepers to form 2 full sided teams and they played a short field scrimage with Wyatt in one goal and the oldest girl keeper in the other. The other keepers were field players, but the rules were on defense everyone played like a keeper no matter where they were on the field, on offense you had to play like a field player except for the desginated keeper. Was hilarious watching the keepers run around trying to score goals. Alot of unfortunately don't get much training or time out of the net, so lots of really wonky shots, some that looked a lot like they were trying to clear the ball. Ended in a 2 - 2 draw and went to PKs. Wyatt made 2 of 5 and had one go over. The opposing keeper made 1 of 5, but had 2 go over, one hit the post and one go wide. Everyone had fun though, so no harm done. Sunday Wyatt did his standard provate keeper session back to back with his foot skills training. Keeper training focused on low balls with follow up distributions. For foot skills it was all about striking and finishing from differient angles. Smaller group then usual there so the trainer's son (who is running the class until his dad gets back from vacation) had them working at a really high pace for 2 hours. Both his keeper trainer and the skills trainer also talked with him a bit about his ID camp results, his upcoming trip to the Barca Academy in AZ, and the second half of his season. I think he mentally is in a better place then he was at the end of the fall season before the break. He is pretty excited to head out to the camp for a week, then get back and start team training again. We also have to attend a player review with the coach to discuss his first half of the season development and goals for the second half. His mom is really looking forward to that, not sure if the Coach is ready for it though. Also interested in seeing if there are any changes to the team after the the break as well.
  4. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Light week, but Wyatt was pretty happy with the work he got in. He was able to make two nights of the ID camp so the scout could get a look at him again and see if he was making progress since the summer. First night is started raining and lots of the parents and players who were there thought they were going to cancel. The scout and coaches though told the players that serious players play and train in all weather. Wyatt was pretty excited as he likes playing when its wet and the ground sloppy. The broke the groups up in to age bands based on how they take them overseas for their programs. Wyatt was with the U15/14 group with one other keeper, who he trains with at his private keeper classes. They started out with a variety of striking and finishing drills, with Wyatt playing really well and making some very nice saves, but also just plain working the box well. They moved onto some defensive pressing drills and pressure relief drills that had Wyatt playing with his feet quite a bit. They moved onto a solely foot skills drill that was basically some small side games. Wyatt did really well there and had the coach running that session messing with the field players about being gettind schooled by the keeper. They finished up with a scrimmage where Wyatt really stepped things up (he said later he didn't think he was playing any better then he usually does though). He pretty much shut down the striker that was running the show the other two nights according to his keeper buddy. He did a good job of setting his angles well and diving and collecting low and high balls, with only two goals going in, both when he slipped and made the save, but couldn't control the ball in the process and got hit with the rebound. Session ended with the scout telling him that he had shown lots of improvement where they wanted to see it. Then talked to him about how hard the german keeper training was and how they would need to get Wyatt over there and see if he could handle it as well as they thought he could. So a very muddy and wet, but extremely happy player for the ride home. Thursday he did his second session and the last one of the week. Things had dried out, but it was really cold and windy, so once again lots of parent and player complaining about the conditions. Wyatt's group started off with foot skills, not keeping and he continued to dominate through both cycles before he got sent over to mind a goal for the U17/18 scrimmage. He did really well there, and as he usually does when playing up, stepped up his game. He was way more aggressive than the U17/18 keeper, coming out frequently to cut an angle or sweep a ball before it became a problem. On the saves side he ran the gamut of his repetoire from simple scoops to two pretty amazing upper 90 saves. First one his defense cleared a ball out poorly and caught Wyatt high in the box. He saw the it happening and started recovering back towards his line and got up in the air and pushed the ball over the bar as the forward went for the far post upper 90. A little while later almost the exact thing happened and he went after it again, but this time got a solid hand to it and managed to catch it one handed and then pull it in to a two handed save and come down with it. Defintely made an impression with that one on the staff and the older players. After the scrimmage wrapped up he went back to his original group for some passing drills, before getting sent back to the U17/18 for final closing scrimmage sessions. After the session ended, the scout talked with him some more and confirmed that they would like to get him over to Germany for a week or two of training to see how he handles it and then try and get him worked into one of their programs. So all and all not a bad couple of days and a good recharging for his emotional batteries. Only other thing he had going on was Sunday private keeper training. He was still riding high from the ID camp, so the coach had to keep his head from wandering in the clouds to much, but the energy was definitely there. They worked on recovering from low first saves and making follow-up saves after parrying or punching a ball clear. Lots of getting up quick and hustling to cover the follow-shot. Pretty good session from him to head into Christmas week with. For this week he will finish off the week with 3 days of keeper camp to get him primed for heading out to AZ for his winter camp at the Barca Academy. If he keeps his energy high he should re-enforce the impressions he made at the summer camp.
