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  1. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well another rough game for the team and Wyatt. Not sure if he will make it to the Winter break if this keeps up. He was very frustrated going into Saturday's game vs. San Antonio FC, a USL (think Divison 2/3 pro team) club. Last year these guys worked Wyatt's team hard, but they managed to hold their own and take them down when it mattered in the Dallas Cup. This weekend it was a total dumpster fire, pretty close to the one last year that saw the coaching change happen. Things started off really poorly with the coach telling the team at Thursday night practie they were going to loose this weekend. Not sure if it was a comment on the practice, the fact they were missing there stud forward, or he just wanted to set the expectations low to avoid disappointment. Wyatt took it pretty hard and was talking about maybe quiting the team at lunch before the game. He is frustrated with the lack of effort and commitment from some of his team mates and the coach seems to be working on just checking out of the team at the moment. He introduced a defensive formation for the game this weekend that featured 3 defensive mids, a left and right back, a central defense mid with a left and right defensive mid, a holding/attacking mid and one forward. Granted the right and left guys were playing long up the sides, but against a team that moves the ball well and likes to take long shots, turtling up with a new formation that was practiced for 20 minutes on an indoor field Thursday night before the game probably ranks up some really bad lifepath decisions. Get to the fields and they have the games scheduled so tight the coach can't warm-up the boys, so the director of the club DA program does it. Boys loved this, had lots of energy, looked really impressive like they did last season, and Wyatt was in an excellent mood. Director turns them over to the coach for last minute stuff and the life goes out of the squad and they look flat getting ready to play. Wyatt got the start settle in with the new formation. He did a good job of trying to coordinate them and work with the cornerbacks to understand the shift in what was going on. The extra left mid had issues and kept drifting in and out of position. Wyatt's first touch was a goalkick that he sent out to the left back about 1/3 up the field, but didn't connected as folks weren't sure were they were supposed to be for distributions from him. After that he settle down on those and did a good job with getting them out and into the mix. He tried to play things as short as possible though to maintain possession so alot of the balls from his catches were rolled out with only a couple of long punts when the coach started wanting them to play boot and run. On the save front he had a few workman like catches on chest to face high balls, SAFC liked to play short or ourswingers on the corners so not much challenging stuff in the box for him this game. He did have to clear a short back pass under pressure up the field, but got it cleared out. Had a close one with a through ball that was being chased, his central back got a touch on it and wyatt dove on it to shutdown a shot. The otherteam wanted it ruled a back pass, but the ref sided with the fact Wyatt was already going down to collect it when his player touched it trying to deflect it. He did havea few rough spots. First one came off a move that beat the ight back and was played across the ground in the 6 yard box, he went for it, but got blocked out and moved sideways to track it. As he went for it, the left center back touched it away allowing the oncoming right wing to get a touch and put it away near post. Wyatt thought on that one he probably should have just steam rolled his way to the ball on the first chance after he thought about it some. A few minutes later, they got another low pass near the top of the box and an unmarked center forward got onto it and tried to tap it in from about 3-4 yards out. Wyatt gota foot in the way, but his centerback was ball watching and let the kid get the rebound. He went for a chip and Wyatt recovered and got a hand to it, but not strong enough to push it over. Third one was a counter and the kid pretty much ran straight through the whole team with the defensive mid chasing him all the way back straight on to the center of the goal. Wyatt came out and tried to get big, but the kid got the shot off to make it 0-3. Wyatt was pretty gutted after that. He stayed in it until the half, then the coach made subs including the keepers since it was a travel game and wanted to get everyone a chance to feel the pain. Second