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  1. Tryouts wrapped up this week, always a drama filled time of the year. About have of Wyatt's group advanced to the next year of the Academy program. The new headcoach made a few waves as well with the team. He started off by only signing about a 1/3 of the players and waiting on the rest to see how they did versus the new talent coming into the club for tryouts. Several boys who thought they had a lock on spots were moved to the next lower divison team and several who thought they were going to that team found themselves still in the Academy. We picked up 3 really good forwards which are really needed and a good mid to replace the one we lost to the younger Academy squad. Wyatt had fun helping sort out the keepers. The third team keeper basically swapped sport with the lower divison keeper. The coach had a long talk with thekeeper and his mom about pecking order and expectations, then had them talk directly to Wyatt about his training regime so they understood what the coach was expecting if the new keeper wanted to ever challenge for the starter spot. Overall the new keeper isn't as good technically as the old third keeper, but he is much more active and aggressive. The club trainer that Wyatt works with has already given Wyatt the warning not to rest on his laurals and that he needs to keep pushing to keep the gap growing and hold the starter spot. Tryout wise the coach was already starting to form the roster spots. To keep Wyatt sharp he was always facing what looks like the starters squad of the field players, with the potentials and reserve players to make his life intereting. He did fairly good, and is picking up the change in play style the coach wants. He likes the ball played out of the back on the ground as the first option, then throws, and final punts or kicks down field. Wyatt is getting the hand of it, but also needing to learn not to hold the ball as long on backpasses. He skilled and out dribbled several of the forwards and mids, which the coach likes the skill that takes, but the coach doesn't want him going to that as his first option and would rahter he clear it out under pressure. He did a good job of communicating that to Wyatt, but buffered the remark with the comment that he doesn't want wyatt crushing the fragile strikers egos by getting out skilled by the keeper. Wyatt also continued his daily morning skills and conditioning trainings sessions as well. Those will run through this week, then its him and his mom working out on them until he leaves for Europe. He also will continue with his keeper training. This week he is also supposed to help out with the junior academy summer camp in the evenings to get more time on the ball, but also to help build his leadership skills. WE got the group assignments for the Gothia Cup tournament in Sweden, don't know to much about the eruopean teams but they got placed with European Football Academy (ENG-London), Upsala IF (SWE) and Staffanstorps GIF (SWE). Looks like a total of 212 teams registered in Wyatt's age group ith a good mix of clubs from around the world.
  2. And that's a wrap for the season. They played their last game yesterday and par for the course it was really competative. The third keeper kept restraining his pulled muscle at tryouts and practice, so he was on the bench for the game. Two other B squad players were having travel plans before the game had been rescheduled. So the coach asked the other keeper to play the last game and offered him the first team slot to entice him. Wyatt was a little put out, but in the end was happy that he was there with his B squad team mates for the end of the season game. The coach for next year was there to observe the boys some more to continue sorting out players, so Wyatt was happy he could help the boys on the bubble in the second squad have a chance to show well. The first team had a rather un-inspired game, and the new coach wasn't to happy with the way they played. The two best performers were both 05 boys who are playing up this year, but going back to the 05 team next year. One in the midfield pretty much controlled the midfield and kept the other team out of the defensive third most the game, while the other a forward scored a brace to secure the 2-1. The single goal against was scored off a shot from about 20+ yards out that the keeper got caught ball watching all the way into the back of the net for the only chance he had to make a save all game. Wyatt's game was pretty back and forth. At first his squad controlled possession. Then they started playing the long ball up the side and the and cutting back into to runners up the center relying on their size and speed. Wyatt and the center back got really busy after that. They had the big kid from the fight last time cut in and take a shot across the goal low with another one running in on the back post. Wyatt made a nice dive to his right to collect it at the feet of the other other player. Then popped up and rolled it out before they could react to get a counter started. A little while later he passed a goalkick out to his left back who held it and sucked in two players before backpassing it back to wyatt who drew in the left forward and attacking mid while he passed it out to his left wing who took it up the outside in the opened up space. He came out and collected a long throwing to the box, then followed it up with a nice aggressive collection of a long cross into the box to see the half out 0-0. Second half the Dynamo started puttingthe pressure on really hard and our boys started feeling the efffects of the physical game and heat. The forwards were having a hard time getting past the back line and they were countering more with the boot and run attack that got them more shots on frame. Wyatt faced a 1v1 and the shot went low and to his right, he dove and got a hand behind it to flick it out of bounds. He set a nice wall that did its job to see off another free-kick when his defense had to make the professional foul to stop a break-away. Wyatt spent alot of time coming out and getting big and seeing shots go wide because of it, so he had like 10 goal kicks in the second half. He made two excellent blocks back to back during a frantic effort to clear a ball from the box off a short corner. He made the first one point blank and then popped up to make the second with his centerback collecting it and clearing it out. Final save of the game was a free kick that dipped over the wall and saw wyatt