  5. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another slow week for Wyatt, but not uneventful as the team wound down for the winter holiday break. Coach got in 3 practices this week before the break trying to keep some of the moment from the last couple of games going. Tuesday was just team training, which focused a lot of possession and 2 touch passing. Keepers had training that night with the club coach, so they only got in a little of the field work, then came back for some scrimmaging. Wyatt had a pretty good outing during the scrimmage, but a little trouble as well. His coach has been on him the last few months about not playing up to the level he was at last season, which Wyatt achknowledges, but has told it is hard to get into things when he works so hard, but the majority of the team is just showing up and doesn't seem to want to work (we have a big moral and discipline problem building). So coach gets on him about not playing a distribution out lickity split, stops the play and tells everyone to freeze. Wyat stops as do the opposing players, but Wyatts defenders keep moving and get open so when the coach starts talking about why he was taking so long and Wyatt's answer is because no one is open, the field doesn't look the same as it did when he started into his cadence. Wyatt points it out to the coach that most his players didn't freeze because they knew they weren't in position to avoid getting in trouble. Coach didn't say much at that point, just told him he didn't have to go short every time and look long. So next to saves wyatt comes up and the backs are covered so he goes long with throws, hitting a winger and a forward, setting up two goals. So the coach gets on him about not having to go long every time. On the plus side Wyatt seemed to get fired up and was making dynamic saves left and right, and avoiding the foot saves his coach is really getting on them about. At 1 point he made a diving parry, recovered with a hand on the rebound to deflect, got up and made a second parry and then a nice forward dive to secure the ball. So mixed bag of nuts for the evening. For club keeper trainign the coach was just running a fun little version of keeper wars for the last session before the holiday break. Wyatt was posted opposite the other keeper from his team and while he didn't always get him out, never let him get one past him. Wendesday was a long day for him and ended on a really weird note. He got started by worked with the U20 iranian girls again. This time a mix of foots skills, striking and finishing, and then in the net work with his distributions and taking strikes from them. Was slightly differient as there was a scout there to look at the girls, so Wyatt got to show off a little himself. He got some good feedback from the scout, who didn't realize he was a keeper at first and was impressed with his foot skills, then with his keeper work when he gloved up. Wyatt rolled from that into team conditioning and agility training. The scout hung out a bit to watch him work through that and talk more with the trainer, and commented on the fact he was impressed with Wyatt's conditioning and physical level as he was able to easiely work hard through the entire session. From there things went down hill as they moved into 90 minutes of team practice. Coach had them combined with the U14 squad, so 4 keepers. Started off with the keepers being sent off to warm-up and entertain themselves, before breaking into 3 teams for scrimmage. Scrimmage featured two goals on each side so all the keepers were on at once. Wyatt started out pretty well, but apparently the coach was a little unhappy because the club trainer had mentioned to him that he should give Wyatt some field time as a forward. Coach apparently wasn't happy about that so started busting on Wyatt from the start about his passing and touches. For the most part there didn't appear to be much for him to really complain about, but it was what it was. At one point Wyatt played a ball out long to the right side from the left side of the field (remember 2 goals on each side) and the player didn't move to receive it so it went out. Coach called Wyatt over and started talking to him about his footskills adn the discussion with the trainer, and telling him that the trainer was full of it. Then started in on the private keeper coach not helping him either, and how pretty much they were both just blowing smoke at him and taking his money. Then in a pretty unprofessional move started making fun of them, especially the club trainer. Wyatt didn't take that too well and spoke balc to the coach about it and told him he was wrong and that they have been helping Wyatt develop more then the coach. So the coach got flustered as apparently what ever message he was trying to give was lost in the discussion and sent Wyatt back out to play. For his part Wyatt went back to the scrimmage pretty heated up and dominated his part of the field and scared the crap out of the attacking forwards as he took out some anger making saves. As thigns wound down the coach stopped and talked with him again for a second to say Wyatt didn't understand what he was trying to say, but didn't clarify it with any other comments. So highs to lows Wednesday night. Wyatt went over and talked with the trainer and the club academy director/owner about the coaches comments. Both talked to him for a bit and said to blow it off, that the coach was reacting to the fact he was getting some heat from the club about the performance of the team as was the older teams coach. Director told me to email the coach and ask about the discussion, but simply to phrase it as "you spoke with Wyatt about the fact you don't feel like his outside training is benefiting him, could you please provide more information and recommendations for alternate trainers". Did as requested and got back an email with him saying that Wyatt didn't understand what he was trying to say and that maybe he didn't communicate it clearly. What he said he meant to say was that he wasn't seeing Wyatt bringing all the extra work to practice that he knew he was doing and playing up to the level that the coach felt he was capable of. He also tried to play up a comment from