half started off pretty dismal, reserve keeper's first real touch was a easy low bouncing ball. He bent over to scope it, let it through his hands and then his feet and turned to see where it went, touching it in to the goal with his left foot. That got the opposing parents and other team laughing pretty hard. At that point the other coach starting subbing players in while the fresh feet on our side started picking up the energy level. we managed to catch their keeper playing with the ball at his feet two much and made it 1-4. They countered and maanaged to get out keeper to slide tackle into a ball, but dodged him and got around him. He got lucky and didn't get a card for grabbing the kid which messed up his shot and let one of the defenders clear it out. After that they started holding the ball in the back and would press forward when our boys would push up and commit. Didn't really get much more in the way of shots on goal, until almost the end. They got the keeper to commit to dive to his right with a fake and the centerback tried to head the ball away from the open goal for an own goal to make it 1-5. The boys did manage to get one more back off a nice free kick on their reserve keeper, who appeared to have just started playing keeper this year due to his height and not really any real skill for the position. Game ended 2-5 and the boys barely wanted to talk to anyone, several even ignored the coaches post game talk with one just walking off. Definitely some team building and moral issues going on there. Wyatt was in a really foul mood, but his mom talked to him a bit and talked him off the ledge about quiting. He seemed more resolved to work harder and they talked a bit about the fact that he seesm to be playing more reactive, then proactive like he did last year. Him and his mom watched some highlights from last year to see and talk about the difference while I took his sister to the hotel pool for awhile. Then we took him out to his facorite restraunt there in town and let him drown his sorrows in a seafood platter. Sunday he had us head right home so he could get in a skills session with the club trainer. Asked to worked on his distributions and some work in the goal while the rest of the class worked on striking nad finishing. He wasn't quite in it though and think it just caused him to beat himself up a little more, before he snapped out of it for the scrimmage. Afterwards the club trainer talekd with him for about 30 minutes about what was going on in his head and with his team. Seemed to make some positive energy for him, but not expecting it to just change over night. Luckily this week will be fairly light despite a double header coming up, so he can have some time mentally recover away from the team. Outside of the skills session, the last week of club practice was a mixed bag thanks to weather again. Monday he did an hour private work with the trainer, then did conditioning with another team since his team was off that night. Tuesday he did club keeper training, which was good again. They focused on first step movement, down and away and into oncoming shots. It was indoor, so no long stuff, but they did get in lots of touches on dives and did some shooting at the end. Wednesday was his team conditioning evening and they actually got some running in around the fields. Wyatt stepped it up in that and made a point out of challenging the field players to beat him on distance and speed. Thursday we were indoors again. They worked on the new formation, but without the keepers which irritated Wyatt since they have to understand how they fit in and what the expectation is for them and field guys. After that they did some striking and finishing work, and then scrimmaged a bit. Wyatt picked up the pace on his descision making and distributions, which caught several of the players on his squad off guard who were just sort of there and not really playing well or opening up good. He got some compliments from the coach on that. So this week looks like the fields will still be closed for the first half of the week. Practice is already canceled tonight, so he can decompress and re-charge althoug he did ask about hitting the local field to run and maybe punt a little. May hook up with a couple of the U14s, but I think we may just make him rest. This coming weekend is a doouble header versus two teams they haven't played before in previous seasons, Rio Grand Valley Torrros from south Texas and Kansas City, an MLS team academy. If the coach keeps the every other game rotation Wyatt should get the harder of the two starts, but after the hollower the other keeper let in Saturday, he may get benched for starting on both games.
