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  1. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wyatt is back and getting back into the swing after a week of trials in Germany and watching soem Bundesliga games. He got in Sunday morning and was able to go to the Hoffenheim - Nuremburg game. Trials started Monday for him, in the morning he worked with a keeper trainer along with another 04 keeper who a late addition to the boys who were there. Wyatt knew the other keeper from an ID camp last summer, he is from Hannover originally, so his dad brings him back on and off when he can to get some time there in Germany. Anyways, they spent the morning just getting warmed-up, with the trainer giving them a sort of this is what to expect at the trials and some specifics for the club that evening. First up was Sandhuasen where Wyatt worked with the U16 team (the other keeper wasn't at this trial). The keeper trainer was there and observed and talked with the club staff to feedback, then communicate some if need with WYatt. Wyatt said in general he didn't have much trouble and the coach and a few of the players knew enough english that they were able to get along. Tuesday was the same routine, keeper training and some review from the night before, then off to Pirmesans for trials in the evening. This was probably the smallest and most provincial club that Wyatt went too. He said it took awhile for him to get settled in and the players to accept him. No-one there spoke english so he had to rely on the trainer alot until he worked out some basics. He also had a little friction with their 3 u16 keepers as he was clearly a bit more advanced then them. He understands though, no one likes a new guy showing up and making you look bad in front of your own squad. Wednesday they had the morning and afternoon off for tourist stuff and hit the local shoe outlets and Wyatt picked up some predator SGs 19.1s, as well as some new running shoes. That evening he was at Elversberg for trials. Elversberg by far was his favorite club to trial at. He said they had really nice facilities and the boys there really took him in on the U16 squad. When it came time for some scrimmages, the teams actually had a bit of a hard time agreeing who was getting him as their keeper and who would get the club keeper. Thursday was another morning session, then his final trial with Koblenz. Wyatt said this one was pretty close to Elversberg in his opinion training wise and fun wise, but he was up with the U17s the whole evening and once again the players really loved him and he felt like he fit in pretty well. They actually invtited him back to train again on Friday night, but he was the only one in the group that got the invite and the club was 2.5 hours from where he was staying so he wasn't able to go back for a second night. Friday they had their evaluations and a review training session. The keeper trainer went over the fieldback from the clubs and worked on some specific drills and skills that they wanted them to work on to either re-enforce the things they excelled at, or work on improving areas they needed to step it up in. After that he did a explosive movement training session to re-enforce something he needed to work on, then had the evening off. Saturday it they went and watched the Stuttgart U19 squad play a game, then went to the Stuttgart - Hoffenheim game there in Stuttgart. Wyatt was really loving the atmosphere in both games, and I think going to any of the local MLS FCD games is going to be a bit of a let done now for him. His evaluation and feedback was pretty good and re-enforced his own observations. He had 8 positive areas that he did well in, the one he thought was most interesting was his hands. IN getting ready to go over, everyone kept re-enforcing how much the germans focused on catching the ball in their programs. Wyatt noted that it seemed like lots of the keepers spent more time parryign or deflecting balls that they should have been catching, way more dramatic and exciting, but not what he was expecting. All the comments on his hands were that he was extremely good at catchign and controlling the ball. He got high praise on his foot skills, distributions, and soccer IQ and ability. The three areas that they wanted to seem him focus on developing more were 2 sort of double sided ones and one that we have been working on with him for awhile. First was positioning, feedback was he was perfect in positioning when he was in box, but without lines he had a tendency to shift to his right more then necessary. Comment there was that since his right is his best side for dives, to cheat left more and take advantage of that. Also wanted him to work more on learning to judge his position other then by looking for the lines, being more aware of his position based on the goal frame and corner flags, pretty much just saying look around a lot more. Second one was his left foot, he pretty much knocked them out with his skill with both feet, especially since he is a righty. Comment here was to use his left more and show it off to help seperate him from the rest of the single foot dominant crowd. Wyatt understood that one, but will take some work since locally most the club coaches and trainers don't like the keepers playing with a non-dominant (and "unsafe") foot. Finally was his speed in recovering from the ground after a dive or save. The coaches want to see him get up snappier and ready to go again. One coach did comment that he could understand with his hands being so good and is impressive athelitc ability to dive and fly, how he probably seldom had to make more then a single save at a time, but as he gets older and the competition gets more professional that would change. So overall not a bad first experience. He already has received an invite to go back for additional trials after the summer, durign the pre-season, so hopefully that keeps him motivated to continue working hard. His coach talked with him more about missign the game and after gettign chewed on some by the club director explained better that he is alternating the keepers and supposedly has assigned them games to play, and that Wyatt made the choice to give up a game for the trials. They discussed it a bit last night. Wyatt was expecting to get chewed out, but after showing that he came back playing harder, faster, and better then before he left, the coach couldn't really complain much. Still missing the game this coming weekend, but Wyatt is happy with his choice on going to Germany still. He did comment that is was a let done coming back though and going from practices where everyone wanted to be there and was training hard and pushing themselves, and then returning to the mix of disinterested play and training that his team usually shows.