get airborn to deflect it out and off a opposing player for the final goal kick of the game. End of game the coach started gving the boys his end of the year speech, then stopped and said but first, and walked over and shook Wyatt's hand and told him great game. The coach for next year told him that he played excellent, but that he expected nothing less from Wyatt. Even the other team gave him kudos when we bumped into them after game getting a drink, with their coach telling him he was the only reason that his team didn't lose the game. For the rest of the week Wyatt continued with his morning conditioning and skill training. During the week he had one tryout session, he got a little time on the field for that, but the coach said he already knew what he was getting with Wyatt and he needed to look at the other keepers to find one good enough to be Wyatt's backup. The third keeper got some time in the net too, because the lower divison coach wanted to look at him to see if he wanted him for that team. That is when he got hurt again. Had another boy taking a bad fall from a tackle as well and get a compound fracture in his lower arm, so I got to spend the session talking to the paramedics and helping them in and out of the facility. Coach called a practice Thursday to get them ready for the last game and Wyatt spent the whole time playing solo in the goal through out the striking and finishing drills, and the scrimmages while they learned a new formation for the weekend. So now we have one more week of tryouts with Wyatt helping choose his back-up, then training training training to get ready for Europe.
  3. Well the season seems to want to drag on another week or so. Heavy storms got the game cancled and maybe moved to this coming weekend. The team finsihed out there last three practices with the current head coach and the new coach watching and taking notes. Wyatt signed his contracts for next year, securing one of the two keeper slots. The smaller starting keeper got the second spot however by the end of the week he had decided that he didn't want to be the second keeper and dropped out of the team and moved to a lower divison team at FC Dallas so he could play basket ball for his middle school as well. This means when open tryouts start wednesday we will get to see if they sign a second keeper from the new players trying out or move the third keeper up into the spot. Outside of that drama, Wyatt has been working out in the mornings with the skills trainer on speed, condititioning and his field skills. He also put in a double header with his private keeper coach yesterday, helping out with the younger keepers, then being senior student with the older keepers. Tonight he went to the nation team ID/training center camp for the evening. They had 3 other keepers there, 2 from FC Dallas (the MLS club) and one from Solar. The solar keeper was way out of his league and didn't show that well in general. The FCD keepers had been to a few sessions already and were the obvious favorites at the start. Wyatt didn't let it pysch him out and went in with a desire to strut his stuff. To qoute his keeper coach, he went full beast mode. Of the keepers he was the most aggressive and made numereous 1 on 1 saves. Cutting angles and getting big. His touches were spot on and his distributions looked really good. Of the keepers, Wyatt made the most saves with 15 really good ones, plus lots of other general cleaning up and collecting of loose balls. The two FCD keepers had about 5 saves between them and both were rather indecisive, with both letting in a goal or two. The solar keeper had the worst of it with only a couple saves and getting scored on 5 times. So Wyatt was feeling really good a bout his performance. The head coach at the session who runs the u15 national team gave told him after it was over that he did a hell of a good job, with the other two coaches concurring. He also got lots of props from the field players, not just from his club, but the other clubs as well. So a really good evening for him. So we head into the rest of the week with tryouts/open practices, continuing morning training, and maybe a final game this weekend.
  4. Wyatt played his second to last game of the season this weekend versus the Houston Express. Wyatt moved back up to the first squad and then got the goal solo after the other keeper got sick. The Express started weak at the beginning the season, but have gotten better as the year has gone by and it showed in the game. Wyatt's squad didn't play to well, fogoing their usual game style of passing for a more boot ball style for some reason. Wyatt had to collect a bunch of loose balls and take goalkicks. He got an assist off of one, dropping it to the far corner out of the box, focing the goalie to hold his ground while the center forward ran onto the ball and beat him for a goal. That was pretty much the highlight of the game for the team, after that it got ugly. Wyatt had to face a PK when a corner was headed down and back towards the goal by his centerback and hit his unsuspecting right back in the hand. Wyatt got the shot correct and a piece of it, but it got past him to make it 1-1. A little while later he made a really nice reaction foot save to stop another shot from a loose ball and then had the rebound collected by a striker who was unmarked by the same defender. He had some other nice saves in the game including another 1v1 save on a offside player. Making the save gave the ref time to call the offsides, the coach was pretty sure if Wyatt had waited for the call the ref would have let go. Game ended 1-2, with the coach not being to happy with any of the players performance except Wyatt and the goal socring forward. Wyatt stayed and hung out on the bench for the second teams game and cheered them on to a 4-0 win. Unfrotunately the third keeper pulled or strained something near the end of the game on a goalkick and had to get subbed out. One of the forwards borrowed Wyatt's gloves and played the last few minutes of the game as keeper. Rest of the week was team practices with some new players showing up to try for a spot. Wyatt did a call from the team manager for next year's coach telling him that he would be signing his contracts this week for next year, so he was pretty stoked about that. So now he has one last game for the season next weekend and then getting ready for his Europe trip. Supposedly the new coach is taking over training this week, but the schedule may change at the last minute.