  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Quick turn on the video this time, not as busy of a game coming off the bench for Wyatt. U15 DA Game 5 vs Texans SC
  3. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Rain tried to cause trouble again this week, but the club lined up some turf fields for game day, so Wyatt got some more time between the sticks. This weekend they played the Texans SC from Houston. Keeper rotation saw the reserve start which was expected since these guys are usually the weakest team in the divison, but that wasn't the case. They are currently 4 places higher then us going into the game, with 2 games in hand for them. Coach tinkered with the roster since we were missing one of the starting mids (the captain out of a stupid red picked up for dissention in right as the ref blew the whistle last game). Also with it being an expected easier game, was time to give the reerves some chances to play as well. You could tell things were going to be off when the reserve keeper didn't really warm-up that well, which showed in the first few minutes of the game when he picked up a ball outside the box to give a free kick super early. He made the follow-up save though, which spared him getting pulled out earlier then planned. That seemed to get the other team fired up and they kept of the pressure with our boys playing lots of kick ball with little movement of the ball of the ground. Luckily they could manage to get anything solid on frame and the reserve just had to handle some through balls and some crosses that weren't contested. For out part the boys did managed to get a few looks at the goal, mostly coming from set pieces with the defensive mid almost netting a header 3 or 4 times. The half rolled around though with neither team scoring. The coach opted to leave the reserve in a little longer while making a few subs up front and in the mids to try and get some attack going more consistantly. Nothing really panned out as the keeper only connected once the entire first half and into the second with anyone on our team, basically turning any distribution other then short back passes into turnovers. A bad goalkick turned into a fast counter 5v3 that turned into a breakaway to the keepers left. He came out and went into a slide tackle type of save about 5 yards out and had the ball shot inside him on the ground to make it 0-1. Wyatt had been up warming up since the half, so the coach had him get his jersey on and subbed him in right after the restart. He spent a lot of time keeping the mids and back line pushed up which limited the work he had to do in the back. The coach also had subbed in most of the starters which made it easier for him to direct and play. He did a good job with his distributions and easiely handled the few balls that came into the box, with his real two saves being easy catches on the near post when the the other team tried the same play that scored the first goal. The boys got back into the game as well and started racking up the looks at goal, but the other coach had swapped his keepers out as well and their starter was in and made some nice saves to keep them 0-1 until about the last 5 minutes. At that point the defensive mid finally connected and put one in to make it 1-1. Our parents went crazy as did the boys, while their parents tried to rally their team. Our star forward though got really amped up and added a second yellow for unsportmans like behavior to get sent off with a few minutes left. Wyatt made one of his two saves after that and with the clock ticking down made a long punt to one of the forwards to run onto unoppsed in the back, but the ref whistled the game before it went much further. So not the ending the team wanted, but considering the fact that the boys didn't really start playing and fighting for the win until the last 20 minutes or so, alot better then they probably deserved against a team they should easiely have beaten. Rest of the week was a mixed up schedule. Fields were still closed due to flooding, so Monday was mostly conditioing at the local community college. It was more like punishment work though Wyatt said as the coach kept thumping them about the lazy performance that weekend. Tuesday the team did conditioning training with the club trainer, but the keepers had an indoor session which was the first club keeper session Wyatt has been to in over a month. He had a good time with that one, and the since they were indoors the coach worked more on fixing starting positions and low dives and parrys. Was good for Wyatt too as the dad of a older teammate was there. Guy was a keeper as well and had worked with Wyatt a few years back, but hadn't seen him since, so Wyatt got some good feedback on how well he was developing as well as some good pointers on a couple of things to work on from him. Thursday they were indoor for team training, where they focused on pressing and moving the ball out of pressure, but with the small indoor space it didn't seem to translate well to outdoor when the coach called a Saturday practice as well to get ready for the Sunday game. Saturday practice was lots of ball movement and working on connecting the lines together while avoiding playing into pressure. Since the goals were up due to the fields having flooded, Wyatt got to spend most of the practice playing with the ball at his feet in the passing and movement drills. No club stuff was Friday night private keeper training, with a focus on distributions based on notes the coach took after watching Wyatt and some of the other keepers play over the previous weekend. He built the drills on making a certain style of save and then playing to friendlies while opposing players moved around so the keeper had to be thinking when he came up to distribute. Sunday after the game Wyatt did his regular training with the skills trainer, but had a special treat when a U18 keeper came out to work on his short game, so him and Wyatt worked on distributions to the defense and mids in vairous forms. Wyatt has worked with this keeper before and likes seeing how he has progressed versus the older kid and was pleasantly surprised to be able to match him pretty much step for step in the drills. So this week we are hoping the fields dry out enough to get some outdoor practice before we head down to San Antonio to play a USL club team. Historically they give us a good game and the boys only really figured them out and near the end of the season. With the start forward out things could get interesting, becuase they always look for him and swamp him with defenders, him missing may case them to have to rethink that plan as other then him we really don't have a focused attacker thay is easy to identify and mark.