Wyatt where he has asked him a few weeks back why he wasn't playing as well as he had. Wyatt had answered that he felt tired and burned out with the team because the team in general wasn't trying hard to do more then just show up to practice and games while he was busting his but trying to get better. Coach only heard tired and burned out and didn't really want to hear the part about the team. Wyatt was a little upset by him taking it out of context, but his mom talked with him about making sure you are clear about what you say and don't let the coach or someone put words in your mouth because they are in a leader role. End result was Wyatt looked at himself and his routine and decided he would work on not letting the lack of commitment from team drag him down. Team had last practice for this half of the season Sunday. Fields were closed for winter break so the team was up at the local community college. The other keeper wasn't there, so Wyatt worked with the U14 keepers for a bit on some backpassing drills while the field players ran 2 miles and did some agility work. After the U14s left the coach had Wyatt's team work on some passing drills. Wyatt was pretty happy because he got to do the whole rest of session with the field players since the other keeper wasn't there. The did some passing drills and then moved into a scrimmage like game. At first Wyatt rotated in and out, but then the coach made him the joker so he could play for either team. Coach was pretty positive with him about his footwork and passing skills at the practice. Afterwards he talkekd with him a little more, complimenting on his foot skills, but noted he felt like Wyatt did okay in practice, but seemed to choke in the games, maybe because he was nervous. Wyatt didn't really say much about it in response though. Other then all the drama of regular practices Wyatt had one private keeper session that focused mostly on making angles and recovering from a deflection or parry to make the follow-up save with a catch if possible. Also some distribution work and clearing the upper corners drills. He also had his regular Sunday skills session, which is being run by the trainers son for the next month and half while the trainer is out of the country visiting his family. The son is pretty much like his dad and has played and trained in Brazil and Germany so he brings some relevant experience to training. He is pretty high energy like his dad, so he kept Wyatt hopping most of the session. They worked alot on settlign and striking high and bouncing balls. Then ended with some heading drills. So this week Wyatt is goign to some sessions with a scout for a german travel training program here in town. They looked at him last summer and wanted him to come back and see how he was developing. They run a sort of exchange program with some clubs in Germany and liked Wyatt but he was a year to early in school for them. Other then that he has some keeper classes and studying/taking midterms at school. Week off for Christmas, then he is off to the Barca camp in AZ again so they can have another look at him for next years teams. So not to slow of a break.
  6. Bucks Returns

    Way to go on the penalties!!!
  7. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Slow week this week for Wyatt, with there being no upcoming games for more then a month, the coach doesn't feel the need to go indoors when the weather gets soggy and cold like it did this last week some. Club wise everything was crammed into Wednesday. Started off with 90 minutes of working with the iranian girls players again on distributions and recieving back passes. Went from that into team conditioning and agility training (lots of running for that session), and then ended with a team practice focusing on the mids and forwards working to open up to receive balls from the keepers or the back line if it was played out short. The coach combined the U14 and U15 teams for the practice, but Wyatt was the only u15 keeper there, so he lead the U14s in keeper warmup. Only intersting thing at practice was Wyatt getting in trouble for not punting a ball really quick. Coach got onto him, but Wyatt had one of the opposing players deliberately getting in his face so he couldn't get it off quick. Coach told him next time to just punt the ball and hit the kid in the face with it if that is what it took. Wyatt wasn't to cool with that since he didn't think it was worth hurting a team mate in practice and also the chances the ball would just come back at him and maybe into the goal. Thursday there was no team practice, but his keeper coach had a session in the rain so Wyatt did that. Basically worked through the regular drills, just working on dealing with the sloppy field conditions. Wyatt really likes those sessions and the rain and cold kept away all but two other keepers so the coach got to focus a lot omore on small things and working with some more complex drills then usual. After that he had another keeper session on Sunday that focused on recovering from the ground to make saves, so lots of down then springing up to make saves. Wyatt liked it a bit as well since it featred some newer drills. He also got to showboating a bit and made a flying superman across the goal face on one drill to catch a ball one handed and bring it down under control. Keeper coach let him have his 5 seconds of glory, but then talked to him a bit about making sure he didn't cost himself a goal trying to do that in a game. Sunday he also had his last skills season with the clb trainer before he heads out of the country for his winter break. They focused a lot of settling balls in the air and striking them as they dropped. U19 keeper showed up as well so they ended working on some passing and throwing drills, as well as some jumping strengthing exercises. Outside of that it was a slow week. Wyatt did go to the local YMCA and did the orientation course so he can use all the cardio equipment for those days he doesn't have practices for one reason or another. This week looks like back to the regular practice schedule and then maybe one more week before they break for a two week holiday before coming back and getting ready for the start of second half of the season.