  5. Not a lot in this highlight reel from his last game versus FC Dallas: DT vs FCD (1/4)
  6. With the season winding down, we are getting some footage of games from other teams earlier in the season. First game of the season: DT @ Solar (1/4) Two games from right near the end of the fall half of the season: DT @ Lonestar (1/4) DT @ FCD (3/4) and then some more recent games: DT vs. Lonestar (4/4) DT vs Houston Texans (3/4)
  7. So in between all the games, Wyatt continued with his training. His skills coach has been working hard to get him ready for selection for the coming session plus prepping him for observations by national team scouts. To that extent typically on Sundays after games, a short break for lunch and rest, Wyatt has been putting in 2 - 4 hours of training. Club keeper training finally wound down, but the team is still practicing desipite it being club tryouts starting for the regular league teams. They are IDing boys in those sessions to come to DA practice for tryouts, but so far not to many have last more then one or two sessions. A keeper did show up at one session, but he was not up to even the third keepers skill level. Wyatt hada few nice surprises though as well over the last few weeks. Last week they were coached by a former club member, who went on to play professionally in the MLS, played for the national team, and is now a commentator on ESPN for soccer. He really liked Wyatt play and gave him lots of good feedback. He also liked yelling out "what a save" when Wyatt would pull a good one. He told Wyatt to get used to it if he kept playing and working as hard as he has been, so that really gave him a good feeling. That same session the head coach for next year also came out to start ranking the boys for next year. Wyatt took charge in the training session. He ran the keeper warmup and organized them into the squads for srimmages. He also took the fullsize goal for himself and was very dominant in the net. Even though his squad lost all three sudden death games on golden goals, the coach for net year made it very clear that it took three spectacular goals to do it and that Wyatt was dynamic and a real wall in the net. Next day we got an email with an invite for him to attend the next national team regional youth team ID training center. Then on Saturday at the game he was informed that he was the first keeper selected for the DA squad next year. Then on Sunday the head coach for next year observed the boys playing and spent most of the game talking to Wyatt on the bench about his expectations for next year and how he wants him to handle nad play with some of the players they know are moving up as well. So two more games left in the season, then the boys transistion to final trials. The coaches plan is to have all the potential candidates train with the boys that they know are advancing and see which ones have the skills and chemistry to be on the team for next year. As always should be a exciting ride to the end of the season, but Wyatt is focused on establishing himself as the first keeper for next year and getting ready for the trip to europe this summer.
