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    Hi Keepers, My name is Jan, I'm from Warsaw, Poland, I'm 28. I play football more or less since always. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a footballer when I grow up. My parents didn't back this idea though and they pushed me in more, let's say, intelectual direction, for which I'm actually grateful to them. As a result I play only recreationally but as often as possbile. At first I wanted to be an outfield player but I was always doing relatively good in goal. For few years in high school I moved my engagement to skateboarding and played less but gave it up and came back to football when my friend decided to sign up a team in a 6-a-side league. Until now I played a whole lot of games in different teams in different 6/7/8-a-side leagues but for years I never really considered playing proper 11-a-side. For a year I was training with SALI goalkeeper school which has branches also in Ireland or USA but had to gave it up since it was quite costly. I later try to help out with coaching young keepers but I didn't feel that it's for me. Last winter a friend of mine who made some FIFA coaching courses received an offer to take over a new founded team which was going to be signed up in the official Polish Football Association league. It is an interesting project - first democratic club in Poland (with kind of socios, like in Spain) promoting ideas of equality and tolerance. He proposed me to give it a try. I was planning to treat it as a side hobby but I've just resigned from my 7s league and decided to commit fully to the 11-a-side. We are currently in the lowest league - 8th tier but it's only our first season and I'm pretty sure that we'll manage to go up soon. For a long time I used some cheapest Decathlon gloves until several years ago one of my teammates got a proper pair of Sells and I felt the difference. Since then I really got passionate about football gear and I'm really happy to be a part of this forum to learn more about gloves and goalkeeping and try to share my modest knowledge as well. About my personal life: I graduated at the faculty of Electrical Technology and I currently work at Institute of Power Engineering in Poland and I take care of certification of high voltage equipment like transformers and so on. I also do some supervision of transformer tests around Europe (I'm in France now for instance supervising factory tests of a transformer) which I really enjoy. I have a great wife (since about 2 years), no kids so far. When I've got weekends free from football, I try to go out of town and spend some time in the forest looking for wild animals however weird it might sound. All the best to y'all!
  4. The BIG goalkeeping glove brand list

    Two Polish brands: Football Masters (www.footballmasters.pl) 4Keepers (www.4keepers.pl) Nothing particularly fancy (templates mostly) but both solid quality. Link to Select gloves http://www.select-sport.com/en/gloves.