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  1. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Found out the last night that Wyatt's Red card was dismissed. The league upon review, and taking into consideration that the game was abandoned, decided the foul was of an un-intentional intent and dismissed it. So he is cleared to play this weekend. Now only if the weather will cooperate so he can train......
  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Less excitement this week at the game. Team travelled up to Missouri/Kansas to play Sporting Kansas City's MLS academy. Weather got really bad mornign of game day and lightening delayed the start almost an hour. They rushed to get the boys onto the field and despite academy rules didn't have a 3rd official so one of the SKC parents who had some reffing experience but a bad ankle took up the roll of near side linesman. Wyatt's team was also missing several players, there were the 3 who have quit, but then we had one out injured and another who is protesting the coach and didn't make the trip, so they only had 4 reserves on the bench. They moved the game at the last minute to turf which made it slick. Coach opts for a last minute formation change, after training all week with a 5 man back line, he switched to a 3-4-3 formation in the locker room before the boys come out on the field. So game gets started and the team is playing well, good ball movement, nice finding and taking space. Wyatt is somewhat busy since he is missing 2 players on the back, so he has to fill in a little more then usual. Things move along with him having a few back passes to deal with and scooping up a through ball. First save he really has to make is when the SKC captain (who was offsides, but not called by the SKC parent ref) gets a ball and comes in on Wyatt in a short run 1v1. Wyatt comes out gets big and goes down and makes the block then scrambles on the ground and recovers the loose rebound in the box. Few minutes later the mids who are paired up as 2 defensive and 2 holding mids misccomunicate and lose possession and have the ball come back into the 18 in the upper right corner. The SKC captain charges after it and Wyatt comes off his line making it a 50/50 ball. Wyatt opts to use his feet since he felt that with the ball right on the line if he slide with his hands he would go out of the box. Wyatt wins the ball, clearing it out to the side, but the SKC player runs into the back of Wyatt's top leg. Ref pull a straight red for dangerous play for Wyatt claiming it was a cleats up challenge and his cleats took out the SKC player who did the Naymar until he saw the card and then srpung up to get ready for the PK. both ARs and our coaches argues it wasn't a red, but a yellow. But the ref didn't want to hear it. Even the SKC team, coaches and parents were like no way was that a yellow. So Wyatt goes out about 10 minutes into the match. The main centerback moves into the keeper spot and makes a good effort for the PK, but misses to see them go down 0-1. The boys counter really fast and make it 1-1 after a beautiful series of passes and a nice short cross in the box net the equalizer. From there SKC starts to panic only 15 minutes into the game. about 2 or 3 minutes later the SKC captain manages to draw another questionable foul right at the top of the 18 and win a free kick to make it 1-2 for them. A few minutes later though the boys are back in it and building pressure looking for the second equalizer when the storms that have been passing around us get close and they stop the game for lightening again. About 45 minutes later they call the game, abandon the results and reschedule the whole game to be replayed in a couple weeks. Naturally this creates an interesting dilema. The league rules state that abandoned games that are rescheduled don't count and are not recorded. So in effect the game is treated as if it was never played. So the question comes up about what does that mean for Wyatt's read card, apparently something none of the staff or refs have ever dealt with. The ref punted it up the line to the league to rule on. The current thought is since it wasn't a behavior card and would only be one game it will get dismissed. But if he has to serve it, then he would miss the next game versuss one of the easier teams in the divisons, but then also leaves open the question would he have to sit out the rematch? So going to be a interesting week waiting for the ruling on this one. OUtside of the game, Wyatt had a busier week then the last few. Team got in 3 pratices. Monday they had off, but Tuesday the coach mixed them at the start with the U14 team to scrimmage with Wyatt being the only keeper for both teams. After that they worked a little as a team on the 5 man back line and moving the ball forward to attack from the back before he went to club keeper training. Wednesday was a combined practice and they scrimmaged the whole session. The U14 keepers were there, but the coach had them share a goal, so Wyatt was in the net most the time. Thursday was a regular practice with a few select U14s thrown in to help out with stuff. They worked on some 3 on 2 defending in the box shooting drills, then various set pieve work. Then ended with some scrimmaging. Wyatt got in two sessions with te club keeper coach. First one they were working on the short game and defending free kicks into the box. Second night it was all about corner kicks and double saves. For that drill they would have 2 keepers in the box, one behind the other. At the whistle, the front one would move one way or the other to make their first save, the second keeper had to react to that and go the opposite way to make their first save. Then they would have to get up and move to the opposite side to make a second save. Keeper coach had a lot of good words for Wyatt and commented to him that he seemed to be getting back to his old confident self and was happy with his catching percentages lately. Sunday Wyatt did his private keeper session which started with some basic catching and diving warmup. They moved into making various saves and moving into punts which they spent most the session on. Ended with some goalkick practice. Weather is looking sketchy this week so will be a mixed bag for practices. Team has a away game versus the Houston Texans saturday, which we will be waiting to see if Wyatt is able to play in. If not the club trainer already has plans to keep him busy over the weekend. Open practice/tryouts also start this week which will be intersting, since he is suppoed to be attending the 03 ones if he wants to play in the DA next year (combo U16/U17 age group).