  8. Season is slowly winding down for Wyatt. After the wrap on the two big tournaments, Wyatt got back to the business of pushing for being the starting keeper and getting selected for next year's academy. Wyatt has had 5 games since then. Game 1: Wyatt's team faced off against Texas Lonestar DA from Austin/Georgetown this afternoon. Wyatt got moved up to the first team with the first keeper leaving his usual B squad teammates with the third keeper. The coach had a plan though, last time we played this team the A squad was up 2-0 at the half but ended in a 2-2 tie because Lonestar started crossing and getting corner kicks that the first keeper had trouble dealing with. So for the game the first keeper got the start and had to face a lot of pressure clearing through balls and collecting rollers and bouncers. He did get in two nice saves that would have been goals to keep it 0-0 at the half. Wyatt came in at the start of the second and got busy collecting rollers and bouncers. He did a good job of mixing up his distributions between rolls, throws, and punts to keep Lonestar off balance. He also earned his keep (pardon the pun) getting up in the air and collecting corners to shut down the scoring opportunities. He also came up big on a nice hard shot to push it over the bar, and an excellent save on a low corner into the box to try and beat his air game. Final score was 2-0 and wyatt bounced back from his funk after the tournaments the previous week .We stuck around and watched the B squad work through and early goal against to a 2-1 win. Wyatt sat on the bench and the coach tried to get the other coach to allow wyatt to go in during the second game, but after seeing him play in the first game the coach was really not too receptive to that idea. Game 2: Wyatt got the starter slot with the A squad fome. Games versus this team are usually decided by a single goal, so lots of pressure to get the shutout and not give up anything. At first it looked like wouldn't be much for wyatt to do as the team took charge and dominated possession. They had a hard time finishing their chances though and eventually the game opened up more. Wyatt got busy collecting loose balls and taking goalkicks. He had one good and key save where a shot came in hard and low to right corner. Wyatt made a nice dive and got his hands behind it to send it out. He also did a good job of strategically wasting time to release the offense pressure near halftime to see the half out 0-0. Second keeper took over at the half and was moderately busy. Made a few good collections and workman like saves. Boys finally got one in the net and kept the pressure up to make it to the end 1-0. Game 3: Wyatt spent Mother's Day as the starter for the second squad due to the need to move players around due to injuries. For the match they squared off against the Houston Texans for the 3rd of our 4 games versus them for the season. The game started out chaotic with several boys playing in new spots to cover because of injuries. Wyatt was fairly busy with collecting loose balls and backpasses. Had to clear one backpass out and down the field that got dumped in his face by a player under pressure. Made a really strong 1v1 save on a breakaway but then it got called offsides. Low point was jumping early at a high arcing freekick and having it roll over his fingers to beclraredby his centerback. Teamscored twice though to go into the half up 2-1. Second half the third keeper came in and started out slow. Had a few light duty saves and one nice one, but wasn't being decisive and let a ball through the box unchallenged that got flicked in practically right in his face. Coach let him try and fight through it, but at the end pulled him and put wyatt in to finish the game out to the 3-1 win. Wyatt made a really nice smothering save to keep it from going 2-2 and set up the counter for the 3-1. After the game Wyatt told me that there was a national team scout there observing him and the second team center back, and Wyatt was really worried that the botched save on the high ball had cost him in his evaluation. We wouldn't find out until this last week (more later). Game 4: Double header soccer weekend. Down to Houston yesterday to play the Houston Texans and back home the next day to face FC Dallas. First team had a rather lackluster 4-2 win, which should have been 3-1 except the red allowed to really blatant offsides goals, one for each side. Wyatt was closer for the Second team, getting the half with the wind in his face, as well as the part of the game were the boys were tired from the heat. The boys did a good job going 3-0 in the first half. First two goals were off of really. Ice plays into the box and the third from a PK as the heat and game started seeing some very physical play start up. Almost had a fight break out as our left back shepherded a ball out of bounds and got a kick to his side for the trouble. Our centermid took exception to that and boys started coming in and pushing and shoving. Luckily unlike the red at the Dynamo game, this ref got in and closed it down before more then a couple yellows had to be shown. Wyatt came in for the second half and things continued to heat up. Early on one of the forwards was shepherding a ball out high and took a shove in the back then caused him to fall and hit his knee on the concrete lip of the turf field. For wyatt he was fairly active. Had to scoop up a loose ball or roller here or there. He made a nice dive to his right to stop a shot in the air, then had to make a impressive dive to get a hand to a low shot across the face of goal. His distributions were very good and varied up a bit. He got really good at dropping punts on the center forward, at one point putting one on him in the opposing box. Only a aggressive hand kept wyatt from getting the assist. Wyatt held the shut out to see them win 3-0, then it was back in the car and he's home to get ready for the next game. Game 5: The Texans walked away with a loss and a win versus FC Dallas. First team took a 0-3 beating versus an FCD first squad that has been getting some sporadic results lately. Wyatt started for the second team who got off to an early start with a goal to go 1-0 in the first few minutes. From there it was a lot of back and forth with wyatt only having to make one real save and just routine keeper work otherwise. Second keeper saw a bit more action, but got lucky and the center back bailed him out a few times to end it 1-0. That brings the record for the season for the A squad to no wins versus FCD and the B squad no losses. The coach for next year was observing and taking notes on the players as well. Not sure some of them showed as well as they should have or were hyped up to be by the current coach. Be interesting to see what changes are made as we move into next year.