  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    So far of the two trials, only one coach didn't speak english, but the group he is there with has a assistant that goes with them to translate. He hasn't said he has any trouble with the players themselves, seems like most know enough English that they can communicate.
  3. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Just this week. It's his first trip with this particular group. Mostly just getting some experience and seeing how things work. So far he is having a pretty good time. Trains in the morning with the development group, then goes out in the afternoons/evening to train with a youth academy for one of the various clubs in the area.
  4. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    I know seriously messed up.
  5. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    So Wyatt is officially off on his newest European adventure. He did get in some club practice and training before he left. WEather again was pretty crappy, another winter blast came through, so Monday they were indoors. The second keeper wasn't there, so Wyatt didn't have to do any keeper stuff and just working on passing and ball movement, then played some minigames. Tuesday they did conditioning training indoors as well, lots of core and leg work in the limited space. Wednesday adn Thursday they were back outside, doing combined training with the U14 team again. Wednesday they scrimmaged the whole time, but Wyatt did mind so much since he got to spend about half the practice being a forward. He had some really good touches and showed off his soccer IQ a bit, and had one really nice strike with his off foot to volley a ball out of the air in the 18, just missing high by a finger or two on a training goal (smaller then the game goals). Thursday was more scrimmaging, but him and the other U15 keeper did some striking and finihsing and possession drills before being sent off to keeper training. They worked over there through most of practice and then their regular scheduled club keeper time as well. Most of the focus was on clearing corners and crosses. Coach took more time with Wyatt to polish a few things to get him better prepared for his trip this week. No private keeper training Friday night as he was getting ready for his trip, and then Saturday he left for Germany. He got in there Sunday morning and got to attend the Hoffenheim v Nuremberg Bundesliga game. First time he was able to watch a top divison foreign soccer game in a big stadium. He really enjoyed that quite a bit. For the rest of the week its training with the staff from the group he is over there with and evening training at various clubs. Tonight he is at SV Sandhausen, a divison 2 club, then some other lower divison clubs that are feeders for the bigger clubs. Purpose of the first trip is to give him a taste for the training environment and culture, then come back with some contacts and things to work on, then go back later in the year with some more clubs. If someone takes a shine to him, could be back a little sooner, never know I guess. He is loving it so far which is a nice break for him from the team. When he gets back he will be a little disappointed, the coach forgot that he was going and then when I reminded him didn't remember he was missing a game. So he is sitting him out for the following game as well as punishment. The club director is checking to see what is going one, so maybe something with change, otherwise Wyatt won't play again until the end of the month.
  6. Bucks Returns

    The red ones, matches his club colors.
  7. Bucks Returns

    Wyatt is Germany next week and they are supposed to be able to do a little shopping, so may have him pick up a pair of SG while he is there for trials.