  3. Bucks Returns

  4. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Sort of a light week for Wyatt. Coach gave the boys Monday off after the double header weekend. Tuesday was Wyatt's only practice/training night due to a school play that was part of his grades. Practice that night started with some passing drills and give and go work since he was a little late due to play practice. They moved on to some defensive coordination drills againts the mids and strikers, then worked a little on compressing and opening up, plus playing with more attacking pressure. End with some various striking and finishing and scrimmage with various boyds takign turns in goal. Wednesday the weather drove them indoors but was too early for Wyatt to make the practice. I got to make part of it because of a mandatory parent meeting and they continued working on the short give and go game in the box drills. Thursday weather canceled practice. Team played two games this weekend. First game was the final season match-up versus Solar, which had been rescheduled to Friday which meant Wyatt missed it due to school. Coach brought up a keeper from the U15 ECNL team, tall kid who had been at tryouts with the team at the beginning of the season and showed lots of potential. He did a decent job without having to much to do. Boys started sort of scattered and he he bobbled a ball on a low save, almost putting it into the net, but after that things seemed to settle down and they crusied through to a 2-0 win. Game two was down in Houston versus the MLS academy of the Dynamo. This was the second meeting with them, first one Wyatt missed by the boys beat them 2-0, but found out they had brought up a weak roster since at the time we weren't playing that well. This time they needed the win to try and get a shot at the wildcard slot for the playoffs at the end of the season, so they brought their A squad. The team was running a little light due to injuries (centerback out with a broken nose) and 3 players who quit the team (forward, winger, gk), so coach was moving a few pieces around adn had a couple players in new spots to try and give us a stronger front line. Boys caem out pretty strong as did the Dynamo, so lots of back and forth. Wyatt got itnto the game early with a forward dive to colelct a low shot into the box through traffic. From there he was busy, but not frantic. HE worked a lot on communication with the defense and mids through which was good and helped them a lot keeping tabs on some runners and staying organized. The dynamo liked to cros into the box, so Wyatt's aerial game got a work out as well. He did some nice aerial defending collecting, pushing, and punching some crosses out. They went into the half tied 0-0, then scored early in the second to go up 1-0. Then Wyatt got hurt on a save. Went in to smother a ball in front of a forward and the kid fell on his shoulder. The physio looked him over and didn't see anything, so left it up to him to stay in or go out. He opted to stay in and played with it hurting some. Didn't slow him down thoug and him came up big a few tiems with the arm and hand on that side. Team started losing focus though and the game got ugly and was 1-2. First off a free kick from a bad ref call on a foul that started gettign the parents on both sides worked up. Wyatt set his wall but seemed a littel off on his dive to save it for the 1-1 goal. Second goal Wyatt made a save on the first one, went down to collect the follow up and the right back came in and cleared it despite him calling keeper for it. So the clearance was put right back in to make it 1-2. At that point their parents were taunting our parents and our parents were yelling at the refs about some bad calls. One dad on or side line took to badgering the linesman and really laid into him when his kid got fouled hard and injured right in front of the linesman and no call was made. At that point the linesman called over the center ref, and they ejected the father or atleast tried too. He argued and carried on a bit, delaying the game and burning time off the clock for the boys who were actually pressing hard and getting shots at the equlaizer. Finally he went off to the restrooms, but then came back. A mother on the other team saw him and got their whole said yelling at the ref to call the game because he was back and the Dynamo video operator got in on it as well. The ref had to stop the game again and when the dada refused to leave he whitsled it with about 5 minutes of play time left for them and the boys took a loss on a game they shouldn't have. After the game things got even more heated as their parents started taunting our parents. Next thing you know some of theirs are in our area trying to start fights with some of our parents and folks are really getting worked up. Parents on both sides also were trying to get their parents under control, but not before one of the parents on the other team decided to start threatening some folks with a pistol he decided he needed to bring to a youth soccer game. He took off pretty quick after someone pointed him out to the staff and called the cops. But still after folks started heading to their cars, a few of their parents drove past our boys yelling losers and 2-1 suckers. Pretty much the worse behavior we have personnally seen at a game. Will be interesting to see what US Soccer does about it, both agaisnt our parents who were acting out and theirs. The boys for their part were nothing but good sports after the game. The trainer double cheked on Wyatt and made sure he was still okay. Their players all gave him lots of kudos for takign the hit and staying in the game and making them work for the win. So some ray of sunshine in the crap storm at the end of the game. This week starts open tryout practices, so the practice schedule is going to be all sorts of messed up as Wyatt will have to attend the tryouts 3 nights a week for next years U17 team (there is no U16 DA team) as well as regular team practices on the alternate evenings. This weekend they play Sporting Kansas City, another MLS club academy away. Last time we tied them in a very energetic game, so expecting things to be pretty tough when we play them on their home turf.