  4. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Longer one, had lots of touches in the last game, editor was giving me some fits again. U15 DA Game 4 vs FC Dallas
  5. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Ugh, after a few weeks of limited indoor practice the team pretty much took a beating Saturday. They played the local MLS team FC Dallas, a good side, but one that historically the boys fare well against. Last season they won 2, tied, and lost one, and started this season with a 1-2 loss against them that surprised FCD. This game was a totally differient story. Apparently the bulk of the starters decided that they didn't reall need to keep up on their conditioning or skills training, so after about 20 minutes into the first half FCD's pressure wore down our mids and forwards and most the game was played in our half of the field. Wyatt had a few issues, starting with new shoes. He went up a size during the last week or so, but hadn't gotten used to them (same brand and type, just half a size larger) and whenever he does that it takes a few weeks of outdoor work to get his kicks back where they were. So his goalkicks where not spot on, but weren't bad, just not up to his usual standard. The coach decided to keep the right wing as the right back despite having no clue how to play defense and he basically held the door open on that side for every attack FCD ran through him. The mids got tired really fast and one of the centerbacks appeared more interested in the girls game a field over then the game he was playing in. The other centerback was more worried about looking good for a US team scout there to look at him (coach told him and the whole team so they could help him look good), so he spent a lot of the time trying to show off his former skills as a holding mid, which left the left back and two defensive mids trying to keep the other team from pelting Wyatt with shots. Wyatt did fairly well with his saves, picking off several crosses and higher balls into the box. He also made 4 saves back to back in a scrum in the box with half the playesr on the field in there with him. His distributions were sporadic in hitting their targets our got picked off when the targets didn't check in like they are supposed to. He got beat twice in the first half. First goal came off a turnover and the mid that went in against the right back who didn't get inside the player and basically chased him into the 18 where he bent a nice ball around a cluster of boys and off the far post. Wyatt said he didn't see the shot until late and didn't react, but later said he probably could have gotten to it if he had reacted. Second goal was like the one from last week, left back got overwhlemed and beat, pass across the box to two runners. Wyatt came out, but the kid beat him to it near post for the shot in close. After that the team turtled up for a bit through the half and into the second half. Wyatt played out about half the second, before the coach got tired of the grl watching centerback and subbed him out, and used that moment to sub out Wyatt as well. The other coach saw them sub out Wyatt and noted the subbing out at half of the good defensive mid and left back, and to the chance to sub out his starters for his bench warmers at the same time. Reserve keeper was in a couple of minutes when they went up 0-3 on a soft goal. He got caught centered in the goal when the attack came in from the fight (again) and started moving that way and they passed to his left and he sort of fell over/dived or something to his left thinking it was a shot and opened up the near post for a shot and the goal. After that the mids and forards were able to deal with the easier pressure from the reserve players to see the game out to the 0-3 loss. Cherry on top was the captain getting a red card for dissention (second yelllow) in the last second of the game for mouthing off at the ref. So next weekend he will be getting some time off. Afterwards the coach talked to them a bit about lack of effort. His one dig at Wyatt was not catching a ball in the 4 save run/scrum. I'm sure there will be more discussion of the performance tonight at practice, but Wyatt was pretty disgsted with the team. He private keeper coach came out to watch and other then a few minor techniical points on his distribution was happy with how Wyatt played, but was totally underwhelmed by the team as a whole. He commented on the fact in Brazil where he grew up and played pro that the coaches would have some serious discussions with players about continuing on with the team if they had acted and played that way in game. Outside of the game, the weather kept them off the fields for training and cancled the conditioning training. The did get 2 indoor sessions in. Coach tried to working on pressing on attack and defense, transitions, and passing out of presure into space, but the 5v5 field didn't help they drills transition well to the full field on game day. The coach also was on a lot of the boys about standing around and ball watching until it got close to them which resulted in line sprints several times. Wyatt did get in a good private keeper session Friday night before he game that focused on closing angles and clearing corners. Then Sunday he did a back to back keeper session and skills training session. The keeper session focused on some of the stuff the coach noted when he watched Wyatt's game as well as a couple of the other keepers. Skills session was mostly bringing down balls, turning and striking with your back to the goal, then lots of 1v1 and 2v2 drills. This week weather looks to be better and we should be back on the fields for training atleast a couple of days. The team faces off against the Houston Texans (former sister club) on Sunday. Typically a team that they can handle really easiely, but also one that is quick to capitalize on mistakes. Wyatt figures that based on the rotation that the reserve keeper will get the start, but really wants it for himself since as an easier game he can take time to work on trying to build up some confidence between him and the defense again.
