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  1. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Cliub seems to be on the ball about gettign the game footage out fast lately: http://www.hudl.com/v/29ea3V
  2. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Extremely busy week for Wyatt despite be on spring break from school. Game wise his team faced off for the 3rd time versus the U14 DA team from Lonestar. First game they lost 3-2 and second game was the 5-1 loss that sparked the coaching change for Wyatt's team. The team was still riding high from the 2-1 win over the their in town rivals FC Dallas last weekend, so they came in with a lot of energy and high spirits. The reserve keeper was still out so Wyatt again was minding the net solo. The centerback was still out injured so the team played a modified lineup again with some more changes. The coach opted with the heat and the fast pace of the last two games to start with half the reserves on to wear down the opposition and then bring in fresh legs in waves to keep up the pressure. Tactically sound, but it did place our weakest reserve center back in a starting slot, so Wyatt had a little more to do then normal. Unlike last game he didn't have too many crosses to deal with, but spent lots of time collecting and distributing short balls, chips, and crosses. He went with throws alot, much more accurate then his punts for distributions and made it easier to transition to attack for his squad and keep the pressure on the other team. He came up big a few times to prevent go ahead goals for Lonestar as well. He made a really nice point blank save on the line to deny a goal. He also came out in a very alkward looking move and jump about 5 yards out of the box to stop a break away from developing, then later got a hand to a 1v1 to deflect it before taking a hit from the charging player for his trouble. Overall a very good game for him as he held the shut to help his team to the 1-0 win. Added bonus was being able to do so in front of the national team scout. After the game during the post game talk the coach made little speech to the team while they were busy congragulating the goal scorer that they all needed to think about Wyatt. He said as a keeper no one would remember the two big saves he made to keep them in the game so the forward could score the goal. That folks would only remember the goal, but despite not getting any glory and tons of grief when goals are allowed, that Wyatt still works hard, shows up all the time, does extra work, and still plays keeper for them. He told them that is what a real soccer player does. Wyatt really appreciated it and it seemed to hit a note with some of the boys. With it being spring break Wyatt spent Monday thru Thursday for 3 hours a day doing keeper camp with his private goal keeping coach. They worked throug a variety of drills and skills, starting off with a tune up style process and then on to refining some of the more technical skills like punt types, dead balls, and dealing with set pieces. They also got to play some fun keeper games to make all not work. Team had three good outdoor practices, focusing alot of movement on and off the ball as a unit and working to contain and pressure opponents trying to build from the back. Last session they worked alot on set piece defense and then while the field players were working on passing games/drills Wyatt worked with the striker on learning to take kicks with his left foot (which by the way was off he scored in the game). Wyatt also had two club keeper sessions, first one was technical work on dives and making followup saves after deflecting or parrying high balls. Second session was all about defending corners and crosses into the box. And as always he had a Friday night pre-game session with the private keeper coach where they just worked through the standard technical drills that they do. Final treat for the weekend for Wyatt was going to a talent ID camp to try out for a travel team going to Germany to train and play for a few weeks over the summer. The group does several clinics across the US so when this one was close (3 hours away) we decided to give it a shot. Wyatt really enjoyed it. They didn't have to many keepers, but they had enough to provide one to each group. Wyatt got picked to work with the U17/18 players. He did well with them, getting a much better save percentage then any of the other keepers working with age groups closer to their own. The other U14 who was there was placed with the U13/14 group and didn't show to well. Wyatt went on to keep for a combo team of U17, U15/14 boys versus the U18, U15, and U13 players. He ended the evening with a 3-0 shut out, spending most the time playing sweeper and commanding the defense and mids really well. Afterwards, we stopped for dinner and ran into the coaches/evaluators and Wyatt got some really good feedback, including the fact that he made a really good impression and they expected to offer him a slot on one of the teams for the summer. So now we are into the last week before the Dallas Cup, a big interntion youth tournament here in town that has been running for over 30 years. Wyatt's team will face off against teams from Japan, southern California and North Carolina in group play. IF they make it out there are teams from england, mexico, germany, and around the US waiting to face them in knock out stages.