  5. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    second game for teh weekend. U15 Game 13 vs Houston Dynamo Youth
  6. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Film came out fast for the games this weekend. U15 Game 12 vs Solar Soccer Club
  7. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another confusing week of soccer thanks to the weather, but it did clear up so the team was able to get in both games on the schedule. Practice wise they were at their usual fields at the club Monday. Coach had them overlap for 30 minutes with his younger team for scrimmaging at the beginning of practice. Really odd thing was Wyatt was the only keeper there in the nets. One of the younger ones is recovering from a broken growth plate his finger, so is training with the field the players. The other 05 keeper and the second keeper from Wyatt's team were both missing, so he got a lot of time in the goals. After scrimmage his team focused on give and go striking and finishing drills, then some various passing and movement drills, before wrapping up with building out of the back drills and scrimmage play. Tuesday night the weather canceled practice and forced them indoors Wednesday night. Once again the other keeper was missing so Wyatt got to spend a lot of practice working on field skills as the they ran through layoff drills, short fast passing in the box, and working on making and taking space as much as possible in the 5v5 court. Practice ended with the usual scrimmage with a few of the field players taking turns in the opposing goal. After practice the coach told the team that the other keeper had left the team, so Wyatt would be the only keeper for the rest of the season. Thursday they were outdoors at the local community college and started off with some basic skills work and passing, then some striking in finishing with defensive prssure, all with some conditioning and strength work thrown in. Saturday they played their 2nd of 3 games versus Solar the other in town indeendent club. First meeting was the beginning of the season and was a shakey start with the team going down 0-3, before coming back to win it 6-3. This time Solar was down 2 key defenders, and only had 2 reserves for the field, so they played a more conservative game. Wyatt had a pretty busy game, making 3 saves, doing a lot of sweeping, and general backpassing and distributions. He focused alot on his timing and did much better with his placements, but still had issues with the team not moving towards the ball all the time to collect. He also did a lot of time management to slow the pace of the game and try and break up Solar's rythem when they would get rolling on counter attacks and possession. Game ended with Wyatt getting the shutout in a 3-0 win. Today was the second game versus the Dynamo Youth up from Houston. Coach started a 4-2-4 that featured a lot of the reserves trying to give the starters some rest after playing in the 80% humify in 90 degrees on turf the day before. For Wyatt this game was very similar, but he had to work a wee bit harder as they put more stuff on frame benefiting from turnoevers in the mids due to the weakened midfield. He had to punch one ball out, made a few diving saves, and general collecting of loose balls in the first half to 0-0. Second half the coach started subbing in the starters and things picked up for the offense and Wyatt didn't have any saves to make, but was busy with back passing and goalkicks. He went long with a few that were well placed, but still had some issues with players not stepping in to receive balls and loosing possession. Team got rolling thought and ended the game up 2-0 for another shut out. This coming week Wyatt has a heavy school load and the weather looks rough, so he most likely will be missing practices and the rematch versus Solar on Friday due to a school project. Hopefully the coach doesn't get sore about it so he will get to travel with the team to Houston to play the Houston MLS Dynamo academy team on Sunday. That should be a good game. We beat them earlier in the season 2-0, so they will be looking to get a little back and they are usually alot tougher at home.
  8. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wacky weather week, but a game was played. Team had the away match-up versus Lonestar, the team that put a 4-1 beating on them before the Dallas Cup break. This time we drove down to Austin to play on a brand new turf field at a local high school there.Wyatt got the start which surprised him, but had the wind (20- 30 mph gusts) in his face. He focused a lot on keeping the ball down on the ground and organizing the back line more then anything else. He had a quite a few goal kicks to take and varied them up going short, mid and long as the wind permited. Did a much better job of taking his time and finding his players, had one long one go a foul of the wind and his singular punt was really flat and driven hard to a forward that had dropped into the mid-field, but was cut off by an accidental movement of an opposing mid through the path of the ball which sounded like it hurt a lot. Only real save he had to make was a nice jump to collect a hard driven free kick over his head that the wind was behind. He brought it down well and moved on with things. Did come out to go for a punch, but missed timed it and wound up pushing it forward then having to get bg and force the shot high as he ran down the ball. Had a few backpasses under pressure that he handled really well and got out to his corner backs and mids as he saw the half out to 0-0. Coach swapped the keepers at the half and the other keeper didn't have any real work to do, no saves, collected a few loose balls, and lots of long punts and kicks that went to the other keeper mostly. At one point he tried to play a goalkick flat to the mids, but they were expecting the long ball and it got picked off and came back, but over the bar almost right away. Coach lost it a bit and spent a minute or two yelling at him and you could see the impact it had on the kids confidence after that. Depsite numerous gimme's by the opposing keeper and a lots of nice looks, game ended in a 0-0. The other team swapped goalies at the half as well, but their starter came in at that point and had a few nice saves, but lots of really akward moments. He came out of the box and scooped up a ball about 25 yards in front of the goal. Our