  8. Bucks Returns

    Wyatt switched to the 19.1 predators this time around, he has been a diehard Nike Tiempo fan, but we constantly had issues with the sole plate coming unglued from the shoe around the toe box. Got tired of sending them back in for replacement with Nike. His predators have so far lasted longer then any pair of shoes he has had and not outgrown, they got a lot of training time on them and are holding up extremely well. Now if only we could get him a pair of soft ground ones that didn't have to get shipped in from half way around the world.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Weather strikes again, or rather fear of it. There was some concern from parents on the younger teams about driving 4 hours and not having a game so they got the game rescheduled for later in the spring. So at this point Wyatt is thouroughly convinced he may not play in a game until the summer. He will miss the next game in 2 weeks while he is in Germany for trials, then come back and maybe get benched for the next game after for missing the next game even though the coach and director have approved his absence. While a little worried about it, he believes the trials will be better for him then a game or two. Depsite the weather the eam manage to get some practices in. MOnday and Tuesday they were outdoors on the fields, trying to get in some training before the temprature dropped below freezing or it started raining later in the week. They worked alot of distributions and building out of the back. Started with team passign and ball movement, trying to get the forwards and mids to connect with the defense both moving back and forwards. Then they moved into some striking and finishing drills that focused on 3 players building up and finishing a cross into the box. At first it was the 3 players versus the keeper, but then they added in a defender and then two. Wyatt got frustrated with the reserve centerback he had who would move up, then set and not defend after he got passed around. Then they moved into scrimmaging, trying to put all the skills work to the test. Wyatt got a little heat twice, once each night. First time the coach got mad because he played a ball to the holding mid who was under a little pressure, but had no other outlet for it to go to after it was dumped back onto him. Coach felt he should have played it out to the corner back, but he wasn't opening up like he is supposed so Wytt could see him through the defenders. Second time was the next night at training. Coach got on him about taking too much time to restart with a goalkick. Wanted him to just set it down and kick it, but he took two stepps back and made a nice long one out wide to an open winger. In both cases he explained his decisions to the coach. On the first one the coach seemed to be in a bad mood he said and didn't say anything back, on the second one the coach actually got onto the defenders about getting open so he had more options then the long ball. That is turning into a re-occurring theme this season with the team. Keeper gets the ball and folks just stand and watch or take off in random useless directions. Tuesday night he also got in a club keeper training session. They worked on defending crosses and plaaying short games inside the box, sort of a modified version of keeper wars. The coach shooed off the younger keepers so it was Wyatt and the 00 and 02 keepers for a 90 minute sessions. The reserve keeper bailed on the training because he forgot that it was regular schedule as it has been all season. Wednesday night they did team conidtioning training, and then the weather shutdown the fields for the rest of the week. Friday and Sunday he did get in some private keeper training. The keeper coach is continuing working on reviewing and tuning up his skills and form before he leaves for Germany this Saturday, so lots of basic drills with starts and stops to tweek or review a particular point. Wyatt also got in a short session with the club skills trainer. Showed up late to the regular class, so missed the conditioning work, but was able to get in some first touch and control drills, then small sided games. He was really in a good mood and scored most the goals for his team during the games. So this week a polar front has moved in, and at the moment looks like lots of indoor training until things warmup maybe at midweek. Supposedly the club director is running their trainings this week, which has Wyatt pretty excited, but we will see if that holds true due to the weather keeping them off the fields.