  9. Well the long week of soccer ended yesterday with the semi-final game for Wyatt's team in the Iber Cup. Friday night after his Dallas Cup finals game he asked to go to keeper training and worked out for about 2 hours with his keeper coach. He really threw himself into it and put in a good performance. Added bonus was he burned off alot of the stress from the week so far. The keeper coach had him stick around after training and talked to him one on one about things and helped him get his head straight. Saturday morning he didn't get called up to play in the last group Iber Cup game vs. the Houston Express DA that he has played 3 times this year already. The first keeper started the game and really had little to do until a ball bounced into the box on a free kick. He didn't manage to clear it and the centerback had to come in and clear it out. After that he was more alert and did fairly well. Evenutally a ball got into the box and the shot went in over the keepers head. By that point though the boys were up 2-0, so not a real bad one. At the half the third keeper came in and made one save an a questionable back pass. The boys managed to pick up an own goal and another goal from a PK to end it 4-1 and clinch the first place in group. The coach for next's year team was there observing and noted that Wyatt wasn't on the roster and asked what the coach was thinking about leaving him off roster. Wyatt didn't really have his hoped up he would catch the semi-final game, but the assistant coach listened to the future coach and decided to replace the third keeper with Wyatt for their game against club Menedy from Guatemala. The first keeper got the start and made some workman like saves to keep it level as they scored a goal off a nice breakaway to put them up 1-0. Not soon after thoughone of the centerbacks got called for a handball in the box. It started as a yellow but as the ref was trying to get the player to look at him for the card, and the player shoved him out of his way. So the yellow turned to red and we were a man done and they scored on a PK to make it 1-1 right before the half. Wyatt came in for the second half and with the tie, Menedy started pushing really hard to get the win. Wyatt started off saving a through ball that the attacking mid (#10 - their star player) was running onto past the now weakened defense. Wyatt made a nice run to scoop it up and then went right in a nice punt dropping the ball to the right winger who tried to move it forward. The opposing keeper had the wing to his back and seemed to be intent on saling balls up over the back line so #10 could run onto them. One ball took a big bounce and Wyatt ran forwarf to edge of the 18 and collected it in the air right in front of the #10 and punted it out well again. Next a defender got a head to the next punt, but was hit at the same time by #10 and the ball went back towards the net. Wyatt and #10 collided as he scooped it up, but he kept his feet though and punted it out to start a counter again. As the clock wound down Menedy tried one more fast play from the keeper on a free kick for offsides and number #10 got through the back line and with a centerback on his tail. Wyatt shot off his line and they hit about 15 yards out, with Wyatt diving into the collect the ball and then sliding through the #10 who went flying and called for a PK. Ref called it clean and play on. The boys tried a fast counter but the time ran out and we went into OT. Wyatt got the first OT, but things mostly stayed in the midfield area. He had a few corners to see off, but nothing that he needed to deal with. Finally #10 cut around the outside and put a shot/cross in. He was arcing the ball tryign to hit the far post upper 90. Wyatt got a good leap and was able to catch it just a little over the bar as it started to dip in and flip it over and out for a corner. On the corner the missing centerback bit them in the butt. The spot he usually covers was being played by the other centerback, but as the corner came in he charged it and left the #10 unmarked. Wyatt knew he could try and collect it because of the height so he turned and moved with it, but the #10 jumped up and headed it in before Wyatt could block it. The head coach was there so the assistant left Wyatt in to work through it until the end of the first overtime period. Not much else happened as out boys started pressing really hard and the Menedy boys started kicking everything onto the neighboring fields to burn up the clock. That continued into the second OT period, but the boys got lucky and drew a PK, but after the first one in the first half being blocked and the generally poot PK taking all weak no one wanted to stand up and take. Finally probably the most inexperienced PK taker took it, but shot it right near the keeper who blocked it as time ran out. So game ended in a heart breaking 1-2 loss for the boys. But by that point they were so tired most of them couldn't even get balls up for crosses. The two tournaments and playing 2 games a day for 3 straight days caught up with them and really wore them down. Wyatt was pretty bummed, but everyone was impressed with his effort to keep the team going. After a good nights sleep he asked to go back to the fields so he could watch all the finals since he knew a lot of the local keepers playing in them. So a nice ending to a pretty rough week. Now it's back to finishing out the last 7 games, tryouts for next years placement, and getting ready for his trip to spain and sweden this summer.