boys rushed the restart and lost an excellent chance for a shot on goal and caused the ref to not issue a card. The kid also got caught with the ball at his feet several times and was spared goals against through sheer luck and bad finishing on out part. Overall not a very pretty game in the end, but it was no where near the 1-4 loss of the last meeting. Practice was a mess thanks to the weather. No practice Monday. Rain Monday night closed the fields, so Tuesday we were at the community college field. The boys worked on strikign and finishing until the weather caught up with them and everyone went scrmbling for the cars when the lightening came crashing in. Wednesday was both the coaches team going indoors and working on some footskills drills for most the session with the gladiatorial 7v7 on a 5v5 field scrimmaging at the end. Thursday was a parents meeting and then mad rush to the community college field for practice. Parents meeting was with the club director trying to advize patience and gutting out the rest of the season and not rushing to hasty decisions to leave the club. Not sure if he made much of an impact, but atleast some folks got to vent their complaints. The practice focused on prepping for the game on Saturday, coach figuring Lonestar would lean on their stud forward to power throug hand 1v1 the keeper focused on that for a bit, then switched over to defending crosses and set pieces (which is what realyl happened at the game). Wyatt missed his private keeper training and didn't have and club keeper training. He did get in a private skills session on Sunday with a surpise at the start. Trainer asked him to show up an hour or so early for training and had him start working with a U11 girl who wants to be a keeper and is trying to get ready for tryouts in a month. Wyatt really enjoyed that and luckily has some good role models in his private trainers to learn how to teach from. He said the hardest part of it was focusing on showing her how to do things, made him realize that sometimes he short-cuts stuff, so he had to concentrate a lot on his demos to make sure he wasn't teaching her any bad habits. This week the weather looks like it is going to be an a problem with practices a gain as the boys get ready for a double header weekend with two home games versus Solar (game 2 or 3 against them) and the second game versus Houston Dynamo Youth. Already scheduled for turf so barring some really nasty weather on game day should get both games in.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well Wyatt survived the tournament despite the weather and coach. Things started off with a bad storm front blosing through Saturday night, so all games were canceled that were scheduled for Sunday and moved to Tuesday, except the U19 Supergroup. So we did opening ceremonies and caught Liverpool and Arsenals U19 teams taking on clubs from Mexico, Rayados and Tigres. Monday afternoon Wyatt's team had their first match versus Prepa Tec from Monterray, Mexico. These guys play a very agressive, fast in your face style. Wyatt got the start facing into a wind that varied from 20 ro 50 mph gusting. Made for lots of corners and weird knuckleballing crosses into the box. He opted to do very little catching, and way more deflecting and balls out of harms way. I think he faced down close to 30 shots on goal, 8 of which he had to actually do something about, and 2 that got past him. One was a defense error, the coach didn't start the regular defensive mid, so no one was really minding the store in the center field area. Prepa played a long ball with the wind, and the left winger tried to slide tactial it, takign himself out of the play, leaving the not so better central back huffing along trying to get in the way. He stuck a foot into the play and passed the ball to their forward who got a really nice shot off. Second goal was off a corner. Wyatt dropped back to cover it and the wind kicked it up and around funny and left him scrambling to get a had to it, then had it drop in the scurm right behind him to get tapped in. Other then that he had a decent outing, one of his busiests in a long time from touches on the ball. With the wind in his face he played almost everything out on the ground as rolls and throws. He did do one nice low driven punt right onto the stuf forward, but then he tried to over dribble into the opposing back line and lost it. At the the half the coach subbed in the other keeper telling them and the team that he would be splitting time 50/50 between them. Second half we had the wind, and Prepa paked the bus and built a nice little house in their defenive third and played the waiting game. They spend about only a minute in our half of the field. Rest of the time Wyatt's team scrambled and played panic ball trying to catch up, but they were just just too disorganized to get anything meaningful built up. Alot of that had to do wth the coach, who started a weird and sciting novel 11, then made subs and shifted players around in no planned looking manner. Most the boys after the game were left scratching their heads and trying to figure out what was going on. The coach did back-up Wyatt though when he pulled him out at the half with the statement about splitting time, and then when a few of the boys starting trying to dump on Wyatt about the loss he told the whole team that Wyatt had nothing to do with the loss. One goal was a team error, one was just bad luck, and the team didn't do anything at all to fix the situation. Tuesday morning bright and early they played Meabashi from Japan. In keeping with the fun-fair-positive model of coaching, the other keeper got the start and played the whole game. Coach told Wyatt up fron that was going to happen and that he would have the final group game the next day, so just be ready incase you have to go in. The Japanese team started with the wind in their face and played a very defenive first half. They were very conservative in pressing forward and attack, spending more time absorbing our attacks adn figuring out who was who on our squad. There keeper was pretty tall and at first didn't seem to good, but as things wore on he became pretty cominate and did a good job workign with his team to channel and contain out keep attacking players. Went into the half 0-0, with out keeper only having to handle a couple back passes and collect the occassional ball that bounced or rolled into