  8. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another week of pseudo regular training for Wyatt. Team held regular practice Monday and Tuesday, continued focus on possession and passing. Coach also apparently listened to Wyatt about the mids and defense not opening up and looking for distributions in games, so they focused on that a little bit. Not sure what impact it will have on things overall, but was good for the coach to take some action on something that Wyatt had pointed out as an issue during games. Wednesday the team did conditioning and agility training. Wyat got there early and worked on distributions of various types with one of the Iranian girls players again. Focused on making a save or goalkick after a ball wasn't on frame, keeping his cadence and putting it back into play while she would run out and get open. Also did some work with PKs, and then settling backpasses above his knees. He really enjoyed that and carried the energy over into the conditioning training, out working the team despite already have trained for 90 minutes. Thursday no team practice, but there was still club keeper training. Since the older two DA boys groups were out, the coach combined Wyatt's group with the mid range DA and ECNL groups, but wound up only being Wyatt, 2 U17 girls, and a U13 who was there for the regular session. Lots of focus on shot blocking low balls on the line, working from the ground and cutting angles. They worked a little on 1v1s as well, but Wyatt strained his groin at some point, so he just worked on some catching after one or two run throughs on that set of drills. Friday he rested and did a lot of ice and streching to work out the grroin strain, by Saturday he was good to go for a rescheduled team practice. The worked on passing and movement drills before doing some conditioning, and then ended with a long session of striking and finishing. As part of the conditioning the coach had the boys stand in the goal in groups of 5 and jump up and touch the crossbar. He got into Wyatt some at the point because Wyatt did really have to jump to touch it, so he was sort of hopping. So for the keepers he made it so they hade to get their hands as high up over the bar like they were trying to push a ball over. Not a hard one for Wyatt, but the U14 keepers are pretty short and couldn't even reach the bar and the reserve keeper apparently can't really jump that high, so the coach got frustrated with them and sent them off to the side to do keeper warm-up until they got into striking and finishing. For that Wyatt was pretty on, only getting beat once by a player who chipped him on a drill where they were the keepers were supposed to come out and cut the angle while the players shot into the lower corner far post. So the u14 player came in and decided to be funny and chip him and Wyatt couln't get back to it to push it over. So coach had a go at him about being lazy even though the shooter was the one who hadn't followed the drill. Wyatt was pretty miffed, but made up for it by getting more aggressive. He said afterwards if the players weren't going to follow the drill then he wasn't going to make it easy on them by playing his part. So he started coming out quicker and going hard to smother or dive onto the ball. He also had some trouble with the reserve keeper who wanted to stand about4 or 5 yards off the near post, not for any real reason, just being to lazy to walk back by the goal with the other keepers while they waited for their turns. So he was generally in the way alot and would pop balls in that were going wide or interfer with catches. Wyatt kept telling him to move, but finally just shoulder cahrged into him and he figured out maybe he shouldn't be standing there. Sunday the private keeper coach was out of town with his club for a tournament, so Wyatt went early to his skills training and got in an extra hour of keeper work before the skills started. They worked more on his distribution cadence and placement. Alot of the regulars showed up early as well because they like the drill the trainer uses with Wyatt sending out punts, kicks, or throws and they have to settle them, dribble in and shoot. The traienr had them do more movement then last time so Wyatt had to judge how to place the ball so they could move onto it or bring it down. Trainer also had them in groups and Wyatt would have to call out who was receiving and place it so that player could get it while the others in the group tried to pick it off. Skills training focused a lot on bringing down balls from the air, settling them and taking shots. Also some work with headers on top of the general touch and ball movement drills, finishing up with the regular small sided games. Outside of that Wyatt discovered we get the Itlalian Siera A on TV now so watched the Roma vs Inter game after watching the Liverpool-Everton Derby with his mom. She is a Liverpool fan and he favors Everton, so there was no peace in the house for a while Sunday morning.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    The video folks are getting caught up: U15 Game 6 vs San Antonio FC