  10. Dallas Cup is over and not soon enough for Wyatt. Third game in group was yesterday and with the loss to FC Golden State yesterday were looking to try and clinch a wildcard slot.The dads got to work and figured out that of the 6 groups there were only three teams that had a shot at the wildcard, FC Dallas 04 DA, the team they were getting ready to play, and the boys. In order to push FCD out of the second Wildcard slot we needed to win by a goal differiental of 3 and let the tie breakers work their magic. Told the boys they needed 4 to ensure the slot. Wyatt got the start and held the goal all through the first half. Didn't have much to do though, a back pass and an agressive save on a ball bounced into the box, followed up with a humongous punt. Things were slow because FCD Mexico opted to park the bus with the wind in their face an play super D. So the boys spent most the time trying to find a hole in the defense to try and get something on frame. Closest we came was a PK that went a little wide to the side. Second half the other keeper came in. He was a little busier, but still nothing near a good DA game. FCD Mexico opened up a bit and played long balls into the defensive third, but eventually they got to forward and the boys started getting through balls in and looks at the goal. With the clock running down the boys got their first goal on a low cross into the box, then the flood gates opened. Two more goals and an own goal later we were up 4-0 and into time wasting mode. They held on until the end of regulation and got the win they needed. The win got them the second wildcard, pushing their in town rivals out of playoffs in the process. So today they matched up against Kent Schools FA from England, a team that was steamrolling its way through in group play. Wyatt didn't go in until the second half, the starting keeper had a little work to do, but surpirsingly nothing to major. OUt mid field and back line did a heroic job of defending and keeping it 0-0 to the half. Wyatt came in at the half and started off with a really good goalkick after seeing a through ball out of bounds. A few minutes later they got a break through up the fight side and Wyatt moved to close the angle, but didn't come out as the forward came towards the eighteen. As he shot wyatt moved towards the ball to make save he slipped in the box on the rock hard dirt and went down face first as the ball flew in and over him. The coach pulled him from the game right away and spent the rest of the game telling him how he had cost them the whole tournament. Game continued on with the starting keeper almost giving up a goail twice as the other team tried to play balls in over his head. The boys eventually rallied a bit and got a goal to make it 1-1 and take the game into OT. Kent pressed hard for the first half and generated a few good looks and almost beat our keeper expect for the frame saving it for us. As the second OT wound down Kent started playing to take it to PKs and not allow any sub for keepers. The second assistant coach apparently was trying to get Wyatt in for the PKs but the head coach couldn't see that happening. Finally went to PKs, with Kent going first. First shot the guy went for the weakness of our keeper and put it high and to side where he know he couldn't reach it. Our first PK was bllocked. There second thru fourth, all went to the same side and just out of reach of the keeper. Our second PK the player tried to get tricky and hit a slow ball into the post for no goal, and the third one was one of Wyatt's B squad buddies who played a well placed shot to score, but at that point we were down 1-4 and that was it. Wyatt was pretty PO'd at the end and talked with his trainer from the club for a bit. The trainer helped him get his head together and blow off the bad vibes from the head coach. Reminded him that he was focusing on next year and the coaching change, to keep his focus and keep moving forward. So now we are waiting to see if he will get called p for the other tournament since that is the next chance at hardware for the team and the third keeper is playing reserve in that and having worse luck then Wyatt.
  11. Well got his second game of the Dallas Cup in, so far he hasn't been called to dress out for the Iber cup games. Today they played against FC Golden State from California. Like the first game Sunday, this team was a lot bigger overall. They played a sort of chip, long ball and speed attack style of play. Wyatt got the second half of the game, probably still suffering from the coach getting mad last game. First half the starting keeper had a few things to do and a couple close calls where he messed up two saves that almost cost us some goals. Wyatt got the whole second half in the net. Didn't really have to much to do overall in the game. The other side was big on the fast countering long ball so he had to scoop up one rolling through ball that he gave a nice throw out to his right back. Other action was defending a free kick. He set a good wall and when the ball came into the attackers he went in and punched it out to his left wing to start a counter. He also made a nice vertical jump save to catch a driven shot at the near upper corner on a break away. Low point was one of the players slide tackling a striker from behind in the box and giving up a PK. Wyatt gave it a good try, but the full size goal wasn't his friend today. Final score was 0-1. Wyatt didn't roll over and give up after the PK. It happened early in his half so his other saves were after it. As the game wound down he got louder cheering the team on and calling out help where he could. The boys controlled the ball for the last 15 minutes but despite 5 or so good looks at goal they couldn't net anything. We will see what tomorrow's game brings. They can't finish first in group, but a good showing could see them grab one of the two wildcard slots. Otherwise they shift focus to the Iber Cup where they have two group games left and are sitting first in group.