the 18. Second half, we got the wind in our face, and they started to put o nthe pressure. Having figured out who our players were, they double and tripled team our stud forward and pretty much made him a non-issue and did a good job stearing the balls to the side and out of danger before we could get anything on frame. They were very patient and kept testing and out lines andslowly creeping up and taking space, until they got a open shot from about 25 yards out that caught our keeper looking and flat footed. That was pretty much it to make it 0-1 and eliminate us from advancing into the knock-out rounds. Wednesday was game 3 versus LA Galxay SB Elite, Wyatt got the start and the coach seemed to be in a mixed mind. Starting some of the best 11, but then also throwing in some of the bench players to give them some time on the field. For whatever reason it seemed to work and despite having the same type of wind as game 1, the boys went up 1-0 at halftime on a strong defensive back line showing and some good saves and collecting of crosses and corners by Wyatt. He played a mix of dsitributions, throwing, rolling, low driven balls and one long punt to the open space and the forward. Not sure if it was just because they wanted to go out on a high note, or if the combination of players somehow just seemed to click and work. Second half the coach started making subs, and the leel of cohension started dropping. With the wind to their backs the boys also started playing more balls in the air and kept losing possession and sending up counters for the other team. Wyatt had to do more directing and shot stopping, but just like he focused on making sure he was catching the ball so he could slow things down and manage the game speed for his team. He probably had his best save of the tournament in the second half. A bad pass from the left back to the mids turned into a shot in the 18 with wyatt have to cut back on his movement and get a had up to drive the ball into the crossbar. It popped up and dropped in the six right in front of another player who tried to chip it over Wyatt as he was recovering from the first dive. He managed to get a hand to it and flipped it out to his left where it was cleared by the centerback out of danger. Final score was 2-0. Since the tournament was over we spent most of the rest of the week catchign games for various clubs he was wanting to see play. Did get a friendly in Saturday vs the club they were hosting from Guatamala, Club Menedy. Wyatt got the start, but the boys were really fired up and pretty much dominated, leaving him mostly working on his backpassing with his left foot. Only had one save to make on a breakaway in the box that he saw off with a nice foot save low and sliding. After that he continued with some sweeping up loose balls and a goal kick before turning it over at the half to the other keeper. Final score was 4-0. with the other keeper being slightly busier as the hear and humidity, as well as just playing around got to everyone and Menendy was able to string a few shots on frame together. Only other thing he had was a private keeper session on Easter Sunday. The keeper coach has seen the issues with the crosses in the wind, so they spent most the session working on crosses and high driven balls with the wind at the shooters back. Finished the weekend off by going to see the supergroup finals as Villareal and Tigres fought down to PKs. Tigres subbed their keeper with a few minutes left in the second OT to bring in a PK speciialist who went 3 for 3 to get them the win. This week we are back to the regular training cycle getting ready for a rematch away at Lonestar. Hopefully the boys and the coach can get things figured out.
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Thanks for the input. Getting it fixed is a little bit problematic. In training (both club and outside of club) Wyatt has been trained to not punt as much unless they are trying to kill time. He typically goes for a low, flat driven ball to the right or left into the open spaces as you suggest that is more focused on either being targeted at a specific player or set up so someone can run onto it in space and make a go at something. He can routinely hit a player anywhere in his range if he is allowed to play it that way and focuses on it. Unfortunately come game time several things start happening. First his team doesn't open up and isn't prepared to move into the space to claim balls, they lose lots of balls by just waiting for a ball to be played to them and get it picked off by the opposing team, usually resulting in it coming back in the defense and keepers face really quick. The coach makes no effort in practice to review the games and lack of this in the games from the weekend before. Wyatt actually got in a spot of trouble a couple weekes back in practice for yelling at his mids for not opening up and giving him options. Coach lectured him for giving away his plan to the opposing players and when Wyatt tried to explain what he was getting at the coach said you are right, they aren't opening up, but it wasn't Wyatt's job to make them do that. Second the coach is constantly yelling at the keepers from the sideline to rush their distribution, which gets them nervous since he will pull them if he gets to frustrated with their tempo. Wyatt has worked on his own and with his private trainers on trying to develop a rythem for his distributions to avoid rushing the ball and when he can use it, things are much better. The coaches tendency to joystick during the game though tends to disrupt Wyatt. Third the coaches game strategy a lot lately focusing on getting ball up to the single forward we have at all costs, which leads to him despite what they train like, to get to the game and tell them just to smash it up the center which is where the forward using lurks and hope for the best. Not a terriblily well thought out tactic and one of the reason Wyatt is looking to switch clubs at the end of the season as he is extremely worried that he is not in a good position to continue with his development. Currently the reserve keeper plays the coaches style and boots ball long right up the center, typically over the back line of the opposing team or right to it, but the coach seems more concerned with them just getting the ball far enough away from the goal so if they lose possession it doesn't come back right into the goal area.