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well despite being of for Holiday break from school, Wyatt had probably one of his busiest weeks in a while. Monday through Wednesday he had camp with his private keeper coach. He gave him the run-down on the games and talked through the goal in the game versus GDV Toros FC, so the coach worked several drills into each session to help him work on the technique for future game. They also worked a lot on differient distrbution techniques, transitions from saves to distributions, as well as working through the basics. Wyatt seemed to be overall in better spirits going into the week after the double header weekend. He threw himself into the training sessions with alot of effort. Team actually practiced three times during the week as well, got in full sesssions, outside on the club fields which made Wyatt extremely happy. The coach combined the training with the U14 team since he was expecting some folks to be missing. Monday's session focused on lessons learned from the games over the weekend. The other keeper was missing, but Wyatt had the 3 U14 keepers to work with. They worked alot on building out of the back and movement from the defenses to the mids and building towards he forwards. Also a lot of work on playing with a high line to pressure and disrupt the other teams game style. Tuesday and then Saturday's practices were more working on playing style and getting a look at a potential new player, an attacking mid who maybe able to help up front with finding some more goals for the team. The reserve keeper only made he Tuesday practice, so the coach was a little miffed with him. The coach also cracked down on the team some. After talking with Wyatt last week, I think he actually looked at the boys during the game and saw what Wyatt was talking about some with his distributions. Coach has talked with him about his speed on gettign the ball off or hesitations at times and Wyatt told him that alot of it was due to the fact that the boys weren't opening up or even looking like they were willing to receive the ball. So the coach spent a lot of time Tuesday and Sunday going over that. He also got cracked down onto the boys who would complain about not receiving balls either from Wyatt or other players, who weren't even bother to make an effort to get into a position that was good to pass too. So a net plus from Wyatt's perspective. The keeper coach also managed to get a session in Tuesday night. He worked on closing the angle and protecting the near post from shots coming in from the sides. Wyatt had fun with that, and was able to work with two differient sessions since his team practice got over early enough to make his, plus part of the one before it. The keeper coach had seen the game highlights as well, so he talked with Wyatt a little about the goal in the RGV game, and then gave him some stuff to work on in terms of commanding the back line better. In the RGV game the reserve keeper didn't do a good job with his wall so he focused some on that as well. Besides the camp, Wyatt also had two regular practices with his private keeper coach. Other then working in the extra low ball drills, they worked on double saves, 1v1s, and transitioning into throws from diving saves. Wyatt also got in two sessions with the club trainer. On Friday they had a session that included workign with two young women that play on the Iranian U20 or U17 national team. For Wyatt it was kind of cool training with some one who has international experience. They chatted quite a bit in between them trying to score on shots outside the 18 at Wyatt. He did a pretty good job of making them work hard for the few goals they were able to get. The trainer also has him showing up 30 minutes early so they can work on keeper stuff. On friday it was diving and high catches, or as the coach calls it "flying" which Wyatt really loves to do. He also has mixed in some extra core strengthing drills and rolls. A coach was there as well and was impressed with Wyatt's vision and awareness of the game, especially as for a keeper. He really liked Wyatt's foot skills, and the fact that Wyatt can play with either foot in and out of the net. The regular Sunday session was a little lower key, but as I mentioned earlier Wyatt asked to focus on his cadance for goal kicks and punts. Helped that there was an 06 keeper there as well for him to work with. The field players got a big dose of receiving punts, also a few had to learn that when the keeper can drop the ball right on you, you probably need to focus more on the ball when he sends it your way. This week Wyatt is back in school, but looks like the team will continue with regular practices barring some freezing temperatures moving in later in the week. He definitely seems to be in a much better mood and is looking forward to his winter break. For that he is going back for a week at the Barca US residency academy, and also a ID camp that he was looked at last year by a german scout who wants to see him again.
  11. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Gave Wyatt your comments and he went to his trainer at the club and spent part of Sunday working on developing a mental cadence that he can use in the games to set his pace and not rush the kicks. He had done something similar before, but the current coach is pushing both the keepers to just get it out long fast. The trainer had him doing goal kicks, punts, and throws at game pace to some other players while the trainer and the players were yelling and pushing him to get the ball off. Mixed that in with some stuff he has learned from his bio-feedback guy he sees to come up with something that seems to help him set a more consistant cadence. Will have to see how it works out in mid-January when they play their next game. He shared it with his keeper coach as well and both are going to add it to the stuff they work on with him.
  12. Bucks Returns

    What you think of those Predator SGs? Wyatt decided this last weekend after being a Nike Tiempo kid for about 5 years that he wanted to switch. Been breaking in a pair of Addidas Predator 19.1FG/AGs all week and likes them, so his mom ordered him a pair of the 19.1 SGs.