  6. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wacky week with no game due to the continued monsoon season. Wyatt had 2 team practices, both indoors this week. They focused on passing and ball movement from the keeper through to the forwards. First session ended with striking and finishing since the reserve keeper was absent, second session they ended with a scrimmage since the reserve was there. Wyatt said the coach was pleased with his foot skills progression, flipping the criticism onto the reserve keeper for some lack of effort and general touch, as well as poor ball handling. I didn't see the practices as I was out of town on business so not sure what was happening with that. There was no club keeper training, and the team conditioing session was canceled due to a small river deciding to flow through the training area for a day or two. He did manage to get in one private keeper session and a skills session on Sunday. The keeper session focused on coming off the line and closing the angle on 1v1s with a sequence on follow-up saves should you not control the save or clear it out safely. It was rather muddy so enjoyed the sliding aspect and also got another chance to use his softground cleats which he is really liking. Standard cleats are good for most the field conditions locally, but lately with the rain and last year a few times SG cleats would have been nice to have, so his mom has added a pair to his gear bag recently. They are pretty hard to find good ones locally (he wears Tiempos) so we had to order them from europe. Of course everyone is freaking out about them because they aren't used to seeing cleats with the metal core studs. But after watching him move and cut without slipping they have starting looking into some of their own. For the skills session it was the regular routine of first touch and control, with a lot of core exercises to work on the mid strength. Not much else for the last week. Going into this coming week the weather seems to be clearing up and sunny, so maybe we will be back out on the fields so they can get ready for their re-match versus FC Dallas this coming weekend. After the close game last time and what appears to be a struggling FCD team, they are feeling pretty good about their odds this coming weekend.
  7. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Highlights for the last game. Unfortunately the camera operator seemed to have decided to not record the first 20 minuts of the second half, so alot of the good things that Wyatt didn't make the reel. U15 Game 3 vs Dynamo Youth
  8. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Despite having to drive 4 hours through a downpour complete with flooding roads and tornados, weather was pleasant and sunny for Wyatt's game this weekend. Team played the Dynamo Youth, the second academy yeam for the Houston MLS team. Typically the team is decent, but not good enough to be super challenging, but they do get some goals in when the boys have lost focused in the past. Coach started the reserves to help with meeting the required number of game starts, so the reserve keeper got the first half in goal. Coach told him to put everythign long out to the forwards or wingers for the first half which resulted in turnign the ball over almost every time. He did managed to literally hit the the forward in the back one time and put a nice service out another time, but the only goal and other chances came off of turnovers in the midfield. The Dyanmo youth floated lots of crosses into the box, but couldn't get anyone to follow them in or be in position to do anything with them, so the reserve keeper basically had a easy session of training catching high balls. Only two real threats were a badly played pass that got picked off and came back at him. He went in with a sliding foot save about 5 yards to soon and got saved but the center back cutting in and cleaning up the shot. Other chance he was a little lazy coming off his line on a cross and instead of collecting the ball high went for a basket catch and almost got beat by a fast runner. First half ended 1-0 for Wyatt's team after one of our forwards caught the keeper out of the box being slow with a back pass and forced him to turnoever the ball and got an open net goal. Wyatt didn't get the order to get his gloves on until almost the end of halftime, so no real warm-up or anything. He came in with a few other starters and they started