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  1. Glove addiction

    I can live with a Reusch flat with spines. Would like to try the duo models too
  2. Glove addiction

    Ha, despite growing up in the flat palm era, i tend to steer clear, don't like the loose feel of them and the twisting on the pinky finger
  3. Pope's Captor Pure

    Cool, thanks
  4. Glove addiction

    What's on your radar, Bucks?
  5. Glove addiction

    So i was quite disciplined for a while there but have ordered 3 pairs of gloves in the last month or so , despite not having played in 2019 yet! Two pairs of Puma and a pair of Seismics. Tempted by the new Mc Gregor Kaliaaer model too..
  6. Reusch

    Yeah, i find that too. Although we often get rain here, it's rarely that heavy any time i'm actually playing lol. I used Sells a few times, find them good enough in the dry but not convinced by their claims regarding wet weather. Nice designs but not worth the crazy prices.
  7. Pope's Captor Pure

    Do any of the Pope models come with spines?
  8. Reusch

    I've a pair of Reusch AX2 gloves with a blue palm, sorry, don't have a picture handy. Saving them for a special occasion. No idea what the latex is like, i tried the old A2 latex in a game in damp conditions once and thought it was just ok. Another member of the group did say that they only really come alive when soaked through though so maybe there's something in that.
  9. Fair play to you for a new approach. However, i like my gloves to look and function a certain way so it's a no from me, i'm afraid. But i wish you well with your endeavours.
  10. Contacts Required

    I wear glasses and daily disposable contacts too. My eyes starting going around the time I started college and it did affect my judgement of the ball. Contacts are a great job once you get used to them.
  11. Glove addiction

    Ha ha, let the buying commence!
  12. Glove addiction

    I buy some just for collection purposes but that's an indulgence i can't really afford 😂
  13. Glove addiction

    So just wondering on average how many pairs of gloves you guys buy per year? Despite only playing intermittently these days, i have somehow acquired a ridiculous stash in the last 6 or 7 years, mainly due to the internet availability and increased choices compared to when i was younger. It's got to the stage where i would have enough to play for a couple of lifetimes so my buying has definitely got out of hand and with bills on the increase, i feel i really need to scale back the buying. So hard though. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    Strengths- talking and organising. I consider my distribution from throws and kicking from my hands to be decent when i concentrate! Kicking off the ground is a major weakness.Also, a bit vulnerable to low shots close to the body. Lack of upper body strength is another weakness but that's my own fault.
  15. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Funnily enough, i didn't rate Zenga at all. he had a great defence in front of him and was a bit of a flash git with his porn chain and greasy hair. Loved the camera saves.