  13. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Got the videos from last weekends double header. For being sick most the week before not to bad. U15 Game 7 vs RGV FC Toros U15 Game 8 vs Sporting Kansas City
  14. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well Wyatt got a little more down time then he expected this last week. No practice Monday, then came home Tuesday early from school with a stomach bug that has been cutting a swath of destruction through his grade. Other then throwing up, he felt completely fine and ready to get out and do something. But naturally the club looks poorly on kids throwing up in training. He kept his coach update, but missed all three team practices (Tue - Thur) before finally recovering Thursday night. Made a visit to the doctor Friday to have him cleared for school and soccer, then he let his coach know. Coach called and talked to him, sounded like he was suspicious that Wyatt was taking a week off just to be off. They talked a bit about his performance lately and the coach was asking about why he wasn't as agressive and making big saves like he did last year, and why he was making more foot saves. Wyatt told him he was frustrated with the the lack of effort and commitment from the team, and that he felt the footsaves were because they had trained in a 5v5 indoor court for about half the season. Coach told him the indoor thing was crap and started to try and play his private keeper coach, saying since he was an indoor player for a long time he had taught it to Wyatt. Funny thing is Wyatt has been with him for almost 6 years and he only teaches foot saves for a few special types of saves, everything else is hands, hands, hands all the time. Wyatt thought it was pretty stupid to ask him what he thought was wrong and them tell him he didn't know what he was talking about, after all it's Wyatt's opinions Wyatt thought. The coach told him he probably wouldn't start him and most likely not roster him atleast for the Saturday game and probably not start for the Sunday game. Wyatt told him he was going to go to his private keeper training Friday and would let him know how he felt and did, and the coach agreed to wait to hear before he made and roster decisions (which basically turned out to be just having everyone show up and play it by ear both games). Keeper training that night focused on footwork across the goal and clearing the corner low and high. Wyatt told the keeper coach about his coach's foot save comments and the keeper coach basically made it all about the hands and catching for the whole class that night. Wyatt updated his coach afterwards and went to bed thinking he was still probably going to be riding the bench all weekend. Saturday morning we got to our alternate turf field location. Wyatt got there early and got to business warming up. The reserve keeper showed some of the behavior that he was known for at his previous club and figured since it seemed like Wyatt wasn't go to be there he didn't need to be on time and showed up almost 30 minutes late for warmup. Coach wasn't to happy about that, and was rather impressed with how Wyatt was looking in warm-ups so he gave Wyatt the start against RGV Toros, a new club in the DA from down on the Texas/Mexico border area in Texas. Things started out with the teams being farily evenly matched, our boys seemed to be a little more into the game then they had been recently and controlled the play. Wyatt had a few little things to do in the first 20 minutes, but then was coming out to challenge a through ball, only to have his center back try adn clear it and set up a nice kick from about 20 yards out. Wyatt tried to scoop it up instead of collecting it with a forward dive and wound up loosing it through his hands to make it 0-1. After that he seemed to wake up and start getting his keeper on, and was much more agressive in coming out and collecting things and challenged some nice crosses into the box as well. His distributions were pretty good for the most part and the boys recovered quickly and made in 1-1 before the half. Second half the coach subbed in the reserve keeper who almost immediately had the defensive mid give up a free kick at the top of the 18. Kid took the shot over the wall and to the keepers right. Instead of moving and jumping to clear it he just stuck a hand up and deflected the ball into the goal to make it 1-2. After that he had a few other saves to make, but RGV went defensive and let their keeper and defense hold off the attack to see the game out to a 1-2 win. The boys did start to rally, but a 70 minute send off of a defensive mid took the wind out of them. Despite giving up the goal and having the coach blame him and the defensive mid for the loss, Wyatt felt pretty good after the game. Said it is the first time this season that he thought the boys actually were playing with some passion. Sunday they faced Sporting Kansas City, an MLS club that historically sort of struggles in the DA, but do to some reorginization seems to be having a much better year. They had played the other non-MLS club intown on Saturday, soundly thrashing them 6-1, so we were expecting it to be a hard game. The reserve keeper got the start and looked like he was going have a good game at the start. He showed up right after Waytt did, which is usually 30 minutes early. Took the warmup seriously and was pretty focused going into the first half. He made a few good saves, then got complacent. Had a low pass come through the box with in reach and let it go by and watched a man on the back post tap it in. He buckled down though and followed the coaches commands to boot the ball down field every chance he got. The game quickly turned into a series of back and forth coutner attacks with the stud forward finding his mojo again and putting in two shots after beating the opposing keeper to make it 2-1 going into the half. The opposing keeper pretty much stayed in the 18, and mostly within 10 yards of the goal the whole half which left him a sitting duck at times. Second half, coach played it smart and kept the players the same, not wanting to disrupt the energy. Sporting up the pressure some and got the