  11. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Light week for Wyatt leading up to the Dallas Cup this week. Monday, coach gave the team the day off since they played on Sunday. Wyatt called the club trainer and went up and worked with some other teams for two sessions of conditioning and agility training, then stuck around for a little extra skills work with the trainer. Tuesday the team went indoors at the club's field house. They worked on passing and movement, then finished with some small sided games. Wyatt had a pretty good time with that, scored 8 goals during the minigames, but then got a talking to from the coach because he used a conventional throw-in to distribute a ball quick instead of going with an overhand throw. Wyatt asked him what was wrong with it since it was quick from the overhead catch he had made, went right to the forward, and lead to a goal. As usual the coach didn't have any comments back, which confuses Wyatt. Get mad at him for doing something, then when Wyatt explains his decision, the coach doesn't give him any feedback. Wednesday the team did conditioning and agility training, then Thursday went to the local community college for practice since the fields were closed for tournament prep. They working on some passing drills, then went into stiking and finishing, and ended with some scrimmaging. Wyatt did really well with the drills and was on his a-game on the striking and finishing drills, coming up with some really nice dynamic saves as the players tried to up their shooting games. He finished out the week with a session with the private the keeper coach. With several big tournaments coming up for the girls and boys this week and Easter weekend, he did more of a sort of review and tune-up. The focused a lot of set-pieces, crosses, corner kicks, and quick transitions from saves to distributions. Afterwards the coach talked with Wyatt some about a few specific things to keep in ming going into the tournament. Wyatt was supposed to play his first Dallas Cup game Sunday, but some massive storms came through Saturday and early Sunday morning so they canceled all the games except the 3 U19 super group showcase games. So Wyatt and I went to the stadium for the opening ceremonies and watched FCD Dallas vs Villereal (1-3), Arsenal FC vs CF Monterrey Rayados (1-3), and Liverpool FC vs Tigres UNAL (2-4). The 2 English clubs did a better job of ball control, but kept loosing out to the speed of the Mexican teams. The Liverpool game got really ugly, with something going on between some of the players that had the Liverpool coach not letting his players go back on the pitch at one point until the center ref spoke with him and then one of the Tigres players, and even then by the end of the game it almost turned into a brawl with security escorting the refs off and seperating the two teams. So this week Wyatt has games Monday through Wednesday with chances for more if his team advances out of group. He is ready to play and looking forward to the games, just hoping the coach doesn't get all weird on him.
  12. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well after almost a month of not playing any games, here is the highlights for the game from this weekend. A little rust here and there and the coach asked them to do something wierd with goalkick fakes on the ground to the holding mid, but a few good things mixed in as well. U15 Game 10 vs Lonestar
  13. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well finally, Wyatt got some minutes in a game after almost a month of being out. The coach didn't fail to disappoint though, prior to the game he pulled Wyatt aside and told him he wouldn't be starting. Then when Wyatt looked upset about that he asked Wyatt why he was upset and Wyatt told him because he wanted to start and was ready to start. Then the coach said well since he had missed 2 weeks of practice and hadn't played in the last 4 games it was a little stupid to think he would even get to play in the game that day. Of course Wyatt missed one week and agame for trials in Germany that the coach had forgotten he had approved, and another week and game due to concussion protical after taking a pop to the head at training 2 weks ago. Didn't matter that Wyatt put in more the na full week last week, got cleared by the doctor and the thumbs up from the keeper trainer. Figure its is probably once again the lack of good communication from the coach on the exact reason, but when you spend the end of the last practice dresing down the other keeper for skipping practice one night without even a text message and then go ahead and give him the start anyways, there is lots of bad messages being given out. Sunday they faced off versus Lonestar, team that historically plays them well. It's always interesting to see how the games will go, they either are a beatdown for one side or the other or a very close fought game. This one proved to be a mix. The coach started a roster that featured all of the bigger players expecting to have to counter Lonestars big, speedy forward. Lonestart however switched up there playing style and used him for runs up the outside and then having him send in cross to the other forwards and attacking mid. The coach had practiced all week expecting a more direct game, so the formation and plan immediately went in the garbage. He also held back some of the starters as reserves as well, which created even more confusion as he backfilled filled slots with boys who were out of their usual spots. Game started very back and forth since our mids where split between offense and defense, but not really doing much in the center of the field, and Lonestar sort of was in the same boat. They got it figured out first and started winning possession from our forwards who were having a hard time connecting on passes of any sort, and then hitting hard with the quick counter. The one time the stuf tried a straight breakaway our keeper handed it easiely with a good sliding foot save. After that they switched gears and started gettign the defense pulled out of position and sending balls into the box. The defense at first did enough to keep things disrupted, but eventually they put a low cross and right in front of the keeper who set and watched for an easy tap in to go 0-1. After that the keeper snagged the next one, but then kept getting caught out on longer shots, finally getting beat when the left mid puked up a ball off a bad distribution and then had it volleyed right back across to the far post. Keeper was flat footed and not set at a good angle so all he could do was make the consolation dive as it went in to make it 0-2. The keeper also started off with rolls and throws for his distributions, but as the pressure of the game increased he defaulted back to long puntsand goalkicks, and going to quick on his throws, resulting in not many completions and more possession and pressure from Lonestar. At the half, the coach waited until right before the start to tell Wyatt to suit up and that he was going in. For the second half Wyatt was much busier, the coach switched to more forwards and attacking mids, dropping the defenive mid back to centerback which caused some issues in clearing the ball out that came back to bite Wyatt as the game went on. Also, the lack of a chance to warmup punts and kics before the game and at the hald meant his first few ones were not really stellar. For his part though Wyatt stepped