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well weather played havoc with the practice schedule for the week and then despite being pleasant and sunny for the weekend, the team they were facing this weekend canceled the game for saturday based on field conditions from Thursday, so yet again another weekend without a game. Team practice was all over the place as well. Monday they trained outdoors on their usual practice field. Coach spent the time focusing on the defense and the mids opening up for distributions from the keepers and building out of the back. Started off with lots of passing and ball movement games adn drills with the keepers on the field and no goals. Took that into striking and finishing drills with the keepers back in their nets facing 1 v 4 crossign and finishing runs into the box, before adding one, then two defenders. Then moved onto to scrimmaging with some of the younger 05 players mixed in to make numbers for 11 v 11. The other keeper took a beating in the scrimmage and from the coach in the drills for being lazy and not showing any effort. Wyatt caught a little heat for a questionable distribution, more so because he played it out to an open man with a poor track record for controlling the ball, then for any real mistake on Wyatt's part. Tuesday they did conditioning and agility training indoors at the clb as the cold and rain came back with a vengence. Wednesday they reviewed game footage from their last game. Since Wyatt didn't play in that one there was nothing specific for him addressed. The coach did point out to the whole team and the other keeper that the call-back and encroachment card were valid, showing him how far he was off the line before the ball was kicked. Only other thing he addressed for the keepers was that after actually looking at the game footage he could see why the keepers had a hard time connecting on distributions. He pointed out that no one on the team was making an effort to be open, everyone just bolted forward. Wyatt thought that was kind of funny since the video he was referring too was all the other keeper who only ever just booted the ball forward 99% of the time. One of the forwards commented there wasn't any reason to get open because the keeper never even tried to connect, just booted it and hoped someone could run onto it. Final practice Thursday was indoor and had both teams (u14 and u15) training together on a 5v5 court. So basically 26 boys crammed into a space meant for 10 to play a game. The coach had them work on passing lines, layoffs, and give and goes. Ended with 7 v 7 scrimmage squads, with Wyatts squad being dominant. The coach mixed the team together for the squads, so the two younger keepers took a beating as the older boys tended to drive te offense and blast away at the goals. Wyatt and the other keeper did better, Wyatt by far having the better outing with the other keeper again getting a talking to from the coach about his lack of effort. Outside of that Wyatt finanlly got in a session with the private keeper coach. His focus for Wyatt right now is prepping him for his trip to Germany to trian and trial in two weeks. So the rest of the class got to go through loads of drills as the coach worked Wyatt on basics, tuning and tweeking after almost 3 weeks off. After that we bolted across town to his skills training. The skills trainer is on the same plan with getting him ready for his trip, so lots of conditioning, then tons of foot work and ball control skill drills. Since Wyatt was showing up late he did a lot of the striking and finishing before we got there. So despite no game Wyatt was able to get in 3 solid hours of training. This week the weather appears nice and the current plan seems to be back to the regular outdoor training as they get ready to face the other Texas MLS club academy team, the Houston Dynamo at their home field. These games are always pretty high energy. Last year they they pretty much thrashed Wyatt's team except the first game in some very heated match-ups. The games are also pretty high energy and expecting the same. Be interesting to see if the Dynamo coaching changes top to bottom have disrupted their style of play much or if Wyatt's team can get their act together and play some of the soccer that they have shown they are capable of at practice.
  11. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another exciting week of weather driven practice schedules Monday they were frozen out. Tuesday they went indoors to a new place with a full sized 9v9 indoor field. They worked on building out of the back and opening up to give the keepers options for distributions other then booting the ball forward. Findihed off with a scrimmage were taking advantage of the better padding under the turf Wyatt made lots of flying saves, as well as a nice strong-hand deflection of a beautiful and cheeky bicycle strike from the stud forward. Wednesday they were indoors again at the regular place, and worked a lot on passing in tight spacing. After that they moved onto some 6 v 6 games, and finally for some reason played 11v11 on a court meant for 5v5. The coach prohibited hard strikes, but the boys pretty much went crazy and were smashing the ball at the keepers. Wyatt made lots of reflex parries and strong hands while trying to not get sloppy. He made a really nice dive to his left for a low ball and parried it, then the striker fired the rebound off the wall and then into Wyatt's gut. He got winded but stayed in it, just to get kneed in the mouth while scooping up a ball and coming away with a busted lip. He did realize it at first and kept playing until someone pointed out he was bleeding all over his jersey. No comments from the coach other then a standard line about well that is what keepers need to expect. Thursday they were back outdoors and worked more of the build out and distributions from the back. Coach focused alot on rotation of the ball through the defense and keeper to switch sides without booming crosses, then moved into scrimmages before cutting the keepers loose for club keeper training while the field players went to conditioning training. Saturday they had an additional practice, but the other keeper didnt' show up. So Wyatt got to spend a lot of time playing as a field player in the drills before gloving up for some striking and finishing. As seems to be the case lately the players reallly got into it cheering each other on as they tried to beat Wyatt and cheering him on as he made lots of really nice saves. Club keeper training focused on long balls. Lots of work on goalkicks and punts. After Wyatt demonstrated he could hit his man with fairly good consistancy the coach made him start using his left foot. While not as strong he was more accurate with it. Keeper coach did work with him a little on his rotation into his side volley, as well as working him on a traditional style drop kick that he almost never uses in practice or games. Only non-club activitity was skills training on Sunday. They focused on dealing with aerial balls and passing/crossing to moving players as well as receivinv similar balls. Ended with a scrimmage with Wyatt dominating the possession and acting as a holding mid for his squad. While he doesn't really want to be a field player, he does enjoy his time out of the net and seems to make the most of it when he can at practices and trainings. So this week it looks like another crappy weather week as they get ready to hoepfully resume their spring season versus the other intown non-MLS DA club Solar. First game fo the season they went down 0-3, before getting their crap locked down and surging back to win 6-3. Solar switched their coaches over the winter break and seem to have been retooling, tieing FCD and then having some close games versus the clubs from colorado. So expecting it to be the standard back and forth with someone loosing their cool and lots of cards being shown.