pushing up with lots of pressure and quickly drive things to 3-0. Coach made a few more subs including two of the defenders and created a bit of a problem that the other teamed figured out. Left centerback kept loosing his man and leaving him free to run around, while the right back kept gettign beat on teh outside and then getting cut behind by the other team as well. Wyatt came out and smothered a ball to his left one time when things broke down. Then handled a easy shot up the middle as well as some back passes and goal kicks. Right side broke down a gain and Wyatt got caught trying to guard the near post and cover two runners into the box to make it 3-1. Coach laid into the right back and Wyatt got onto his left centerback as well. After that things chugged along with him continuing to make distributions of various sorts, but really not having much else to do to see it out to a 4-1 win for his team. Overall Wyatt was pretty happy with how he played, he opted to vary up his distributions and not just boot the ball long. He had one bad distribution where he held a ball to long and didn't seem to have a clear target in mind, putting it out between his left back and a mid. Otherwise he threw, rolled, passed, and kicked short to long, including a nice fake long goalkick that he out to the side with his left foot. After the game the opposing coaches talked with him a bit about the game, with some compliments and a good pointer on better running his corner backs. Outside the game practices were all over the place due to the weather. MOnday was called due to flooding of the fields. Tuesday they were at the community college but managed to secure a goal, so did agility and striking and finishing drills for most the session. Wyatt was pretty spot on and worked through his various saves as well as leading the keepers in warmup and drills while the field palyers were working on some transition stuff. Wednesday was conidtioning, which was observed by the club Academy director and the coach for the two older squads. They noticed the group of players that seem to not really want to work, and were commenting a bit on that since it seems to be bleeding over into the games and having a negative impact. The boys also got first quarter evaluations, with the coach taking some time to point out to the team that Wyatt was the faster sprinter and how the forwards needed to really hink about that as they were being lazy on the running conditioning. Thursday was indoor which focused as much as you can on distributions and building from the back on a small indoor court. They also worked on some striking and finishing, passing and ball movement. Wyatt typically isn't big on the indoor sessions, but this time he got to spend a lot of time on the passing drills, so not to bad. Due to the weather there weren't and club keeper training sessions, but his private keeper trainer did put on a session Friday. Since it was and had been raining all week, the keeper coach focused on working throug ha lot of the regular drills, but dealing with them under wet and muddy conditions. Since it was fairly warm, Wyatt had a good time and really got into the diving and sliding around, so much so I had to wash him down and have him change before letting him back into the car after practice. Sunday he had skills and agility work with the club trainer. They worked a lot on first touch, turning, and striking. Ended with a fun little 6v6 scrimmage with Wyatt's litte sister thrown into the mix. On the evaluation front, Wyatt actually was reviewed fairly well which surprised him. He got hight marks in most the catergories, with good marks in the areas they have been focusing on - playing with his feet, positioning on the field when the team has possession, and communication/command of the defense. Now it's two weeks of training and practices before they play again versus FC Dallas. The weather looks to be pretty crappy for atleast the first week, so expecting more of the same scattered training around town.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    You and me both. He deals with a seemingly ever changing set of expectations, which always surprised me when he shrugs them off and just keeps working harder. His trainers I think do a much better job with his development and he tends to listen to them more then the coach when it comes to how he should be playing, but that doesn't make practices any easier at times.