  3. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Video came out quick again and I think I finally got the hang of the updated editor. U14 DA Game 18 vs FC Dallas
  4. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    No film yet, but a much better game then the previous weekend. The games versus FC Dallas are always good, sort of the Derby for Dallas DA teams. The reserve keeper was out so Wyatt had the net solo again all game, although I don't think with the game being so close he would have subbed Wyatt out to give the reserve a few minutes anyways. Game started with some major roster changes to account for recent injuries and also to try adn start fitting boys into better spots. For starters the holding mid and attacking mid were moved back to centerbacks in a 4 42. The one healthy center mid was moved up to defensive mid almost a sweeper like position. The winger moved over to attacking mid, and two mids became wingers, with two regular starting forwards. The new coach also had them play a much higher line with Wyatt wandering around alot 25 - 40 yards from the goal line to keep the back line pushed up over the half. This kept the other team pinnned back in their half alot and let Wyatt's team control possession a lot better then they have been the first half of the season. For Wyatt's part he focused a lot of his goal kicks and punts, trying to better at connecting with the forwards and mids. He had some work to do in the box, as when FCD got the ball they tended to counter really quick so he had to control the line dropping back and set himself up for saves. He made a really nice 1 v1 on a break away and collected a few other balls in the box to get his team 2-0 through the first half. The first goal came off a keeper error, under pressure the opposing keeper played out a backpass a little panicky right to our attacking mid for 1-0. Right after that the attacking mid went out throwing up and his reserve came in and scored a few minutes later off a bad punt from the opposing keeper. Second half, FCD rallied a little bit and pushed pack into Wyatt's half for a while, but the defense and Wyatt worked well together up until the attacking mid who had moved back to centerback for the game fouled a player in the box ofr a PK to make it 2-1. Wyatt shook it off and kept at it to see the game out to a 2-1 win for his team. Practice was almost normal for him this week. I was out of town for the first half, so his mom was on soccer duty. Monday the team met for conidtioning and to review he last game since the fields were still closed. Tuesday they got back to practice and worked a lot of 2v2 defending and attacking drills, Wyatt spent most of that handling back passes and distributions and only saw one shot on goal. Wednesday the new back line trained with the coaches U15 team to get some more time in to jell.Thursday Wyatt had team practice and some keeper training, but the coach pulled him out of it early to work with the team on defending corners and set piece free kicks. Outside of the game and team practice he had two priavte keper sessions. As always they worked the basic technical skills, but this week they also focused on movement across the goal, then abrupt changes in direction to react to change in shot direction, which meant lots of foot speed and work drills. This week is spreing break for him, but team and club keeper training is scheduled as normal. He is doing a 4 day keeper camp for about 3 hours a day as well, and will still have his regular private session Friday and a game versus Lonestar, the team that beat them 1-5 and led to the coaching change, on Saturday. Then Sunday we are headed out to an ID camp to see if he can get a slot of a travel team heading to train in play in Germany for part of the summer. So busy week.
  5. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    The got the video out really quick this time. We also recorded some ourselves since Wyatt wanted to look at how he was moving off the ball and when the play is out of frame on the team footage. U14 DA Game 17 vs Houston Dynamo
  6. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Finally the weather cooperated and Wyatt was able to play a game this weekend after exactly a month of no games and very few practices they got out on the pitch. Was an interesting game versus the toughest team in the divison, the Houston Dynamo MLA U14 Academy team. It was also the first game under the new coach along with a chance for the boys to try out the updated formation and playing more of a high pressure game. Final score was a 1-4 loss, but overall it wasn't as bad as it sounded. The reserve keeper is out with a broken growth plate in his big toe/foot so Wyatt was solo keeping and had the whole game in the net. Wyatt pushed his defense up high and was usually 20-30 yeards off his line most the time. The boys still aren't back passing and using him to relieve pressure as much, but he made sure he was still presenting an option/outlet for play. First goal was came in from a play through the center with the defensive mid and centerback not trasking back and containing the Dynamo player. Wyatt's team countered quickly though and evened it up 1-1, then almost