boys on the back foot for a little bit, capitalizing to set up a nice shot on goal. Our keeper went for a foot save intead of hionly to have it tied s hands and wound up diving the wrong way on top of that to make it 2-2. Sporting got them reeling and pressed again and got a 1v1 near post shot on goal, our keeper went for another foot save and got beat to make it 3-3. At that point, Wyatt went in for the last 20+ minutes. He didn't have to make any big saves but he did a good job of collections and distributions. Got the boys back on the right foot and helped set up a counter that netted the forward a hatrick to make it 3-3. At that point Coach told Wyatt to put the breaks on and slow the game down. That meant more defending for the team, but by that point both teams were gassed and started getting chippy. Ref finally started throwing cards, resulting in our defensive mid getting sent off and the boys going a man down for the last 5 or so minutes. Wyatt and the defense kept it together and saw it out for the draw, but probably could have gotten a win with one or two last counters. After the game, we grab lunch and then headed back home. Wyatt decided to go work with the club trainer. The trainer is also a goalkeeper coach and decided that Wyatt needed to get his old edge back and focused on him for about an hour. Started off with some diving drills over and under a cord, then had him do rapid fire saves with shots being taken from a group of players from the U14 DA team. He didn't give him much rest between each set up shots, but by the end he probably saw about 800 or so shots based off the fact that they had 110 balls and cycled through them 8 times. He was pretty worn out by the end of it, but as the drill went on over time, Wyatt stopped hesitating and made quicker reactions to the ball and more nice saves instead of just poking at things. Trainer talked to him about not thinking to much about things and just letting his training kick in, seemed to make a difference. They he ran him through the full set of balls in 1v1 where the players where supposed to dribble him and he could only use his hands to stop them. He got into that one and relaxed and stopped overthinking it as well and only got beat a few times. After that it was passing and communication drills, with the traditional high energy scrimmage with losers buying hot choclate for the winners. Wyatt scored 7 of the 9 goals for his team in a 9-4 win, while also back peddling to do a lot of the defending as well. This week is Thanksgiving/fall break. He has a keeper camp around noon for 3 days, and practice atleast tonight with the club trainer wanting him up at the club in the evenings if he doesn't have anything else going on. Team doesn't have any games until mid-January, but is supposed to keep training except for a holiday/winter break of a couple or weeks around Christmas and New Years. Coach has promised that he is putting together something fun for them to do over the schedule break, so be interesting to see what that turns out to be.
  15. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well another rough game for the team and Wyatt. Not sure if he will make it to the Winter break if this keeps up. He was very frustrated going into Saturday's game vs. San Antonio FC, a USL (think Divison 2/3 pro team) club. Last year these guys worked Wyatt's team hard, but they managed to hold their own and take them down when it mattered in the Dallas Cup. This weekend it was a total dumpster fire, pretty close to the one last year that saw the coaching change happen. Things started off really poorly with the coach telling the team at Thursday night practie they were going to loose this weekend. Not sure if it was a comment on the practice, the fact they were missing there stud forward, or he just wanted to set the expectations low to avoid disappointment. Wyatt took it pretty hard and was talking about maybe quiting the team at lunch before the game. He is frustrated with the lack of effort and commitment from some of his team mates and the coach seems to be working on just checking out of the team at the moment. He introduced a defensive formation for the game this weekend that featured 3 defensive mids, a left and right back, a central defense mid with a left and right defensive mid, a holding/attacking mid and one forward. Granted the right and left guys were playing long up the sides, but against a team that moves the ball well and likes to take long shots, turtling up with a new formation that was practiced for 20 minutes on an indoor field Thursday night before the game probably ranks up some really bad lifepath decisions. Get to the fields and they have the games scheduled so tight the coach can't warm-up the boys, so the director of the club DA program does it. Boys loved this, had lots of energy, looked really impressive like they did last season, and Wyatt was in an excellent mood. Director turns them over to the coach for last minute stuff and the life goes out of the squad and they look flat getting ready to play. Wyatt got the start settle in with the new formation. He did a good job of trying to coordinate them and work with the cornerbacks to understand the shift in what was going on. The extra left mid had issues and kept drifting in and out of position. Wyatt's first touch was a goalkick that he sent out to the left back about 1/3 up the field, but didn't connected as folks weren't sure were they were supposed to be for distributions from him. After that he settle down on those and did a good job with getting them out and into the mix. He tried to play things as short as possible though to maintain possession so alot of the balls from his catches were rolled out with only a couple of long punts when the coach started wanting them to play boot and run. On the save front he had a few workman like catches on chest to face high balls, SAFC liked to play short or ourswingers on the corners so not much challenging stuff in the box for him this game. He did have to clear a short back pass under pressure up the field, but got it cleared out. Had a close one with a through ball that was being chased, his central back got a touch on