  12. Busy week last week and it isn't slowing down this week for Wyatt. His team practiced 4 times and he managed to continue to hold the first keeper slot. He also had a keeper training session and did a double on saturday after team practice with a couple hours of foot skills to get ready for the game on Sunday. Sunday saw them kick off the Dallas Cup tournament and Wyatt got the start against his old FCD Dallas team that the coach had dropped him from. Wyatt had wind gusting up to 30 - 40 mph, but about a steady 20 mph in his face at the start. His old coach was a master of long ball play so Wyatt was on his toes from the start. Things started out quick with Wyatt have to clear a through ball up and to side on a long ball that the wind carried through the back line under pressure. A few seconds later he had a long shot come in and the wind floated it high and out. He took the goalkick really fast opting to pass it out to the right centermid (played a 4-3-3). He took all the goalkicks quick and to the sides because of the wind, he also rolled out most his saves and collected balls for the same reason. He had lots of back passing as well as the wind tended to bring balls back to the defenders under pressure. Wyatt tried to help get things moving by putting the balls out to the mids a lot of the times. He even made a nice skill move when the right back dropped the ball back to him on short notice and pressure. He faked and did a pull back to clear the oncoming striker, then put it out to the right back to start up the field with some space and time. He had to collect a lot of bouncing and rolling through balls, and had three saves to make. First was a free kick that he came out to collect in the crowd and slipped to take the ball on the shins, but managed to clear it up and forward out of the box none the less. Second one was a cross into the box to his back post where he tracked and made a diving save to collect the header. Finally he the main centerback let a ball through and Wyatt had a one on one that he had to dive and get long on. He collected the the ball and took out both the striker and the trailing centerback in the process. He had a couple issues thanks to the wind, nerves, and buck fever. First one was after the header he got up and went right into a punt just out side of the 6 yard box. He popped the ball up in a high arc that the winde carried backwards to his right and just in of the touchline. Second mistake was he was letting a through ball that was running just out side the box pass out of bounds. Coach was yelling at him to pick it up and despite his best judgement he tried to grab it right as it came into the box but before it went out. He caught it, but the ref though it was out of the box and called foul and awarded a free kick. The coach lost his mind and yanked Wyatt and put in the old starter to face the inswinging free kick in the wind. He got really lucky in that the ball actually hit him and bounced out of the box. That was in the 17th minute (35 minute halves), from that point on until the last 6 minutes when Wyatt went back in, the reserve keeper touched the ball a total of 5 times in 47 minutes compared to 26 time for wyatt in the first 17. The game satyed score less through the half, and then Wyatt's team got their game strapped down and went 3-0 really fast to win it. The ref apologized to Wyatt after the game for getting him pulled and yelled at by the coach. Wyatt was in a pretty crappy mood, but the team thanked him for giving them time under the initial high pressure to get their game together. A bunch of his former team mates from the last few years were there as well and they had nothing but high praises for his effort to hold the shut out at the start and give the team the chance to win. The opposing coach's assistant even talked with Wyatt a bit telling him that he was the only reason his team won, because with the wind like that the coach knew if they could have scored early the game would have been theirs. After the game we heaed down to the stadium for the opening ceremonies and Wyatt and his team got their five minutes of fame on the local spanish news station with a short spotlight on them thanks to a dad on the team who works for ESPN Espanol. Then we stuck around to watch the Manchester United u19 squad take a 1-4 spanking from Chivas u19 team. Depsite all the talk last night from the coach, Wyatt got called up again tonight to help agaisnt FC Dallas Mexico, the MLS teams Monterry affilate. Will have to see if he gets the start, but folks who have seen the FCD play say the coach will need Wyatt between the sticks tonight if they want to keep first place in group.