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Almost a regular week for Wyatt except no game played. club fields are closed for reseeding with winter grass so the teams are practicing around town at various locations. Monday they hit the community college for skills and conditioning and a little post game review. Wyatt was left scratching his head after getting told he needed to be more confident with the ball at his feet and not be a conservative with his distributions during the games. He came home and watched the game footage with his mom and couldn't figure out where he was being either, but did make notice a few other things to work on. Tuesday and Thursday the team trained at some city fields, which meant they shared the space with one of the older teams. Coach focused on ball movement, budiling from the back, and connecting the defense to the mids to the forwards. Wyatt was a little frustrated at times since the coach seemed fixated on how Wyatt wasn't booming out long distributions to forwards and mids who where in pressure but instead making strong throws, rolls and passes to players in space. Thursday night he rubbed Wyatt's nose in it after the reserve keeper started off with a long goalkick to a winger in tight pressure that resulted in a one-touch turnover to Wyatt's side. Calling Wyatt's attention to the fact that the other keeper could play long balls better then Wyatt. Wyatt dealt with it and got onto business, but was grousing about it alot after the practice. I was rather confused myself at times since by my count Wyatt completed 20 or so distributions with only one turnover and helped set up ateast 10 goals, while the other keeper made one successfull distribution out of the same number, and put it close enough to Wyatt (long punt on half-sized field), that Wyatt was easiely able to collect it before the player was able to make a second touch. Wyatt did finally get some good jobs from the coach on his distributions, but only when he made them to the power forward and mid. So his take away was not that he should be making good distributions, but that he should be making good distributions to the two stud players. Wednesday was the standard conditioning and agility training with the club trainer. Wyatt still playing it safe with his knee so he ran the full reps at practice, but didn't push it to hard. No club keeper training again this week (getting to be a regular occurrance), but he did get in two sessions with the private trainer. Friday night they focused on 1v1 techniques and situations, and Sunday was focused on recovering from the ground to make a second save in various plays. Then Sunday was his usual foots skills and agility training work. The focus there was one v one and settling balls that come in high or on a bad bounce. Didn't get to scrimmage at the end due to lightening coming in fast, but Wyatt was happy about that after last week. So this week looks like a repeat, weather allowing and then our first trip to Houston for a league game. They will be facing the Dynamo Youth, an okay team that can sometime present some challenges. Wyatt is expectign that the reserve will get the start due to the rotation rules, but he figures he will push hard this week just to keep him honest.
  11. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Highlights from his game versus the local MLS team's academy. U15 DA Game 2 vs. FC Dallas
  12. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wyatt likes the all black look, but really fancy's an all white kit. I however have to pay for the stain sticks and spray and favor darker colors.
  13. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    It's Wyatt's favorite one. He has a short sleave in electric yellow but can't wear it because the other keeper didn't want to buy one as well at the time. I show him you kits all the time and he gets jealsous. He would love to have some more options, plus a full color matched kit as well.
  14. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    WEll after almost a month of no games for the boy, he hit the field with a vengeance this weekend versus the local MLS club FCD. Wyatt got his starter shirt back and was ready to go. Started off with some mind games. As the visitor we get jersey prefence for keepers. For Wyatt's team the keeper wears black socks and shorts and either a yellow or blue jersey. The FCD keepers wear full matching kits and came out in blue, so Wyatt opted for his blue and caused them to have to shuffle around abit to get there alternate jersey's. Also, following the Dr's orders he did a longer warm-up and stretching to make sure he didn't screw up his knee again before the game. Game time the re-tooled FCD team came out pretty strong, but the boys matched them up pretty well. FCD controlled possession, but the defense held them fairly well, and we countered pretty effectively. FCD started their keeper who had been playing up all last year with the 03s, but he seemed to not do so well without the big back line in front of him. Our boys pressured him a lot on the ball and he made lots of handling errors both in his hands and at his feet. Several times he got caught out and lost possession behind himself and if the forwards could have finished, we would have easiely been up 2 or 3 goals through out the game. For his part Wyatt did really well. He was pretty nervous after being not having been in goal for a few weeks, but he settled down pretty quick. He didn't have much to do at first, but then things picked up. He started off with a good punch to clear a corner out, then had to push a low, near post shot through traffic out. On the follow-up goal kick he got a backpass under pressure and had to dribble two forwards in the box to keep possession and play out a nice pass. That one got some