it up and went at it 100%. He played sweeper to support the defense mid/centerback pairing as the defensive mid kept drifting higher and out of position out of habit. He cleared a few balls outside the box under pressure, went to clear one out of bounds to the right of the 18 before it turned into a corner and got pressured and wound up playing keep away for as long as he could before it was forced out for a corner. He made a few nice snags here and there, fended off some free kicks nicely, lots of good if odd looking distributions. At one point the coach was yelling at him to throw the ball to the stub forward who was 5 to 10 yards past half of the field which is doable, but when he is covered, not a good idea, but Wyatt went with a volley kick and dropped it ahead of him and set up our first goal. The coach gave him the stink-eye for about a minute or so for not doing what he was told, but then moved on to badgering the right back after he missed timed a clearance on a corner kick. Wyatt saw it was dropping outside the near side of the 6 and called away, the right back wiffed the clearance and sent it into the center of the top of the 6 to one of the opposing forwards who buried it. Of course the ball passed right between two of Wyatt's defenders first who did nothing but blame him for not jumping on it. They scored another one early off a blown marking in the box of a cross in. Wyatt thought maybe he should have come to it and maybe would have had it, but they once again had an unmarked man on the backside. Wyatt had a few other things to do including rushing at ball only to take it to the groin which winded him for a second, then as he came out for another ball the defense mid playing centerback tried to help out and pushed a forward from behind right as Wyattt made the save turning it into a PK. Wyatt was pretty calm about it and didn't really make and claims he figured out where the guy would go since he had taken a PK on Wyatt last season. Wyatt called it right and came up with a big stop and held the ball. Team started to rally back netting another one to go 2-4 with about 15 minutes left, but then they ran out of gas and motivation in some cases and Wyatt just worked hard to see the game out without conceding anything else. Rest of the week after Teusday was pretty much standard stuff for Wyatt. Did conidtioning training Wedensday followed by some team practice focusing on defensive plays versus fast 1v1 opponents. Thursday he had club keeper training and then went back to work on crossing and finishing drills in the net with the team, before they broke up into a build from the back scrimmage to end the session. Friday he did private keeper training where we shared the written scouting report results from his trials with the keeper coach who worked out some drills that night that focused on making a diving save, with a quick recovery and then moving into a second save or distribution. Didn't get any weekend training in since the game played across his regular weekend keeper training and skills training times. This week will probably focus on run-up and getting ready for Dallas Cup and their first game Sunday. coach cancleed practice alrady for tonght, so Wyatt is going up to work on skills and conditioning with the club trainer and another team. HAve to wait and see hwat the rest of the week brings.
  14. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wyatt seems to be having a run of bad luck with gettign in a game recently. This last, first training of the week the Academy director took the team for the practice so he could evaluate the team overall and look at the players as they start prepping for next years selections. He runs a much better practice and Wyatt loves training with him, so it started off pretty well. The reserve keeper didn't show up until late, and one of the U14 keepers was there as well, but Wyatt was leading the keepers and got to do the first portions of the training as field player. once the other keeper showed up though the AD got frustrated with him and the U14 keeper and sent them off with Wyatt to do some drills under Wyatt supervision. The eventually broke up in teams for strikign and finishing drills. Wyatt was putting on a good show right up until the last run of the drill. He made a nice low diving block and the followup parry, but in between the two an over excited U14 nailed him right in the back of the head with at knee. He seemed okay at first but started complaining about his head, the lights and noise, so they sent over the trainer to look him over and then sent him home for the evening. We contacted his doctor and looks like he picked up a mild concussion. So he spent all day Tuesday sleeping and banned from electronics and books. Same for Wednesday, but by practice time he hadn't shown any symptom other then the ones right after the hit, and had been symptom free for almost 48 hours. Doctor cleared him for light training, no keeper stuff or heavy work. The AD was running practice again with the club trainer, so they just had Wyatt do field player lite that evening. He didn't have any issues and seemed back to normal. But as these things tend to go Thursday at school he showed some sensitivity to the computers and sharp loud noises so back on rest he went until Monday morning. He missed the game on Saturday, but the other keeper didn't do much to seize the oppuritunity. Team won 2-0, with no opposing shots on goal. Keeper made one bad break away 1v1 save that almost resulted in a goal, but spent the rest of the game doing much of nothing except bad distributions. Watched the video the other day from the game and he seemed to be having trouble disributing to the right jersey color or keeping his long kicks and punts on the pitch. This week Wyatt got re-cleared for light training Monday. The school is working with him on limiting his screen time and giving him braks as needed to decompress from class. So he went the whole day without and issues before heading to team training. They were back with the regular coach who apparently has been counseled about revising his practice routines. The other keeper was missing, supposedly out with a hurt miniscus in his right knee, so Wyatt spent the whole session being a center back. Was good enough at it that the coach threatened to get him field uniforms so he could reserve in the CB slot. Last night he was back to a full training and some keeper work, and didn't miss a beat. If anything being out of the net for a week seems to have him fired back up again. The other keeper as usual showed up and acted as if there wasn't anything wrong with the team practice, but Wyatt said at keeper training he refused to take and kicks or punts in the drills, but wouldn't tell the keeper coach or the coach he was having problems. Which meant when they went back to the team for the end of practice scrimmage he got a lot of flak for not backpassing or distributing good. Seems the coach is still wantign to maybe rest Wyatt for one more game so he is 100% for the upcoming Dallas Cup tournament, but the other keeper may cause those plans to get changed come this weekend. We did get the initial group list and schedule for the upcoming tournament. They are grouped with a team from Mexico (Teca Prep), a team from California (LA Galaxy, but not a DA team), and a team from Japan (Maebashi FC). All seem to have decent track records, so expecting it to be a good tournament.