  12. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Weather 1, Wyatt 0. Game this weekend and some practices were canceled do to the latest round of weird winter weather sweeping through the area. This time oddly enough it was south of us and the team coming up from Houston didn't want to drive in the weather so they got the game canceled. Turned out for the best though as Wyatt got sick Thursday and was out Friday as well, so despite practices being cancled those days as well, he was better off recovering then trying to play in the damp and cold. Team had two practices during the week, as well as conditioning training and a club keeper training. First practice was lots of ball movement and working on opening up, trying to re-enforce some of the good work they had put in during the games last weekend. They also mixed with the U14 team some as well for some scrimmaging with Wyatt working with a several various combinations of defenders and mids. Keeper training focused on defending crosses into the box and playing a weird little game that combined defending crosses with defending close in players/ Set up had to goals a bout 10 yards apart, ball would be served in and keepers had to try and clear or catch it. If they caught it they had to immediately place it on the ground and try and score versus the opposing keeper. Idea was the opposing keeper was supposed to learn to wait and defend patiently up close and not over commit to let the other keeper get an open shot of goal. Wyatt spent most of the early runs paired up with the reserve keeper who tried to muscle/wrestle Wyatt off the ball. As they went on it started getting pretty rough, especially after Wyatt made to saves and quick follow up goals by out jumping him and taking the ball literally out of his hands. The coach decided to seperate them and had Wyatt paired up with a U18 ECNL keeper and then one of the U18/19 DA keepers. Wyatt liked the drill and thought he learned some good stuff from it. Wednesday started with conditioning training, Team hadn't had it since the trainer was gone for two months, but he expected that they had kept up on their own and treated them that way. Wyatt didn have any issues and most the boys actually put in a good effort for once. Of course with it being a conditioning night the reserve keeper was missing, so when it came time to practice they went into striking and finishing drills and a modified one goalie scrimmage. What did well, holding his own with the field skills, and made quite a few nice saves during the shooting drills. In a pleasant change of attitude, during the shooting drills the players were really getting into it. Cheering on their seperate groups of shooters and Wyatt as he blocked shots from the other groups. Wyatt commented on it some afterwards on the ride home and seemed happy about the apparent change in moral. Only other thing Wyatt did was some skills training with the the club trainer on Sunday. Friday he missed private keeper training due to being sick and Sunday's session was cancled because the keeper coach was with his club teams for games. So Wyatt got in a long session with the skills trainer. They worked a lot on possessing and moving the ball in wet conidtions (it was cold and drizzling rain the whole time). Made for some extra effort to control and strike and ball with it being wet. They finished with small sided games with Wyatt dominating the scoring. So not a unpleaseant way to spend a part of the day. No games coming up for a couple of weeks, but the club director is supposed to be working with his team this week and we have some federation folks in town for club evaluations, so will be something differient then the regular grind for the next week or so.