of our parents worked up because they wanted him to just boot it out to nowhere. He kept his head though and did good. Second half he made a nice long punt that almost was helped him when the opposing keeper misplayed it at his feet with our forward breathing down his neck. In the longrun though the boys went down fighting 1-2. First goal was a nice through ball in the mids to a forward who is good at running and cutting in. He came in with two defenders on him, managed to lose one, and cut out side the other one to get off the shot. Wyatt got big, but missed it low to to his near post side to make it 0-1, then second half on a set piece, his defense didn't listen and left 3 players on-marked on the back post to make it 0-2. They got one back on a nice far post curler, but failed to convert about 6 or 7 other tries, a few with an open goal. Wyatt was pretty happy about how he played, although the coach got on him about a few odds and ends, most of which seemed very petty to Wyatt or he didn't understand since he was playing the way they train, but the coach seemed to change his mind and want wyatt to boom the ball out long to the forward who wasn't really making much effort to get it. The reserve keeper came in for about 10 minutes after FCD subbed in most their reserves and had a few general saves to make, boomed out some bad punts and distributions. Rest of the week was a mixed bag due to the weather. Monday the weather closed the field so they went to the community college for conditioing and skills. Tuesday was a wash out, Wednesday they did conditioing training with the club trainer. Thursday was moved to Friday so they managed to get in one full practice. For the practice they focused on ball movement and finding space with some striking and finishing, plus set piece defense stratagies mixed in. Wyatt had a really good session that night, going 17 for 18 in the shooting drills. The reserve keeper was back training as well, but was complaining about his knee and wrist hurting, on top of his hip so he didn't have to work to much in the practice. Do to the weather and schedule Wyatt didn't have any keeper training, club or private. He did do skills with the club trainer Sunday. He wanted to go so he could work off some of the energy from the game and got into it a little more then usual. Went in on a 50/50 ball in scrimmage at the end and collide with another player who is about a foot shorter and 1/3 his weight. They were coming in hard and got him in the upper thigh with a knee, but came away with a busted lip and a really bloody nose. Everyone was fine by the end, but Wyatt still felt a little bad about it even though the player said it was their fault for going super aggressive on the play. Outside of practices and game, we met with the Dr and got the results of his MRI of the knee that got hurt in Colordao a few weeks back. Dr said everything looked good and said he was going to be suffering from growing pains for awhile. His grow plates are still open and the Dr expects he may put on 6 inches over the next 12 months or so. Wyatt was super relieved to here that. First off he was worried that he had really buggered up his knee somehow depsite not having any more issues with, but more so because he was worried that he was going to be short, which is pretty funny for a kid who just hit 6 foot a little after his 14th birthday. I had a hard time not laughing at him when he blurted that out in the car on the way home. So all is right in his universe again for now it seems.
  15. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well rainy week so lots of cancellations and no game. Wyatt did manage to get in 2 team practices, a team conditioning session, and a private skills session this last week. Team sessions focused on ball movement and finding space. The coach really is trying to get them to work together to move the ball from the backline, through the mids, to the forwards. Last 3 games we have had issues with the mids trying to play forward and the forwards acting as one man teams. Costs lots of oppuritunities and turnovers from holding the ball to long. Seems like the boys are starting to figure it out, but won't really know until game day. Conditioning training also features some break out work for certain groups, and this last week it was the forwards and mids, so Wyatt did some time in the goal against for striking and finishing work. The reserve keeper is out for atleast 2 weeks, but seems to not be to concerned about not aggrevating his hip injury unless it gets him out of conditioning. The boys did scrimmage Tuesday nigth at the end of practive and Wyatt did really good in the net. He made lots of nice distributions and showed off some foot skills. The coach got mad at him for megging and skilling the forwrds several times as he handled back passes. Told Wyatt he doesn't want him making it a habit that turns up in a game. The skills session they focused on settling and then striking the ball, plus lots of touches at pace. Class was a little smaller so they ended with a passing game where they had to distribut the ball to some 4x4 goals scattered around the field at distances from 10 - 80 yards. The two field palyers who were there got mad because Wyatt was tagging all the far goals pretty regularly and they couldn't, so a little boost to the moral there. Looks like it will continue to be wet, so practices are going to be weird this week. The coach is working to get some fields or indoor sessions lined-up so the boys can get ready for the upcoming game versus the local MLS club, FC Dallas. They have rebuilt there team after last season with a mix of boys from the 2004s from the team, boys playinh up a year last year, and some new players So will be a completely differient team that Wyatt faces this weekend.