  13. Couple more clips: Here is the game he met the goal post 1 on 1: vs. Lonestar 3/4 and his first solo game with the 1st squad: vs. Houston Express 3/4
  14. Well weather canceled the game for the weekend out of town, so a little down time this morning for Wyatt. He had a good week of training starting with club keeper training Monday with the coach focusing on technical skills like catching and diving. Typically he doesn't work on those, but he is for a couple weeks it looks like. Since wyatt is the only one who does outside training the skills gap is pretty obvious between him and all but the older boys in the group. Team practice continued to see Wyatt holding onto the first keeper spot with the coach taking time to point out to the other two keepers that it's the work you do outside of practice that makes the difference at game time. Wyatt got an odd sort of compliment from the head coach as well. They were doing shooting drills focusing on one touch striking crosses out to the side of the goal. The coach used wyatt and his best striker to demo what he wanted. First he had the striker take shots at the near post with wyatt closing the angle and getting big. This was to show that it's hard to beat a keeper that way. Wyatt held up his end of the deal, shutting the striker out. Then the coach had the striker shoot at the far post high and low to show how it offered a better chance of scoring. Wyatt proceeded to shut him out again, so the coach brought in the first keeper and put him in with the comment of "let's try this with a keeper like the ones you are more likely to face in games" and the striker was able to score. So for the rest of drill it became a badge of honor to beat wyatt in the net. Wyatt also got to show off his footskills some in the scrimmages. The coach had several matches were he wasn't allowed to distribute with his hands and only could use his feet. So wyatt got put under a lot of pressure with the ball at his feet. A few times he used some niice skill moves to beat the attacking mid form the first squad earning some kudos from the coach and the mid getting a lap for each time for getting beat by the keeper. Private keeper trading last night focused on clearing the corners of the net, so lots of diving and flying. Wyatt was senior student which pushed him to really stretch out for some of the saves. By the end of prwctice he was pretty tired but felt good about his efforts. Still got footskills today and another footskills and keeper training tomorrow weather permitting. Next week they will start practicing 11v11 to get ready for the tournaments week after. We got the Dallas Cup schedule and it looked pretty strong with a team from Guatamala, Mexico, and California. The team from Guatamala dropped though and got replaced with the team from FC Dallas coached by the guy who booted him off a few years back. Wyatt is looking for some payback there for sure. We find out the rosters next week. The coach is planning on keeping them kind of fluid to help rest boys and give everyone a chance to play. Wyatt seems pretty sure he will be on rosters for both tournaments and hopefully will get some starts and good time in the net versus the better teams, but that is in his hands.
  15. Spring is in the air and Wyatt is back to his full schedule. On the team front he had two keeper training sessions, 2 team practices and a team strength and conditioning session. One session was cancled due to extremely high winds that were gusting enough to actually blow the boys over. Friday before game day Wyatt also did his private keeper training. He told the coach that his head coach was wanting him to clear corners and crosses more, so the coach focused on that in the session. For the game this weekend, Wyatt had been told he would be playing up with the 1st team, and he did. He got another bump when the regular first team keeper wasn't able to play. So wyatt had the goal to himself against the 04 Houston Express DA. He was a little nervous but the general good reception he got from the team at warmup and pregame let him know they were more then happy to have him in the net. First half was pretty rough with the Express playing a really physical game trying muscle the texans off the ball and push through the back line. Wyatt started off picking off rollers, then had to parry away a driven high shot. He went all in on a breakaway, getting a foot to deflect a shot and send it wide as he came out and got big. Another aggressive save saw him forward dive into a scrum on the ground to block a shot then scramble to slap it out to the corner. He made a few other saves to keep it 0-0 going into the half. Second half they went up 1-0 with wyatt not having much to do except collect a few balls a sweep a bouncer outside off his chest before a forward could settle it. THe coaches were on him a little bit because he was punting the ball all the time (they wanted him punting all the time in the first half with the wind to his back). Problem was the team was so used to the first keeper always punting, so as soon as he would collect the ball, they would close up for a punt without waiting for him or opening up so he could throw or roll it out. He talked with the coach after the game and explained what was happening, and the coach said he that by this coming weekend they would be opening up. Wyatt also decided he would be more in charge about that and get on them for not doing it in the games. Game ended 1-0 for his first shutout with the 1st team. Not a bad first solo run. We stuck Round to support his regular squad as the fought out to a 2-1 victory before grabbing a late lunch and then heading back to the club for two hours of foot skills. Sunday he rounded out the week with another hour of private keeper training and then a 30 minute break, before doing another 2 hours of footskills. Well not all footskills, a new keeper (about 3 years older then Wyatt) showed up and they worked a goal for a bit so the trainer could evaluate the new keepers skill level and then have Wyatt demonstrate a few things to him that the new kid was doing wrong. The new keeper didn't like that to much at first, but he got over it after watching Wyatt make a bunch of saves he couldn't make. So this week the teams has a game Saturday, but also is starting the run up to two big tournaments, the Dallas Cup and the IberCup USA. We got the schedules and groups for IberCup and it looks like in group Wyatt will be facing a team from Mexico, the team he played this weekend, and a team from the local top competative league. In his age group there are a few other international teams from Mexico and Columbia, and Liverpool from the UK. A couple other DAs as well, and some other league teams. So should be a good tournament. They will be playing the Dallas Cup the same week and weekend, so will be lots of soccer with a game or two every day Monday - Sunday.