  13. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Got the game field super quick this week. U15 Game 9 vs Real Colorado
  14. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Finally some soccer was played after the long winter break. Team faced off Real Colorado and Colorado Rapids, two teams that Wyatt was injured in warm-up against and didn't get to play against, so he was pretty excited. Week leading up to the game weekend, team practiced 3 times. Most of the focus was on ball movement, passing, and playing as a unit. For the keepers it meant working with the back line a lot so they would consistantly open up and be available. Wyatt worked alot with the reserve back line and a player from a lower divison team which was rather frustraing as they didn't seem to be getting the hang of the drills. The coach did give him plenty of kudos though for his passing and communication, and recognized that Wyatt wasn't the issue with the completing of passes and distributions. Thursday night he spent most the practice as a field player in the drills since the reserve keeper didn't so up. He did glove up some for striking and finishing drills near the end though. He had 3 club keeper training sessions, two on one day as practice was canceled for the team, and then a third after the Thursday team practice. Keeper coach worked with them on the short game inside the 6 and reaction saves. Wyatt did really well, but took a knot Thursday night. They had a keeper from the first class who was a u12 there and he wasn't focusing well and being goofy, when Wyatt went down to make a save the kid tried to jump over him unnecessarily and wound up putting a knee into Wyatt's back, giving him a charlie horse. Friday he was over it and did his regular private keeper session to get ready for the game weekend. They worked on low, close saves and defending the near post for most of the session after some basic catching refreseher work. First game up was versus Real Colorado. Wyatt's team had lost to them 1-2 when they played them at home. Wyatt got the start and wound up playing the whole game, afterwards the coach said he let him have the whole game so he could start learning game management and how to deal with overcoming mistakes or bad turns of play. Wyatt did really well. He had a few issues with punting or taking a goal kick to fast when he forgot his cadence. He had a few saves to make, best one was a stretching out left had deflection of a shot on the line. That one got some praise for the coach as it came close after his team had scored the first goal of the match, and the coach said it was key to not losing momentum and energy. Other decent save was getting a hand up into traffic against some very big forwards to push a ball safely out on a corner for his defense to clear. He did get beat once on a corner. Kick came in short and he called away as he got jammed up in traffic on the near post. It looks like it took a deflection and popped into the goal right at the feet of two of his players. Coach got on him thinking he had called keeper, but Wyatt didn't calling away instead. One of his players apparently called keeper for him though wanting him to come out further and get it. When Wyatt told the coach it wasn't him that called keeper, the Coach said that was a lie. After the game they talked more about it, and the coach told him he needed to be more firm about responding back in front of the team, since the coach couldn't fix a problem if he wasn't told right away. He did say he was going to look into it and talk with the players about whose job it is to call things on set pieces and shots. Final score though was a 2-1 win, which was a great way to start off the spring half of the season. Next day they played the MLS Academy for Colorado Rapids. The coach opted to give the reserves some time and started the other keeper and 5 bench players. Wyatt said that the general consensus was that the coach played his best 11 for the game he though was more winnable, and then just opted to take a bath on the game he felt they wouldn't win. Sort of a crappy attitude. The players rose to the occassion and played a really hard game, keeping pressure on the opposing team. Their keeper didn't have to really do much, but was very good with his communication. Our keeper seemed to be focusing on trying to show off and while making some workman like saves, also hot himself in some really bad spots and was only saved by the centerback or the opposing player just overhitting the ball and sending it off in weird directions in front of the open goal. Final score was a 0-2 loss, but the boys had 3 goals called back, and 5 others where they had the keeper and defense beat, but just went wide or popped the frame. The first goal came off a PK awarded against the left back when he pulled a player down from behind on a header in the box. The reserve keeper made the save, but then got called for infringement that was bad enough to earn a yellow. Before the kicker had even started movement he made three short hops forward at the whistle off his line to get about 2 feet in front of it, then took for steps at an angle to cover the side he though the kicker was going for before the ball was kicked. He argued with the refs about the call, not understanding what he had done wrong. The reshoot went in, took make it 0-1. Second goal came in the second half. A forward put a shot right at him and instead of making the easy catch slapped it with both hands back into the center of the box. Follow up shot was blocked by the centerback, but the rebound from that was tap in as he watched. After the game the coach got onto him a bit about his distributions as well. He went long with everything, makes a combination of about 20 punts. goalkicks, and freekicks. Only connecting 2 times with someone on out team. The opposing keeper and coach were very loud about having their players not push up to prevent short plays and not even really covering our players becuase almost everything went to long and just went to their back line. Wyatt wasn't too happy about not getting anytime in the second game, but he understands the reason for them getting a whole game and not sharing time in the net. His mentor/skill trainers got back into town FRiday and watched him play Saturday. Gave him some good feedback on a few things he wants him to work on. Then on Sunday they started back up their skill sessions. Worked a lot of long ball striking and had Wyatt do left footed goal kicks. Told him that would give him more options for putting balls back into play in the games. So this week, no practice tonight (rest day) then back at it. Supposedly they will be working with the academy director, which Wyatt is really looking forward to. One game this coming weekend versus Houston Dynamo Youth, a team we beat in the fall half the season, but not as convincingly as they should have.