scored again but had it called back as offsides, just to have the same play happen again and Wyatt coming out for the save, but getting beat to go 1-2. Wyatt did come up big at one point, getting a good leap and hand to swat away a shot to the upper 90 far post. Second half the coach started making subs and moved the attacking mid to centermid. This disrupted play a bit and the right back going out trowing up after the first half didn't help as boys had to adjust to cover. The team started playing a bit more like earlier in the season at this point and lost momentum and started struggling with passing and started playing the long ball. They had few more looks at goal, but couldn't connect, while Wyatt scooped up so loose balls and punched out a corner kick. A later corner kick got lost in the box and then a sub for the other centerback hacked it hard into the goal to make it 1-3. Wyatt still tried to keep the team in it, making a few more saves, but got a little to aggressive after his main centerback got hacked down and injured in the box. Wyatt wound up fouling the attacker and giving up a PK. He did a good job setting up and guessed right, but just missed the ball to make it 1-4 as the clock wound down to the end of the game. Overall, despite the loss, Wyatt had a decent game. The coach wants him to work on his accuracy with his goal kicks, but also needs theh team to work on how to receive them. Alot of times they stand there and get beat to the ball or try and just head flick it on with out any real purpose. Wyatt had the one really nice flying save and also worked a bit on varying up his distributions, he punted, rolled and had one really nice throw for distributions from the save. And on his goalkicks got good distance and mixed in some better side distributions. He also got in some nice backpasses, keeping pretty calm with the ball at his feet. Outside of the game it was a pretty busy week. The team got in two indoor training session which focused a lot on playing high pressure and moving the ball better. Since the other keeper was out they didn't scrimmage to much, but did work on some striking and finishing with Wyatt in the net. No club keeper training, but he did get in two sessions with the private trainer. After two weekends with out running a session, the first one focused on just getting the keepers moving and working on basics. Second session yesterday focuses a lot on positioning and defending angles and shots to farpost low and high. Wyatt got right back on track with those and did reallly well. He also did two sessions with the new soccer skills group he joined last week, first one focusing on touches and foot speed and the second on ball movement and control Finally he also got in a long session with the club trainer working on agility, speed, and various control and striking drills. This week the weather is supposed to be clear and hopefully the fields will be open. The coach has said rather then going indoors they will probably go the the community college if the fields are closed and work on conditioning and openning up and ball movement. This coming weekend they face off against FC Dallas's academy team. They beat them 2-0 last time, so I am expecting the game to be really exciting. Hopefully they will settle in to the new style and coaching by then.
  7. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well the monsoon season continued, keeping Wyatt's team trpped indoors for practice and canceling yet another game. The two indoor practices had both Wyatt's team and the older U15 squad training together. Coach focused a on two touch passing, trying to get the boys to understand passing isn't just dumping the ball and thinking ahead. Wyatt really liked the sessions and did really well as both a field player and a sweeper during the drills. Tghursday night they ended with some speed games lasting 5 minutes a pop. Wyatt only got eliminated 1 time and forced to take a break after making 30+ saves in a row at one point. Coach pulled him out becuase he started getting really agresive about coming out and challenging as far as the half-way line. Tuesday night the reserve keeper came out on a 50/50 ball and instead of collecting it stuck his foot out to poke it away and got stepped on for the effort. He got a broken growth plate in his toe for the effort and looks to be out for the next 6 weeks at a minimum. So Wyatt will be minding the goal for the next three games and the big upcoming tournament solo unless he gets released for play sooner. Since everything else has been shut down lately, Wyatt decided to add another training session to his schedule. HE started up with the skills training group he did some holiday camps with. The training group primarily works on foot skills, passing and movement on and off the ball. Wyatt went in all stealth mode with the high school crowd, holding his own quite well. Finally one of the players recognized him and started making fun of a couple of the players for getting beaten by a goalie. This week we are back indoors as the rain will continue until mid-week, but after that its sunny and clear for awhile, so they may actually get a game in this weekend and back to practicing outdoor next week.