it and wyatt dove on it to shutdown a shot. The otherteam wanted it ruled a back pass, but the ref sided with the fact Wyatt was already going down to collect it when his player touched it trying to deflect it. He did havea few rough spots. First one came off a move that beat the ight back and was played across the ground in the 6 yard box, he went for it, but got blocked out and moved sideways to track it. As he went for it, the left center back touched it away allowing the oncoming right wing to get a touch and put it away near post. Wyatt thought on that one he probably should have just steam rolled his way to the ball on the first chance after he thought about it some. A few minutes later, they got another low pass near the top of the box and an unmarked center forward got onto it and tried to tap it in from about 3-4 yards out. Wyatt gota foot in the way, but his centerback was ball watching and let the kid get the rebound. He went for a chip and Wyatt recovered and got a hand to it, but not strong enough to push it over. Third one was a counter and the kid pretty much ran straight through the whole team with the defensive mid chasing him all the way back straight on to the center of the goal. Wyatt came out and tried to get big, but the kid got the shot off to make it 0-3. Wyatt was pretty gutted after that. He stayed in it until the half, then the coach made subs including the keepers since it was a travel game and wanted to get everyone a chance to feel the pain. Second half started off pretty dismal, reserve keeper's first real touch was a easy low bouncing ball. He bent over to scope it, let it through his hands and then his feet and turned to see where it went, touching it in to the goal with his left foot. That got the opposing parents and other team laughing pretty hard. At that point the other coach starting subbing players in while the fresh feet on our side started picking up the energy level. we managed to catch their keeper playing with the ball at his feet two much and made it 1-4. They countered and maanaged to get out keeper to slide tackle into a ball, but dodged him and got around him. He got lucky and didn't get a card for grabbing the kid which messed up his shot and let one of the defenders clear it out. After that they started holding the ball in the back and would press forward when our boys would push up and commit. Didn't really get much more in the way of shots on goal, until almost the end. They got the keeper to commit to dive to his right with a fake and the centerback tried to head the ball away from the open goal for an own goal to make it 1-5. The boys did manage to get one more back off a nice free kick on their reserve keeper, who appeared to have just started playing keeper this year due to his height and not really any real skill for the position. Game ended 2-5 and the boys barely wanted to talk to anyone, several even ignored the coaches post game talk with one just walking off. Definitely some team building and moral issues going on there. Wyatt was in a really foul mood, but his mom talked to him a bit and talked him off the ledge about quiting. He seemed more resolved to work harder and they talked a bit about the fact that he seesm to be playing more reactive, then proactive like he did last year. Him and his mom watched some highlights from last year to see and talk about the difference while I took his sister to the hotel pool for awhile. Then we took him out to his facorite restraunt there in town and let him drown his sorrows in a seafood platter. Sunday he had us head right home so he could get in a skills session with the club trainer. Asked to worked on his distributions and some work in the goal while the rest of the class worked on striking nad finishing. He wasn't quite in it though and think it just caused him to beat himself up a little more, before he snapped out of it for the scrimmage. Afterwards the club trainer talekd with him for about 30 minutes about what was going on in his head and with his team. Seemed to make some positive energy for him, but not expecting it to just change over night. Luckily this week will be fairly light despite a double header coming up, so he can have some time mentally recover away from the team. Outside of the skills session, the last week of club practice was a mixed bag thanks to weather again. Monday he did an hour private work with the trainer, then did conditioning with another team since his team was off that night. Tuesday he did club keeper training, which was good again. They focused on first step movement, down and away and into oncoming shots. It was indoor, so no long stuff, but they did get in lots of touches on dives and did some shooting at the end. Wednesday was his team conditioning evening and they actually got some running in around the fields. Wyatt stepped it up in that and made a point out of challenging the field players to beat him on distance and speed. Thursday we were indoors again. They worked on the new formation, but without the keepers which irritated Wyatt since they have to understand how they fit in and what the expectation is for them and field guys. After that they did some striking and finishing work, and then scrimmaged a bit. Wyatt picked up the pace on his descision making and distributions, which caught several of the players on his squad off guard who were just sort of there and not really playing well or opening up good. He got some compliments from the coach on that. So this week looks like the fields will still be closed for the first half of the week. Practice is already canceled tonight, so he can decompress and re-charge althoug he did ask about hitting the local field to run and maybe punt a little. May hook up with a couple of the U14s, but I think we may just make him rest. This coming weekend is a doouble header versus two teams they haven't played before in previous seasons, Rio Grand Valley Torrros from south Texas and Kansas City, an MLS team academy. If the coach keeps the every other game rotation Wyatt should get the harder of the two starts, but after the hollower the other keeper let in Saturday, he may get benched for starting on both games.