  15. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    The march continues on towards the start of Wyatt's spring half of the session. This last week the team practices swung into high gear with them having 4 practices. First session had Wyatt and the defenders come out early to work with the 05 keepers and defenders on positioning and moving as a unit. Wyatt liked that part a lot since it was something that he feels the coach needs to work on more with the team so they understand what everyone's roles and positions are. After the rest of the team showed up they worked on putting the early skills to work, then moved onto scrimmaging for the rest of the session. They also found out that the U15 adn older teams would be getting performance trackers to wear at all practices and games for the rest of the year as part of continuing training studies by US Soccer. Tuesday the weather drove them indoors while they also got issued their performance trackers. The club decided not ot fit the keepers for them, which bummed out Wyatt a bit, but guy from the company that provided them gave me some info on a personnel model that downloads to your phone and uses an App to run it that they have available if Wyatt really wants one. Practice that night focused on footskills, passing and ball movement, with just a little keeping. Coach was pretty happy with Wyatt's work and told him he was getting back to where they were wanting him to be at. Wednesday and Thursday were more outdoor practices. They mixed a little with the U14 team, but mostly just to fill out their numbers for scrimmages at end of practices. Wednesday was about opening up and trying to get the field players to undestand how they needed to be positioning themselves when the keepers had the ball after a save. Typically the boys just either stand around or race down the field without any sort of patterns or plans. Coach also re-enforced to the field players that the keepers were the ones they needed to be looking to for ques on where to position themselves after saves and re-starts from the box. Thursday they focused on set pieces. Coach worked the keepers a lot on comanding the backline and also the backline understanding that the keepers were in charge of positioing them. Took a little bit for that to sink in to some of the brains. They ended with some scrimmaging, where Wyatt ended the evening with a really nice save. His team got a corner right as the coach called it time and told everyone to go forward, even let Wyatt got up and get in the box as a target for the kick. The reserve keeper was really worried about him being there and kept two players marking him. Kick came in and he just barely missed getting his head on it. Someone else on the back side got a piece of it and popped it back up and in to be collected by the reserve keeper. As soon as he caught it, Wyatt took off sprinting towards his box, out running everyone including several forwards who had between and 10 adn 20 yatd head starts on him. The keeper punted the ball to quick trying to go for goal over Wyatt and put it out to a forward on the right side. The forward one touch vollyed it on to frame and Wyatt took a forward flying dive and punched it out and over to the side of the goal for the save. Wyatt got in two private keeper training sessions. Friday night focused on high balls and deflections, while Sunday they worked on some basic catching refreshing with some low side dives thrown in to round things out. Wyatt told the keeper coach that he had gotten invited to Germany for Spring Break, so the keeper coach is working up some plans to get him tuned up and ready to go. Wyatt also worked with the club keeper trainer a little during the week, the Tuesday session was cancled because of the weather, but Thursday night he went over early and warmed up with the younger class before his regular team practice. Coach kept them through the regular club session that evening, but talked with both him and the reserve keeper after practice about them neededing to help him keep an eye on the time so he could make sure they got to the regular club sessions. The coach wants Wyatt to focus more with the club coach on tactical and game play items, but wants the reserve keeper there to work on catching and basic technical skills which he seesm to feel are lacking. So this week they are training with the Aademy director and preparing for a double header weekend. They will be playing the two clubs from Colorado, Real Colorado and the MLS academy for Colorado Rapids. Wyatt hasn't faced these two teams yet since he got injured during warm-up earlier in the season when they traveled to Colorado to play them both at home. Real is jus above hem in the standings, while Rapids are top team in the divison. In the first meeting the boys probably could have won or tied both games, so be interesting to see how they will fair this weekend.