  8. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Looks like no game this weekend due to weatther again, but they finall got us the video from the last game. U14DA Game 16 vs Lonestar
  9. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Another week of wonky weather and a mixed up practice schedule. The game this week was canceled due to weather again, but Wyatt did get a scrimmage in. He lent a hand to the clubs U13 DA in a game versus the U15 girls DA team, which was a game of smalls (boys) vs. talls (girls). Wyatt was the tallest player though and looked way out of place with his friends on the U13 team. They played 4 25 minute quarters, with Wyatt taking the second and fourth ones. First quarter the boys scored early off a good series of passing and long posssion, but the girls started putting alot of pressure on and tied it up 1-1 before Wyatt came in. His orders from the coach were to player sweeper, keep the back line high, and apply alot of pressure to the girls line. He did a pretty good job, spending most his time out of the box, sweeping up loose balls. Made two says, one was a nice diving block to his right when the center back played a bad pass that got picked off and came right back in Wyatt's face. Second one was to come out and collected a corner kick in traffic before the big forward could be her head to it. He also came out and cleared a through ball with the same player right in his face. He pulled back a hair at teh last second so he didn't slam into her, but he cleared the ball pretty hard off of her and into the parking lot over the stands. Third quarter the U13 keeper was back and and doing pretty good, but at 5'2" the girls started tryign to chip him and finally got a free kick in over his head and hands to make 1-2. Wyatt came in to see the scrimamage out, made another nice parry save on a 1v1 and did a fair share of backpassing and managing of the back line to keep things steady while the boys went on to score 2 more time to end winning 3-2. Team practice wise, Wyatt got in two practices, both which focused on gettign the boys back into a possession/high pressure style of play that they used the last two years. Wyatt likes the switch as it gives him more to do, and by forcing the defense higher gives him more time to deal with breakaways and not having things pop up from turnover's at the top of the 18 like it has seemed to be happening alot lately. He had one club keeper session, where he got to train with the older keeper group. The trainer said he would probably move him up to that group more often, but wants to have him focus more on his technical skills at the moment. Wyatt also had one private keeper session that focused on handling balls and saves in a crowded box. Featured lots of extra bodies and blocking dummies that had to set behing and then play through to make the save. Other then that Wyatt had his mom take him up to the local school field on the day his game had been scheduled for and they worked out for an hour on his dive form. He has been focusing on getting a good first step and throwing his off knee to drive the dive. Worked out well since the fields were so wet and soft. However, the amount of mud he got coated in meant I had to hose him down in the driveway before letting him into the house. Tis week the weather has his team practicing indoors which means not club keeper training, and his private coach is out of town. So he will also be doing some solo work to get ready for his game this weekend as they head out of town to face the weakest team in the divison.
  10. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Weather and some coaching change played havoc with Wyatt this week. After the game last weekend, the club decided to make some shifts in the coaching staff. Wyatt's current coached was moved up to the older two groups where it is felt he would do a better job, and the coach of those two teams took over Wyatt's team and the U15 team from Wyatt's coach. They made the change officially on Monday and discussed it with both the players and the parents that evening during practice. So team practice wise things were kind of in transition. Wyatt's clubs keeper training kept him from team practice Monday night, then weather cancled practice Tuesday, but he did get a team practice in Thursday. The new coach spent most of the two practices focusing on passing and moving the ball. Alot of the work was driven by the observations of the club coaching director and the visiting Dutch coac who was evaluating things for the club. Wyatt liked the change in emphasis as alot focused on maintaining possession and moving the ball effeciently. The coach spent alot fo time trying to break some of the bad habits of the team like over dribbling into pressure and then dumping the ball, as well as just passing to pass. These were things that the team had trained on all last year, but had been lax on this season. Wyatt also liked it because the coach also plays more the way Wyatt has been training the last couple of years, with the keeper being more involved with the field players and sweeping from a higher spot pushing the line up more to give him room to work. Club keeper training focused one night on diving and catching and then on distributions and back passes the second night. Wyatt ONly did half the session since the new coach wanted him and the reserve keeper their to work with the team THursday night to get ready for the game on Saturday. The coach wasn't expecting much improvement by game time on Saturday, but the boys know how to do it, just needed some remindnig to play correctly. Was all for naught though as the weather turned really bad and the game was canceled. It also canceled his keeper and skills training Sunday. He did get ain a keeper session Friday night with the private trainer. They focused on 1v1 and clearing low shots to the side. They also worked on the standard conditioning and skills work. This week the weather appears to be getting better so expecting a normal week of training and hoping the weather doesn't cancel the game this weekend versus their in town rival Solar, as they meet for the 3rd of 4 games. This one will see the two suspended players back on the field, and should be very lively as the boys push to try and get a win after the initial loss and then the draw.