  15. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another week of practice and training for Wyatt. As expected he didn't travel with the team to play their away game this weekend. He was naturally a bit upset, but one of the dad's on the team live streamed it for us so we were able to watch as they struggled to a 3-1 over one of the weaker teams in the divison. It actually almost ended in a tie after a strong 2-0 first half when the other keeper started struggling and the coach subbed in most of the reserves. Score went 2-1 fairly qucikly, and the other team started really pushing, but they managed to catch them pushed high trying to get an equalizer and wound up getting the 3rd goal and putting the game to bed. Practice and training wise was a sort of mixed up week. Monday he got back at it with the team and was immediately disappointed with the step down in the level of effort of the players at practice. He decided to just keep pushing though and did his thing. They worked on passing and possession drills for a little bit, before moving onto to some striking and finishing work, then a little bit of a scrimmage. Coach had them scrimmage for most of the practice after that with some of the U14 team mixed in. Since Wyatt wasn't going to the game this weekend the coach saddled him with the other unrostered U15s and U14s as well as the bench players for his scrimmage squad, but he did a good job of shutting out both the U14 and the U15 starter squads. Tuesday was all about striking and finishing work for the field players. The other keeper usually isn't to motivated and was even less so since he knew he wasn't competing for time with Wyatt for the upcoming game. Wyatt continued on doing what he does though and got to enjoy the coach trying to figure out how to get the other keeper working harder since he couldn't threaten his playing time without having to swap him out with Wyatt. Afterwards it was off to keeper training with the club training. He had been keeping up with Wyatt's trip to Germany, so the session that night focused almost exclusively on recovering from the ground after making a save. The other keeper from Wyatt's team acted like he was going to keeper training as instructed by the coach, but then snuck off before it started and left for home. Wednesday was conidtioning training night, coach sent Wyatt and some of the other players to train with the U14s who were working with the club Academy director, while the rest of the team did conditioning and then worked on crosses and set piece striking for about 45 minutes. The AD was going to coach the U14s at home this weekend, and wanted to work with them some before the weekend. He was very vocal about how they seemed to be back sliding in terms of play and skills since he turned them over to Wyatt's coach at the beginning of the season. Was interesting to see what he thought was going on. Wyatt loved the session, as always it was well laid out with a progression from introduction of a skill drill, then moving that to how it works in paly, then ending with a scrimmage that is focused on using it in a game. Thursday was really entertaining. The night before Wyatt's coach had told the team that they had Thursday off except for the boys who weren't rostered or who were flying to the game Friday. The AD got wind of it and informed the coach that the club pays him to coach so many sessions a week and that they expect him to do that unless their is a legitimate reason not too. So Last minute messages go out that there would be practice afternoon. After a little warm-up run and stretching, the keepers were sent over to keeper training, while the coach worked the team through ball control and possession drills. The whole time he was swearing up a storm at their lack of effort and commitment, while going on about how he didn't want to be there either, but apparently some parents were complaining so now they were all stuck there training instead of having a night off. Keeper training was pretty good for Wyatt again, spent the whole evening working on more recovery saves as well as distribution goal kicks and punts. Wyatt was pretty happy he didn't have to spend much time with the team until the coach pulled them back in for some shooting drills and then a scrimmage. Wyatt was very workmanlike and did a good job keeping the ball out of the net. He was rather surprised he didn't get any flak from the coach, while the other keeper got a bit of a beating about his lack of effort and poor choices on distributions. Friday was his prvate keeper session which focused alot on flying and diving catches. Him and the coach talked for a bit about his feedback from the trials and worked out some path forward session work for him. Saturday he had an off day and we watched Euro Qualifiers most of the day. Sunday he had his regular skills training with the club trainer, but also got a call to grab his gear and come up ASAP to help with the U14 team training. The AD still in a snit over the decline of his treasured U14 squad called a extra 2 hour practice for them and needed a second keeper. So Wyatt spent the morning doing passing and ball movement drills, then ending with about 45 minutes of striking and finishing drills. This week should be more of the same. Interested in seeing if the coach is more engaged after the win and how the boys motivation level is. Also curious to see if per the schedule Wyatt is on tap for the starting slot versus the MLS Dynamo academy this weekend.