  11. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Roller coaster week for Wyatt this last one. The game Saturday pretty much was an example of what happens when the team gets to cocky from an easy win and then butts up against an opponent who plays organized. The played Lonestar, a team that beat them 1-2 earlier in the season in a game that could have gone either way, this time though there wasn't much doubt how it was going to end. Pretty much a sure sign of that was Wyatt having to make a save in the first few minutes of the game as the centerback passed a ball up to the holding mid who didn't even get a cahnce before it was swept up by a charging forward and shot to Wyatt's right. He was moving left and out to be in the pocket to support the centerback, but switched on the fly and dove to his right to push it out wide and off frame. He followed that up pretty quick with collecting a ball high off a cross. From that point on the other team pretty much controlled the game, keeping Wyatt's team pressed in their half. His team for their part didn't play organized and seemed to be every man for themselves which didn't work to well against the organization of Lonestar. Wyatt got beat 4 times. First two came off of 1v1's as the stud striker for the other team easiely out ran the cornerbacks to cut in on Wyatt and force him out to defend twice in the first half. Second half his team managed to get one in to go 1-2 before Wyatt lost his cool after making a parry, then deflection. After that him and the stud were chasing the ball out to the side and some pushing and shoving happened and Wyatt had enough and shoved the kid into the turf. Ref awarded a PK but no card, and they were up 1-3. Fourth goal Wyatt came out thinking another breakaway was about to happen in the box, and the kid managed to get a head on it to put it past him. Despite the 1-4 run before he subbed out in the 70th minute (they play 80), Wyatt had a really good game. He was very agressive coming off his line, clearing several balls with his feet and even making a nice slide tackle way out of the box on the stud to stop another end run around his cornerbacks. He also did really well with his aerial game, collecting several high balls, and also doing a good job of blocking and catching the low stuff. Final score was 1-5 with the reserve keeper letting one in after the cornerback cleared it right to an opposing player serving up a shot right on a plate for him. After the game the coach, who was the club director and not their regular coach wasn't to happy with the way they played. Only players he didn't give a bit of a dressing down to were Wyatt, 2 mids and our stud forward. Wyatt's only bit of grief came from him pushing causing the PK. Not because he caused it, because it was so close to their goal it sort of broke up the momentum they were building. The coach figured the ref had it in for Wyatt because she was constantly cautioning him about making contact with people while he was making saves. This was despite the fact she would award fouls to Wyatt for getting hit, but then turn around and lecture him about being to agressive and not coming out 100% to collect balls. The coach and his mom figured the ref didn't really understand what being a keeper was all about and that the other team would be simply nice and not press the issue or try in get late hits in on Wyatt trying to intimidate him from being so agressive. Outside of the game, Wyatt had his regular practice schedule. Did two keeper training sessions with the club coach. First one focused on clearing crosses and set pieces, while the second focused more on dives low to clear or catch shots. They also focused a bit on jump technique, as some of the players don't really understand how to go high or dive correctly and look like they land very painfully. Team practice was the regular stuff on Monday and Thursday, some passing and positioning work, then scrimmage. Tuesday night they had the Dutch visiting coach. He set up a session that started with some one touch layoff and passing drills, then move to 1-2 touch passing games in 10x10 yard boxes. After that they split into 6 groups, with 4 groups playing in two small side games on 3x2 foot goals where no more then 2 touches were allowed and goals were scored only by passing the ball into the net. The other 2 groups went with the keepers and played a mini-game of 5v5 on full size goals where play was started with the keeper and then 1-2 touches only to move the ball to the other goal (about 30 yards apart) before they could shoot. All play either from saves or stealing the ball had to restart with the keeper. Finally they ended with a full 11v11 scrimage on a shortened field (about 80 yards) that was played in 5 minute blocks. Each block started with a set piece that was repeated 3 times and play started on the third one. After that freekicks were awarded if plays over dribbled and got in trouble or the team as a whole stopped moving the ball well. For Wyatt it was a really good practice because the coach firmly beleives in the keeper being the first attackers and an outlet to break pressure on the team. So he was constantly stopping play and chastizing the centerbacks for cutting Wyatt out of the plays and backpasses. It showed some on Saturday at the game, before things turned into a dumpster fire. On the non-club side Wyatt didn't have foot skills this week, but he did get a chance to talk with his skills coach who is in Iran at the moment. He let Wyatt know he was tracking his progress and gettign reports on him still from the club. That made Wyatt feel good knowing he was still keeping tabs on him. Wyatt did get in two private keeper sessions. PRetty much standard fair for the cycle, clearing balls with movement across the face of the goal, extra 1v1 defending on Sunday after he gave his report on the game, high balls, and basic skills work. He also got slected to move into a advanced group that will meet outside of normal class days to focus on more advanced and demanding sklls. He is pretty excited about that, which help offset the craptastic game on Saturday. For this week it looks to be the same ole same ole. The dutch coach is supposed to work with them 1 or 2 nights this week, which Wyatt is really excited about as they prep for their next game this coming weekend versus the 6th place team in the divison. It will be their 3rd matchup against them with the last two games being 3-2 and 5-4 wins for Wyatt's team. The other team though has been making some strides and improving their game recently, so it should be a closer game then the old scorelines showed.
  12. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Highlishts from Saturday's game. Camera guy didn't track everything, so not the best shots sometimes: U14 DA Game 15 vs. Houston Express
  13. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Wyatt's spring season kicked off with the second game versus the Houston Texans. Was a full court press for the academy coaches with 5 of them, plus the keeper coach and a visiting European coach (more on that later) being there for the game. The keeper coach warmed up both Wyatt and the reserve keeper. The reserve keeper got the start due to the league requirements and the coach taking advantage of it being the weakest team in the divison. He also started 6 other reserve players, moved our two starting mids to the back line, and made some other changes to accomedate the league 25% start rule. First half was pretty much like the last time the boys played this team. Wyatt's team dominated possession and controlled most of the flow of play, but the big roster changes led to some bad plays that the Houston players exploited for quick break aways. The reserve keeper dealt with them well, making several workman like saves. He had problems though with his distributions, taking a long time to decide how and where to distribute. Half ended with Wyatt's team up 3-0 with the only opposing goal being denied as the ball came off an obstruction (an american eggball goal) over the goal. Ball was headed off a corner and hit the crossbar then the goal post and rebounded to be headed to the keeper who fumbled it into the net. Things seemed pretty slow after the first half, but the other team started pushing harder and taking advantage of the disorganization as the subs settled in to get some plays strung together. Wyatt started off with a backpass to relieve pressure on the mids and played it out to backs to releave the pressure. He kept playing high and dropping back as needed to cover his net. He clocked a direct shot from a play around the side and then dove to collect the rebound, getting stepped on for the effort, but popped up and rolled it out quick to restart. New up he collected a high deflected chip into the box , that he threw out to his right back. Third save was a simple forward dive to collect a weak shot/pass across the face of the goal. He had a few other things to do in terms of backpassing and covering a corner kick. He had learned his lesson from the last time they played and when the cross came in he covered the opponent on the back post and his centerback who likes to head the ball back into the goal. One last thing he did was come off his line to go after a through ball that the defender got beat on, clearing it out into the stands in the other half of the field. His team managed to net 1 more goal for 4-0 shutout at the end. Wyatt got lots of good comments and praise from the plethora of coaches, with the keeper coach and the European coach being very happy with his performance. The rest of the week consisted of his usual training schedule.The team practices were a little differient with the coach chaging up things for the last half of the season. They have started focusing some for part of the practice on tactics related to building from the back and opening up the field. Wyatt likes this new stuff because it gets him more into the game and lets him get back into his sweeper keeper skill set. There is a bigger focus as well on the passing with the coach working on drills that encourage less oberdribbling of the ball which typically results in a a player getting blocked and loosing possession, and more work on taking a couple touches and then passing. Club keeper training wise, they had one session which focused on diving to block and collect low balls due to them being moved to a smaller area then they usually use. Good news for Wyatt on that front is that he will start getting to train with the U16-U19 keepers on and off going forward. The big thing at team practice was the visiting coach. The club has invited a coach who has worked with youth academies at William II, the dutch national teams, Arsenal, and Wulfzburg in Germany to come observe and work with some of the teams and coaches. He spent last week observing the boys at various practices and then the games this weekend. He observed Wyatt's team Thursday night, which was also the night Wyatt had club keeper training. Wyatt was pretty excited about it, even more so when he followed Wyatt and watched him in keeper training for awhile and then during the team practice drills and scrimmage. He had some feedback for Wyatt about communcating and running his defense which Wyatt put into use this weekend. He is supposed to observe/coach Wyatt's team Tuesday night this week. He also gave a lecture to the club coaches last night about some of the youth development program models from europe. Outside of team practice, Wyatt had to private keeper training sessions and a foot skills session. For the keeper sessions they continued their work on movement across the face of the goal to catch and clear balls. The coach also worked in some more work on coming off the line for 1v1 saves and deflections. The foot skills work focused alot of settling and striking balls on the bounce as well as controling the ball and passing at speed. This week looks to be a full slate of the regular training schedule with an away game versus the Texas Lonestar DA in Austin on Saturday. For that game the club director, Wyatt's coach last year, will be coaching the team and potentially the visiting coach as well. Should be an interesting game, last time they lost 1-2, but that was early in the season. So should be interesting to see how they do this time around.
  14. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    And the less red and yellow card rematch vs Solar from right before Christmas. U14 DA Game 14 This is the one were the ref awarded a PK against Wyatt for a challenge in the box. Wyatt said he got all ball and it sort of looks like it.
  15. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Finally got the video from his last two games before the holiday break. U14 DA game 13 This one had some high winds going. In the first half he tried a single punt, but the wind flipped it back at him. In the second half with the wind at his back he was dropping them into the other 18 consistantly.